Livid Black Woman Screams About Veteran's Service Dog In Restaurant

‘It’s Disgusting!’ Livid Black Woman Screams About Veteran’s Service Dog In Delaware Restaurant

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A video of a woman screaming about a veteran’s service dog being inside a Delaware restaurant has caught the attention of the internet. It happened at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware City. The unidentified black woman was filmed screaming about how disgusting she thought it was that an animal was inside the eatery. Kathy’s Crab House addressed the incident and announced that it will be sponsoring a veterans and service animals fundraiser in a statement released via their Facebook page Wednesday. That statement reads:

“We would like to express at this time how sorry we are over the embarrassing turn of events that occurred earlier this week in our restaurant, here in Delaware City. It is unfortunate that some of the public are not familiar with federal regulations regarding service animals, which, in fact, do permit service animals into establishments such as grocery stores, public buildings and restaurants, giving aid and comfort to their masters in their time of need. That being said, we would like to take what may have been perceived as a negative incident and turn this into a positive opportunity, by educating and enlightening the public about the role of service animals and how they help and serve many returning veterans who have suffered serious wounds and injuries, as well as those veterans suffering from PTSD. So, at this time, we would like to announce that we will be sponsoring a fundraising effort for veterans and service animals thru the Montana Wounded Warriors. We would like to enlist your help as a sponsor, volunteer, or as a donor and help us enlighten and educate the public as well as to help those veterans in need. Details need to be finalized at this time, but as they come together, we will make additional announcements to keep you apprised of our progress. Thank you”

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I agree. People are trying to eat, she should leave.

Lol I read this story this morning in my local paper, didn't even need to read any more than the headline to know it was a nigger.By the way, OP doesn't mention it but of course the nog tried to say that the vet spouted some DAYUM RACISS SHIEET before the recording starts, of course and that's totally why she was in mandrill mode.

Niggers hate dogs, they only ever have dogs to act as guards for their drug operations.

Like that one guy said recently:
One dog's life > one million niggers

Here is the YouTube

You guys need to watch the video

absolutely contaminated

Anyone have scientific evidence or some kind of like evolutionary analysis or something as to why niggers hate animals so much? I've always wondered this. Bonus points if you have anything about why white people have such altruism towards them. My theory is that we developed it because of hunting alongside them during the ice age but I've never been able to turn up anything to substantiate it.

They're jealous of their IQs.

fuck off with jewtube heres an mp4

maybe one day they'll have an IQ as well

From what I heard it stems from low IQ which prevents them from empathizing with animals. If you can't empathize, you can't understand, because empathizing requires abstract reasoning, which niggers lack.

The only thing I can think of is that we whites were smart enough to use animals to aid us in hunting other game but niggers come from africa where almost everything is big, wild, can kill and will eat you. I know some niggers have domesticated hyenas for show pets but is there any history of nogs using animals to hunt?

Animals don't belong in restaurants. In all honesty, neither do small children. Fuck you if you are one of those people who change diapers on top of the table, too.

Neither do niggers.

I'm fine with that.

Welcome to Delaware.

A service dog is not just an animal, retard. They are highly groomed and trained and assist people to have a normal functioning life.

You sound like a kike for being disgusted by small children. Peddl your Moloch bullshit somewhere else, Chaim.

And "muh emotional support doggo" isn't a proper service animal. I keep seeing more and more of these untrained mutts in shops with owners who obviously don't need them.

That's the correct title OP

What the fuck is the problem with having dogs in a restaurant? I don't care even if it's not a service dog. 50 years ago no one in the western world would bat a fucking eye at someone bringing a dog as long as it behaved. A normal dog will just lie down under the table and not annoy anyone.

This is all marxist hysteria. Just one of the many things these retards are pushing through in their nanny-state obsession. Who cares? People with allergies? You have subhuman genetics, don't go mingle with normal people. It's you who are defective, don't make normal people's lives a hassle because of that. Other races all hate dogs of course (except asians) and I'd rather have a dog where I eat than you. Dogs smell pretty funky, but not as funky as you. At least they behave better.

All in all, anti-animal is anti-white. No normal white person cares about cats and dogs chilling around. Fuck off.

Last time I checked chimps weren't allowed in restaurants.

There's absolutely no way that you're white. A clean well groomed and trained dog is not going to magically taint the food in the kitchen by being next to a guy eating at a table. A love for animals is necessary in order to be a good person, if you are disgusted when you see animals then you aren't an Aryan, you're a spiritual Jew.

My best friend has a service dog and it is the most well-behaved and and calm creature imaginable.

However, any dumb fuck can just get a service vest online and slap it on a dog and call it a "service dog" so those untrained hellhounds give the legitimate dogs a bad rap.

I think the only thing niggers were capable of domesticating was the guineafowl. Domesticating mammals requires traits we just don't see them exhibiting - foresight and compassion.

A canine's mouth is cleaner than a human's, which is probably still leaps and bounds ahead of a rabid nigger's gaping hole.

When niggers own dogs they never bathe them or take care of them, so their animals actually are dirty and possibly carry parasites. The irony here is that it isn't the animals fault that their nigger owners are scumbags that don't know how to care for dogs or cats.

It might not be just an animal, but it is still an animal. Animals are banned from restaurants for a reason, and the service animal loophole is bullshit. It doesn't matter how well groomed or trained an animal is, it is still an animal.

Children would not be so bad if their parents actually disciplined them and didn't allow them to run and climb all over things all the time and stopped them from shouting all the time. Children are to be seen, not heard. So, yes, I am disgusted by unwashed children tripping waiters and shouting at the top of their lungs, and I am doubly disgusted by people who change their kids shitty diapers on the dining tables.

You are the kind of person who changes diapers on the tables, aren't you? You know, when the fecal matter gets on the table by accident, the waiters wipe the table down with a rag which they store in lukewarm water with probably not enough cleaning solution to really kill the bacteria, and use that same cloth to wipe down all the tables. That's how diseases spread.

I like animals, and have pets. If I owned a restaurant, I would not keep them at the restaurant. Not only is it illegal, it is inconsiderate to patrons. Animals do not belong in restaurants.

Hey Retard, it wasn't the Chef's dog taking a stroll through the kitchen. It was a patron's dog sitting next to their table in the dining area.

The jig is up, you aren't white. Likely a Mischling or a Slant.

I've got some bad news, user. You're…

You're opposed to bad parenting, you're so unique.

Yeah, but then you already have the problem of niggers in your restaurant, which is worse than the dog. When I see people owning a dog and being abusive towards it I just steal that fucker. I don't give a shit.

Me and my mother was downtown at the store last year when we came across a labrador that was tied outside the store. Full of scabies and fleas, sat there and looked as sad as fuck. Obviously some subhuman who owned it was in the store. I just fucking untied it and took it with me. Who in their right mind wouldn't?

There are decent and kind people who run animal shelters all over the place. If you see animal abuse just act.

It's only inconsiderate to degenerates. Only degenerates care. You don't belong in restaurants.

Kathy’s Crab House
diabolical viral marketers ahaha

Animals don't belong in restourants. Thats white trash or nigger behavior. Frankly I've never seen it happen ever.

No animals in stores or restourant unless you come from small village and own the bar

Animals don't belong in restaurants. There is no difference whether it is in the dining room or in the kitchen.

Who said anything about trying to be unique? Quit projecting your need to be a special snowflake. The fact that it is so common for people to have a problem with the last few generations of kids only supports my point.

Enjoy your fecal matter covered surfaces in the place where you are trying to eat, faggot.

This guy gets it.

100% spiritually Jewish.

Niggers are lower than dogs, obviously.

My wife and I raised a service dog for blind people. Nearly a year of raising and the only time we ever had trouble bringing him somewhere was at a Fry's. The negress working there gave my wife the typical chimp disapproval look and kicked her out.

You are not white, no white person is this stupid. And you clearly lied about having pets, or do you never eat anything from your kitchen because there's fecal matter all over it?

Animals trigger the nigger!

When I was young there were dogs all over in restaurants. No one cared. Not just shabby joints, but the five star escargot pushers too. You'd see an old lady with gemstones like a fucking dwarf mine on her with her pomeranian on her lap or some old CEO with his english setter lying under the table. WHO THE FUCK CARES?

Some restaurants banned dogs sure, when the owner was a bit subhuman and didn't like animals. That's fine. People should be able to decide with their own establishment. But as a societal rule it's just bullshit. What you millennials need to realize was that this was completely normal in the western world before your sorry asses got here. And no one got sick. No one had allergies either for that matter, not like your generation where half of you fall apart with snot and slime as soon as you stick your nose out the door.

You've never been to Europe. All dogs are allowed everywhere in Germany and there is never a problem. I have eaten in many restaurants where dogs are present. Never a problem. You're a nigger.

Niggers and their pitbulls are not white people and their well-behaved service dogs. Fuck off with your stupid false-equivalency shit. You cannot compare the actions and behaviors of white culture and nigger 'culture'. It simply is not anywhere even remotely comparable.

There will come a day when sheboons chimping out in public like this will met with a white man calmly pulling a pistol from their pocket and shooting the subhuman in the back of it's diminished cranial-capacity head while it's ooking and eeking to the worldstar camera. To which he will calmly put his pistol back in his jacket pocket, and proceed on with the rest of his day.

White people have canine DNA from millennia of coevolution and horizontal gene transfer (whenever something is infected with a virus the virus leaves behind bits of DNA and takes others with it, effectively transferring DNA across species when something like the flu will infect both a person and their pet, or within a community when the whole town gets the flu.) Similarly arabs have feline DNA mixed in, I'm not sure what asians have but there's probably something similar which took place. Africans are believed to be the original line, so they have no horizontal gene transfer. Incidentally this is why dogs tend to love white people, even those they've never met, and even if they were raised by blacks or asians and there's a conflict between their own and the other person. Likewise, this is why black people say white people smell like wet dogs.

Do you even know anything you're talking about? Fuck that's the biggest bunch of bullshit I've seen here in a LONG time. And that's saying something.


Of course not. They are just the first generation who are brainwashed into think all these strange Jewish ideas are normal and natural. It's a KIKE thing.

I think you might be stupid, actually. What do you think happens when a bare ass sits on a surface? Fecal matter spreads to that surface.

I have pets, but they rarely go into the kitchen or dining area. The difference here is that I chose to have pets, and know where they do and do not go. I love my pets, but I always wash my hands after petting them and before I eat, because health and hygiene.

Animals have a smell to them, and that smell can be unappetizing when you are trying to eat. You can become accustomed to the smell of your own pets, but other people's animals still will have a peculiar smell to them (the same way that different people have different smells, or different houses have different smells). Bringing an animal into a restaurant is inconsiderate to other diners. Being inconsiderate in public spaces is nigger behavior.

Here you go faggot, feel free to learn how horizontal gene transfer works: gene transfer

It's a meme from the EGYPTIAN KANGZ.

Holy shit, I can't believe privileged faggots like you actually browse Holla Forums Try working on a farm sometime, you fucking numale. Your immune system is probably complete shit.

Then please be considerate of the fact that your continued existence is an affront to the world and end yourself.

Holy shit, you're a cuck.
I've never had that problem, you prissy fag.

But normal behavior isn't offensive to normal people. That's what you don't understand. No one in their sound mind cares about that. People smell bad, animals smell bad, some people are ugly, some people wear shitty perfumes, some people have an annoying laugh.

We cooperate and accept that a public experience isn't a fucking sterile Jew laboratory. That's being considerate you Skinner box autist.

Excessively washing your hands isn't good for you, you know that right?

I once had a visitor come over who smelled like piss. Turned out it was because a dog pissed on him, and he still felt like coming over. Being respectful of public spaces is just that, it doesn't mean you get a free pass just because you do shit which makes you smell like defecation.

