Cooking thread

We haven't had one of these in a while

Just baked up pic related, here's the video of me making it:

Here's the recipe:

Post your own bargain recipes and stuff!!

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hopeful self-bump because im really proud of this bread and hope someone likes it

i like it, comrade

That's a good pun, I didn't laugh but I appreciate it on a deeper level

;^) thanks gomrade

Pretty good, m8.

Here's something I like to cook.

Boiled cabbage:

Half-head of cabbage
Butter or bacon
Cajun seasoning
Garlic salt

Chop up the onion and shred the cabbage. Cook the bacon or melt the butter in the pan. Add the onion and cook until it's browned. Add the cabbage and add water/broth/stock and cook until most of the liquid has evaporated and the cabbage has wilted. Add cajun seasoning and garlic salt to taste. Add the cooked bacon in if you cooked bacon first.

I can't cook but I like the commie bread

Also, cook it in a large skillet if you have one big enough. A saucepan works fine, but a skillet is better since you're trying to boil the water off.

thank you friends for all the praise and encouragement

if it helps, i followed the recipe pretty much to the letter, except for the shape of the bread

i actually cooked it in the oven for 20 minutes rather than the recommended 25-30, on account of it being made of smaller pieces rather than one large loaf

in retrospect it was slightly denser in the middle than i like it, so 25 minutes would probably have been better

but it nevertheless fucking sehr lecker schmecker

It looks good.

Right now I'm eating a grilled chicken salad. Marinated the chicken in lime juice, grilled it until it was done. Used lettuce, onions, carrots, and some strawberries for the veggies/fruits. Topped with croutons, colby, and a greek yogurt dressing.

Fairly cheap to do if you make the croutons yourself and get the chicken and dresing on sale. Don't like making creamy dressings because mayonnaise is really high in fat and empty calories which isn't good.

would anyone here bully me if i said i was a vegetarian?


im a vegetarian

We have cooking threads?

Here is how to make tasty potato.

Get thin skinned potatoes (small ones), wash and scrub them with the skin on.
Cut them in quarters, sprenkle with olive/sunflow oil and season with finely ground rosemary, some salt and some pepper. Bake in oven at 220 celcius for 40-50 mins, turn over every 15 mins.

Or make big baked potato

Clean big potato with skin still one
Puncture with fork through skin
Rub with oil
Add salt and pepper to taste
Bake in oven at 220 celcius for 45m-1h
Great with garlic sauce

do you like sauerkraut?

enjoy your supplementary vitamins and ghoulish look

enjoy your acne and pot belly and lower life expectancy and being a murderer

Vegatarians can get by alright since they still consume Eggs and Dairy. You seem to be confusing them with Vegans.

enjoy your global warming, carnist cucks

we could do wonderful things with the elements found in waste products of meat production

Polution, environmental detruction and damage to the Ozone Layer (although the last is starting to be reversed) are all a thing, global warming isn't.

absolutely hierarchical.



Sauerkraut is good, but hard to do properly without a bunch of specialty equipment.

I did not say that, I said that humans are not influencing the temperature of the globe, or if they are it is to a completely insignificant extent. Why would any of the other things I mentioned result in Global warming? Temperatures have varied significantly throughout earth's history. If you or anyone else produces irrefutable data showing a statisticially significant difference in temperatures between now and the past 100,000 years then I'll concede that it exists.

The only equipment you need for it are two pans and some basic knives.

toad in the hole
take a slice of bread
butter both sides or butter a frying pan
tear a whole in the middle of the bread
fry to desired yolk consistency
top with cheese

My favorite lunch/snack right now is, 4 similar sized red potatoes cut into wedges, lightly coat with 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp paprika, 1/2 tsp ground black pepper, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 tbsp dried parsley flakes, 1/2 tsp salt, shit turns out 🔥👌. And a tip: You can buy spices extremely cheap if you can find the badia brand, mccormick is literally a scam; things like curry powder and chili powder taste bad from the badia, but their single ingredient stuff is fine.

