She chose to die so she could give birth. Now her newborn is dead, too

Fuck this gay Earth
and fuck you kike-user for posting this

Reminder that that nigger in Charlottesville who put in 4 years for attempted murder and then kicked the old white man in the head before getting his wig split has raised over $100,000 on GoFundMe. We have unlimited finds to support violent niggers, but I am unaware of any fund to support this widowed father of five.

That is very sad to read. RIP.


They already have 5 fucking kids tho, no reason to keep the sixth.

She had terminal cancer, her choice was between living a little longer and bringing another white child into the world. Unfortunately she got neither.

Wasn't this already posted here weeks ago? I remember seeing a story about a redhead doing this exact same thing.

Pretty sure that this is old news.


Genetic dead end dies with genetic dead end child. Some people should not breed if cancer run in their family. But you know, we have these "Breed or die" thinking niggers on this site that think just having kids solves a problem. Having people breed that have good genetics will solve problems.

The kikes are laughing at another dead white baby. We need to figure out industrial uses for nigger and Jewish babies, maybe we could grind them up like baby chickens and feed them to pigs. I bet the Jews killed the baby to create another shitty rainy day news article to keep white people depressed. Channel your sadness into disgust and prepare for bloodshed

Fucking hell.


It was posted that the mother had died, but the baby was still alive at the time. I saw this today, ended up in tears and decided to share it, it's a new development to the story.

Living longer means being a mother to her other five kids that much longer. She was stupid and shortsighted. Even a sick mother is better than none.

not even two pounds, barely a fucking baby, I'm shocked it survived two hours outside the womb, let alone two weeks.

Ahhh, my bad then.

Fucking god dammit. The blackpills just won't stop

Use this as inspiration to marry a good wife and have white kids of your own, but neither you nor your wife should throw your lives away stupidly.

She already had five fucking normal healthy kids you stupid fuck.

Good Lord willin' she is with the child in paradise..

I agree the situation of earth sucks ass though.

I regret that I have just one feeling to give and I'm already out.

Even with this perspective, I don't think we necessarily need to be happy she died because of bad genetics because the ultimate aim is to have good enough genetics to not die + live as good European stock. It's a tragedy she had bad genes, it's a tragedy the baby had bad genes, it's a tragedy she died and a tragedy the baby died. In the name of Kek, F.

vaccines did this

This is what I don't understand, as long as you
still alive you could always have another child.

And if Jesus was real he must really hate these couple.

Cheers for pro-choice anyway.


Kill yourself Jew.


remember that jesus loves us though :DDD
t. the husband
i guess the father also has terminal cancer, just not as rapidly fatal as the woman's


Oh fuck off, eat statistics you retarded kikes.

One piece of good news I guess….


Fucking kikes fishing for a story when people are in their time of greatest grief.

No offense to a grieving man but 20 ounce 24 week preemies born to dying mothers don't survive. No mystery here.

because those sites, except deepweb sites are mostly run by POC, feminists or jews.


and may add the only way to win this is through vicious unadultered murder and genocide.

it stands for piece of shit, dumbass, niggers are brown.


You can have disease that are triggered environmentally, but with individuals whom have different genetic susceptibilities to it. Cancer, for example.

Nature can be absolutely gentle, but also unimaginably cruel.

That's life.

by getting the abortion

Also, 24 weeks? Really? You couldn't stick a tube in that meatbag and keep the incubator fed for the final 12 week leg?!!


and christfags are pretty stupid!

brb then I have to take a chit

Just don't chat with your chit, kfam?



Read the fucking article, she was dying anyways, she had to choose between less than a extra year of life, or another white baby.


But I like a little tit for tat with my chit and chat

they bet on even and got odd, such is life.


fuck off kike.

The 6000 years figure is just a lower bound. There is no upper bound from the Bible.

Sage and report.

Her attempted act of compassion will set a better example for her surviving children than anything else she could have done for them as a late-stage cancer patient.

