Save the west and have more than two kids. Shill this around, too

Save the west and have more than two kids. Shill this around, too.

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If I can get kiked politicians out of my life I would get a chick preg. It's not difficult to force a woman off of birth control, but I'm already in debted to (((JPmorgan))) and (((Chase Manhattan))).

Don't take out loans, kiddo.


This guy gets the picture

You're right, we do need have more children, but here's where I get hung up. Let's pretend for a moment that I'm not 30k in debt from a useless degree and assume I have a decent job (neither of which are true) - I hate being a human. I hate this world. How can I justify bringing another soul into this living hell? Sorry for the blackpill, I'm just being honest, and love of honesty is what drove me to Holla Forums in the first place.

Try convincing said soul not to take out a 30k loan for a useless degree and put him into something that makes him money instead, like a trade.



No webm No watch satan.

not even to save the west? :_{

he's one of those autists that will tell you they were here before 4chan Holla Forums was even a thing. they care more about muh board culture muh webm (shit nostalgia) than anything else.

kill your fucking self, your weak DNA doesn't deserve to continue, even in YOU.

At least one of you Mother fuckers understands reality.

Ok. Good. Excellent
Take a look at how you are talking to yourself, even in this chanpost. The fact that you're a sad faggot is pretty much radiating off of you at levels that are immeasurable. I would be willing to bet that your inner monologue is majoritarily self-deprecating. Nobody can escape that. Your shit thought process is causing you to be a loser. You desperately need to find a deeper place within your own mind and take more control of your own life - who the fuck says you can't have more of a say over it? The fact is you DO have a say, and your dogshit tier self-dialogue is what's been holding you back for … how long have you been like this? years? What were you like before this?

Wake up tomorrow, fellow white men, and realize that the biggest obstacle to your own success is your own self. It's very very simple- a mindset that not only accepts failures, but EXPECTS and PROJECTS them onto your reality will absolutely lead you to failures at every turn. TURN IT OFF. STOP FAILING. GET THINGS DONE. GET RESULTS. MAKE NO EXCUSES. PROJECT NO FAILURE. DO NOT ACCEPT THE RESULTS OF A NIGGER. YOU NEED TO DO BETTER - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. BUILD YOUR SKILLS. CREATE THINGS OF VALUE. IMPROVE.

Or suffer bearing the knowledge that you are the weak genetic oddity within a dynamic and strong lineage, and you ruined the whole thing. Your name, your legacy - absolutely nothing but a pathetic joke. Nobody can force you to be better, or simply provide you with the desire necessary to do so. Some of you are meant to fizzle out and be forgotten.

Which one? Electrician's union where I live has a two-year waiting list to apply, and something like a 100$ application fee, if, and only if the applicant has recommendations from two IBEW workers. I joined the Iron Workers instead on a loophole, and it's about 80% spic. As a white man who was neither a marine nor an ex-con, I didn't make too many friends, and got sick of the daily hostility I encountered. I'm looking at getting a CDL now. Anyways, even if all my monetary woes were behind me, there's still the issue of modern, western white women, and the way the courts are stacked against men. I didn't know it until I started dating, but apparently in my state, a woman can make a domestic violence call and the police are required by law to make an arrest, no questions asked - and that's just one very small example out of many. Also, yes, I was arrested after having an argument with that girl, at school and in front of the class, which she was also in.
Both points I've made are inconsequential, however, when viewed holistically. Our educational, medicinal, legal, financial, entertainment industries, along with every other industry I haven't mentioned, is absolutely saturated with corruption, to the point where we have reached 1984-tier role reversal. Food/water is poisonous, doctors destroy health, lawyers obfuscate justice, and teachers fill the student's head with lies. I'm staying positive, I'm not going to suicide or anything, but it's looking pretty fuggin' bleak out there. I feel like my only hope is to save enough money to buy what I need to permanently bug out from society before it corrupts me any further.
Advising any future soul not to make the same mistakes I did is sound advice, but beyond that, it seems like this might actually be hell, where I've been sent to atone for sins committed in past lives.

Thank you fellow user. The numbers really don't lie. We need to go back to having 10 child families as a norm. If we don't, we're going to be erased. I don't buy the concept that "whites are just naturally infertile". That's really a recent thing pushed by degenerate culture.

I hear HVAC is doing pretty well. There have to be people training for that outside of college.

Look, man, I know shit is grim but you have to push on and look to the good in life, like having families. A grim world has never stopped anyone from having kids, so why are you going to let yourself be genetically replaced simply because of it?