He knows nothing and is neurotic about animals. If he's not Jewish, he's totally a shabbos goy.

It's remarkable how often those groups overlap, really makes you think.

But we're talking about animals, m8, not people. That guy was disrespectful and a retard who was probably a terrible owner, not the dog.

I dunno, I think avoiding toxoplasma gondii is a good thing, myself. But maybe you are of the variety that thinks sucking cock makes for a great Sunday afternoon. By the way, there are a lot of illnesses carried by common house pets that are communicable to humans, including some dangerous forms of colitis.

After you, nigger.

Having bad hygiene or wearing overbearing perfumes is inconsiderate, and does bug normal people.

I only wash my hands when doing things like handling raw meat, animals, or going to the bathroom. Hardly excessive.

Do you think that normal dogs just urinate on everyone all the time? Your anecdotal evidence of some random inconsiderate person you know has nothing to do with anything.

Dogs aren't cats, faggot.

And after all that hypochondria, you still caught it and became an effeminate numale.

Oooh, you're so manly. Your handlebar mustache and weekend barbecues totally prove that you aren't a numale.

Hey now, don't be such a damn bigot. What did the noble chimpanzee ever do to you? They're total bros compared to niggers.

I didn't say they were, faggot. I wash my hands after petting cats to avoid toxoplasma gondii. It is an example of why you should wash your hands before eating after you handle an animal. Keep up with the conversation.

No, that's what I'm saying. You think you are normal because everyone thinks they are normal. But your sheltered upbringing by a neurotic mother isn't normal. Most people are able to disconnect from being offended by such things in public. Within limits of course. But an animal is way inside those limits for normal people. You have to really get up there to even notice the smell of a dog. It's you, user.

Pseudoscience cat-hater kike detected. That cats make you gay is complete bullshit. Anti-cat is anti-white.

Name one animal niggers managed to domesticate.

That snippet had nothing to do with a suggestion that the dog was going to spontaneously urinate on everyone. It's about the basic decency of minding your fucking manners and not stinking up a place when you go to it just because you yourself are immune to the scent. People didn't evolve the sense of smell because the world is pretty, it evolved as a warning mechanism against toxic chemicals, biological hazards, etc - this means the number of shit smells is several orders of magnitude greater than the number of pleasant smells and as a rule of thumb that applies 99.9999% of the time: if you can smell something it's fucking obnoxious to everyone else (yes, even the times you like it.)

Anti-dog is anti-white, anti-cat is anti-arab. Cats do in fact carry T. Gondii, which does in fact have the ability to rewire mammal brains to be sexually attracted to male urine.

Rare footage of ef1f8e in his natural habitat!

Who said anything about being offended?


Bullshit. No one buys your pseudoscientific retardation here. Whites have kept and venerated cats since the beginning. You kikes just hate cats because they kill your spirit animal the rat.

I've never had problems with animal scents ever. I have had problems with perfume, but do you want to know what I do when that happens? I get over and continue on with my meal you faggot.

They hate all animals. Literally all animals. They're just ugly and hateful people by their very nature.

Yeah, this. Grow the fuck up you babies.

There's no reason to wash your hands after handling your own household pet, that's neurotic. Someone else's pet I can somewhat understand as you don't know their hygienic habits, but not your own. Your dogs aren't going to make you sick, you should know everywhere they've been.

I don't follow your implications. You should wash your hands after handling raw chicken so you don't get salmonella.

CDC says otherwise, but I guess you think that's some sort of conspiracy to make you buy soap or something.

It's not pseudoscience you stupid fucking faggot - T. Gondii is the actual source of the homosexual epidemic and cats help spread it.

I'm not advocating making a scene over it, just pointing out it's not exactly well mannered.

You need to consult the CDC in regards to washing your hands?

Yeah, you're a numale. Go down to your kosher butcher and buy a cut of beef, then choke on it.

Prove it. I've read every thread you kikes have shilled about this bullshit and I've never seen any evidence that it affects humans this way. Just your tenuous jump of thought that it must be so because leftist ladies keep cats. But that's a logical fallacy if I ever saw one because everyone fucking keeps cats. Just because you don't like cats and wants it to be true doesn't make it true.

Every white civilization from Romans to Vikings have kept cats. If you're a faggot, don't blame cats you homo.

To be fair, the CDC is about controlling epidemics, they couldn't give a shit about the individual immune systems of people, just about stopping things from spreading while following the globalist doctrine that evolution has stopped for Humans and we need to avoid potential issues, rather than let the weak die. Their regulations are mostly about not exposing people with compromised immune systems to things.

B-buhpbut cats turn you gay! It's not my fault I love sucking dick, it was my cat, my cat made me do it!

I live on a predominantly white neigbourhood but still have to suffer through living right next to a pack of niggers. I once saw the stupid teenage negress daughter of the family kicking my cat just for passing by their car. I yelled at her and the dumb baboon said she didn't know it was my cat as if that were true or excused the behavior.

(((nice try)))

No, I don't, because I had the common sense to figure this shit out myself. However, in response to the backlash in the thread, I did a google search, and this was the top result:

I've avoided cats and hence have not caught the faggot bug.

Do you also plastic wrap your entire house and live in a bubble? Why the fuck do you even own pets if the thought of petting them makes you think of disease and rushing out to wash your hands. Just give your dogs to someone else who isn't going to think they're disgusting disease vectors.

Prove it then. Should be easy. You can't of course.

This is why I really hate shitskins. They don't get it, they truly don't understand that animals are alive and can feel pain.

Yeah, it's some serious Son of Sam shit going on with these people.

You're right on that point, it is easy to prove: you keep cats and are a complete and utter faggot, while I do not keep cats and am not.

You are joking, right? I said I wash my hands if I am about to eat after petting them. Meaning, I do not pet them with my hand, then use it to handle my food immediately after. My cat likes to sleep on my bed next to me at night. I have no problem with that. This is about simple hygiene when preparing and consuming food.

This sort of shit is seriously insane to me, I work on a ranch with horses and cattle, and there's this little pony that comes up to me when I'm sitting down for lunch and she'll rub her head against me and try to eat my apples. I don't need to then go and run a mile to get to the bathroom so I can wash my hands with soup. All you have to do to keep clean is to wipe off your hands with a cloth. That's it. Maybe rinse them with some water from your canteen, maybe.

Everyone keeps cats. Just go for a stroll out of your ghetto and look at white peoples neighbourhoods. You'll find cats fucking everywhere. Still, only a marginal percentage of whites are gay. This should tell you something about your theory.

Notice how the toxoplasmosis shills never provide any evidence. Just emotional appeals over and over about how cats make you gay. Remember, anti-cat is anti-white.

I seriously doubt that.

They should be far more concerned with the chemicals in the water and the hormones that are pumped into factory farmed animals.

or you know, clean the litterbox regularly.

In such a situation, I would probably just use one hand to touch the animal and another to eat. If two hands are required, I would either just not touch the animal, or use the back of my hand or something. It's really not that complex to figure out.


Delawarefag here - allowing niggers in the restaurant was their first mistake.

Yeah, straight men don't keep cats. T. Gondii doesn't effect women the same way.
Just fucking look it up faggot. T. Gondii evolved to rewire the brains of male mice to make them sexually attracted to male cat urine so it could get eaten and continue reproducing inside the cat's digestive system. This same effect has been shown in monkeys and mammals other than mice, but good luck finding a (((study))) showing it happens in Humans specifically because that would pretty rapidly put an end to the (((homosexual epidemic))) which would cause liberals to lose a substantial chunk of their base.
This couldn't be more wrong. White people evolved via horizontal gene transfer with wolves and in turn dogs, (((arabs))) are the ones who share cat DNA.

Or train them to shit in your kike neighbors backyard like the guy I'm arguing with. Drives them insane and turns them gay. Win-win.

You'd never be in that situation because you're a numale.

Honestly, I don't really get it either. I don't work on a farm, but I work manual labor jobs and handle all sorts of things that get me far dirtier than an animal would, and I still only wash my hands if I'm handling my dick. I haven't been sick in as long as I can remember. I'd be more concerned getting sick being around people than animals, as they're much more likely to get you ill.


What, eating next to an animal or next to specifically a horse? I eat next to my pets frequently. If you mean specifically a horse, very few people will probably be in that situation in their lifetime unless they live/work on a farm or are hobbyist of some sort.

The pilpul is real. Checked though, you masculine straight man you.

Meanwhile in my community half the families keep cats. All are straight. Strange how the homo epidemic doesn't reach the countryside. Cats didn't make you gay, user. University made you gay.

If person doesn't do strenuous activity regularly, they are more prone to get sick; hell, I'd even claim that they are more likely to develop allergies.

Please tell me you mean the the bacteria, not the mouse.

1. Niggers hate dogs.
2. It has nothing to do with the dog, its an entitled nigger bitch who thought she could hoot and holler and get her way and when it didn't work she got irate and violent, like they always do.

At least there's hope for you, praise Kek.


I accept your defeat.

Defeated nothing, not all cats carry T. Gondii and the ones in the countryside are far far less likely to have it than the ones in the city.

Cats are just kinda shitty animals thought dude. If you're gonna get a shitty animal, at least get one that's cool looking and doesn't shit in a box so it aerosolizes and every surface in your house is coated with aerosolized cat piss/shit.
I've got allergies to animals, and I swear, I can have most peoples dogs lay on me with no issue, but i feel my eyes water just stepping into a cat owners house.

1. You're a piece of shit as a pet owner.
2. You're a piece of shit as a nature-lover.
3. I hope it gets hit by a car. If I have to break for a feral fucking cat, l let alone the little cunts shitbirds leave running around as 'outdoor cats', one more god damned time…

They didnt domesticate hyenas, theyre walking around muzzled cause they'd still attack everyone, thats not domesticated.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but T. Gondii becomes dangerous when you are exposed to it often and or/repeatedly. It's not that owning a cat is going to make you gay, it's that faggots and cucks are irreponsible 20+ children who never clean up after themselves or learned any responsibility. That's why it affects lib cucks so bad and they turn gay because they do give the cat a litterbox then never clean it. Leaving the cat shit in there to percolate and then the cat, which even for an animal, has better standards and starts shitting elsewhere in the house, out of sight, turning the libshit basement suite/one bedroom apartment into a gaynger zone.

I'm still waiting for some data that even indicates it affects humans in the way it affects rodents.

Why don't you people go back home to your own countries? No domestic cats in africa, problem solved. Leave us white devils in peace with our gay cats.

and people who live in cities are far more likely to be limp wristed faggots
Get a dog, they are always happy to see you and most breeds have utility as well.

Personally I prefer amphibians and reptiles. Granted I've had salmonella a few dozen times from forgetting to wash my hands after handling turtles, but at least I'm not gay (and I think I'm actually starting to get an immunity to salmonella - or at least it's slightly less excruciatingly horrible each time.)

t. retard

You're going to have prove that too,.

T. Gondii is for life, but you are correct in that you have to be a disgusting person to get it, it happens if you handle cat litter then forget to wash your hands when the cat itself is infected (which is about 80-85% of them.)

>implying the (((scientists))) are going to release a (((study))) showing that (((homosexuals))) are the result of a disease
Do you even know where you are right now?

And yet people itt have been calling me retarded for washing my hands after handling pets and poultry.

I wasn't calling you a retard, I just wasn't agreeing with your stance.

My stance of trying to avoid things like colitis and salmonella?

So it's just something you believe then. Something that doesn't fit the facts at all because almost half of white men are in contact with cats on a regular basis while homos make up about 1-2% of the population. There are way more faggots in your race, even though you don't keep cats.

Yes, I know where I am. Do you?

I didn't say that retard, I said I'm as tired of breaking for shitty murderrats as I am the feral equivalents.