You can't fault them for trying to meme responsibly.

Bunch of assholes in this thread.



FTFY. Not like there's any difference though.

Real Natsocs know the names of all their smugs, kike.

Damn, I remember the thread about the mother's death.
They were a traditional white family with 5 other children.

Not enough information.
What is under evaluation?

Adult aggressive glioblastoma is usually type four glioblastoma multiform (GBM) astrocytoma, usually males, usually 'whites', and usually dead. Dead, exactly the way this woman died: detection, treatment, remission, and rapid relapse even faster (with maybe a few more cycles if you're lucky). Very expensive to treat, even more expensive to operate, and hard to carpet bomb with interventional radiology/oncology chemo treatments well. Also causes systemic damage (she would have gone against all medical guidance, and likely was already pregnant, hence the opting for surgical without chemo).

Patients like this typically have very strange shit going wrong with them. Strange social shit, strange genetic shit, strange cult shit. Far too much strangeness, far too little information. Cases like these (systemic idiocy) occur throughout the industry formerly known as 'medicine' and are not surprising.

Something somewhere went deeply wrong way back (as in GBM is not normal cancer), and there is not enough info to weigh anything here. In all honesty, something somewhere is going to go wrong again, and sooner than not, and it also will be abnormally abnormal. Serial insanity of bizarre names and religion-of-feels is a circular symptom of greater nonspecific (or non-confessed) origin disease here.

There is no excuse to breed with someone knowing they have bad genes. This is why Hitler wanted a program to sift out the problematic ones so they don't become a drain on society. Even Spartans did this and understood how genetically flawed people will be taken advantage of by others to promote sympathy.

It is half genetic you third worlder. Because of medications and advances in the medical field, this is allowing people who should not live as long to live longer. Problem is poor genes will overcome any medical help in the end. My grandfather worked in deposing toxic waste, hes 91 taking no medications.

The lesson here is that any act that is done with compassion as the sole motivating factor is maxtier cuckery.

Not for the love of a white mother and her white children, kike.

Heroic but kinda stupid initiative in the first place.

I don't suppose we can get this to go viral and get Oprah to quote it or something? That would be fucking awesome, and it would help the normalfags get a look at Uncle Adolf without the Jew filters for once.

Condolences to the family, it must be hard losing both the baby and the mother so close to each other.

Fuck off with the D&C, kike.

This. Hopefully it becomes a compassion for their own people. Plus the end stages of the brain cancer would not be very graceful, good thing they didn't see their mom in that kind of state


get the fuck out of here faggot. What a great example of a mother this woman was.. I have children I would sacrifice myself or my wife without a second thought if it was the only way to ensure the survival of my children.

Thats not the issue here at all. The issue here is she sacrificed her life for a possible child whose survival was extremely unlikely even with perfect luck and in doing so she abandoned her motherly duties to the other 5 children she already had. And its not even as if she was in her late 40's and the other 5 children were already grown and had a childhood with the nurture of their mother. No those 5 children are still at an age where not having their mother will severely impact their development.

Instead of doing the difficult thing for her children she chose the libcuck tier route of throwing her families integrity to the wind for compassion. And its not even her fault.. its that faggot cuckbois fault for not having the spine and wisdom to make his wife do the correct thing

Imagine the shitstorm if she quotes it unknowingly and the "OPRAH QUOTES HATEFUL, ANTI-SEMITIC POEM BY HITLER!" articles start coming. Oprah down, normies confused.

True, but that's not what I would call cuckery.

That is a great quote though. I agree with you but I feel like this example is an extremely grey area tier thing to be championing as the measure of a great mother. Especially with the obvious angle for the kikes.. "it was her selfless compassion that made her great, goyim! take more refugees!"

It would be an interesting power struggle to see whether fire or ice would win. Do normies love Oprah as much or more than they've been conditioned to hate Hitler? What if Toni Morrison retweets it?

