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SKYKING Do not answer. Pearl Jam

Looks like Kim will be testing an ICBM with live nuke, becoming the 4th country to do such a thing, after the US, Soviets and China. Pretty cool imo

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They better use a high quality video cam.

Won't be happening right now, tho. But probably very soon


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OP being a fag, as usual.



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Did anyone save the nyanners vocaroo about her support for Kim Jong Un?


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Sept 23 is Saturday.
December 22 is the day of the white riot.

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Been hearing MAINSAIL doing test counts on 8992. Sounds like from different locations one at a time rather then the echoing simulcast.

They are tuning up/testing out their equipment for something…

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All of North Korea's nuclear tests have been underground. If they won't even do an atmospheric test, why should we believe they'd do an atmospheric test with a missile? That makes no sense. You are fake news.

Yep, on Saturday the world will see a mushroom cloud thus forcing Trump's hand. God save us all*

*=By all I mean just White people of course.

What is the skyking shit, always seen it posted over the years but never bothered to check.

OK here's what I gathered after lurking these fucking threads over the years

Skyking is mostly a meme, but it's what radioautists always look for when happenings are inbound, it just means from a military perspective there's happenings and they need to see to it or keep alert. There is no way to tell what the happening is, how significant it is or when it'll happen. The alphabet codes they use changes all the time.

It refers to a number of radio channels speculated to be mainly used by the US military including the nuclear subs.
Basically, in regular intervals you will hear a message starting with "skyking(1-3x) do not answer" then a block of cyphered code.

Speculation were that it's basically a lifeline between the US military and its assets that can't be contacted directly.

The number of these messages and the number of skykings preceding those seems to increase in times of military tension.
If you listen to the channels you will hear about one message with two skykings a day, it's speculated that it's part of a second strike system, which tells the hidden assets that the military is still alive. In crisis times there are a lot more of those, so you can judge the current military tension by the frequency of the messages.

Even more speculations speak about the channel being a means of distributing nuclear launch codes or affirmations through this channel, which would be preceded by three or four skykings
Afaik we never witnessed three and definetly never witnessed four skykings and there's autists who listen to these stations all day

Kim Jong BOOM!

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That's one way he can end those onerus sanctions. I guess Kim's suicidal afterall.

Hopefully the fallout will be very limited, but he's pretty dug-in.

Trump should order the state dept to use its isis fighters as a proxy against the norks that way "Religion of Cuck™" can be cannon fodder first and it would be hilarious

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Gimme that fucking armageddon right now

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Hopefully NK can wipe out SK and the US destroys NK. Korean mutants need to be genocided.

To be fair, all the fat man wants is not to get (((shoah'd))) by (((ZOG/jizzrael))).

Look at the past century of war: every enemy we've ever fought was someone who wasn't under the thumb of the (((international banking cartel))). Literally. Germany. Germany (again). Vietnam. Russia. Iraq. Afghanistan. Iraq (again, for the lulz). Libya. Syria. Now DPRK.

What was the great crime that all these countries committed against us?

Not utilizing our (((dollars))) and not being controlled by the (((kikes))).

If it's a matter of balancing against the ZOG/petrodollar, threatening to nuke your neighbors is way overkill. It's not a balanced, measured detente. It's threatening to NK (nuke…) someone. Not balanced.

Go get paid somewhere else, Jew.


Someone gets it.
I also suppose that all recent "Kim did XYZ" is blatantly faked and nothing's going on at all. It's all just war mongering and the desperate attempt to mobilize the (((nato))) to finally take out Dr. Evil. Remember, we used to call it best korea for a reason.

Uh, so, MOSSAD, have you forgotten about what you did to Gaddafi, and having him get sodomized with a knife? Does that ring a bell, you kike?

I'd build nukes and fucking USE them if it meant destroying the eternal pestilence otherwise known as world jewry!

I never idolized Norks. They're loony. And now, they've got nukes. Jews might be subversive, invasive, selfish, race-destroying, Nation-destroying, lying, conniving manipulators hell-bent on controlling the world, but they aren't worshipping Netanyahoo as a literal God. The Norks failed that sanity test a long time ago, and now they've got nukes.