Never met one, and I'm a vet. In my experience, a cat is no more 'domesticated' than a fucking boa constrictor.
Dogs are domesticated. Cats are just shitty, like most small mammals people try to keep as pets. You might as well get a fucking ferret or a weasel if you're going that route - they're all stinky lil murder-rats, to varying degrees, but at least the small ones simply can't shit enough to fill your home with their aerosolized feces.

If you're going to have a shitty animal that'll never truly be domesticated or give a shit about you in any meaningful way, at least get one thats cool looking and not some shitty excuse for a dog.
Wash your hands more faggot.

You're stance of being at the Howard Hughes level of cowardice when you have an immune system which took billions of years to evolve. Coddling it just makes you weaker when it's eventually needed.

>still insisting on believing (((studies)))

Seems doubtful.

And before one of your cat-fags gets all "a weasel? lel", watch this and accept that this animal is cuter than your cat ever was or ever will be, and loves you at least as much as the wretched feline.

You don't want your animal to go outside? Cats are independent and will be fine without supervision. How do you expect a cat to do it's job of small pest control if you never let it work? They go stir crazy and knock shit down/scratch it up if they don't have time outside.
I honestly hope you swerve into a tree

Amphibians and reptiles are gorgeous, it's not about love, as this fantastically deadly hairy bush viper would gladly demonstrate.

Where the fuck do you live that there are feral cats? You live in some urban ghetto, don't you?

Nah, you're not a vet and you're not white. Because everyone who have actually been around cats know that that's just bullshit.

I'm not saying you must have studies, but if you don't then you must have something else that indicates it's plausible. I've seen nothing yet.

T.G makes rats less afraid of cats (it doesn't turn them gay, that's just something you faggots have made up in the Toxo threads.) How in the world would this translate to people turning gay? What in the world would the evolutionary reason for this parasite to develop "turn men gay" in their cat-rodent evolutionary co-dependence? It's such obvious bullshit that barring some serious studies, yes, it's hard to take you faggots seriously.

People had just as much cats in the past as they do now. Why weren't there gay epidemics in the past? Perhaps it's because faggotry being promoted and encouraged is what turns people gay, not cats. Just stop. Cats didn't turn you gay. Not having a father figure and growing up in faggot culture is what made you gay.

What a surprise.

You're the nigger.

Not even that, she said her "husband's" "dad"

I don't own a cat, so my animal only goes outside with me, and he's a-okay with it.

Meaning shitty, undomesticated murder-rats.

Is that why I so often see 'outdoor cats' that've been hit by cars, attacked by coyotes, attacked by dogs, attacked by racoons, attacked by hawks, etc etc etc on down the fucking food chain until we hit murder rat levels of shittiness?
And in turn, do you think I actually give a shit about your hissy little murder-rat? Fuck no. Just like it doesn't give a shit about you, and would eat you if you died next to it. What I give a shit about is what any legitimate Aryan gives a shit about - the natural world, which your shitty murder-rat plunges into, the wildlife in many places having not had a chance to adapt (if you're in the US at least) effectively, killing so many fucking wild animals that they don't even fucking eat that its not even funny (another common trend in my profession 'hey doc, I found this [shitty little animal] that some cat attacked, can you help it?' and that also gets old as fuck. At least when dogs do that shit I can give them a pass on being domesticated and likeable social entities, instead of these loner cunt murder-rats that just want to use you and will happily eat your face the moment you appear to be out of the picture.

I don't - have a dog and thumbs, and I dont need a shitty murder rat to do that for me, and even if i did, there are better variants of that role-serving animal type.

That's because they're shitty and not domesticated. You can't even walk the little shits.

Suburbia, you fuckwit, though I travel into the country a lot for work. And your shitty little murder-rats gradually have outliers that wander off and away from the city - or some fuckwit like you lets it out and the stupid fucking thing gets lost - and they form little fuckbands out in the bush, eventually requiring someone like me getting the grisly job of putting down a fucking dozen + of the little feral murderous-shit offspring a few cat-generations (ie a year or 2) down the line.
I hope your cat gets fucking heartworms.

> gene transfer
Where ? Serious question.

Holy fuck, I can't believe someone from Delaware could stop drinking or smoking crack long enough to find Holla Forums. The NPC state.

Pfft, stupid nigger.

Or you've just not actually been around that many cats, nor boa constrictors. Cats are shit m8, deal with it.

Check some of the sources. All kikes.

You're the aussie who gets off on killing cats because of muh songbirds, right? Just kill yourself you subhuman.

Based on the (((research))) which is available, it doesn't make mice and rats less afraid of cats, it rewires their brains so that the smell receptors which detect male cat urine, and in turn activate fear regions in their brain, are instead connected to the areas of the brain governing sexual arousal. This is a critical point because it's not just about them being "less afraid" - they are "less afraid" because they are actually sexually aroused INSTEAD OF being afraid.
Now you might argue that this doesn't necessarily turn them gay, but consider these other critical points:
-80-85% of cats carry T. Gondii, predominantly weighted by population density (i.e. the more cats in an area the more likely they all have it) - this means urban cats are far more likely to carry it
-you need to handle cat fecal matter to be exposed to it, this means kids won't normally get it because their parents are the ones who clean the litter boxes, but college-aged people may well get it if they get a cat on their own for the first time
-the incidence of homosexuality rises dramatically in colleges (agreeably for other reasons as well)
-nearly all gays are cat owners or former cat owners
-females of any species rarely if ever have noticeable side effects from T. Gondii - the one possibility is the stereotypical "crazy cat ladies," though it's perfectly plausible that's more the result of being unwanted than anything else
All of these things combined suggest a near certain chance that T. Gondii is the source of most homosexuality (with an extreme minority of people simply being born with brains which were wired wrong.)

It's Google, you dumb faggot, of course some are. You still have to do some basic research.

Please provide some evidence for this.

No it doesn't because most people who have cats don't turn out gay. That's the problem with your theory. It's like saying "almost all homosexuals eat meatballs ergo meatballs turn you gay," when it's just that everyone fucking eats meatballs and there's no correlation beyond what you want to see.

t. nigger.
Potato, potato.
I let my cats out all the time for years and they've always come back. I'm beginning to think you're just a bitch.

This, tbh. You can get a lizard which is more personable than all cats combined (bearded dragons come to mind immediately) and you can even get them as big and as smart as dogs (which actually can be walked easily) - like Tegus.

Why are you arguing with a guy who's just making stuff up and not even pretending otherwise?

No, I love cats just like I love ferrets and weasels and mink and fucking badgers and all the other little murder-rats, just above the tier of murder-rat that doesn't murder professionally but just when it gets the opportunity (see rabbits, mice, squirrels, rats (implying a difference), chinchillas, gerbils, etc).
I love them in their natural environment, or, barring that, in a cage somewhere. I'm not fond of cats because they generally require a litterbox - because if they don't have a litterbox, that means they're shitting outside, which means you're letting the little murder-rat faggot run free to kill shit I like more than shitty murder-rats that people keep as pets thinking the robotic little death-fuck can even process things with enough depth to give a shit about them.

Killing cats isn't something I like, but I end up doing it regularly as part of my outreach work, because assholes who have 'outdoor cats' usually haven't spayed or neutered the fucking thing on top of it all, so they shit out a bunch of kittens somewhere that either die of heartworms or wind up wandering off and starting one of those lil fuckbands previously mentioned, which I - or someone like me - eventually gets the joyous task of putting them all down after some obese catlady catches them all, thinking we're a TNR facility (we aren't).

Like clockwork

Have you ever met a gay? The incidence of cat ownership is much higher than the standard population, though doubt there's any (((study))) on this. Feel free to keep asking for (((sources))) though.
Nope, it's saying 80-85% of male cat owners have a good chance of turning out gay. That puts it closer to 50%, which is actually a bit low from my own observations of how many gays and straight males own cats. It's practically a certainty.

so do you just pop a mean erection everytime you get to put a cat in the gas chamber?

that crossbow tomcat chick was a QT

This is true. In London there were a lot of restrictions on where dogs could go (you generally had to eat outside), but out of the city in England they had no problem with dogs anywhere as far as I could tell.

Over the last couple of years we've been able to take our dog into restaurants in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. In Italy, where we went at least, dogs were allowed in all stores (the French didn't like them in grocery stores, not sure about the rest).

If you haven't noticed the kikes are making headway with this toxoplasmosis bullshit. I think it's important to call it out because obviously the low IQ segment of this board laps it up. That's what taking logical thinking, reason and the scientific process out of schools does for you.

If more people were like this user we wouldn't have a plague of gays.

Well, I am now certain you're a nigger.

If you go lizard, varanus is where its at. I'd rather work on a fucking savannah monitor - hell, even a nile - than a the murder-rat of some fat cunt or some old boomer faggot who thinks his shitty murder-rat is killing rats when 90% of what it kills are songbirds and other small animals native to the environ (unlike the shitty murder-rat unless you're living on the fucking Eurasian super-continent at least).

We stopped talking about the OP ages ago.

OK I may not be very knowledgeable on American jewish names, but out of those 8 articles I only see 1 definitely jewish name and 2 other maybe-maybenots. Can you enlighten me please ?

I've always wanted a monitor, but I don't have the space or climate for it so it would just be cruel. I'd want to at least give it a few acres to run around on if I were to get one (and the winters are way too cold here.)

Yeah, at the thought of getting my hands on faggots like you sometime when there's no law around to stop me from throttling you to within an inch of your life with all the pent-up rage from years of this depressing fucking job.

Killing such animals sucks ass, but you can't do shit with a fucking feral, let alone a dozen, unless you've got some army of catladies that don't mind taking the vicious not-house-trained little faggots into their homes and actually rehabing them over months into something vaguely-approximating a murder-rat that can be tolerated.

I think everyone can see how insane that notion is. If you knew how whites live you'd know that a huge segment of white family men have cats and most of the rest have contact with them on a regular basis. If you're a white man someone in your family is going to have cats and when you visit you're going to interact with them. Almost all white men are exposed to cats all the time. Moreso in the past where everyone lived on farms and every farm had cats for pest control.

Yet only a couple of percentage of university numales turn gay. Almost as if it's a cultural thing that has nothing to do with cats at all.

You'd know this if you were white.

You probably do, but just don't know it.
But yeah, most of them require pretty large spaces, especially the larger species.

Bitch, I've been white for over 30 years and in that time I've met a singular straight white male who likes cats, and he didn't clean the litter box himself. I know damn well how whites live, we're dog people not cat people (save for the women who just want something fuzzy.)

This post, for instance:

Nothing but "more likely" and "possibility". It's amazing to me how much nothing is being said with all those words. If this guy isn't a jew, he's doing a dead on impression of one. One possibility is that he is a faggot. The lesson here is most likely that it is important to own cats to trigger kikes.

Lol I was just fucking making a joke there tough guy. I haven't ever owned a stupid cat. What, me bringing up this chick didn't tip you off?

Who does that?

My neighbors do it too. And what about your anecdotal evidence?
Holy shit, you cannot be any more of a faggot. Life kills life; get over it. You bitch about cats, but what about dogs? I'd be more concerned with feral dogs than feral cats.

Then eventually you can get up to something like this, even with comparatively limited space.

Living in a white country doesn't make you white, nigger.

You aren't even trying.

Yeah, it's pilpul. You get to recognize it after a while here.

People who aren't niggers, nigger.

Look up the statistics then faggot, basically every major city and most rural areas have AT LEAST some sort of disposal program, if not some insane catbitches trying to run the utter failure that is TNR.

Stats are out there faggot, you can look it up for yourself - hell, maybe even do something worthwhile in your worthless nigger existence and volunteer! You can see what I deal with first hand. Bring bandages.

Niggers like you are truly worthless.