Slide thread! Sage and report! Ask that mods delete it!

Holy fuck you are dumb as shit. She never had the option for survival. She only would have been able to live for a little longer, maybe a year. Not for 50 more years. You are a fucking retard.

My senior quote was a Hitler quote, but I cited it as being written by Martin Luther King Jr.

Mothers aren't that important once a kid reaches age 6.

Chemo isn't very effective for many cancers. Effectiveness is measured in survival rates after so many years. Some cancers only see a 2% increase in survival rates with chemo. Resection is usually the only cure for those and adjunctive treatment is used to decrease chances of reappearance. She was given a death sentence with the glioblastoma diagnosis. At 24 weeks the baby had a 50% chance of survival. Had she been able to last 3 weeks longer the chances would have been around 90%.

She took a gamble. If that kid didn't die, it would be her 6th white kid. She's more of a hero than most of the posters here. Everything is clear in hindsight but taking the risk for the last kid isn't libcuck tier. If she managed another week or so, this wouldn't be the tragedy that it is now.

Fucking (((vultures))). Leave them alone.

I understand your confusion. You can't imagine a world where someone loves someone else without shekels being involved.

Why did they give him money? Legal fees?

Unconditional love is the white man's weakness. Dehumanise yourself and face to bloodshed.

She died a heroine.

Nigger lottery. If he'd been beaten by the cops, he would already have a settlement, but it was normal white men who stepped in, so he needs crowdsourced gibs.


They get supported by whites who fell for the poor nigger dindu nuffin meme.

Niggers aren't human and God told us they were animals and to keep them the fuck away from ourselves. Tell all your friends.

Cool that one woman, who was going to die anyway, chose not to abort. Shame about the tens of thousands of other White women who abort for "medical reasons" (such as 'the burden of raising a child would give me depression') each year.

The pro-abortion crowd is going to be all over this. She will die a heroine. We won't forget you.

I fucking hate niggers, they get free rides in and welfare while this woman, her child, and that British child who died a few months ago are left to suffer. This is prime white genocide redpill material. Too bad it has to be…

expand plox. bretty interesting

Life DeKlyen'd

Wrong, if we dehumanize ourselves, then there's nothing separating us from the kikes and niggers of this world. While our love is our weakness it is also our strength.

we pay the price now so that our children can have a future, and a civilization
he said unconditional love you massive fucking kike

yeah and that's one thing the jews aren't known for, genetic conditions

Heartbreaking, I'm praying for the entire family, esp for the Dad left behind. That's just rough.

you need to realize we are dead user. It is for the kids.

She's now in Walhöll…

I can't believe I seriously misread that as "globalistoma".

Journalism yo

HItler Dubs confirm…
also, but of course ((())) would be celebrating, in our house, because every white woman who dies is felt like a victory.

But, white births are on rise, because our memetic efforts. She's in Walhöll, she earned that. Heil, Aryan Motherhood!

Except for heightened cranial capacity, and an extensive history for world progress, you fucking kike.

Really, that's all you need. All the rest is bonus.

>chooses her baby, who weighs 1 pound 4 ounces
>baby lives 14 days
Sad story, but it's a white pill that there are still decent women out there. Can't help but notice those numbers. At least she ultimately left 5 children with a good father to raise them.

You don't understand because you've never had a baby.
Feminist fag, you should be anti-"choice". Women shouldn't be able to determine life or death for unborn babies, they shouldn't be able to determine anything except what they're cooking for dinner that night. You should be pro-life for healthy white babies and pro-abortion for non-whites.

I dunno, maybe this will help somebody. They discourage you from sleeping with your kid in the bed when they're little, the danger is you'll roll over on them or whatever but if we hadn't put our little girl in the bed with us, she'd probably be gone now. She had this weird habit of puking and getting caught on her back, choking. Like 3 or 4 times this happened and we'd have to hurry and turn her over. I shudder to think what would've happened if we left her in a crib.

