Kiwi Elections Tomorrow

Alright kiwifags, time to vote has come. Early voting has already opened but the big day is tomorrow.
Quick rundown on the parties:
Basically the socialism party. More gibs, more government, more debt. Recently announced they're not going to change anything about taxation so either all of their promises will fall flat or they're going to turn this country into venezuela paying for it. All of their campaigning has been muh feels and no reals. They are the second biggest party right now.
The globalist party. Have done a really good job of keeping the country from going belly up for the past 8 years and the recession blew over really easily. However their focus has been on selling off the country's assets to make quick cash. They are the biggest party right now.
Bunch of hippies. They don't know what economics even is and basically just protest and smoke pot all day. Most if not all are nu-commies if you hadn't already guessed and have already started collapsing in and cannibalising themselves. Their party gets a lot of votes because NZ is a very environmentally minded country (or was) but are well but are well and truely in third place.
The only nationalist party. Small, usually sits around 5% of the vote but their leader Winston Peters has perfected assholery to stop or at least slow the advance of progressives etc.
The cuckservative party. Self-confessed to be the pro-immigration party, completely composed of boomers who are dead set on fucking over the next (current) generations to get their retirement funds. The parody twitter account of their old leader was a pretty good laugh though.
Some form of left leaning tiny party or one of the maori parties. Exceptions being the conservative party which is basically halfway between act and national but never gets a lot of votes and just sucks national's dick so who gives a fuck.

Other urls found in this thread: Party Refugee Full Policy Wording.pdf

Good luck, Kiwis.

Hey while you're at this Kiwi user, may I ask how bad the pozz is over there? I live basically on the other side of the world and don't know anything about your country or more specifically, know nothing that the media would rather not say, care to elaborate? Also, how large is the population of non-whites there? I know about the maoris, is there any other big immigrant waves?

meme it

Not a kiwi but the Chinese are taking over.

Don't let this be the fate of New Zealand!

Not OP but also a kiwi. Currently live in Auckland and have also lived near Wellington.
>Other major cities

We're fucked lad. My generation will be lucky to own houses, and there's enough rich boomer / socialist / progressive cunts here to ensure the endless wave of foreign buyers doesn't end. The game is up in my opinion. I'm seriously considering leaving while it's still an option.

Not good news….

What about NZ First?
Is it even close to Oswald's Britain first?



Not all bad news.

The media makes a mockery of NZ First constantly. They never get more than around 6% of the vote. Sadly most people here are progressives, and so completely pozzed they take TeeVee as gospel. Many of the older, property owning Boomer types love the runaway house prices, fuck the grandkids, they're living it up.
We've got our own refugee problem here, except our refugees typically sport 7 figure bank accounts.

Exactly like Vancouver then…
We have gone from a British Empire, to being colonized by China and replaced with foreigners. UK has it the worst though, they have the EU to deal with and muzzies… but their obvious violence makes the UK the one place a Nationalist revolution could take place.

…and often our own parents refuse to take a stand.

It's a damn shame most Kiwis are so cucked, we're going to have to go through the coming shitstorm the hard way. We are going to go the way of Germany, not Poland.

Gosh, if only there was something that could be done to change that. Oh well, I guess we're helpless in the face of progress.

well elections don't change shit
believing politicians will fix politicians is cancerous

Extremely disheartening. As a point of reference to any who don't live/know a lot about a fucking leaf-land it's pretty much the exact same shit here, down to having chink speak on stop signs/storefronts but its still even worse because every last one of our major cities is pozzed along with damn near everyone in them.

I guess I really should have learned by now to not be surprised that nearly before anyone starts splitting hairs please note again I said NEARLY every white country is fucked or on the path to being fucked.

Stay strong Kiwis but remember it may be better to stay and fight in your homeland because there really isn't anywhere to run.


Anyone have this Pepe?
This is worrying as well. Looks like when shit does hit the fan we're going to have a massive influx of rich kikes and (((elites))).


pages wont archive

If you think we can vote our way out of this, you should should probably fuck off back to Reddit because Holla Forums obviously isn't getting through to you.