The rest of what they say is complete gibberish to anyone that doesn't have an up to date knowledge of this week's code meanings. The skykings are the few things that are consistent and their meaning public knowledge since that doesn't effect their usual operations.

Didn't israel use south africa as a proxy to test their own?

Never mind, not as an ICBM.


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Award for best shoop goes to someone else

More testing today. 5 counts. This time running simulcast and AFB is doing the testing instead of MAINSAIL.

The HFGCS is real.

SKYKING is the callsign for anyone involved with our nuclear arsenal.
HF most obviously isn't the primary way to order a launch today but it would be a backup to the backup. It would also be a way to let personal who are not connected to the primary command system know ITS FUCKING HAPPENING.

Every US military base has a HF station. Larger ones have the station maned 24/7.

Got a link user?


Told ya they are getting nuked tomorrow.

He also bitches like a Jew. Dear lil'Kim, talk shit, get hit. Keep acting like Trump's words aren't a direct fucking response to your bullshit and see how far that gets you at the end of the day.

I have HF.

Just heard READY-NESS passing traffic to MOONGLOW.

After that I heard BUNGALOW passing traffic.

Then MOONGLOW calling ALL STATIONS with coded traffic in full simulcast mode.

But the japs worship their emperor as a god.

I hope the fallout will cover the whole kike states of America and based Kim will finally save the world from the mongrel abomination. And Israel of course, Israel is his target #1

Everyone, who doesn't worship his leader like a god doesn't deserve to live at all. You kind isn't welcome here.

I'm disappointed I haven't into HAM yet. Something I promise you and myself to into the rest of this year (if we make it that far (we don't make it that far))

Just remembered this websdr
Set it to listen to 11175 USB.

Just heard more M O O N G L O W traffic. Was being read by a dindu with a southern accent. Then later on what sounded like someone on an aircraft with the call sigh CATHEDRAL(?). Hard to tell was more muffled and lots of background noise on his audio.

Don't know whats going on, but i think i'll sleep in the bunker tonight

Just verified the SDR can hear 8992 and 11175.. M O O N G L O W on now on both freq's.

Someone on another forum got a recording of CATHEDRAL .

Hearing much weaker then I hear him. I am on the east coast and had a S9 copy. I think its airborn.



More activity today.. new call signs heard: CHALLENGE and SHERIDAN.

I'll have to get batteries for my receiver

This thread needs more sky watcher attention. Sounds like it is where we would actually know if something is going down.

Been going crazy

I figure there is 2 explanations to what is going on.

B) With all the hype around cyber attacks they have decided to brush the dust off all the HF gear and get it tuned up and running just in case.

The NK crisis gives the military a reason to be in the IT'S HABBIDING mode

Is there a cheatsheet of what these codewords mean or are they completely unknown? I vaguely remember skyking being important and shit's closer to hitting the fan based on the number of times it's repeated, but that's about it.

most recent

There is
It's in the hands of the Air Force, go and get it.

Asked and answered, thanks. So everything about the skyking messages is complete speculation. Wew.

Years of inference. A sort of "they said this, then this happened, and the pattern occurred multiple times."

So not baseless but certainly not proven.

How wide do you have your filter set on that wide band website?

Well, today has been one of the days I've heard the most traffic on those channels, and when there's an unusual amount of traffic, it means there's some sort of movement, otherwise they stay pretty quiet.

the default USB 2.40

On an unrelated note, the Buzzer at 4625 sounds really different

The meaning of the codes is changed everyday.
SKYKINGs are priority Emergency Action Messages directed at Nuclear Capable Units

Never heard it like this before


And some Morse code just went through it….

We should call the FSB, I liked the older one more

Here are a bunch from three nights ago
we had 5 in an hour
They use band names

Got freqs?

Agreed. Its got a synth sound to it.

Current frequencies that have had some action:
all USB: 4625, 4724, 6739, 8992, 995.17, and 11175

8992 USB

wew man
My shitty little beofeng doesn't go that far

Listen to it on the WebSDR, it's not like that at all.

