Why do you think the far Right is so obsessed with self-improvement and individual development?

Why do you think the far Right is so obsessed with self-improvement and individual development?

I'm attracted to Socialist ideas, but I actually consider that aspect of the reactionary worldview very appealing, and very rare among the Left.

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because they're fixated on superficialities and incapable of looking past them

It's just the same stuff that one always hears–get fit, get healthy, stop being a self-loathing loser.

nothing revolutionary tbh. I guess it might be a total revelation to the antisocial types who are already attracted to reactionary politics.

Guess who would be more than ok with that.

Because they're losers. I mean, is it rhetorical?

Anyone who is obsessed with themselves and improving themselves to the point of making it their politics is a hollow empty shell of a person.

When you find joy in improving the circumstances of all life or a life, more than your own, collective lives, then you become satisfied.

Because if they talk about it, it makes them feel like they're accomplishing it. Kinda like the 'this calls for immediate action!' bit in Life of Brian.

Nationalists just collectively worship an abstraction while laissez-faire weenies insist expanding capital above all else is the key to true happiness. Class societies have always ruthlessly crushed even the most meager attempts at individual self-development and apologists for capitalism today are no different. The communist movement was born on the same capitalist globe, it's hardly surprising that it's hostile to individuals as well.

Individual self development is an oxymoron.

Wtf are you talking about?

Their whole movement is opposite: getting artificial benefits so as to avoid actually competing when it comes to personal qualities.

You're an oxymoron


I mean, sure. Expanding your knowledge would certainly require to read books written by others. All I meant was developing in a fashion independent of the ruling ideology at the time. I can assure you there never has and never will be any state-enforced individualism. That could only gradually emerge as the dominant philosophy in a society without laws.

They stole it from us like most things tbh.

Leftists don't give a shit about it anymore.
They're lazy. and i dont mean lazy in wage-laboring. I just mean lazy in general.

true about me

Its not an ideology, it's practically human nature. As much as I hate the use of the term, and all of us do, in this case I think we can safely say that the human is a cooperative animal. We wouldn't get this far if we weren't, we've reached a point where Person A in Nunavut, Canada can reach person B in Argentina while person C can communicate with person B from South Africa.

That accomplishment isn't the evidence itself, that we are more than willing to participate in it, sometimes even at the cost of ourselves, is more evidence we care of others more than ourselves even if we don't know it. And you can't really blame it on society making us that way, we've been trying at improving ourselves for the purpose of others since day one.

This is more than just "individual improvement" itself, there would be no point to improvement if there was nobody to show it but yourself, even if you did it would your brain tricking you that you yourself is the person to improve for.

And really, medical science can back this up. There is nothing worse for a human being than to lock them up in solitary isolation without human contact for miles and miles, for say, over a year. That is the perfect solution to drive anyone full throttle into mental destruction. There would be no other person to connect with but themselves, so the mind consumes itself. We grow from each other, we feel from each other, we get angry and also love one another. But regardless of what we do, it is denial to say we don't crave one another. And the purpose for that is, since we are children, we rely on emotional development to stimulate problem solving growth. Even arguing, in fact, arguing from a young age onward can drastically improve someone's problem solving faculties.

The point is, our brains are wired so that we have no choice in the matter whether or not we can be individualistic, as none of us ever were. You can find horror in this fact, or you can find solace. I for one, find solace.

It's reflective of what I want to see in the world.

I wish to see hard workers, healthy youth, educated minds. I don't want to see a bunch of fat, unemployed, government depending dregs of society.

With that said, how am I too preach such things if I'm obese, unemployed, and depending on someone else?

That's one of the major dividing lines for mainstream leftism and right wing ideology today. You have a bunch of left wingers calling for all sorts of reforms that would require work from almost all the citizens and yet they make posts non-stop about how much they hate working while pinning all the blame on their boss.

Way I see it, these people are the saddest lot of the leftists and I feel bad that the left has to let those fools piggyback of them.

Yeah, that's why they are so pathetic.

This is Late Capitalism friend, the ones who know the most understand how futile fighting is, and the ones who know the least fight to be manipulated into thinking that the people they're up against just let them have the government without violence.

You can't solve bureaucracy and capitalism with a vote, and you can't fight bureaucracy and capitalism with guns. They have everything from guns to microwave weapons that cook you from the inside out to remote drones. And the problem is they'll just profit from the conflict making themselves stronger.

The people who think they can win by directly fighting are always the ones who end up manipulated.

You find other means at this point, you be intuitive, inventive. We're problem solving and we'll solve this problem eventually. My guess, it will involve internet transfer of money as piracy. When it all truly gets desperate.

they're not tho.
they improve themselves by taking credit from others achievement.
the Alt-right are a bunch of failures and social out casts.
they desperately try to compensate their lack of personal achievement by taking credit for the achievement of "their kind".
but thats not enough, like any other person with low self-esteem they have the pathological need to put down others in order to feel better about themselves.

this is not a meme, its reality

You aren't more important than two, and two people had to raise you. They failed miserably since they fucked your education hard enough for you to get to this point, and fucked your mind hard enough not to even use the internet to convince yourself otherwise and rely wholly on your gut.

