ITT: ancap approved games

ITT: ancap approved games


picking mr house would be ancap

What is going on today here?


making fun of ancaps

Vicky2 and that German loli one with the shitawful artstyle that that one tard was spamming here and on Holla Forums a month or so ago :^)

if anything vicky 2 is leftist propaganda.

its cuz u are a tripfag

Playing as a merchant republic in Crusader Kings 2 you can go to war and annex other merchant republics if they threaten your commercial interests and the different patrician families act as corporations.

Damn that fucking lizard

You know, apparently ancaps wouldn't stop people from going full communism, they just think they wouldn't choose to if you removed the state.

That is because the AI is downsy and doesn't know the cement, clippers and booze meme.



Forgot the pic

eve online

I've always kind of hated bioshock.

I forgot how much I hate the vanilla map

what would the Holla Forums choice be?

Yes Man?

Each and every, they are commodities in one of the least regulated markets.




Holla Forums choice is Caesar, Hegelian Dialectics, and Sexy Wolf Vulpes Inculta Yaoi.

That picture makes me sad that they never fully fleshed out the legion in New Vegas.

inb4 "Rapture had corporatism"

literally any p2win game

fucking legionfags off my board

Thanks beth