Niggers and Spics murdering Chinks at USC

There is a stunning media blackout. If the killers were white, the mainstream media would be salivating and making multiple documentaries about evil white racism. As such, it is barely mentioned in the local Los Angeles news.

Rich Chinese parents send their students to USC which is right in the middle of South Central Los Angeles. These children are regularly robbed and attacked on the campus and surrounding neighborhood by niggers and spics who see them as easy marks. The media is very hush hush.

wew, that's pretty fucking gay.

Nationalist Chinks are angry all over China and there are protests and demands by crowds of Chinks around the court houses, the media could care less. The Chinks seem baffled by the whole thing.

Who gives a fuck

What the fuck. Media blackouts are scary, the fact that nobody will know about this is ridiculous.

Why does this narrative keep getting pushed here? Is it simply copy-pasting threads that make the rounds on various boards? The media doesn't exist to tell you the truth. There's nothing "stunning" about it.

This is funny as fuck.

aren't international students a cashcow? and stories of violence against students a huge deterrent?

Asians the world over need to wake up to the fact that they are next on the last after white people. When the last white person is gone do you really think niggers and spics are going to change? No, they will just start blaming Asians for everything. Especially given that Asians (East Asians) for the most part shatter the narrative. They had it bad in the United States, and still made a success out of their group. Niggers still bitch about slavery despite receiving reparations in the form of no questions asked welfare, EBT and section 8 housing. They bitch about Jim Crow and discrimination despite affirmative action that means if you are a C student in high school you will get a full ride scholarship into many universities, and if you maintain a C+ there you can go to any advanced degree you want. Hell, if you attack the cops and get shot you family can cash in on the ghetto lottery, and buy as many nike shoes and spinning rims as their hearts desire.

Yeah, we gotta get this information to the PRC so that they can apply pressure to USC who will kick out the niggers and spics in favor of the highly profitable chinks.

I honestly feel bad over this seeing that grieving family. I work at a chink restaurant and I regularly talk with some of the chink exchange students who come to my place, and my boss is actually a really great guy. I've grown accustom and familiar with their alien chink bullshit over the years.

the white mans empathy is his greatest weakness

Perhaps there is more to this story. Victims all electrical engineering students from China. Did they learn something the US government was doing or could this be part of a spy war?

That sounds entirely plausible. Who unloads full mags into someone in a parked car just to rob them? Niggers know chinks are generally spineless and will give up anything at the first sign of aggression. Seems fishy to me, but whatever. Who cares.

So this is what the future look like if the white people is extinct. Asian is the next in line to become punchbags for the jews. Spooky

Maybe this is how they're going to take care of the student spy problem. Just start shooting them. Then again maybe it's China doing the shooting, and these students had been courted by the USA and turned into moles.

I like this theory though.

Not hard to hire or influence a bunch of morons if you have unlimited resources without them ever knowing it. Have someone who joins the gangs social group who floats the idea of robbing Asian people in a certain type of car several times and then organize so when they go looking for someone, they just happen upon those two rich kids.

Asians are rich.

Don't know if it's more than superficially related to the situation in the US, but there used to be an outcry against Indian students being targeted in Australia. Most of the students studying here were urban elites, not rural farmers, so they were cashed up. That made them a target for gangs looking for an easy mark, especially other migrants. Skin colour is a uniform, so Lebs, Slopes or Chinks knew they could target Poo's, the Poo's were more likely to have stuff to steal and the police were less likely to give a shit because they were foreigners.

Big backlash in Poo media. Poo's crying out for victim status and special protection, because they were high caste, not untouchables and had friends in high places in Pooland media and government. Foreign Chink students get robbed too, but it can be hard to tell if they're a 'refugee,' gang member or rich foreign student at a glance.

in short the US has for many years been a shithole, why is any rich parent sending kids over to a near 3rd world country that the US has become and its just going to get worse over the years, Europe is dead and the US is just a few years after.

The Chinese will just have the kids stay in home country, why move to a nigger, feminist, jew, marxist, muhammed infested latino ghetto.

i'd never in a million years send my kids over, just on the base value, that they will come home damaged by your retarded culture and speaking English with your stupid accent.

it's true

shitskins kill each other all the time but the {{{media}}} never reports it kek

Chinks didn't research on this problems.

kek, I remember that. I also remember how fucking fast it got memoryholed after the feces-scented cries to 'Name and Shame' were answered and the list read like a lakemba phone book.