The point of Communism is understanding that nobody does this alone. It's impossible. It requires coordination, logistics, preparation. But ultimately it is worth it. Not for any moral reason or for reason of class envy, but because all of us benefit more from the elimination of our most confused elements that prevent us from reaching further cooperation towards every form of progression. Ourselves, our neighbors, our cities, and it goes on and on. You cannot simply do this when humans are taught that selfishness is nature, when the opposite is true, and has been proven time and again to be true medically.

You get brighter minds by engaging the populace together, not engaging the populace apart. You cannot educate yourself alone.

None of that has any relevance to what I said.

I'm sorry you're so triggered about people improving themselves.

I think this entire thing is a lot less about other than it is about the actual reactionaries, actually.

When I look at far-Rightists, I often see social outcasts who fetishize order and discipline out of a desire that some exterior power would straighten them out, which is why they fetishize institutions such as the army, where even lowlifes can be sent and shaped into "real men" and women.

A guy you probably know and like, George Lincoln Rockwell, said something along these lines regarding the Nation of Islam. That it was an organization worthy of admiration because it could get "niggers", criminals, drug addicts, and instill on them a sense of discipline and duty. On an individual psychological level, I think the attraction towards Fascism is a manifestation of the longing for such an entity. Reactionaries are known for self-loathing, and they often extend this loathing to the social institutions that "failed" them.

Good post. Between the two of you you've made a compelling case for NationaI Socialism.

laziness is good, user


It has relevance to this. It is physically impossible to improve yourself alone. If you think you can head out to the Yukon, buy some property far far far away from the nearest civilization, and enjoy the emptiness of solitary confinement.

You talk here because you want to improve, whether you know it or not. You crave human contact. And the reason is instinct.

Hardly, I'm telling you that you can't solve your problems through scapegoats or idealistic fetishism of power.

The only power is collective individuals, not states or politicians or CEOs or strong men.

We all are pack animals, and we have reached a population point where we attack other packs, be it other governments or other groups. Some


Nat Socialism is just amplifying this fear of the other times ten. We can't solve anything this way, and besides fear of the other and national welfare, there wasn't much Germany stood for besides some vague combination of popular populist sentiments.

There was never substance to the matter.

Because it makes hardship into a matter of personal failing. You don't need to help people not starve if its their own fault they're starving is because you Didn't Try Hard Enough.

That's just blatantly false. And just because someone wants to improve themselves doesn't mean they want to shun society or disassociate themselves with it. It just means they want to better themselves. Get off your rant, man.

It's blatantly true. If you mean improve by development, it's been medically, scientifically, psychiatrically proven, that human beings develop on an emotional level connected to others, you can even see this in yourself, or anyone, it makes sense. Human beings become sophisticated like all animals who are social, based upon being social. In nature, in social settings among animals, if one cub becomes limp its thrown away. Which is nothing to say of your reactionary viewpoint where everything is a simulation of that, hardly.

It's evidence, not of weakness or strength, or any arbitrary value, but the fact that alone and separated is the last place any social animal wants to be. And fortunately for us, we are at a point where communication amongst all is instant.

You have a far more education populace in some respects. But also those who rely on personal experiences to motivate their views on how society should organize like yourself. En masse.

If you mean improvement as in making friends or building muscle, or creating a society based upon the most social as if life is a game of who should get the most resources based upon high school hierarchy, are you really proving my point wrong or are you proving it right.

Really, if you're doing it just for yourself, you're doing it just for yourself because in that case there would have to be nothing else.

Life is about sacrifice for new life, not self worth or self improvement.

They are not? They want some great leader to order them around and fix their problems. They are spineless maggots.


if your politics revolve around hierarchy then you will be obsessed with making sure you are always the übermensch. Also means they will tend to avoid others as they tend to view them with suspicion as competitors. This is why /fitandautistic/ types are so common on cuckchan.

We can think more clearly and carefully than wolves and so are able think in bigger numbers. But not infinitely bigger. We have ties to the 'pack' based on shared heritage and experience. The best way to bring about the conditions you and NatZoc agreed were worthwhile seems to be to organise towards them on a national level.

I'm an anarchist. Not much for ideological reasons, but because states at this point are impossible to work with, without some porky fucking things up or fucking things over, or hanging around in smoke filled rooms.

I do not agree with anything you suggested I agree with.

I do not agree that there are weak people and powerful people. I believe there are people who see things that aren't there, and the most deluded of all only see themselves. The wisest leaders never do so for the sake of their own power or prowess or popularity, but from sense of maternity and sacrifice towards the collective whole of people.

There is no power, there is only sacrifice towards something.

Some of them are and I respect that, but most of them are pudgy dorks that just want tendies

Then gut the state. You can't do it by force but keep voting them down til being a politician is incredibly undesirable for those without good intention. Popular revolt CAN throw a spanner in the works and this exposes more if the filth and self-interested division really at the heart of the state.