Much rarer in the continental United States because they're more of a threat to humans, and so get put down. Cats aren't a direct threat, so they spawn and breed until a local agency gets a complaint call and then I get an animal control van full of little inbred murder-rats to put out of their brief misery, before they succumb to their internal parasites.

Good for her.

I've visited LLL Reptile and N.E.R.D. - not really a fan. Professional breeders put their animals in absurdly small cages because their solution to the issue of needing space when combined with the issue of needing to make lots of them is just to take away the space (N.E.R.D. was especially disgusting, corners were literally full of about a cup of mites, in every corner of their wooden cages for any of the species, I never scrubbed so hard in my life as showering after visiting that place.)
I wouldn't get a monitor without acres, I don't care if you can get them to breed in less, it's just not right. A Tegu would be reasonable because they have an intellect comparable to a dog, but not many of the other species because they simply wouldn't be happy in a smaller area.

And here we also get to see the technique called projection:

This might be the most subhuman picture I've seen in a while.

Oh I get it, you're one of those (((chosen people))) attempting to appropriate the meaning of the word "white" to make it (((white))).

Are hamsters OK for children ?

If not, what kind of pet could a kid own, if at all ? I'm not talking about dogs, who are part of the family as a whole (and while being obedient to the alpha and belonging to the pack, they aren't "owned" by anyone per se IMO).

No, you don't get it. Anti-cat is anti-white.

Search up those names. Don't be stupid.

You're a sheboon, admit it. You have a feminine view of life

Sounds like fun. I get to try out my new AR.

They are. But I'm not going to cry about some random bird being eaten by my cat.

You keep saying that, but cats are for (((arabs))), which is why they aren't domesticated, just sort of wild animals people keep, dogs are the species white people domesticated over millennia of selective breeding and hard work. There's a difference.


You're as much a nigger as the nigger unless you're using it for pest control. Stop killing my fucking birds.

> but cats are for (((arabs)))
Except every white civilization have kept cats. Every tribe of whites have kept cats. From sumerians to greeks to romans to celts to vikings to slavs. All whites up through history have kept cats. So your desperate attempt at trying to make cats out to be something arabic comes off as retarded to actual white people.

and be just as cheerful as you? No thanks.

Don't forget Egypt.

Don't forget Persia.

Agreed. Their store in… Escondido I think it was? It was shit, in any case. Good selection, but as you say, poorly maintained.

Truth, though LLL is hardly in that vein from what I saw - they seemed more like a glorified retailer.

Eh, depends on the monitor really m8. Those Ackies would live in one rock escarpment for the majority of their lives, so its not an issue, much the same with the tree monitors that will live in one or two trees for most of their lives. The ones that really need the big spaces are the wandering hunter-types, which tend to be larger anyway (most of those aren't really suited for keeping unless you've got such an area as you're speaking of).

You bantz like a nigger bro.

Yes, I like tweety bird, I'm not a nigger or a Jew who hates nature. Birds are cool. Songbirds especially, and I much prefer them to the stinky lil murder-rats cunts like you keep around to do half a dogs job and half a mouse-trap's job, while thining its their friend.

No complaints from me, but a warning - don't get caught. Cat ladies get pissy about that kinda shit and will often call police on people they suspect are engaging in such 'animal abuse'…Ridiculous.

That makes you a nigger m8. You might as well have a fucking mongoose that you let loose every night and bring back to you with the promise of a steady food supply. In fact, a mongoose would probably make a better pet than your shitty murder-rat - you can actually walk those.


Cat's hunt birds. It is their nature. You hate nature.

Yeah as I said, all of them. No need to mention specific ones, because it's all of them. Actually this is true with the three main domesticated species, cats, dogs and horses. Every white people, as far as we have history to go by, have kept and venerated all three.

Mentioned Egypt specifically because the literally deified cats. Thought it stood out.


You're right, forgive me. If my cat killed a pet owner's bird, then it would be wrong.

Death is part of nature, you cuck. Grow up.
Yes, they are.
Incorrect. I have an ancient view of life.
I have dogs, m8.

(((They))) have formed a consensus that cats are the white pet of choice.

im so sleep deprived, but i will see if i have the thread archive where there were genetic and archaeological evidence for dogs being strongly correlated with human (hwhite) development and civilization
they truly are our best friends

I love dogs. I hate cats, but am not "anticat". Barnyard animals are not pets. Rodents are just rodents. Just because something is comfortable around you and doesn't bite you doesn't mean that they are "domesticated".

So many fucking retards that have no idea wtf they are talking about on this. Whites and dogs are inextricably linked. Cats are whatever, have been around as long as men have had sheds filled with grain sacks that attracted rodents. They aren't "arab". I can't even fathom how a retard gets that idea (oh wait I do, it's watching too many stupid ancient egypt and persian documentaries).

Niggers have no respect for animals because they themselves are animals. It shows in the ridiculous cruelty they show towards animals with nary a blip on the radar for what passes as their "moral" compass. Chinks are pretty much the same, their capacity for empathy is significantly diminished compared to whites. And it shows itself in their society. They treat their dogs as nothing but tools and livestock, not as companions worthy of being respected and treated accordingly.

I'm fucking tired of stupid NEET shut ins thinking their little basement world is what passes for reality. Well kept dogs don't stink. Dogs and humans evolved alongside one another —- dogs being more severely influenced by us than we them……but this idea that we "have dog DNA", like the fucking retard some posts above is just truly part of the top 10 stupidest shit I have ever read in my entire life.

Cats, dogs and horses are the white man's companion animals since before history. Some like dogs better, some like cats better, some like horses better. If you're actually against any of them you're anti-white.

Nah, dogs are superior to cats. If I were to make a scale

Fucking checked, debate over.

Oy vey, you found us out.

But ching chongs have high IQ, can master abstract mathematics, and still have no empathy for animals.

Cats aren't fucking native to North America you incredible twat. That's why I've made the distinction between those living in America and those living in Eurasia.

In North America, they're an introduced species within just the last few hundred years. That's not how evolution works, unless you want a significant species-die off due to introduced invasive species - like house cats. Which kill billion - literal fucking billions - of JUST songbirds in JUST the continental US in JUST one year.
Its a cunt non-Aryan thing to do, and you know it deep down inside somewhere… Unless you're a nigger, as I suspect and have proposed.

And? That's not an argument in this context - death was already here, it already abounded, what WE'RE talking about is introducing a source of MASSIVE death, based upon your feels for an obsolete pest control device. You're like the fucking boomers coddling niggers and shit.

I know, that's why I said it.

No, you have a nigger view of life, which is that nature is just this big chaotic mess of shit killing shit and its a-okay if you unleash mongeese on islands and rats and cats obliterate entire species because dumb niggers like you think their murder-rat is their friend.

Good, so you know what its like to interact with an actual domesticated animal.

Did Africans not domesticate dogs or other dog-like animals? Europeans love dogs because dogs have been with us for 10,000+ years. Dogs are imprinted on our blood memory at this point.


I used to have a ferret. Mustelids are very intelligent and cute, but it's difficult to housebreak them. Still I miss the little fucker even if I often found poop on the floor. Anyone who thinks animals are just property or soulless robots are niggers, if not in body at least in spirit. She has a distinct personality (the only ferret I've even seen that was scared of rabbits) and was a born comedian.

here what i found for now
if i have the thread saved ill post it next


Checked and in addition: Its more than that.

I realized it the other day watching nigger comedians talk about white people and animals - they're scared.
They're scared of dogs, cats, fucking squirrels, snakes, everything - they're terrified of animals, because they aren't human, thus they look at the animals as on-par with them, and are distrusting.

White people long ago figured out that we are more than the beasts. We stopped fearing them when we tamed the fucking wolf into our best buddy. Now, our women make friends with sharks and eels, dolphins and turtles, whilst our men roll with lions and wrestle with friendly bears. And at home, the tamed wolf waits loyally… While the shitty murder-rat licks itself, tries to kill you by placing itself directly under your fucking foot like its a god damn magnet, shitting in a box that turns into a wafting beacon of their internals, and are just generally assholes to everyone and everything until they feel like being nice to you in order to get something from you.
Like a nigger. Cats are nigger animals.

*is a nigger, didn't reread before posting


no u

You're probably either just nose-blind to it or have a weak sense of smell. Well-kept dogs smell less, though. Same can be said for cats. Well kept cats do not smell strongly, but they still have a smell to them. Everything has a smell.

Neither are humans. But humans came, and it is our nature to civilize. We brought civilization with us, and that involved bringing cats.

I hate to say it user, but even niggers have distinct personalities. That's not saying much. Hell, fucking snakes and shit have distinct personalities, but that's really just individual distinct variation in behavioral/instinctual patterns.

Only with much greater complexity do you approach something in the vein of what I would consider a 'soul'. But, that's just me, and I work with them daily, so I can't help but view them in that context.

Ferrets are cool though. Better than a god damned cat if you're going for a murder-rat, at least.


FYI Mongols were the second-to last and native Americans were the last splits from whites. Native Americans are actually incredibly close to white people genetically while asians are more of a slav/arabic mix. Not really a shocker native Americans had dogs.

Hey, if somebody has bad B.O. and can't get it under control, I think they should get thrown out for it.

Also, refreshing to see someone do research instead of just speak out their ass about why the research conflicts with what they feel like all these cat-loving faggot-enablers ITT. Anyway, it's been fun, have a good night everyone.

nigger plx.

Niggers did not domesticate dogs. In fact, Niggers aren't even domesticated themselves.

Whites domesticated dogs and other animals because they are force multipliers that allow us to more effectively hunt and survive than if we simply tried it all by ourselves. Anyone that's ever been pheasant or pig hunting with dogs knows their incredible value.

Dogs were among the very first animals, if not THE first, that whites domesticated. They lived and worked with us. Sat around the campfire with us. And have been a part of us for so damn long that it is almost impossible to point to a time when whites did NOT have dogs…..and were still "white".

Valuing animals/dogs and being attuned to their needs became part of our very psychology. Just as empathy and altruism are to us regarding our own kind. Dogs are wrapped up in that equation because they have been with white society for as long as there's even been a white society.

Niggers are still animals so them having pets shouldn't be seen as anything but a novelty as the fucking monkey riding a bear at a circus. A curiosity that is interesting simply because of it's aberrant nature to what we all know is counter to the norm.

You brought up me hating nature as if it were some trump card. Species go extinct; they did so before we ever knew that they existed. Animals compete over resources just as humans do; if one falls to another, then it has happened. If animals become a problem for us, we deal with it. Now, if we wish to create harmony in nature, I don't care either way.
If my cat got hit by a car, I'd be sad, sure, then I'd get over it and bury it.

How about I kill you for having a brain I don't like, you over-sensitive limp-dicked pussy.

Its a fact.

Timeframe differential. Humans, or something approximating humans very very nearly, has been in the Americas for thousands of years.
Not so with domestic cats.

Look, I love a good 'naturalistic' argument, but this is just bullshit - murder-rats are obsolete farm equipment, just like niggers, they are assholes to everyone until they want something, just like niggers, they don't actually do a good job and come with massive casualty rates of the native organisms in exchange for whatever good they do accomplish, just like niggers…. Face it m8: Cats are niggers.
The fact that I think Aryan man is fit to rule the Americas does not suggest I think murder-rats ought be here too, and the same applies for cats.

Dude STFU. I said STINK. Not smell or odor. If you can't understand the nuance of these words, go double up on your fucking autism meds.

Dogs are really amazing, tldr.
Canines are used for every purpose imaginable for humans, and have been used for most of these tasks throughout all of mans history (only humans are europeans, subhumans dont count though some also copy this successful behavior of animal codependence)

And yet he claims he has more extensive experience with cats than anybody else itt for some reason. It's almost like he's full of shit.

Nobody wants to smell your ass when they are trying to eat their lunch. Take a shower, you nigger.

