The Nazar, ancient proof that whites are divine!

I just learned that the there's a very strong belief in the Middle East toward what they call the Evil Eye.

Even the jews believe in the Evil Eye:

To protect oneself from the evil eye one should wear an amulet called the nazar. These amulets are worn as jewellery or placed on doors, cars etc.

The amulet, and the symbol that protects from evil as a blue eye (pics related).

This means, without doubt, that the blue eyed Europeans are divine, the protectors and true master of humanity. When you fight to defend the white race, you are in fact fighting evil.

All hail the blue eyed master race!

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Jesus the Nazarene?

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Yeshua is a fictional character derived from hundreds of years of Semitic revolutionaries fighting Roman rule and their own kin (the Pharisees were one of the groups who cooperated with Roman authority, thus how they were granted exclusive right as money changers). Yeshua is an amalgam of many non-White rebels whose backstory was crafted to give him as much significance to Israelites (non-Whites) as possible, everything from the manner of his birth to his name and his supposed ancestry (a purely Semitic ancestry in fact).

The people upon whom Yeshua was based were brown-haired, brown-eyed, brown-skinned savages.

Joseph Atwell believes the Jesus myth was manufactured by Emperor Vespasianus and his Jewish hostage Josephus, to solidify his rule (as the first non Julian Emperor). He goes into how his line was called Flavius, and that he believes Constantine (made Christianity de facto state religion), who was also called Flavius, was from the same line.

Green eyes are divine too in some cultures. You're fine.

Do you mind posting sources for your claims?

its not even a middle eastern tradition, its from ancient babylon and was lifted by the kikes after their enslavement and freedom.

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This. Egypt was just Wiemar: Ancient Edition.

Is the first image used as bird scarring?

Many people with green eyes can have blue eyes in the right light. Mine change from yellowish green to greenish blue if I'm wearing blue for example.


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Let me correct your term usage there mate.
'Nazar' is the actual harm/misfortune that comes from receiving the evil eye.However the evil eye is only one source of Nazar, for example it is believed that noting that something bad could happen is introducing a risk for it to happen which is why said remarks are usually followed by a quick sentence of positivty/rescindment(usually in the form of 'Let Nazar not touch this') to counteract the effect on the universe your bad thoughts had.
In short you can consider Nazar to be a term for negative memetic energy.
(Thus the actual evil eye is less a curse and more simply someone wishing ill upon you)

The amulet itself is called in turkish a nazar bead because it's purpose is to ward of the negative energy,promote the gathering of positive energy and finally in the case of a super-dose of negativity to pull the negativity into itself(this is what is believed to have happened when one of these cracks) I have however noticed that english translations seem to call the amulet itself The Evil Eye for whatever reason.
Also (at least in turkish culture) its roots are less Religion of Cuckā„¢ic and more from the shamanism that was prevalent back from when Tengrism was the religion.

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TL;DR: some mud people saw wiser people looking at retards doing retarded things, saw the retards get injured, and in their tard-fueled inability to understand the nature of reality assumed the wise ones were witches.

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Read Joseph Campbell ffs. The hero journey of Jesus follows the same pattern as Hercules, Perseus, and countless Eastern heroes.

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