The bit I thought you agreed on. Sorry if I misread you.

I guess I won't talk you out of anarchy and I'm not even going to try to but IMO we need some degree of authoritative coordination -at least for now- to advance the common goal. I say this doesn't have to come at the expense of some 'other'.

I've seen plenty of posts here and on other leftist spaces calling for self-improvement though. Also the New Soviet Man/Woman was a real thing, at least in propaganda.

Likewise, I've seen pictures of far right and far left adherents that look like pudgy dweebs.

Self-improvement and personal health/education is not unique to the right or the left. What matters is the theory behind it, and the reason why it is being practiced.

tbf under communism there will be tendies for everyone so I don't blame them

Physical fitness is a spook.

They are insecure cucks

Because the far Right is null of content, It exists in perpetual opposition to scapegoats or a boogie-men to be rotated as necessary.
In this respect self loathing is the ultimate frontier, the common enemy of everyone, is themselves.

In the rabid loathing of imperfection(mostly in others) they reveal their insecurity, their need for an authority to take responsibility and rid them of their faults.

Problem is, in order to appeal to the absolute base, "self improvement" becomes a twisted farce not about "self" and barely "improvement" ,instead accentuating the herd mentality and the faults of others.

And that's why they look like clowns whenever their mouths betray their Übermensch fantasies.

Being fit isnt reactionary. It was and should still be part of leftist thought and it was adopted by the right, among another things, during the first half of the 20th century.

Also Holla Forums is fixated on muscled men because 50% of them are closeted gays.

Does this mean their obsession with cuck porn is a desire to be fucked by a big black guy?

So you are telling me the explanation for a certain imageboard is "faggotry"?

Holla Forums was right all along.It all boils down to OP being a faggot.

No, the closeted aspect is the cause. Holla Forums is openly gay and everything else but because they dont suppress it, it doesnt come to fruitation as weird obsessions such as muscled men or cuck porn.

Cuckoldry is the most common fetish on Holla Forums

No, don't use that argument. That's the same as the alt-right saying that the reason we trash talk capitalism is because we're envious.
In their retarded minds they can't respect what people do inside their bedroom. That's all.

Just because you don't think there is any reason to improve yourself doesn't mean you cannot. It is completely possible to do push ups in the middle of nowhere, and it is completely possible to re-derive mathematical formulae by yourself. inb4 you challenge the standards I'm using for improvement with muh spooks and it all turns into more nihilism

Why is improving yourself doing push ups? You should feed your brain instead. Learning more stuff is self improvement.


I used to tell myself that, but I was wasting time on so many things that the hour I allot for exercise doesn't cut into reading time.

a healthy mind and a healthy body go together

dunno how you stand them

The progress of science is an inherently social thing.
Look how long it took before Cauchy and friends formalized analysis, and compare that to those of us who read Rudin in a semester. Or the tumultuous development of the quantum theory in the early 20th century against the many available introductions for both physics and chemistry students.


I agree with AnFem. The self-improvement by/of an isolated "I" that reactionaries obsess over is a sort of minstrel show, an exercise in self-delusion.

staying fit is self-delusion.

yeah no

underrated post

You could improve by becoming literate

Its the same thing where people on the Right need to all pretend to be perfectly hetero to fit in within their prescribed norms, whereas on the left sexual deviations are accepted. So similarly when it comes to physique they have no qualms 'fat-shaming' and 'body-shaming.' I once read this is a reason Japan has less fatties than America, as soon as you get a little overweight in Japan, family, friends, and strangers will call you out for it on a daily basis.

fuck no

In my commune only women are allowed to be thicc.

If you're a man you should have a male BMI:

Acceptable Body Fat Percentage
Description Female male
Athletes 14-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Acceptable 25-30% 18-25%
Obese 31%+ 26%+

No, I mean
is some absurdly poor reading comprehension

Basically 'fattie's aren't a thing amongst my peoples. And certainly not in our armed forces.


everyone should be slim. fatties, chubsters and roidheads are all shit

True. It was more of a (slightly sexist) joke See my next post after for more ideal physiques. I still am a sucker for a properly curvy woman. My friend got 'southernized' in America but I can't say the curviness don't look good on her(see attached pic close approximation). But yeah we keep it thin in the homeland.

This is the ideal physique for a soldier IMO because as you can walk endlessly on few calories. See our marathon runners for more reference.

And the calories are all imaginary! Don't worry you can keep pounding The Krispy Kreme without consequence.

I'll tell you it's not rocket science. If you are overweight. You have to many calories in your body. You need no more snacks fatty. Your body is the snack. You don't even have to exercise. Just stop snackersizing and your body will take care of the extra weight itself eventually.

They may be obsessed with it, but I doubt they actually do anything involving self improvement. Not that we're any better.

The minstrel show. It's spectacle.

Holla Forums does seem to read more theory than Holla Forums though

the real question is why the left isn't

and to answer this, make a thread called 'who /mentallyill/ here'

left = the world must change to suit me
right = i must change to suit the world