Paul Henry is amazing.

So Labour is obviously the National Socialist choice here, right?

Guys, it doesn't surprise me that you don't know about eskimo practices but that image and filename in

is referring to the practice that igloo niggers used to do in times of famine: send their elderly out to sea to die on an iceberg/raft so the younger people could have more food. He is suggesting kiwis do the same.

F to pay respects to New Zealand

New Zealand, as well as Australia, has the same problem Canada does. Being that the Chinese just keep coming and coming, you see them everywhere in the cities and many signs bear the Chinese language. They're not just coming here though, they're also buying property like mad at prices that the average white can't compete with, nor would you want to. They'll buy modest homes with nothing that special about them for $1,000,000~. There's a damn near endless demand because there's a damn near endless amount of rich Chinese looking to invest their money and so house prices stay unaffordable and ludicrous.

As for pozz, NZ is about 75% white, most of the non whites were Maori but the Asians have come in fast and hard. Firearm access in NZ has been preserved much better than in Australia and the UK though. You can own an AR15, suppressed if you so desire but there's no equivalent to the 2nd amendment or carry laws. So there is at the very least, resistance to anti-gun pollies but the country is still very much pozzed. It's just another western country in the current year really.

One more point of contention is the pollution of the environment. NZ is an agricultural country and a massive exporter of milk and wool. The intensity of the farming has caused run off and pollution of rivers to the point that apparently the water isn't safe to drink. I'd wager we're not likely to see these two issues solved or at least not solved at the same time unless New Zealand gets a government willing to stop the kiwi economy in it's tracks for a bit.

Also, the Chinese government gives its people interest-free loans for the purposes of buying foreign property. A lot of houses for sale here are never advertised locally, only in China.

On track to be 60%. We're going to outright lose Auckland soon.


wtf I love igloo niggers now

I have managed to convince all of my immediate family(5) to vote nz first. Plus mine is 6. I do hope Winston "remove the yellow he's our fellow" Peters gets it


it has to be NZ first.

Jacinda is third way NeoLiberal, so Marxist at heart. NZ first is the Natsoc choice.

Look at it this way, when it comes to war, you get to off all the (((elite))) fleeing the revolution in the US and UK… both the traitors, their other pet goyim, and the Semites themselves.

China has a policy of global colonization. They certainly have the population for it.

Strangely enough, this time around, Japan might be NZ's greatest ally, given how much they hate chinks.

When Germany kicked out the Ashkenazim, they largely went to America. They then quickly supplanted the WASPS as the new elite class, and then proceeded to demonize the people they supplanted… Holyjew's influence is cancerous.

Andrew Jackson was the last real stand of the WASPs in America. Nickson and Kennedy were echoes.


In NZ atm, this place sucks bad.
Kiwiland is mega pozzed. Carpet sniffers, goatfuckers, chinks, poos, east asians IN ALL CHIP SHOPS & WYMYNZ R MAD IN HERE. Last girl i talked to was a 19yrs old Law student, absolute hottie white but pozzed with no family or mommy duties in her head, recently moved in with some faggots thats servicing her cunthole and guess wut? faggot is reddit tier cuck level, one i could tell hes an absolute trainwreck.

P.s lots of closeted coal burners here. Dont come here ever. Dont listen to people saying its a white bastion, many white girls here plan on marrying chinks, this place will be a hapa haven 2 gen from now 100%.




Lolis are the future.


I've been coming into contact with a lot of white south africans and have been telling them please bring your whole family over and help us against this asian invasion. The ones that grew up in SA are fully race aware and agree but the latte drinkers in the beehive are more concerned with quantity of immigrants rather than quality and just pour in as many south east asians for labour and sell everything to the chinese to pay for their retirement. Wellington is basically Sodom with its degeneracy and gay pride while nowhere outside of Auckland considers Auckland part of New Zealand. Even people in Auckland are so balkanised they barely move between suburbs, let alone districts.

I'm an American or whatever Kiwis call me… Holy shit, this guy is hilarious. Here, we have trash like Anthony Cumia to "look up to". This guy is based.