The vast majority of supplements are feed to people who eat meat though. Not to mention livestock are deficient in all sorts of nutrients so they have to be supplemented also.

Meat production would happen under any economic system, take into account the billions of people that need to be feed. Feeding crops to humans instead of animals would solve most agricultural problems.

Yes, what's the point of being a health-cucked vegetarian when you can be whole foods plant-based?


I can cook Carbonara pasta and instant noodle


It's much more sustainable compared to animal agriculture; just look at the condition of our oceans, we'll run out of edible fish in 40 years. Changing to a plant-based diet is the single most effective thing you can do, fact.

Just post some recipes and stfu about meat/not meat, this is not that thread. Jesus fucking christ…

The links you posted only seem to suggest that red and processed meat are bad for you and, then, only moderately, and seem to suggest that white meat is good for you and decreases mortality rates. Things like eggs and offal meat aren't even discussed.

I skimmed these papers. Seems like poultry was okay to eat according to these papers.

Also I read we'd be ok on fish if we stopped global warming and managed fishing better

You mean that thing that isn't actually caused by humans and is completely beyond our control?

Uh no, damn I'm only 35 and I can remember it being colder in the winter and cooler in the summer

Even gen if you don't believe in global warming air pollution is still acidifying the ocean.

Also solar and wind have the potential to be MoP of energy that is owned by the proletariat, kind of like PCs.

How many scientific institutions say man-made global warming is real now?

Refer to my previous post:

I see the post. I'm not a climate scientist but if there's a scientific consensus on something that usually means it's true.

Why would scientists collectively lie.

An argument from authority (Latin: argumentum ad verecundiam), also called an appeal to authority, is a common type of argument which can be fallacious, such as when an authority is cited on a topic outside their area of expertise or when the authority cited is not a true expert.[1]

Climate is not outside the authority of climate scientists

what is this
was OP just making a joke i don't get?
why is it about climate change now?

either way, here is easy recepie

1 Hokkaido pumpkin
equal mass of Potatoes
2 Carrots
1 Onion

Cut everything into pieces
Onion first in pot, fry
Add the rest
Take care of it for 10 minutes
1 Litre of vegetable broth over it
Cook for another 10 minutes
Mash everything into one mass
Add milk, or cream if you're an amerifat
Add salt, pepper, dill or other herb of your liking
Soup for days

What are some good recipes for poor uni students? Ham and cheese sandwiches only go so far

try this

Rice is cheap. Frozen vegetables. Chicken (not fillet because that's pretty expensive actually). If you get whole chicken or thighs or some such you can make broth from the bones and such. So: Rice and vegetables with chicken and broth. Onion and garlic are mandatory imo.

Vegetable stews are hearty, nourishing, cheap, and pretty damn good.

Pan fried potatoes (amandine potatoes are superior) with some salt. Delicious. Add paprika powder, vegetables, onion, garlic, whatever if you want. Works well with salmon or chicken too.

Frozen fish, potatoes, white sauce (butter and flour to make roux, add milk), fish broth, garlic, spring onions makes a delicious fish stew.

If you don't make your own broth: buy buillon cubes, they usually come in vegetable, fish, beef, chicken, and game. They are not as good as home made but relatively cheap and better than nothing.

Buy spices from immigrant stores, usually get them in larger packs for lower price. Store spices away from sunlight.

Sorry for not exact recipes, but the gist is get cheap ingredients and get as much as you can out of them. Before throwing shit away always ask yourself: Can this be used for anything? And if you make too much food then freeze the leftovers for later.

If you are new to cooking then just be prepared to eat a few failed meals, you won't regret it once you become more comfortable with cooking.

Also: peeling potatoes is for faggots. Wash them thoroughly and cut off any nasty bits.

i like them with sauerkraut, some goulash and mushrooms
the ketchup is essential too

Thanks comrades

**I know it's

Also you're being a fucking moron about authority, appeal to authority is an informal fallacy, meaning that an argument isn't necessarily wrong for doing an appeal to authority, it just means that it's not right only by virtue of doing so. It's right because those fucking scientists actually know what the fuck they're talking about, and have actually explained this shit thousands of times.**

Off-topic post, spoiler and sage in attempt to not derail, sorry.