I'm a winner, and I'm generally the best at everything I do. I could get a chick pregnant tomorrow if I wanted to, money or not. That said, I'm getting pretty fucking sick of this society. I would be happy to march on D.C. and absolutely massacre everyone there, good or bad, and have a good hard restart, which is really the only way we'll ever get out of the stranglehold the fed has on us. I think you'll grant me, however, that it would be difficult to convince others to march with me, and even more difficult to organize such an attack when ISP's copy and save every byte of data we ever send/receive. In short, having babies now instead of removing parasites only ensures more future lifeblood for parasites.

Honestly, yes, absolutely. Strong whites with their feet underneath them and some family around them can persevere through some very rough shit. There's a lot of truth to the saying >where there's a will there's a way
because there's really only two types of white people. First: Those who create families, careers, and suffer, work, and push themselves through what may be a miserable world simply because that's all life is - struggle and pain.
Second: Those who quietly turn back into carbon, go back into the universe never having affected anything or anyone; leaving behind a trail of miserable/complainfag chanposts that won't ever actually be read.

Which are you user ?

Very grim indeed. As I posted above, now is the time for fighting. If we can establish a real society, free of the central bank which by proxy controls all other industries, then it would be worth it to me to have a family. Until that time comes, we're simply postponing the inevitable. In that respect, Hitler was right: we have to actually fight if we're going to keep on as a species, birthrates alone won't do jack shit.

And not having babies ensures you go extinct, like they want you to.

You're absolutely right. Complaining doesn't solve any problems, and meming on the chans is only a way to spread ideas. We need to turn these ideas into actions and fight back, demographically, by having more kids.

grit is one of the best features anyone of any race from any background can have, and with whites it makes us unstoppable.

I would rather go extinct than be a kike slave. Anyways, I'm not in disagreement with the the thrust of the thread: have more kids. I agree. We need to. But that's not enough. I know I'll get called out for being 3 letter shill, but violent, bloody revolution is the only way to stop TPTB. You think it's enough to have more kids and the kikes will leave us alone? Bullshit. It's them, or us, we cannot live peacefully together, they will not allow it, and in fact they are actively, and purposefully trying to stamp us out as we speak.

I thought this was going to be a satire post at first. I'll take your word for it because I agree: the idea that it takes money to put your wang inside a girl's wet hole is laughable.
I certainly will
Be cautious with your data, be careful with your words, but beyond that - this is just paranoia. Unless the world devolves into an authoritarian regime that locks people up for that data, it's gonna be fine. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's not worth worrying about. Defend it by using secure, open source, and E2E encrypted platforms to communicate. Beyond that, shift your focus to your goals rather than dwell on worst case scenarios.
Dude, this is so ridiculous to me. Let me try to help you understand how this comes off to me: (use your imagination faggot)

we all saw you crying bro. (watching football is for faggots btw j/s)

this is a much more complicated problem. there are a lot of barriers to relationships and kids these days and most of it is due to marxism.

a lot of men don't want to commit to women, a lot of women don't want to commit to me, and as a whole most people are immature little fucks.

what we need is a better culture of mutual respect between the sexes. not the faux-respect that the "tear down one to make us equal" egalitarian left has, but one of mutual understanding of differences between the sexes, and one of communication and patience.

if we can achieve that, we can foster the kind of environments that creates healthy relationships.


I agree with this, and I understand that having more kids won't solve all of our problems, however the only people having kids right now in the white race are people leaning to the right, politically. Liberals are dying. If we can each have a significant amount of children and raise them properly without the garbage culture we grew up in the world can become a significantly better place, with more resposinble generations to come. It's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario.

I'm totally against hooking up to achieve this of course, as well. We need to go back to monogamy and marriage.

here's an idea for a meme:
backdrop image of archaeology, overlay of brain, cells, some kind of indian god, a pyramid and illuminati symbol. selling the idea that this is intended to mock dissenters

brainstorm with me, user

the immediate kneejerk to marriage is, "but i'll miss out on so much!"

how do we get more people to reject the hookup-culture degeneracy?

Post feet.

There are several solutions to this. My best recommendation would be to get them back to religious values of keeping a strong and large family and rejecting modern culture as degenerate forms of debauchary.