Ya weird. I am hearing something totally different on this side of the globe on 4625.

Checking these trips.

what do

Would the Go-Code ever be broadcast on this? Like, would we ever hear NORAD transmit something like "Skyking. Skyking. All stations. Foxtrot. Repeat, foxtrot. Authorization Alpha Charlie Delta Alpha Fiver Alpha two two zero"

Or is that too much to hope for

I demand moar recordings

Basically the equivalent of "lurk more".
And you could also listen for skykangs.
You don't need a license to listen.

I have a USB radio for my laptop it has modes for {AM,FM,SW}, unless you want to transmit you don't need a license.

It all matters on the encodings, I'm sure they'd broadcast over AM but it could be encoded in such a way that you wouldn't hear it unless you had the correct decoding. Like if they XOR their wave with a nonce all other military equipment has.

But I want to transmit and get into the culture.

You mean like in Dr. Strangelove where their radio reciver would only pick up transmission if it recieved a correct three-letter code prefix?

It could be if there was an issue their primary mode of communication. Cyber attack, satellites downed, 1st strike that knocked out ground systems…. OR maybe it would be broadcast on HF along with their primary mode for redundancy.

We would have no way of knowing because the SKYKING coded message for "Nuke Moscow" would sounds exactly like the coded message for "We ran out of TP, please send some down". We don't have the code books so its impossible to know what they are saying. . The only thing we have is the theory that the more times the message is repeated the more serious it is.

Do they still utylize telephone lines and have safe houses disguised throughout the country, like during the Ronald Regan era?

Should clarify my question.

Do they still utilyze underground secured telephone lines to relay codes and have remote "safe house" launches disguised throughout the country, like in the Ronald Regan era, like in the film "War Games"

Yeah though that'd only be 17,576 different sequences to try, I live fairly near a navy base and havn't been able to pick up shit, my guess they use some strange stenographic approach like delayed waves. Some good tools on Linux for this to try and figure out the modulation but I havn't had any luck.

You have to start somewhere. Put together a good receive station and listen.
You could put together a good RX station for 50-100bux.
To TX on HF your starting at $500+ for something very simple.
I have 3K easy in to my primary station and its just a run of the mill ragchew setup. There are guys with way more then that in to their setups.

Hams talk about 3 things mainly on HF
There are groups that talk about other things but it takes a wile to find them and they tend to be very cliquey. I would listen in and see if its even something your interested in 1st. Listening to them talk about radio, bands,contests, and other things will make understanding concepts in the book easier.

The world better not end before the Made in Abyss finale this Friday.

I'm looking through Pearl Jam's songs for some meme potential but I can't find any.

Decommissioned sites have been sold to the public. They all had a fake house that was basically hollow but looked like any other house on the outside to hide from spy sats.

I don't know what they use for comms or how. Anyone who claims to know what they use and is posting about it on a forum is full of shit. How it all works is super secret shit.

My guess though is that they all have satellite and HF capabilities. Copper leased telephone lines are gone or dying. Also super unreliable compared to satellite. We know the HF network as of up to 2013 could be used for a Go/No go command. After 2013 even acknowledging that was classified.

That's my birthday. This is shaping up to be an awesome year

Things to take notice of in EAMs.
1.) Frequency. Multiple EAMs within the span of an hour mean there is something currently occurring on the global stage that requires units to be given orders and updates.
2.) SKYKINGs. These are direct priority messages given to Nuclear Capable Units. Often followed by a band name then an authentication code.

Currently a 100 charcter EAM is being broadcast this is highly abnormal and is serious

3.) length

you are correct user. Was literally just about to post that as soon as it started. we had a 130 character EAM after the NK nuclear test.


Quantum entanglement user. Consumers might be seeing that in 20 or so years.


They are popping off like every hour almost.

daily reminder soros pushes pro nork propaganda
just fucking launch the MAJESTIC clearance weapons systems already.

Best Korea is an absolute goldmine for meme potential, user. It's an asset.

an asset for marxism.