Jews are too busy trying to make sure the white man doesn't blast their heads in to care about what happens to a couple house niggers and house chinks.

Maybe Asians should build up their own universities. I will never understand why so many people in the world want to come to this pozzed shit hole. Is it that bad everywhere else or has the media convinced them that American schools are actually that much better?

Parents are the ones paying.
Parents are likely to make their decision based on which schools were prestigious when they were young themselves.
The meltdown of academia and it's full takeover by SWJ's is something recent.


They say there's a sucker born every minute. Well in the PRC, there's a thousand suckers born every minute.

they came for the Whites and now the Asian is next!

If you live your whole life in China and only ever seen people who aren't Chinese in TV and movies, your only knowledge of niggers is the sanitized, fake fantasy version of black people that Jews write the scripts for. I'm sure they think what makes America dangerous is Muh guns, when the reality is that it's beaners and niggers who make it dangerous. I knew a Japanese guy with a big scar on his face. One day I asked him how he got his scar. A nigger had shot him in the face and stolen his wallet off his unconscious body (had $15 in it).

Kike media won't ever let the public know the truth about nigger and beaner crime, but these people are going to spread the word to their countrymen back home. They'll learn. I hope China wipes Africa clean of life.


Stop sending their kids to America, especially dangerous California.

Plenty of reasons to care.



I lived in China for many years, got fairly fluent in mandarin and have many Chinese friends and acquaintances across the us and China and I have never met a single solitary Chinaman or chinkette who didn't absolutely hate niggers. They're pretty open about it too. China will easily colonize Africa as they dgaf and their ant colony mentality means they have no sympathy for sub human niggers. Even though they ultimatley view themselves as superior they seemed to view whites with admiration for our inventiveness and cleverness. Niggers they seem to want to genocide without exception.


it really is really sad for them, more than just losing their child, these kids grew up when their families were only allowed to have one child, and now they are too old to have another, they also probably spent all of their money on their one kid as they expect to be looked after when they are old, so they didn't save for retirement…

They should have done research.It's funny that they send them to California of all places where LA's reputation of being dangerous is pretty well known to Americans.

honestly i didn't even really know that and i live in an english speaking country

These attacks on the chinks have been documented by Colin Flaherty and he even seems to have a Chinese financial backer as a few of his videos has Chinese subtitles about black on Asian violence.

They're chinks, fucker.

america is dangerous place
chinaman go home


Sometimes I think it's the only true test that indicates they're White. Crypto Jews all lack empathy. Losing your empathy might mess with what are amazing genetics. Risky, because hating so much you could become as cold as they are to everything. Other Whites won't need that baggage if we're indeed wise thinking Men.

What else is new?

You've never heard about Compton, South central, Watts etc? Avoid it all anyways.

I'd want to rape those high quality chinks and take their luxury cars, too.
You low test white boys just ain't wit it.

careful son

I will never stop getting mad by these stories.

oh yeah i've heard of compton… just didn't know where it was

is the us even worth visiting any more? i used to want to…

The only nice parts to live in are remote areas, but they are not really tourist attractions. For a short vacation, places like NYC are interesting to visit, but only really to document the collapse.

lads this is from 2014 and 2012, why the fuck is there a new thread about this. Just tried to use this to show two normies how fucking outrageous it is they hide this shit - basically was completely discredited by how fucking old this entire thing is, why are we dredging up ancient articles, the only relevant aspect of this is that 1 month ago one of the spics was sentenced to life

Just posting to confirm that I too am living in a non-American western society and I too am unaware of LA's supposed danger. My only exposure to such information would be a game for the PS2. I can't remember the title, I'm pretty sure "LA" was in the title and you either played as a black guy or a chinese guy (or potentially both, switching characters when the game imposes it). You played as a police officer.

I'm aware of Compton too and I too did not know that it was a place in LA and I too am unaware of either Watts or South Central. I always assumed LA was a Hollywood-type place. Not as rich but rich enough. This is the first I've ever heard of black people not only in LA but having notoriety in that town.