Nigger, snakes have distinct personalities. Grow up.

Fuck off nigger.

Then why do you have it in the first place? Because feels or obsolete farming equipment. There's literally no other reason to have a feline murder-rat.

But do aussie subhumans and their songbirds have distinct personalities? I doubt it.

The songbirds, yes. The abbos… Ask again later.

Then substitute stink where I wrote smell, faggot. My point is the same. Animals have smells that people would describe as stinks. Cat people say dogs stink, dog people say cats stink.

Faggots like you are what's destroying the immune systems of new generations.
Nobody wants to look at you or talk to you - neither during lunch or at any other time.
So get out!

perhaps not but i could not find the archived thread, i might not have saved it

Dogs have been man's best friend for up to 40,000 years, suggests new research.

The study shows dogs' special relationship with humans might date back 27,000 to 40,000 years.

The findings, published in the journal Current Biology, come from genomic analysis of an ancient Taimyr wolf bone.

Earlier genome-based estimates have suggested that the ancestors of modern-day dogs diverged from wolves no more than 16,000 years ago, after the last Ice Age.

The genome from this ancient specimen, which has been radiocarbon dated to 35,000 years ago, reveals that the Taimyr wolf represents the most recent common ancestor of modern wolves and dogs.

Doctor Love Dalen, of the Swedish Museum of Natural History, said: "Dogs may have been domesticated much earlier than is generally believed.

"The only other explanation is that there was a major divergence between two wolf populations at that time, and one of these populations subsequently gave rise to all modern wolves."

Dr Dalen considers the second explanation less likely, since it would require that the second wolf population subsequently became extinct in the wild.

First author of the study Pontus Skoglund, of Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute, said: "It is possible that a population of wolves remained relatively untamed, but tracked human groups to a large degree, for a long time."

good luck fellow canine appreciating humans

Holy shit, those Sanpaku eyes.


If the person is clean, then they don't have bad body odor. If they have body odor they are not clean. If you smell like shit, it means you forgot to wipe your ass, and I don't want to smell that when I am eating my sandwich. I am beginning to unironically think that you are a literal nigger at this point based on you thinking that the smell of body odor and shit is "natural clean body smell."

I never said that. I'm criticizing you about whining about their killing something when that's part of nature and what animals do. Nature contradicts your position. If we bring in animals and they become an invasive species, we should take care of it because I do personally believe humans (whites) should be stewards of Earth.

I care about my pets, but when they die, they're gone. I really be respectful to their body, but that's it unlike how Diogenes would have handled the corpse.

It is (a strawman) because you're asserting what I believe. I'll concede only on the introduction of invasive species, but if some random undomesticated bird gets eaten, I'm not going to shed a tear.

Anyway, I'd like to stay and chat, but I've got a schedule to keep.

I was never really interested in horses until a friend of mine, who had many horses, gifted me with a Appaloosa.
I have owned dogs my whole life and I have to say that horses are the most human-like of all animals. I don't want to go Geronimo prairie nigger on you, but I believe horses have actual souls, if such a thing is real.
Anons, if you ever get the chance to spend real time with a horse, not just riding it, do it. Having a horse, even if not broken all the way, is incredible.
Horses are not predator animals like dogs or cats. Horses are prey animals. Just the act of you jumping on his back without him throwing you requires an incredible amount of trust in you.
And when horses race or go full gallop, they like it. Those race horses actually know they are racing and they want to win. They understand that they're in a competition and they enjoy being athletes.
And you can look in their eyes and see it. The horse can kill you nearly instantly, but it does not. It's not in its nature.

Sage for triple posting
cntrl+F Diogenes

niggers hate competition, what can I say?

I have only had limited experiences with horses, but I would believe it. I would probably extend this to cats and dog too, though.

Interesting post.

I have never really been around horses at all, I always figured that there has to be something of a reason why humans have used them and lived with them so long that goes beyond other animals.
How intelligent are horses, generally?

Dogs and cats are a given. I think most people believe their dogs and cats have souls, but I have found this belief to become more intense after taking care of a horse.
Also, think about what the horse represents to whites. Think about what it historically had represented to us.
At one point, they were your lifeline and transportation, especially here in America and specifically to explorers and settlers. Horses were the true mark of white civilization. They could do work, take you into town, be your companion along with your dog… The horse is often a underrated part of European and American civilization.
Another benefit of horses… niggers hate horses more than dogs.

every time, without fail

Probably a SJW, those don't seem to have souls or actual compassion (narcissistic virtue signaling on facebook is not compassion).

This is correct. There's something special about horses, dogs and cats that you notice by being around them. They are so close to us that it's amazing. They lack our rational faculties, but emotionally they are just as sophisticated. Everyone who spends any time at all around these three animals learn that they are pretty much honorary humans.

I would say they're probably a great deal more intelligent and vastly more emotional than dogs or cats. Horses get sad and they laugh and smile and smirk and there are probably some great horse smugs. And the funniest part is that the horse in pic related is not accidentally making a smug face. The horse is actually fuggin smug.

According to my mother, my great great grandfather would take his horse to the pub, get blind drunk and the horse would take him home every night - not needing any directions or commands. Pretty amazing if true.

I've been in Italy recently and some gippo came up to the car begging, I started shouting and him to go away and my doggo started growling menacingly at him. It's the first time I've ever been 'aggressive' in front of my dog and it felt pretty amazing to know the little bitch was in tune with me.

They were what our ancestors rode our of the Caucasus mountains on to conquer the world. All the various iterations of Dyeus Pater associate him with horse drawn war chariots. Spiritual bond is probably pretty strong.

I have an Australian cattle dog and I can't even jokingly wrestle with my friends or even raise my hand. He sees and understands conflict even if he only has a vague notion and immediately throws a fit. My cattle dog absolutely hates violence.


I think it's actually a bad thing that cars have become our horses. Men can not have real emotional attachments to cars, but the bond between men and horses is so strong and it's a shame that we have been removed from them and given heartless machines to take their place. Watch vid related. I have always wanted to do this. It's called cutting. You don't even do anything but stay on the horse while he pens cattle.

Sometimes I ambush my wife and tackle her to the ground to tickle her. Our husky immediately comes running and makes a huge fuss trying to get me off her. Then I have to roughhouse them both. Meanwhile our cat just sits calmly watching from on top of the bookshelves and you can see he thinks "wtf are you morons all doing?"

Nice, if true. What did you do with the dog user?
Was he a good boy?

There's a farm outside of town that operates as a dog shelter who finds new owners for dogs. It's not a problem getting help for animals here because animal abuse is actually quite rare here in Norway. But getting worse as we are being enriched, of course.

white shitlibs need to be forced into the diversity they advocate for

I just want to punch her jaw the rest of the way off her ugly ape face.
Reminder; sheboons don't count as females or even human. You can hit them in the face and it's like punching another guy, or a feral animal.

Good to know, all dogs need good homes. I hope you get to liberate many more from what can only be either literal or spiritual niggers.

Also by the way, I do believe that your great grandfather's horse did exactly as you say. This is not the first time I've heard things like this from people who make a living with horses.
And like I said, their brains are wired totally differently from any other animal. They don't eat meat, which means they are naturally prey. And prey animals scare easily by nature. So this means they are gentler than a dog or cat. They do not kill to survive and the way a horse gets taken down is by a large predator jumping on its back and taken to the ground. So imagine how much that horse must love you to allow you to do that.
Anyway, I'll shut up now. Anons, think about what I'm saying. Horses are the most rewarding animal. Spend a week with a horse and if you don't come away with a different spiritual love for animals, you are most certainly a kike or nigger.
RWDS on horseback is gonna be fucking great tbh fam

why do niggers hate animals so much? that dog looked like a nice friend to pet.

It hurts but is accurate

niggers are animals and thus lack the ability to empathise and understand dogs. They see them as dangerous. RWDS will have dogs so they aren't completely wrong

That's not even remotely true. People bringing dogs around with them everywhere is a modern phenomena. It used to be the dog lived in the barn, or maybe in the kitchen eating scraps. People didn't tote them around everywhere they went.

You are a jew. Reported and filtered.

The nigger is a stranger to nature and animals, user. While generally whites believe that being at one with nature is virtuous, niggers love being holed up in tiny apartments like cockroaches.
White people go out and put themselves in risky situations in the wilderness… for fun. We swim because we understand on some level, that our world is mostly covered in water. The water terrifies the negro.
The negro hates nature and anything to do with nature, including animals. They tolerate only pitbulls because of the reputation of the pitbull, which may or may not have roots in fact. I have never seen a nigger with a well trained or well cared for animal. At best, I see niggers with poorly behaved dogs which are not exercised or socialized properly.
I have never seen a nigger while ice fishing or camping or hiking or hunting. The nigger hates nature.

its a hooknose alright

Disgusting indeed

One time I was on a horse about 5 miles from home when a freak lightning storm came out of nowhere. Hail the side of grapes started pelting the shit out of us; not dangerous but fucking painful. Anyway the horse bolted and ran back to the barn… almost. Fucker had his eyes closed the entire time. Would have ran off a cliff, if not for hitting a fence first.

Still, we did get back.



This is true. Horses are literally the foundation of one of the most important beginnings of white civilization, the Indo-Europeans. Horses finally allowed man to conquer the vast, waterless distances of the Eurasian steppe from the Ukraine to the fields of Persia, and have been an indispensable military asset for much of our existence.

Whatever you say cia user :')

enjoy your toxoplasma

Another toxoplasma shill arrives. Cats didn't make you gay, user. Being a faggot made you gay.

cats are hunters thus they carry all kind of shit from dead birds and rodents unless they're closed in the flat their whole lives and you feed them from cans..
but hey, why am i trying explaining stuff to doubledigit nigger anyway…

Why did they let an undiapered ape into the restaurant?

Yeah, you kikes aren't getting anywhere here with this bullshit. We all know you hate cats because you're rats spiritually.

yeah, i'm sorry for the lack of your human friends you had to replace with felines, but that doesn't change a thing, y'know…


As that other toxoplasmosis faggot was asked several times through this thread: please provide some evidence for your pseudoscientific bullshit theory any day. You don't have any you say? Leftist women have cats? Fuck off, cats didn't make you gay, it's all on you.

Only if your patrons are shit-tier humanoids

No decent person minds a well trained dog.

Nothing scientific but my guess is we've learned to work with animals and are compassionate towards them because we have a mutual respect.
The majority of blacks have no respect for anything and dogs can smell their fear a mile away (same reason why muzzies hate them).
Friendship, early warning detection, and loyalty to the death (depending on the dog) in exchange for food and companionship. Win win.

You pussies. Be a fucking man. How will you survive when SHTF? Your birkenstocks will get scuffed and there'll be no high-end hipster cigar bars. The horror!

protip: i never mentioned homosexuality

actual argument:

They're just mad because dogs are above them in our social hierarchy.

All the more reason women should be walking with a dog (or two) at all times. German shepherds would be my choice.

People naturally have smell, even when perfectly clean. And it varies. The smell actually conveys genetic compatibility - the better a woman smells, the better genetic mate it makes (it basically tells you that her immune system is more resistant to the thing you're weak against)

You're a over-sensitive retard that gets more work up than a fat SWJ.

If I'm a nigger, than you're a filthy jew. Kinda fits given how you don't want to be near animals (aka goyim)

And nothing indicates that people who contract this parasite is any different than people who don't. You do know there's parasites and bacteria all over outside your mom's skinner box? That's one of the dangers of living.

Oh and don't go touching the garden soil seeing how you're more likely to get it from that than from a cat. Or you could, you know, man up and not be a numale faggot who's terrified of nature.

