Do you think lefty Holla Forums is possible?

Do you think lefty Holla Forums is possible?

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You mean the board or actually leftist vidya gaems?

mein gott..

video games is capitalist garbage.

It tranforms people in complete retards, just like smartphones and social media.
But ok…keep on buying those 70€ games to pretend you live in a different reality and keep helping the "economic growth".

But they did. Ever heard of Gloria Steinem?

It's free because what you pay with is your personal data.

If you're going to shit on vidya in its entirety then there's no reason to hold back on Chess or Baduk.

I don't see any Chess grandmasters playing Adventure Capitalist



Go watch black mirror and talk to your one friend about how iPhones ended the world you reactionary shill


being a chess grandmaster is objectively as pointless as playing videogames

Living is objectively as pointless as not existing.

The very act of being alive is objectively as pointless as playing video games or being a chess grandmaster.

We can all be Chess Grandmasters.



If you mean creating a /leftyv/ board, if you build it, idk if anybody else will come but I will for at least a while. If not I'd prefer to avoid alphabet soup entanglements, which I hear Holla Forums is rife with.


If you're not paying for something, you are the product.

What would yall want in a leftist video game?