Nice try schlomo but we do not give human emotions to livestock. If anything we might dispatch them quickly because we are not into torture porn, but empathy for people who are actively invading us is Hebrew tier propaganda to try here.

These crimes were probably reported for 10 -15 seconds on local news. If there was a way to create a compilation of the first few minutes of all the crimes mentioned just for tonight on all 5pm local news shows in America, it would be the biggest wakeup call in the world on the black plague America is doing nothing about.

They are already trying their tricks pushing for *ahem* "migration" for nips

What was funny was that the Indians blamed whitey for it, assuming that the gangs were white, and called the police racist for not doing anything, not understanding their hands were tied by PC bullshit.

I find it difficult to feel bad for them. The vast majority of Asian Americans are still voting for Democrats in every election. It's estimated that nearly 80% of them voted for Clinton. They literally brought this on themselves.

An American degree is still still seen as prestigious there, it's sort of a status symbol, so if your son or daughter gets one the entire family gains "face", and that's is extremely important to chinks. I doubt they even bother to check if they'll be safe or not. After all it's the US, right? Hollyjewood told them that it's a fun, laid-back, safe place to live where white people live in harmony with their token negro and token faggot friends and they have no reason not to believe it. They should send their kids to Europe, like Norway or France, better being surrounded by cuckoldry than by niggers and spics who want you dead for no reason.

I'm surprised this is the only story given how the Chinese are taking over the west coast and Canada.

That's funny considering how little empathy they show their own and dogs. I wonder if the Chinese are going to use this to push more of their numbers into the west?

They do. The Chinese own a shit ton of land in the west, which is part of why they send their kids in droves. It lets them keep a shit ton of their money out of prc hands.

Outdated info. Most chinese view european degrees as the ultimate status symbol. French for humanities and german for anything STEM.

Minorities vote in droves for Democrats because Dems have built a giant propaganda machine that tells all minorities that Democrats are the only ones who care about them, and that Republicans hate them.

It's exactly why there's so much confidence that Democrats will be unstoppable once the demographics shift away from whites. But that's not what's going to happen, minorities are going to wake up as the "Republicans are only White males" propaganda disappears and those minority groups realize they were just used by Dems.

Blacks are starting to realize that the entire Democrat platform has been

More and more minority groups will realize this as time goes on, because Democrats have thought they could just pander to minorities on stupid issues and then fuck them over, while they cry the alternative is far worse.

Even if Texas became majority non-white in the next 20 years, there's absolutely zero guarantee that those non-whites would be blue. In fact, the way trends are currently going, I wager that a good portion of them will be conservative by then.

What? That's the one asian I wanted to know.

Why do the upity niggers always wear white people cloths.

American chinks might be soft.
American Koreans are hard as fuck.

A lot of people around the world aren't even aware of this. They legitimately think that the US is this very white place, and a lot of them think that the south for instance is like some John Wayne movie with cowboys and whatnot. A lot of them still still think that my country (Canada) is some sort of whitetopia. I still hear in media people say stuff like "Haha they don't even have XYZ (non-white) people in Canada", which if you've ever been here is hilarious to hear. If you go to some place like Toronto you'll feel more at home with a last name of Singh or Chang than you would with a last name of Smith. I've read other anons on here who are from the GTA (greater Toronto area) say that they can go out for a walk and see maybe one other white person on their trip and I 100% believe that. I haven't been there since 2011 when I went to a Jays game with my gf and it looked like I was walking through some Asian country; there's no way that it hasn't skewed even more than way since.

Ya know, at this point I honestly don't know why we don't simply team up with the asians, and round up and murder all the nogs, spics, mudslimes, and all the other undesirables like the fags dykes trannies "gender neutral" etc freak shows. They provide NOTHING of value to our society, and are in fact actively making it worse by murdering and destroying the lives of those who could actually make our society/nation better.