Look, I don't care what mental deficiencies you have, but to completely let go of being a faggot you have to know that house cats are quite literally feline niggers. They are an invasive species (embed related) mostly owned by mentally ill dykes, kikes, and nu-male faggots and mess with the ecosystem in our territories.
Not only that, they also reduce white fertility rates by carrying toxoplasmosis.
Dogs are vastly superior to cats as a man's best friend as they possess qualities that cat-niggers can only dream about having: hard-work, resilience, loyalty and bravery. Cats can't be trained, do nothing productive, vandalize their surroundings and kill random small animals to satiate their primal urges while waiting for gibs from their human masters, fucking parasites. While dogs are the epitome a man's partner, working hard and still being grateful and loyal to their masters.
Be honest with yourself and break free from the jew propaganda that cats are a worthwhile pet. When the DotR comes, a good indicator of finding a (crypto) degenerate is if one owns a cat, with the likelihood increasing exponentially with each cat owned.
I don't advocate for animal cruelty (except for actual niggers), so a good solution to the cat problem would be sending the cats and their owners to Africa where they can suck on nigger dicks until they all stay infertile and die out from AIDS for all I care.

click on the author of the study, he specializes in toxoplasma. you'll be surprised.

why are you swearing and insulting so much? are you that insecure or are you just projecting?
i'm not a 'numale faggot' i just don't allow cats near my food and have perfectly valid reasons to do so. i also wash my root vegetables and i'm not 'terrified of nature'.

you sure you don't have toxoplasma? you seem to rage a lot

All white tribes and civilzations have kept and venerated cats. Only niggers and kikes like you dislike cats. Anti-cat is anti-white and you need to go home.


I specifically said body odor. I do not understand why you are incapable of differentiating the smell of a clean person from body odor. You know, that stench that variously smells like onions, garlic, decaying flesh, sweat, and/or garbage. Nobody likes that smell. That is why people have been using perfumes and oils since ancient times to cover it. With the modern miracle of indoor plumbing it is as easy as showering once a day. Deodorant is definitely a plus. Seriously, if you can't manage that much, good luck getting and keeping a fucking job.

Sure, keep repeating that, kike. Keep shilling your catniggers to reddit numales and tumblr dykes because it clearly won't work here. Dogs are the most völkisch pets around and you can't change that.

ahh, you're one of the retards who think the more they swear and burp the manlier they are, i see.. well, once you grow up and once you get interested in actual discussion feel free to respond

This. I don't know much about cats and I honestly don't really care, but 100% of cat owners I know have a quite big part of degeneracy into them, compared to no-cat homes. So even if this "toxofaggotry" was only a myth, I wouldn't spend voluntarily much time around these pets and their owners.

Not necessarily. I find people who are home all the time prefer cats while people who are active or an outdoors man prefer dogs.
Its the anti-animal crowd you need to worry about.

Any Anons complaining about service animals being allowed into restaurants but not complaining about niggers being allowed in are obviously all kikes.

she is chimping, but her opinion is valid

Valid? Not really. Those service dogs are always well trained and more hygienic than the druggy freaks, AIDS infected faggots, and greasy niggers wandering into restaurants.


Oh, the irony!

If the dog could talk he would probably tell the nigger he's disgusted by her presence too.

I had some nigger tell me I smell like a wet dog. To me niggers have like a rice smell to them, and heavy underarm body odor.

Every team I've seen a nigger with a dog, it's some pit bull and they treat it like shit and leave it outside.

The nigger fears the dog.

Both terrifying and hilarious.

I love white people so much and Holla Forums especially. Put this same video in a black chatroom and you will not wind up in a discussion about genetics, nature, toxoplasmosis, pheromones, evolution, or anthropology.

Even our banter is better. The blacks will be infatuated with the word "suspect" implying that you are homosexual, which they will have to shorten to "sus." The whites create a thesis for your faggotry using the scientific method and respond to scrutiny of the conclusion with further counter arguments. This is what white people do just for kicks.

I can't bear black culture with the constant show of force as an argument. Repeating. Clapping between words. Two people getting in each other face close enough to kiss and morons yelling "oooooh" after everything.

Holla Forums helps me to believe in a better world with civility and dignity.

I always thought of it as an ashy or powdery smell, but I can kind of see what you mean.

The dog is 10,000x more well behaved than that nigger. It's such a shame these excuses for people are allowed into society with the rest of us. They all need to leave and go back to their own countries where they won't have to see a dog in a restaurant unless it's on the menu.

I get nigger fatigue bad in real life, and even their infestation in media and advertising. This is a nice refuge. I don't have cable TV and use adblock, but somehow I have to be shown some certain allocation of niggers a day. I hate advertising kikes. Always reminds me of related.

Not really, I don't see why there would be an issue with a dog being there, I don't give a fuck about US veterans since they fight for Israel but that dog did nothing wrong.

Bill Hicks, despite being a pothead libertarian, always reminded me of Holla Forums for some reason. A paranoid chainsmoking conspiracy nut who's /x/-tier rants are inexplicably hilarious.



also JOOZ

In every arena of life (((they))) are trying to provoke us to kill them. The woman in the video has to know that dude has killed people in order to need a service dog. I would assume he's been in the shit of it and give him some basic dignity instead of calling his loved ones whores. Or does she think she won? Every one of the dudes friends was trying to stop her from getting herself killed. I'm sure of that.

I'm sure that guy was doing the math: "at what point does the cost living with this indignity exceed the consequences of killing this person?" I believe his friends were watching his microexpressions and saying "it's beneath us" as a strategy to restore respect to this gentleman, because they perceived he was working out logistics.

cost of* living…

The way she speaks in the video makes me think it's not even about the dog. Niggers have been trained by their jewish masters to hate any sort of whitey they perceive to have power. Teachers, soldiers, cops etc. A nice white family with a dog sat down to have a meal together. That's what pissed her off. Niggers happily tweet about eating each other's assholes, and yet white families make them disgusted. or possibly jealous

Felonin-enhanced individual

This thread is pathetic. Anons actually arguing over cats and dogs. Such political relevance.

I agree. It's obvious she has been weaponized by jews. The strategy she's using is so poor, but it's common. There was a dishwasher in charleston who took out a firearm and told everyone he was the new boss. Chimp-outs at town halls where they say they are taking over and demand the mayor resign.

Like they think they're going to have a display of violence sufficient for someone in power to say, "Okay, you have obtained a handgun so now you are the distict manager of this restaurant chain" or "I see your mouth can open wider than mine and now you are the mayor." kek

Thread derailed by anti-cat shill

I only see one animal here, and it's half monkey.

There are dogs in Africa, too.
African blacks have domesticated cattle, but not much else. I have no hard evidence as to why, and anthropologists are scared shitless to study anything with a racial component, that might compare one subspecies of human to another. Claiming that all the subspecies of human is anything but exactly the same is making yourself a target for Frankfurt School Jews & their kike media allies.
there were many animals that Africans could have domesticated and utilized, but they stopped at cattle & never went any further.

What's the difference, except that animals are less dirty?

I have never, in my long life, seen anyone change diapers on a restaurant table.
What section of social stupidity do you live in?
Changing diapers is restricted to the bathroom, and even at home, nobody but a nigger would ever think of changing a diaper on a dining table.

Don't worry, you are here forever, fellow White person.

I would have understood the lack of social awareness if it were niggers, but it was actually middle class white family. In the middle of a pizza restaurant. They just moved the plates aside and started changing diapers. No excuses for that kind of behavior.

Did you speak up or sit there like a cuck?

Wasn't made aware of it until after the fact. I probably would have said something. The people I was with actually knew them, turns out they do this kind of thing regularly.

Fucking nonsense.
I love cats, and if a cat and an Arab were both in a life-threatening situation, I'd save the cat.

Not in humans, only in rodents.
Jesus, do some fucking research before you open your gob.

Delaware is such a damn shithole. Its like the UN in many parts. Filled with new immigrants from the turd world everywhere and new yorkers. Cant be any more than 50% white at this point.

It's basic hygiene, mate. Animals don't bathe as frequently as Whites.

He's full of chimp-shit, T. Gondii can't even survive in humans.

She is probably mudslime friendly.

I thought it carried a risk for birth defects in pregnant women. They warn expectant mothers not to clean cat litter because of this.

Yeah most of the white people in del are shit. Barely any racial awareness to speak of. Pretty much no WN presence there.

I like how you specified whites.
If you're not going to kick up a fuss over niggers being in your restaurant, don't come to me whining and bitching about dogs. The dogs are lying on the ground, and the niggers have their elbows on the table. Which surface are you eating your burger off?

I was actually surprised to learn from my brother how fucking introverted and legally protected from such minor conflicts northern Europeans are (to the point of being potentially sued if your fucking headphones are above a certain sound level in public transportation). I would not be able to live under these conditions, how the fuck are they still tolerating sandniggers is a mystery to me.

It does, and that's the only situation where it's a concern.
In humans it cannot continue its parasitic life-cycle, and your immune system destroys it.
And even the danger of it affecting a pregnant woman's offspring is very slight, but why take the chance?
Pregnant women should not change litter boxes, but they can safely be around and handle cats. The parasite is only transmissible in feces.

And there is no evidence at all, whatsoever, that this parasite has the ability to affect human brains.

You are allowed or at least nobody enforces it, that you could have your dog with as long it's a table outside. I seen so many people in different restaurants wanting an outdoor table only to bring their dogs or cat out of the car then tie the leash on the bolted table.

Do you think that poodles and ponies just fell from the sky? Hope you're at least having fun with your guns germs and apologies.

Yeah, wouldn't want you to be inconvenienced by the future of our race. Going extinct is way better.

Unfortunately many people here don't verify or research anything for themselves. I swear sometimes I think you could throw up an infographic on this board with completely false information, and as long as it matched the narrative people want to believe in, they would just accept it as fact without questioning it at all. There are multiple parasites and diseases that are dangerous for humans, but are no threat to animals, and vice versa. I still think this entire thread is ridiculous, people are arguing over pet preferences as the main topic of discussion.

Keep your kids in line, and its fine. Problem is most people don't. Not every public venue is appropriate to bring small children to. Bringing infants to a movie theatre is just a selfish dick move, for example, and everybody there will hate you for it.

Also, I am not sure how you think that taking children to restaurants has anything to do with the future of the race.

I agree, chimps are disgusting.


What the fuck, there's plenty of people in restaurants that are far more disgusting and dirty than many dogs.

Kill yourself, you autistic waste of oxygen.

That nigger is fucking disgusting and should be put down


It's because we live completely segregated. Making a fuss is considered bad form, so we suffer through it if we have to use public transportation or something. Other than that we just keep away. There are pretty much only hipsters and muds left in the cities.

Here's a tip by the way if you ever find yourself here in Norway. If you need to take a taxi cab somewhere tell the operator you have a dog with you. That's code word for "I want a white driver."

That's breddy gud. My code for a white taxi is: "Don't send a nigger." That usually does the trick in America.

Haha, you burgers are alright.

thats why I use uber, I cancel whenever it is a street shitting driver. fuck em, im giving my money to a white person

There are poems and love letters made by cowboys that seem to be normal, but if you look at them in a certain mindset they are clearly written about their horses.

Equines have had a huge impact on the human soul.

>White people evolved via horizontal gene transfer with wolves and in turn dogs, (((arabs))) are the ones who share cat DNA.

Wtf does that even mean?


nigger needs to be shot. we just need to start randomly shooting niggers at night when there are no witnesses, we could get away with it considering how much these nig nogs kill each other

Jared diamond is a hack.

Ever hear of the european wooly rhino? Europe had tons of wild danergous megafauna. Early Europeans hunted and domesticated them to extinction.

The white man I'm Africa has domesticated zebra's and hippopotamus' breeds with little real effort or difficulty.

At the end of the day the Africans are simply an inferior subspecies with no spontaneous affinity with animals.