Did they disable spoiler?
Or just this method?

The first link was published by Cell Metabolism journal, this means it was peer-reviewed
The second link is published by JAMA Internal Medicine, which is also a peer-reviewed journal
The third link is spoon-feeds you and tells you its peer-review reports

When did I imply this?

You're moving goalposts.

It's not good for you, it's just a better alternative to red meat; but that's not saying much because white meat and even fish gives you same the LDL cholesterol.

I don't have time to read studies so here's some tl;dr resources, hyperlinks contains videos, video link contains sources cited

Nigger, the fucking links you posted said that white meat had an "inverse relation" to mortality rates, meaning that people who ate red meat were more likely to survive.

Not only that, your studies never suggested that people should give up meat, but rather they should cut back on it and eat more white meat than red and processed meats. Even for processed meat, the worst of the bunch, all they said was if you limit your intake you can avoid most of the negative side effects.

There's a big difference between limiting your intake of meat, which I agree with, and getting rid of plant products altogether

Get fucked, m8.

I meant white meat

animal products
Fuck, maybe I need more sleep.


My neighbor heard that I made applesauce and applebutter for my friends and family, and decided to give me two crates worth of apples. I have quiet a few diced up and in my freezer for making some goods on Thanksgiving, but otherwise I have been making apple butter pies every week.

All of the flour has either come from local farmers or the state-runned mill[North Dakota Mill], the apples came from my neighbor who has their own trees, and all spices were harvested or bought at local farmer's market.

I bought my honey from a local beekeeper, sourced some maple syrup at the border, and have been trying to find someone willing to sell me pine tree bark from Arizona to make cinnamon with, but until then… Yep. That's my pie. :)

Over the weekend I also had to make some Loogal chicken soup for my parents who were sick with bronchitis.

Tell me again why Nazi's use "virtue signalling" as an insult if they do it uncontrollably?

I'm confused, what are you getting at?

Eggs and bread is all i eat.
i might try something new..

nigga that is bad for you.

But apple butter pies are so tasty, also they are not made with actual butter, just a very rich and refined apple sauce.

What's the point of mentioning how all your ingredients were locally grown, you're like one of those 30 year old liberals who think they deserve a pat on the back for shopping at the farmers market once a month and whole foods the rest.

I don't know what to think anymore.

I buy locally because I'm trying to support local farmers and community farm projects. Most of their funding comes from that farmers market I was talking about, and to be a true nationalist you should be willing to give support for your local economy.

That's nice. That whole post could be summed up with "I bought my ingredients locally". The fact that you went to great lengths to articulate where every single ingredient came from reeks of grandiose intentions.

Now that you mention it, that's a good point. Sorry 'bout that.

Also, would you guys like to learn how to make the loogal soup, I was talking about?

Isn't applebutter just a sort of condensed applesauce?

or maybe just maybe he wants to make the best pie with the best ingredients?

I don't know what an apple pie is tbh.
it is alien to me.

Ey fuckmuir, post feet plz

P.much. Where normal applesauce is put through a wet bath to make the apples mushy, you are instead not using water, or very little, with apple butter. The idea is that the natural juices will cause a caramelizing of the fruit, and mixed with some extra spices like cinnamon and sea salt, you create a far richer, heavier, and much more tasty apple sauce. It also is fantastic as a substitute for marmalade when put on an English muffin.

He sounds like a little cutie who is excited about the food he cooked.


wow, what a cancerous bread, it's as cancerous as your gulagposting


Made for the revolution's anniversary.

this. sounds like the cutiest little cooking nazi i've ever seen

please consider like a youtube cooking show or something
get cutely excited about ingredients and mix in "race realism" while you're at it

Somehow, you guys are convincing me to do this :v

i mean it would be funny

The only problem is that I'm self aware, so I'd probably end up dropping an egg and shout at the top of my lungs "MEIN KAMPF"