I'm not saying not to have kids. I agree that we should. What I'm saying is that it will take much, much more than that to have a society worth living in again.
With regards to fagball, here is a more accurate analogy

No. You're a fag too, I'm going to tell you why.
this is a much more complicated problem. there are a lot of barriers to relationships and kids these days and most of it is due to marxism.
Cry more about it jesus fucking christ dude
What the fuck? Get off your fat ass and go make some cunts respect you then.
What the fuck are you waiting for, a *real man* to knock on your door one day, hold your hand through life, and make shit all better for you? Make all the little girlies stop teasing you on the playground? Make them pay attention to you when it's supposed to be your turn for show and tell?
These sound like solutions that the Hallmark company would have when brainstorming sayings for cards that are made for grandmothers.
Do you have any testosterone right now? Go work out dude, sad post.

here's another idea, appealing to existentialist crises

the idea being to offer a worldview that absolves oneself of permanent ailments by giving the larger context of multiple generations.

put that fucking sarah mclachlan commercial song on it or something

I actually like this idea a lot, though if it were more blackpilled, without the kids, it might have more of an impact.

i'm brainstorming problems presented by society at large, not my own specifically. i have no problems with finding women or having children.

i can't tell if you're really just too fucking stupid to understand what i said or if you're just a tremendous douche. either way, eat a dick

how about showing someone else's kids?

That's a perfect solution


wana b myspaec friends?
I agree with you, new top 8 candidate. But here's the thing:
Victory, success, triumph… None of these things are going to come over the course of a single day. Our warpath is slow, and deliberate. It has to be - it's comprised of day-to-day changes. It's best to focus on goals, focus on our improvement, focus on our strategy and planning. If we win, it will be because of a very methodical (read: not instant) set of actions. So my point is this: keep your hopelessness to yourself. Just like the guy who talks to himself like he's worthless, if we control our thoughts we will find success sooner. There won't always be an user to reassure you when you are feeling hopeless - learn to do it yourself and keep your gay despair away from impressionable younger anons. Ultimately you know that hopelessness is detrimental to what we are doing here, and it's immature to espouse it here if you care about the race.
Ask yourself who is benefiting from such hopelessposting ? This is indicative of the forgotten complainposter that I profiled earlier:
My response is still

my mistake user
in this case, the former, but I also exhibit signs of the latter to keep you off guard : ^)

so something like

I have a 3 years old daughter and seriously it's fantastic. I know this sound like some soccer mom facebook post, but seriously having kids is great for the soul. It give you a feeling of fulfillment, of purpose.
And I feel like I'm more lucky since the baby's birth. Maybe there is something true about Freyr.

I don't mean to blackpill, just honestly expressing my thoughts. The path to success does involve elements of deliberation and methodically plodding along, but not those elements exclusively. There is a reason we blast tunnels with dynamite, rather than hiring an army of workers to scratch it away. Likewise, as a race, as an holistic organism, we cannot afford to deliberate much longer. We have a sickness that must be purged from our collective body, and it is a positive thing to acknowledge that sickness, the better to combat it.

Got married this summer…. Want to have 3 to be above replacement rate. Strive to be like this man and child.

Finally some real nationalist spirit here! God bless you folk.

Disclaimer not necessary fam

God bless you & Godspeed

Vnice analogy, & good point. You are definitely correct. I don't think I was clear enough in my post, I'll try to clarify.

'When will we purge our sickness?' Is a good question that I certainly cannot answer. I'm sure we all ask ourselves frequently. Now, my purpose in saying things like:
( But make no mistake, user,
is to illustrate the fact that just because we don't have any demolitions scheduled for today doesn't mean the operation doesn't still have crucial moving parts working towards the end goal. My goal was to offer a few simple alternatives to detrimental worst-case thinking, rather than to dictate a pace for the entire operation. Hope it's a bit clearer now.

Remember them that marriage is a Sacred Oath

People who actually have lived the bachelor life know that it sucks after a few years.

You better get a kid forming in her belly soon user, married women do not like being childless.

Last year I started collecting images of happy married couples with kids, trad women, strong father figures, etc. to spread around. I was gonna make a trad tumblr or instagram aimed at women but I ran out of steam. Maybe it's time to revive it?

Are you retarded? We have more white children so that if we don't manage to solve the problem in our lifetimes, our children or their children will. This problem has already been sadly just partially solved hundreds of times in history, remember? Why should we black pill ourselves and consider it impossible now?

Our time is coming.

I read you. A little optimism never hurt.

I don't want my future children to live in this swamp. I want to clean it up before having guests over.

Take it back, chump.