They can mimic white people (poorly) but on their own they would be barely above the level of beavers in technology

So do kikes.

Nigger, opening the door to the filthy streets of lets in more microbes and dirt than a fucking dog that lies under your damn table and whose footprints and residual hair gets swept away after the eatery closes.

Humans shed hair too, they also shed skin flakes.
If you think a dog is disgusting then why do so many people get pink eye from licking one anothers eyeballs but people getting licked by dogs rarely causes anything serious?

And that's going to the extreme.
Again, the damn dog would have just stayed at the table and didn't do nuffin.

Ayo hol' up [smacks lips] So you be sayin that honkey [pulls up pants] honkey be evoluted from dogs an [reacts nervously to police siren] an that we wuz evoluted from cats n' shiet?

I would not personally be bothered by the dog, unless it was not well groomed and stank or something. It is a matter of principle. Animals, and not just dogs, animals in general do not belong in restaurants. They do not belong in churches. They do not belong in public pools. Outside of that, do whatever you want.


Look at dey sphinx mane sphinx wuz half black half cat half god mane we wuz egyptans dey black mane we wuz kangz mane.

This post makes me wonder, how good are the nips towards their animals? Are they still white in that respect?

as someone who's seen a horse die, iktf

From what I've seen they're ok, but some still have the ant-people genes.

As far as I know city Japs like to have these tiny tremble rats. Considering their media and how they do seem to emote sometimes I think they are, indeed, capable of loving an animal.
And before some butt bothered autists jumps at my throat, I do not condone race mixing with Japs. They might be honorary Aryans, but they're still a different superrace.

I think developing an emotional bond to a valuable animal is an important thing for a man to do. You'll protect it from harm and care for it, instead of just neglecting it like a nigger would.


She's just trying to dodge the check, isn't she?

That's the real problem right there. We've civilized ourselves to the point that they walk all over us with their raging baboon behavior. We need to fight fire with an overwhelming tsunami, not a fistful of straw.

Criminally underrated post.

The nazis loved dogs and cats. If you don't love both then you're a disgrace to the Aryan race and probably have a nigger somewhere in your family tree.

Do you wanna know why niggers smell like heavy BO? Sometimes they literally don't bathe themselves and just wet their face, armpits, and crotch with a wet cloth. A Nigger bath.

Because they are fucking terrified of them. The service doggo in the pic looked both clean and majestic as fuck but it sure was a huge fucker too. Niggers will flip their shit and have a heart attack from a 10lb chihuahua yapping in their general direction.

I bet they do it in reverse order

Where I'm from, throwing on a dirty t-shirt and covering yourself in deodorant is known as a "nigger shower".

I always thought T. Gondii was linked to schizophrenia. People were trying to use it as an explanation for Crazy cat ladys … I don't know where all this "linked to being gay" shit is comming from .

What about donkeys sheep and goats? Many petting zoos have these animals especially goats.

I'm the user who posted about horses. I have been around many species of goats and I think most species of hooved animals have special relationships with humans. For a short time, we had a potbellied pig as a pet until it became over 200lbs and had to rehome the pig to a farmer who cared for it like a king. And pigs are extremely smart and loving creatures. Just as horses and dogs terrify niggers, I can only imagine the terror of a kike around a pig.


Glad I wasn't there, I'd knock that bitch out.

go back to africa nigger

I would have watched her (((man))) while you fucked with her, would have been great

remember that nonwhites don't see dogs the same way whites do

remember that nonwhites don't see anything

fucking nigger is the only animal in that resturant doing her eeeh eeeh oooh oooh holler monkey noises.

Why did her "man" not take control of her and drag her bitching ass out of there? That was his responsibility!


This jpg is fucking brilliant!

While I do see dogs as useful I think honey bees or scary insects are more effective than horses to scare them off. I've seen every nog run away as far as they can while screaming in fear every time they spot a bumblebee or a moth.


My first pet was a teddy bear hamster. Males are very calm and docile if trained properly. If your child holds them gently regularly, the hamster will fall in love with people and want to be held regularly. I had one who was so tame that he liked to take naps on my chest. One time, my hamster escaped from his cage, and climbed on top of my bed and tickled me with his whiskers to wake me up, as he wanted back in. They're really nice first pets for children who aren't too young, as hamsters scare very easily in the early stages of ownership and require softer handling, since they're so small. They're fairly hardy, though, as I've seen mine jump from the top of a five foot dresser onto the floor, and was perfectly fine.

Found the boomer
The 'greatest' generation can lick my balls

Whenever I'm out in public, especially a restaurant, store, bar etc and a nigger even raises his voice, I immediately call 911 and tell them a nog is threatening or assaulting customers. It takes ages for cops to show up, so I make sure to call at the first sign of a nigger not acting docile. I've had probably a dozen niggers arrested in about 10 years because I live in Baltimore and this shit is commonplace. They always seem surprised when the cops show up just as they're getting into full chimp mode like this sheboon.

What gets me, as another user mentioned, is that their simple brains do seem to short circuit when they chimp, and they just latch onto a phrase and keep repeating it over and over. Every fucking nog does this.


Disregard this post, I suck nigger dick and take it up the ass


lurk moar newfaggot, would a nigger ever do this, let alone one bee near him?

it's not that niggers are just animals, it is that their minds are not wired properly to have emotional attachments.
even animals like gorillas can make emotional attachments to other animals

Tell me about it.

Why is this even a thread on Holla Forums, jesus christ? Grow the fuck up, you mouth breathing children!

I feel like she's just being edgy, but still.
Good girl.

I think he is taking the fact that egypt venerated cats as evidence that arabs where the only ones worshiping cats. Even though northern africa was white before semites and shitskins rode in like the flood from Halo.

Ive always wondered if you could raise a pig somewhat like a dog, imagine walking around with a 200 pound sow that could rip a mudslims limbs off like twigs, fuckers would empty themselves before reaching the nearest designated street.

Sardinian hogs would do it. They're tough and loyal. I always thought the K-9 teams in Afghanistan and Iraq should have used truffle-sniffing pigs to really drive the point home that Arabs are losers.

Actually you totally can keep a pig as a pet. They very trainable and you can get them to use a litterbox or shit and piss outside like a dog.
They can do tricks and they actually are among the most intelligent of the animal kingdom. That's the reason they're the intelligent animals in Orwell's Animal Farm.
kys if you've never read animal farm tbh. It's like 100 pages.


I agree with her. Animals simply shouldn't be allowed in restaurants. It's disgusting that the dog was allowed and the same goes for her.

Unfair comparison tbh, the dogs have been trained extensively to behave like this, the niggers likely have not. You're sadly just reinforcing what the smarter liberals think but would never say: That niggers just need to be trained properly.


Wrong. Your average dog is probably cleaner and more well-behaved than your average nigger, so her "opinion" is worthless.

the raccoon are visibly scared of the obese woman, that's why they keep their distance and only get within range briefly to grab the food. dogs don't follow orders because they're scared but because they have evolved to harmonize in a group under a leader. following orders is pleasurable for them.

Hicks gave up drugs at some point and he espoused what we felt were the benefits of psychadelics more than anything, but he did have pro-pot bits.

He was spot on about the MSM, TV, and the world being ran by entities that keep the public misinformed and partition out information so any conclusion reached is weak at best. His material on the JFK assasination is amazing, and his stuff on Waco shouldn't be overlooked.

Here's to Arizona Bay becoming a reality on my lifetime. Polite sage for off topic post.


It's like a den of the most boring John Stewart liberals you can imagine. I feel so much contempt and I can't contain it.

This sounds like something you got from the kangz. There was coevolution but white people don't have actual canine DNA, we're just genetically predisposed to get along well with dogs (and vice versa).

Anyone who says dogs are disgusting and don't belong in restaraunts obviously doesn't have a dog and is likely not white.


From the Nuwaubian creed:

Checked. Japanese actually have "animal cafes" where you can pay a price, go sit down in a cafe and just pet animals for the allotted time. They are really affectionate with cats and a lot of them keep dogs as pets, though they prefer the smaller ones due to how densely populated they are. So yeah, honorary Aryans.

Meanwhile, the Chinese do things like vid related. The Chinese guy bought a bunch of puppies and kittens and fed them to his pet snake, then uploaded the videos. Niggers may be scared of dogs, but chinks straight out prey on them.

now you're just going full kike.

It's probably some gook whose mom won't let him have a dog so now he's butthurt about other people having pets.


That's not a black woman OP. Grow a pair and call a spade a spade. Poor dog was probably considering biting her ass but figured he'd let it pass or else he'd have to lick his own ass for 3 weeks just to get the taste of nigger out of his mouth.

fucking hypocrite cucks.

Anons, I know you're not going to believe this, but she's claiming racism.


What the fuck do you think happens when you flush a toilet? Or do you shit in the street to avoid that little inconvenience? It goes airborne and that means it ends up on a hell of a lot more than your hands.


i guess you cucks want dog hair in your food eh? figures. none of you faggots have taste.

and before you start bitching. i happen to see that the man has his legs, has arms, can walk, isn't blind, clearly isn't deaf, and has a party of close relatives that can help him. that zogbot is just virtue signaling.
>inb4 defending nigger
nigger is right. animals shouldn't be near people. including herself or the zogbot.

Everyone look, he's got a new angle. I'm sure we'll enjoy it as much as his last five pointless arguments.

Hi, rabbi.

Have you ever been or cleaned the woman's bathroom? It's nothing but hair on the floors

Let's see him rationalize how eating a human hair is better than eating a dog hair.

don't ya have a dog to blow, gayboy?

still sheds.
see him standing straight up without problem. looks like zogbot might have TBI. he should get that sorted out rather than walking around with his fucking mental issue. i'd rather not get shot in the back by some spaced out ex soldier who forgot he wasn't in a warzone anymore.

do you eat in a bathroom? probably do when wifey is giving your dog a handjob while your cuck ass is stuck with tv dinners crying in the bathroom saying "m-m-muh dogs".

Now he's replying to everybody. Seems like he's the same guy.
Stay mad, shitskin.

You have never lived with a wife or girlfriend. Loser faggot rabbi BTFO and filtered.

You sound like a massive faggot.
I bet you ride bikes.

you replied to me. i reply back. it's common courtesy. im not the one so triggered i have to actively ignore a post on my computer screen.



Exhibit A: The redditor

Hitler dubs confirm faggotry.

do you see any of them having dinner? that is what im on about. not your shitty strawman.




Almost, bud.
everyone is laughing at you. hate to be the mother from carrie but stop. hate to be ronnie's gf from jersey shore but stahp. you tried, you failed. take the L to the chest and try again tomorrow

I see him in the kitchen in the largest photo in the top left you b8ing faggot. Here's your (you), now fuck off back to reddit.

The fault is on that pussy nigger not keeping his woman in line either. She totally embarrassed him in public he should whip her thighs with a wire hanger when he gets home

Black people and domestic animals rarely ever mix.
They love to talk about how immoral white people are and how we're all racist abusers at birth, but most black people will kick and stomp anything they perceive as lower than them, and it's disgusting.

That whole myth about racist people's dogs hating black people because of their owners, I think the dogs just know what's good for them.
They don't want to be put into a fighting ring, or tied to a stake for their entire lives.

My neighbors, the only black people in this entire town, keep their dogs chained up 24/7.
They even had them chained up out there during hurricane Harvey.
Called the cops, called the spca, no one seems to give a fuck though.

reminds me of when that one jew that faked a disability and had small store owners pay up for having their buildings not in compliance to ADA 1990 thingy.
doubt they'd care about dog food. it's coming from their dogs after all.

where? i only count 4 of you sluts.
still makes it insufferable.

is hitler EATING? not only that but isn't that photo taken in his personal cottage? i wouldn't REE at you if your own dog was in your own kitchen.
not the same. now go play red rocket with your doggy, 10 year old.
says the one sucking doggy cock blindly like a fucking 10 year old.