Our home is OBJECTIVELY WORSE with these … things… here. You don't "welcome" a pack of roaches or spiders or maggots or termites into your home because "muh diversity" or make claims that they make your home better because "reasons." No, you exterminate them because they're disgusting, bring diseases/viruses/etc, and destroy your things, they make your home worse and worse until its uninhabitable. Why do we act like these subhumans are any different?

haha, the chinese lady i work for once said "AWWW BWACK PEEOPL NO GUUD" in her thick accent, and it was hilarious

yes, chinks hate niggers, but the bossman tones it down, while he knows about their behavior, he doesn't openly talk about his disdain for them

Guess seeing commies in action makes you learn a thing or two but in general by those stats, not enough

Wait until the economy crashes and resources really start to dwindle. Old lines will be drawn again and race will become the deciding factor in how we all organize. Political correctness will fly out the fucking in window in the blink of an eye and the chimps will be the first to be targeted by all racial groups.

Exactly. Hence why there needs to be as much chaos as possible. If the plane that is the JewSA can be crashed before ((they)) are ready then our people have an even greater chance of success.

You're wrong, they'll never stop voting democrat. Instead niggers will start voting only for nigger democrats, spics for spic democrats, etc. White democrats will be pushed out. Jewish democrats will hold on in a few white leftist cities, but ultimately their power comes from their money, not the offices they old.

This. As their population percents rise, they'll simply vote in their own kind. Take a look at majority black cities, they are STILL run by democrats, they're just run by nigger democrats. Look at majority spic areas in the southwest, still run by democrats, just spic democrats.

They're ALWAYS going to vote for democrats, because democrats = gibs. They're just going to start voting for non-white democrats. The funniest part about it all though, is that their non-white democrats are either 100x worse than the white democrats, in that they promise lots of gibs, but NEVER keep those promises or even try to (but the subhumans continue to vote for them anyway because they're the same skin color as they are), OR they actually do try to provide those untold amount of gibs which bankrupts the local community/cities and makes everything far far worse than before (naturally they're lining their own pockets in the process though, that part doesnt change).

Actually what makes the first setup even more laughable, is that even when some subhuman comes along and tries to run republican, they never get the votes, showing that gibs > skin color when it comes to their own kind, but skin color > gibs when it comes to subhuman vs white.

Which brings us back around to the original point, that is, they will continue to vote democrat, they will simply vote niggercrat or spiccrat because, as I said, gibs > skin color between their own, so they'll never vote for a nigger/spic conservative because no promise of gibs, but skin color > gibs between white vs subhuman so they'll always vote niggercrat/spiccrat since both them and white democrats would be promising gibs. Which is why demographic replacement is a huge issue.

Take a look at birmingham or atlanta or detroit to see what happens when subhumans take over an area. They inevitably destroy all industry which insane taxes to fund their gibs, their gibs dry up, they bankrupt the city over time, and then their subhuman populations flee like rats from a sinking ship trying to find gibs elsewhere, so they sprawl out into nearby local/smaller cities and shit them up to the point they're just as bad as the metro areas (happened to my hometown and half a dozen other towns nearby), shit roads, wasted money on pointless projects, lots of pocket lining, eventually lots of subhumans voted into local public offices and it all gets so much worse from there. Meanwhile the leadership of those cities try constantly to annex or pull in any close cities/areas they can under their umbrella so they can start taxing them as well.

Sorry to whoever thinks "muh based xxxx will eventually vote republican" because "muh catholic values" or "muh hard work ethic" or "theyll see the light and realize promises of gibs dont lead to prosperity." But that is NEVER going to happen. They don't learn, they always want gibs, they dont want to work, and they hate whitey more than you can possibly imagine (take our hatred of them and multiply it times 100x, they despise us on an instinctual level, every fiber of their beings tells them to hate us, to fight us, to destroy us from within or without doesnt matter, from the fucking womb they are like this.. their hate is not a "learned" hate, its not based on facts or statistics, its not based on patterns or logic, its not something that many of them fight against at points in their lives to try to be "tolerant" or "understand/accepting," no, its an inborn hatred for EVERYTHING that we are, and nothing you or I or anyone else can do will ever change that, nor can our hatred of them ever come close to the levels of pure feral/instinctual hatred they have for us)

Checked, roof Korea best Korea.

Well put.

You wanna visit America, come see our national parks. All our cities are just massive goyim farms

Might you be referring to True Crime streets of LA?

I'm pissed because this happens all of the time to white people in America and whites in this country are so apathetic and brainwashed they feel nothing when it happens.

The Gooks can stay, the nigs need to gtfo.

