Full McCarthy: Throw China Treason at Muh-Russia Democrats

I don't know if you've heard about this, but apparently there are some politicians who think President Trump may have had some unseemly dealings with Russia. Of course it's a pack of lies, but since when has that stopped kikes in politics from chasing a red herring? We are not, in other words, going to talk the Jew-poisoned political press and various ideologues off of this ledge.

We have to shove them.

How about we start publicizing some of the Democrats' overseas connections while they bleat about Russia? Like, the next time (((Dianne Feinstein))) says something about Trump the Russian stooge, we could have a nice infographic showing her vast financial connections with Red China, and the absurd advocacy the Senator from Beijing has done on behalf of her little yellow donors over the decades? Here's a piece from the LA Times entitled: Feinstein, Husband Hold Strong China Connections

and this:

Husband invested in China as Feinstein pushed trade:

This shit is rife in Congress. The hypocritical cocksuckers dogging Trump over this Russia bullshit take money from communist dictatorships and push favorable trade deals, while nobody in the (((MSM))) has shit to say about it.


I'm glad someone on Holla Forums actually sees China as a problem. Kek knows it's one Holla Forums doesn't seem to want to talk about. I have suspected for ages that Arabs and Chinks shill here and elsewhere, but people only seem to recognize (and care about) Jew shilling.

Don't just look at Democrats, though. Look at all politicians.

McCarthy was right, you dumb son of a whore. They went no McCarthy.

He was speaking in the present tense. If he said "it's time to go full McCarthy", then what the hell would you think he meant?

If Mark Zuckerberg runs, he'll be hit hard with this.

pic related

China wouldn't be an issue here if it wasn't for the jews, Levi.

Just wait for the next election, bro.

Poetic huh, the Jew and the Chink will be in the White House showing how far we've come from being a European Ethno-State to being controlled by Jews and Chinks.

McCarthyism isnt a thing. They were actually communists, and he was right.


What the fuck is going on with this story? Did he want to name his kid "Xi Zuckerberg"? Or did he want to name Jingping's own kid? I'm confused.

Holla Forums is usually tolerant of autism. I am not. Find a target to suicide bomb for the cause.

No shit. It's as if the Jews are behind our problems or something. That doesn't mean the chinks get a pass. First post is obviously a kike shill, of course



The communist are pulling McCarthy styling of hearings after they went through them.

Is Feinstein a chink or a perhaps maybe a Israelite?


Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension and look at what I was replying to. I'm not the one trying to say it's not the jews.

No one is giving them a pass, but it is the kikes giving them carte blanche in this country.

not completely related to the china issue, but here's something i made that often comes in handy in situations like that

Zuck is such a spastic nerd faggot, Imagine how embarrassed Xi Jinping must have been to have some sweaty autist jew billionaire come up to him at an important white house dinner and beg him to name Zucks and his manfaced "Wifes" ugly bug/jew mutt child for them.


Wait a sec.

It has been established that gookike Hapas are batshit insane.

Basically, with such a faggot nerd "father", zuckenbergĀ“s spawn is doomed to be an autistic basket case.

Chinks operate a net-wide shillop. You can test this out by posting on various topics for example on Leddit.


Zuckerberg wanted the Chinese to name Zuckerberg's child.

That's a thousand times more collusion than Trump ever did with Russia.

What they fail to realize is that Mccarthy wasn't harping on Russians but COMMUNISTS. There is a distinction and we have allowed the left to muddy the waters for too long on this matter.