Strongly recommend pic related instead of leaving your newborn unattended, cuz that is some royal horseshit you ask me.

Agreed, user. Our son was with us the whole time, despite the same advice given to us. Would recommend the same pic as well.

My wife and I were worried about that with our first, but after a while of having to get up to nurse we tried it out and it was fine. Babies are not so small that you can easily roll on top of them and they will let you know if they're uncomfortable. Loudly. That little bed is neat, but I honestly wouldn't bother.

It definitely depends how deep and thrashy sleepers you are. If you are both people that roll around in your sleep, it can be dangerous. If you don't then there is little worry. Pic related looks like a great setup for those periods of time where the child wants comfort in the middle of the night that their parent is there, and the parent can easily see that the child is well.

oh god, the feels…

You have no idea what chemotherapy entails, do you? You have no idea how brain cancer can completely change people. She would not have been herself at all.

I don't think I would be able to do something like that… unless there is a model with sturdier or higher walls because I do thrash and roll around in my sleep. I'm actually more worried about knocking the kid right the fuck off the bed.

Why do you type like a newfag?

There are models that attach to the bed for one parent (ie, the parent that doesn't thrash around, or for the mother to nurse in the middle of the night)
If you roll around too much, there are low-edged cribs that can be the same height as the bed which I would recommend placing right next to your bed then at night, something that you can easily roll over before you go to bed.

*roll away or roll over to the side of the bed

There are bassinets that work for children until they are able to get up and climb around themselves.

Cool. thx anons!

The GoFraudMe together with this new turn makes me think psyop. A lot of self-funding psyops these days. Can't say for sure though

Cosleeping or bust.

Early on we used a bassinet but kept it RIGHT next to the bed. Then after about three months or so we co-slept until about a year. About to transition to crib sleeping. I couldn't recommend anyone putting their infant in a baby jail a room or two away. Batshit insane. Note that Europeans and asians cosleep. Only goyim Americans are expected to abandon their helpless infants in a distant jail far from help.

Cribs as kike tool confirmed.


stupid bitch


Holla Forums will defend this

Not in your case, clearly.

Utilitarianism a shit

this smells like a coincidence. wouldnt be surprised if kikes sperged out over the heroic story. and decided to sudden infant death the child.

To quote someone you respect:
"Not an argument".

We argued over it once, argued over it again, and through the entire ordeal there was a gofundme. Normal families have terrible things happen but don't make gofraudme's

Chemo is not nearly as harmful to developing fetuses as they used to think. Especially after the first trimester.

song name and sauce?

The product in the image is worth getting. The foam sides are breathable. It keeps small infants in place. Instead of laying them down on a couch or other place they can get into trouble, you can lay them down on that and not worry. After they can lift their head and roll it is unnecessary.



Really makes you think.



The day of the rope approaches, you materialist Kike bastard.


The ceaseless howl of a morally vacant husk. I'll pray for you.

Superstition will be wiped out, AI will rule, and your kind will be left in the dirt searching for your god in vain attempts to claim hes further out of scientific reach (let's only show myself to a group of randoms in a desert and communicate verbally giving a bunch of people extra power, what a great idea, let's not do it during the height of civilisation, or before time existed, nah fuck that an all powerful god must follow the rules lmao), while we evermore explore and test the universe like gods.

"Stay Strong" by RWDS Entertainment.
All of RWDS Entertainment's stuff was taken down for some reason, I have seemingly some of the only copies left.

The video, I made myself.

Ev…every…-every fucking time pol

why do you crush my soul like so

heh..j-jesus loves us hehe…

Christcucks are the most detestable people on this planet.

Why do you idiots want whites to live in a world DOMINATED by kikes and niggers who breed 8 to a female ever 10 years.
US 2017 = South Africa circa 1987

really? my parents both slept with me in hospital when i was born and nobody complained, but that was over 20 years ago.

underrated post


You're a genetic dead end. She died with a legacy.