I suppose that's the first good thing about niggers I've ever heard.

For once I side with the lowlife scum. Fuck the Chinese.

And based off what happened with starwars 7 they don't even like that

Yes, I remembered the name when I went to bed later that evening. I knew of it, I saw demos of it in demo discs but I never got to play it at all. I'm older now though so I suppose I might as well give it a go one of these days, out of curiosity.

Thanks anyway.

Why are you talking about an impossible scenario?

Should we use the fertile ground for redpilling?

This is what asian sjws need to get through their thick fucking heads: if, hypothetically, you and the rest of the rainbow coalition somehow destroyed white privilege, what do you think would happen next? The blacks and latinos would gang up on you and crush you. Doesn't matter if you have a few based rooftop Koreans on your side, the other side would still burn everything down just to get to you.

user if white sjws can't get that through their heads then asian sjws won't either, especially since while asians aren't first in line on the gibs train, they still have a seat.

American schools have lower standards thanks to niggers, even in a 3rd world shithole they have a higher education standard but only allow those in who can afford. Whites in this country cannot even compete with nonwhites now because they have even been dumbed down in the public schools because of fucking niggers, whites are literally not allowed to stay ahead.

It's honor. Honor is lacking with jews, niggers, spics and sand niggers. Look for honor in people and then you'll know who is your enemy.


Koreans are the jews of Asia, who cares what happens to them.

The real question is why haven't we all killed a nigger or jew today?

The only reason sneaky gooks has joined the SJW freakshow is because they think their 5 points higher media IQ makes them too fucking smart for those baka gaijins and that they can use the anti-White hysteria to dethrone the White man as the (((ruling class))), they are too blinded by racial envy towards their superiors, unwarranted superiority pride and sort-term gibs greed to see the trap over the cheese and realize that if the White man is gone they are the next biggest potential threat to the (((actual rulers))) and that there will be no altruistic crackas around to protect them from the brown golems' chimpout.

Don't worry. Their lack of soul partially negates their grief over losing an investment asset aka child.

Psychopathy is a (((genetic defect))); Sociopathy is an environmentally triggered part of our genetic heritage that ensures the survival of our genome in shitty times like ours.
so that our children won't have to.

Sounds like they are The Great Gibs Nomads. Leaving desolation behind them whereever they go in search of gibs.


Are chinks fucking retarded or something? USC is right in the middle of the shitty part of L.A. There's nothing but black and spic gangland for several miles around it. That's MS-13 territory.

Going there was stupid in and of itself. Being in a fucking BMW there is even dumber. Sitting in said BMW instead of driving as fast as you fucking can out of there completes the trifecta of stupidity.

I mean, couldn't they have figured out they weren't exactly in the best part of town, and that sitting there in a BMW is basically like wearing a massive "SHOOT ME" sign?

You also my have been thinking about the sequel where you played as a black cop in New York.

so much this
niggers, spics and jews have no honour

I always seem to be able to get along well with my asian friends, they have to go back, but they get a first class ticket and all thier property should be purchased fairly
niggers spics and muzzies and jews get paid in lead

When whites cross the street to avoid nigs, it is racist. Target Asians because they don't know to cross the street.

Fed up Asians boycott Black racism and hate crimes in Philly

Say what you will about the Mexican illegals, they're at least smart enough to stop foreign invaders (even when they themselves are still working on the invasion.)

Do you remember Smith's speech to Morpheus in the first matrix movie? Where he talks about trying to classify humans, saying they arent actually mammals because those beings actually establish an equilibrium with their environment, and decided humans are more like a virus/disease moving from place to place using up all there is and then spreading outward to do it over and over until nothing is left…. that speech?

Yeah, well, its accurate.. or would be, if it were about spics and nogs specifically. The only reason they ever existed in equilibrium in their tribal days, is because they had no one else to leech off of because EVERYONE around them was just another lazy useless nog. Same for the spics and their ancestors, they only built what they did by being slightly less lazy than other proto-spics and waging war to enslave other proto-spics to built their shit for them, and those proto-spic slaves only built shit because they were forced to, same with nogs and slavery in the US, you notice now they wont lift a finger because no one makes them, meanwhile they were picking cotton day and night when they were made to.

But yeah, they are always in search of the eternal gibs