Please tell me im just connecting dots that dont connect, user. Please tell me the goodest boy actually went to a farm.

Dogs are racist on their own and need no training for that. Just as many dogs hate anyone in uniform, including their long history with mailmen, they naturally hate niggers. Remember that a dog's sense of smell is impeccable. And we all know niggers smell funny and look like they're covered in paint to a dog. All of my dogs have been "racist" and I never taught them to be.

>White people evolved via horizontal gene transfer with wolves and in turn dogs, (((arabs))) are the ones who share cat DNA.he's a nigger quoting this:

1) White people and dogs have pointy narrow noses.
2) White people love eating raw meat. So do dogs
3) White people and dogs don't mind colder temperatures.
4) Dogs love Anal sex. So do white people.
5) Dogs and white people are great natural swimmers
6) Dogs are overaggressive as are white people.
7) Dogs have big ears. So do white people.
8) Dogs have white skin beneath their fur like white people.
9) Dogs have a pack mentality. So do white people.
10) Dogs and all whites have stringy hair that clumps together
11) Dogs are fearful of anything different. White people are too.
12) Dogs have long tongues. As do white people.
13) Many dogs and whites have high-pitched voices.
14) Dogs will eat anything. So will many whites.
15) Whites love dairy. Dogs love dairy.
16) Dogs walks on their toes, not the soles on their feet. Maybe this explains high heels?

Dogs are pretty anti-semitic too, really. They're the white man's pet, so their enemies are similar to the white man's enemies.

Forgot to add, that is what nigger logic looks like

oh good user. I was about to call you an octuple nigger for posting that, since it's fucking absolutely nental.

It was probably written by Common Filth.

probably. if not him, then some other CIAlt-right faggot who's "moderate" and dislikes "ACTUAL FUCKING white nationalists"

Im not so sure about that. For the most part sheboons use their kids for extra gibs, but from my experience I've seen sheboons who love only on thing in this world which is their baby. They got no one else in their life. Their man left them. All they have is this baby. Usually when this happens it tends to be one mother with one or two little nigglets.

So one welfare queen got angry at another welfare queen.

Wow, It's fucking nothing.

Go back to the desert, abdul.

I bet that fag read that article on how fruit flies store sperm and use it in subsequent mating if their next mate isn't as fit as the last and thought it applied to all animals. Horizontal gene transfer doesn't happen with humans and other mammals. Only viruses and other intracellular diseases that are capable of depositing their genetic code into a human host cell can do that.

seems confirmed by this
nonwhites are for some reason butthurt about this newspaper episode.

Other niggers?

Might have something to do with the lack of sex bending chemicals in the water supply of rural areas vs cities.

the nigger was right, the dog didn't belong there. Not that she knew that, but anyway.
and the story in the link is incorrect–that dog was not legally allowed to be there.

In the USA, "service animals" are those trained for law enforcement or military use, or for helping blind or handicapped people.
They must be trained for a specific task, and under ADA rules these animals are (mostly) allowed wherever people are allowed.

animals that are only for "emotional support" are not considered by the ADA to be service animals, and do not have the same rights under ADA rules.

The ADA's own website explains that pretty plainly–
(Question #3)

the whole "emotional support animal" thing is total bullshit. even when a soldier/vet wants his doggy everywhere.

the store company I work for had an incident about this recently:
a vet was bringing his "emotional support dog" into the store, and it was occasionally acting not entirely friendly at other people
when the the company found out that it didn't qualify under ADA rules and that THEY would be liable if that dog bit anybody, they said "sorry sir, doggy not allowed"

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are my choice. Sweet and lovely at home. Great with my kids. So gentle but love to play with my son. They let my daughter ride on their backs like little ponies. Great ears, they can hear my car pulling up the driveway when I come home from work. They hate dark skinned people too. I take them around for rides, and if they see a darkie they flip out. Only downsides I can think of is they eat a shit ton and they like to talk / whine a lot as well.

Cats are very differnt. I use the dwarf fortress model to describe cats. You dont adopt a cat, the cat adopts you. I grew up with plently lovely cats. They were indoor outdoor cats and mainly only came inside to get attention or get shelter. They kept the rats away. They do not serve the same purpose as dogs. Very few cats have the personality to be a companion. Most just want to be left the fuck alone most of their life. But if you're lucky and a kitteh takes a liking to you, they can be very fulfilling companions for smaller children and daughters. I think sons should get pups and daughters should get kittens nothing wrong with just giving a daughter a pup that will grow up to protect her either. It is important to teach your kids to respect the harmony of life and to defend innocent animals from an early age. Giving them a small fragile life to take care of really accelerates the child's mental development.

You white racist loser virgins just can't handle a strong independent black woman


look up refugees vs animals and you'll see
they're not animals they're anti-humans like anti-matter to matter

checkmate, chesscucks.

I wasn't trained to be a zookeeper so obviously I don't know how to handle an enraged drug using orangutan.

Go get dismembered.

They can't comprehend the fact that whites and asians domesticated a fierce predator, the wolf and turned it into loyal companion. It probably seems like magic to niggers.
Therefore they with the help of the jews created a fairy tale to latch on to to not feel inferior.


or basically

I see why black men feel the need to abuse their women at a much higher rate than whites. It's the only way to snap them out of this feedback loop they get stuck in.

Birds are special too you know, I love birds, parrots, raptors, you name it.

My parrot is like my little buddy, If I could, I'd just live in a house filled with my avian friends just like my ancestors would have wanted.

They really shouldn't let animals in.
The dog can stay though.

To the rest of the nation (especially outside of the N/E or mid-atlantice) Delaware is in the news so infrequently and is so just generally unimportant that one starts to question if the place even exists.

thanks for the proper video. they should have a section especially for niggers — outside. fuck that nigger bitch and her doormat boyfriend.


It is easier to buy into all this nonsense for some people. I was raised around cats and dogs, and while I like dogs; I generally prefer to keep cats as pets. I am not now nor have I ever been a homosexual, and the notion of such conduct sickens me. I have never understood this weird hatred for cats.

Stop posting here

Fuck anyone who has a "service dog" who is not blind and or deaf. Also fuck chimping negresses.

The jew cries as he strikes you.

Not until nigger-tier
memes are removed. Kikes like you can swallow a bullet dipped in Zyklon-B as well.

Yes they do.

It'd their favorite food indeed.


It's from here, and it's a common copypasta circling around nigger messageboards.

Still a bit more Aryan than the "true Aryans".

Coalburner detected.

They do say that though. They just call it "good education."

kike detected.
A service dog is a different thing entirely and I'd rather eat near a dog than a nigger.
Also I agree a child shouldn't be getting changed on a table, but children belong with their parents. They need to learn to conduct themselves in society. That means accompanying their parents out to eat. Should a child be in a fine dining establishment at 9pm? No, but I think few parents are that insane.
Only sub humans hate dogs and children.

i saw a toddler wearing diapers walking around on top of a table at chipoltle. I said something to them in the parking lot that it was disgusting.

What happened to Chistopher Lambert anyway? He was such a good actor in the 80s and he has a really badass voice. Hard to imagine Hollywood throwing away a talent like that. Did he say some wrongthink in the mid-late 90s?

The dogs must be sensing the demons.

She doesn't care about the dog. Its just a convenient excuse for her to bitch and moan. She probably got a really expensive meal, and is trying to leave without paying. Classic nigger.

I totally agree. Niggers should be put in their own section.

Its actually illegal to deny someone if they have a service animal. The lawsuits about these kinds of things can get big fast, not something restaurants ever want to fuck with.

Also this:
You bring this up like 5 times, even though it has nothing to do with the point at hand. Stop shifting the goalposts and using false equivocates. Also, changing diapers on restaurant tables? What country do you live in? India? Packistan? There are diaper changing stalls in every restaurant bathroom in the US. What 3rd world shithole do you live in to not have them?

This. In my youth (probably 20 years ago now) I worked at several restaurants and I have never witnessed anyone ever changing a diaper at the table. This retard either eats at nigger restaurants or he's a spic/pajeet. This is something I've never seen and I would throw a fit if I had to look at toddler shit before eating.

That's why the good restaurants have a front desk where the Maître d' makes sure that no table is available whenever an Animel tries to set foot into the restaurant.

It was in the midwest United States. It was a white middle class family. It was not an isolated incident. I bring it up because it is the pinnacle of what I have seen in terms of bad behavior on the parts of parents/children under 5 in restaurants. As somebody who has worked in the food industry in the past, people who bring small children into restaurants are generally horrible and 9/10 times it is disruptive to the normal functioning of a restaurant. The country and its culture have gone downhill quite a bit in the last 20 years, and people don't seem to have basic ideas about what is and is not appropriate in public spaces anymore. The nigress shouting obscenities in the middle of a restaurant is just another example of this.

It is an exception to a law regarding animals being banned from restaurants. The dog in question was a comfort dog, not a service animal, by the way. Sheboon was chimping out, but she wasn't entirely wrong that the dog didn't belong there, and that the least the manager could have done was put them in a different section if the dog was going to be in the dining room at all.

I disagree with everything except for the thing about changing diapers. Fuck whoever fucking does this.

(((Rat))) detected

Also, I like that you can disagree with my statement without baselessly calling me a dog-hater, a child-hater, or a kike. It's a sign of intelligence.

DoTR comes, "I hung a commie, I need to wash my hands, wahhhhhh"

You're a kike, or something of the like, I'd never want you in my community when SHTF, you cuck.

Washing your hands before you eat is one of the first lessons you teach a child for a reason. You're the cuck for refusing to protect yourself.

I'm now picturing someone who flips between berserk commie killing machine and germaphobe as soon as a battle's over.

I really don't get why everybody is so assblasted by the fact that I wash my hands before I eat. It's not like I have a mental breakdown and have to wash my hands at a regular interval throughout the day. Only before I eat/prep food and after doing something like handling garbage/going to the bathroom.

As far as commies go, during a SHTF scenario there is blood involved, and commies are vectors for all sorts of nasty stuff like HIV and Hepatitis. I would recommend everybody use a bit of caution come the happening to avoid direct contact with their blood and bodily fluids.


WTF is this bullshit?

I'm torn between hating the nog who hates cats and wanting to point out that rats are actually really sweet-natured and affectionate critters when raised right and it's unfair to compare them to Jews.

Also dogs are great but I can't keep one in an apartment. It makes me sad.

All animals are innocent by nature because they lack the requisite moral reason to judge good from evil.

if its disgusting for an animal to be in a restaurant why is a nigger there?

I get particles can travel but fuck even a single fly landing on your food gets more shit on it then above
If your that petty get an airlock for your kitchen you fucking autist

I know it doesn't make sense in the way you are reading it, because its not actually about the direct contamination of the food. Think of it this way: animals are naked and have their anuses and genitals exposed. If I were to sit naked at your dining table while you were eating at a restaurant, would this bother you? After all, the chances of any urine or fecal matter getting in your food are very low, its not like its going to spread across and blanket all food on every surface of the room. I don't want a naked person in the dining room, and I don't want an animal in there either. It's triggers the primal disgust reaction, which we evolved to protect us from disease. Studies have shown that the strength of an individual's disgust response scales with their social conservatism, btw.

Or maybe you're just a huge fucking pussy who's getting worked up over fuck-ass nothing. The dog is not teabagging your food. Shut the fuck up.

Yes but not because I'm worried for my food, its because you're a fucking weirdo and propably retarded. Kinda like you're bothering the frontpage with your autism thats lasted for 2 days.

Do you shit in the streets, Pajeet?

Your picture is of a Spanish girl at a Catholic festival.

It's a IBM ThinkPad. It can handle worse.