Winston Churh…Peters is possibly the best Politician in the Anglo-sphere.


Bob Katter is several orders of magnitude more based than Winnie.

Make sure you've voted, kiwifags.

start a group

Come to the south

only 1million in SI, 40k on west coast. We are a haven for whites, and our local maori iwi are pretty laid back too. (ie, we can get along without gibs me BS. interbreeding has left everyone so white that people think the islanders are the maori).

Votes are now being counted

well, fuck.
I thought Labour was in for sure, after the media shilled so hard for Jacinta.
I'm evidently out of touch with NZ completely. Let us hope NZ first plays a good game

I think all the shilling kinda backfired, if labour didn't screw up the tax plan they would have been in, after that it was just so easy to attack.
at least with Nat + Winston we'll get banter / and socialist salt.

i don't mind commie salt, but I'd love a National Socialist NZ


If the black (evil) party really has that standing, they can force a great coallition government, which means they become the only alternative to the establishment… Neat.

I don't know New Zealand politics at all, but I assume the black evil party are our guys.
Do they cooperate with the Bourgeouis right wing? Or do the cuckservatives not want to compromise their vision of a brown New Zealand to get a cuckservative government?

The amount of racecuck is pretty severe, but kiwi men seem far worse for the yellow / brown ones. Kinda makes sense as kiwi women are the most promiscuous and diseased in the oced.


says who?

Yeah, black party (NZF) are our guys. On the current numbers they could put labour or national in government. So basically they will go with whoever makes more concessions to the NZF vision, pretty good result tbh.


Kiwi women most promiscuous in the world

moved to pOZ in 2008, only blanket man, the guy with the one dread, massive foot maori radio guy
come back 2017, they're fucking everywhere, a guy drops off 10-15+ in the entrance to my apartment building every fucking morning so it attracts them like fucking seagulls

20.04 sexual partners was the stuff news a while back… was that the world Durex survey or the One survey

10-15+ PIES



My thoughts exactly. The parliament is built in such a nice way, that you just have to see what party sits on both sides of the divide, to know who is kingmaker and who are pawns.

Not sure how trustworthy it is, but it wouldn't surprise me - NZ was the first to give women the vote.


Did they only survey Otago University or something?

I voted for their candidate in the maori electorate so maybe they'll have one in those two seats. Options were labour, legalise mary jane, and mana party so it's fugged anyway.


why is their 92965 on labours rest of NZ count? something doesnt add up here

we have a labour mayor and he's a fucking idiot. they need to line every single person up at the WCC and execute them for incompetence

So Lad's, we've all had a day to soak it in, what are our predictions for the following days / weeks / (months if Winnie is going to dine out & boost Wellingtons hospitality 10x fold) ?
Personally I think
>Nat / NZF is our best bet, (((Stable economy))) + 9 seats should get us most of what we want, reign in immigration (strict control of ‘family reunion’) , Stricter sentences, superannuation reform (stop chinks from exploiting the family reunuion + 10 year rule) overseas ownership of land / property. No change in gun ownership etc
Lab / Green / NZF - to many conflicting ideologies, Lab / NZF can agree on drop in immigration but with Greens refugee policy it really throws a (((spanner))) in the works.
Nat / Greens - to me this seems like our worst enemy, Globalism ++
Attached is the greens rundown on refugee's, the full policy is here Party Refugee Full Policy Wording.pdf ( wouldn't work sorry)
Im tired and going to bed, if anyone wants to continue with the discussion on the best plan of attack for /nzpol/ keep this thread going.
On the off chance that labour gets in I think it would be best to use their (((free tertiary education policy))) to learn as much as possible so if anyone whos interested can form some kind of Nationalist party after Winnie is done (he's basically done in the next 3 years, lets be honest)
Will cross post this in the other thread.


Te Tai Tonga? It doesn't look like there are any maori electorates that ran candidates from all four of those parties unless you mean Hauauru and legalise wacky tobaccy is a euphamism for the greens.

coming to Australia is the easiest option, but we are just as pozzed really. though i feel as though tighter immigration sentiment is increasing here