That's the easiest part. Portray it in the light of a sort of existential dread of living a life devoid of any meaning found within the context of serious and intimate relationships. Exposing the single life of promiscuity as the materialistic hedonism that will never lead to any lasting feeling of accomplishment or fulfillment will convert those worth a damn who already feel that something with their life is off, and will leave a nagging sense of doubt in the fools who have tirelessly convinced themselves that their hedonism is the best way to live life.

I'm being serious. When I was a student I was out drinking and partying 3 nights a week. In theses situations if you test your luck with enough women you get to fuck some easy score at the end of the night very often. Flirting is vastly a number game (somewhat like sales).
Main problem is that this approach of relationships will not make you happy on the long run.
Fucking sluts is the easy way.
Having a long lasting relationship takes way more work but is way more rewarding.

While we wait for this shit society too collapse(that will happen since nothing is worth saving), we need to have white children ready to create something new without jews.

Having 30 seconds of just images and no speech will lose all the normies.

It won't collapse. We, as a people, will slowly be strangled until we find it within ourselves to fight back.

Fucking pussies, afraid of much debt. Outjew the Jew and file for bankruptcy, essentially streaming the kikes' money.

There is no excuse. Game the Jewish system against itself, fag. Even Trump gamed the system to outJew it. The Jew plays on your fear of failure to keep you beholden to kike debt.

Fuck you for being weak.

So, Holla Forums propaganda general thread?

lol newfag. Although the OC is decent.

IBEWfag here, if one local isn't hiring, try calling a local in another city. There's work you just have to find it.

Kill yourself.

You don't go to jail if you declare bankruptcy, you obviously aren't American. It just affects your (((credit score))). Trump filled for bankruptcy multiple times, asshole.

Should homesteading be incorporated into this? Having grown up in a small town rural white USA, I admit I hated it in my teenage years but most likely because muh rebellion. After growing up and getting somewhat of a grasp on things, homesteading with a large family of my own appeals more and more to me by the day. Maybe if the younger generations were turned onto the idea earlier, the traditional life would be seen as much more appealing in the long term?

In the US, people have legal bankruptcy protection. It's about the only thing we can't go to jail for. When you can't pay the (((credit card companies))) it's the ultimate leverage when negotiating a lower payment.

You obviously aren't American, so kill yourself. The above is done by smart people all the time.

Gas yourself, Yuri/kike/FBI.



You cant bankrupt yourself out of student loans. The loans you can bankrupt yourself out of are so low its not really worth destroying your credit over. Itll cost you more money rebuilding your credit.

None of that matters if you have enough money to buy a house in cash. But if thats the case you wouldnt get denbts in the first place. The rest of use need mortgages.

On topic, look at it in the man in his mid to late twenties.

He finishes school with debt because his boomer parents dont have any idea how to save money. On top of that they got a divorce. He lives with is single mom.

He feels alienated by the normies around him who only care about whats on tv or what lebron did last game, getting drunk and having casual sex. That sums up a solid 80% of normies.

So he goes through four years of that suffering, gradutes with a degree and disdain for humanity.

Next he starts working. Chances are hell be the youngest guy in the office again with nothing in common. He doesnt have kids to bitch about and doesnt partake in fantasy football.

Where the fuck does he meet anyone his age at thos point. At the bar. Where the normies go and spend hundreds of dollars a weekend getting drunk. No thanks.

So he goes through 4 years of this saving up money to buy a decent car and a mortgage for a flat. Now hes ready to get married.

He has the plethora of slutty women with a substance abuse issue and tons of baggage from the cock carousel days of college. Pass.

He hooks up with a younger cashier at the grocery store who didnt go through college yet. Nice.

Turns out shes a psycho. (women are always psycho) and decides to take the sperm out of the condem and get preggers. Good thing the law will protect him right? Wrong. There is literally zero way the law provides a man to defend himself. Women can do anything they want and courta dont give a shit.politicans need that woman vote amirite.

So now hes barely on his feet and paying child support for a kid he cant see while she bangs other dudes on the matress she bought with his money.

This is your average good guys me, you virigns are not missing out on anything worthwhile. Take womens rights away if you wanna fix marriage/family.

He personally didnt file for bankruotcy but hos companies did. Under the law they are two different entities.

That's pretty much normie life, except you marry a bitch who went to college and is all about her career until her late 30s when her biological clock kicks in. Then she'll settle for a normie beta and get married to have a kid. Then, if her eggs didn't dry up and she's not a 39 year old barren uterus, she'll pop out two kids quick, divorce and your pay alimony. Max she'll stay is 3-5 years until she can find another guy to fuck.

That's normalfag life.

Fuck off back to T_D, faggot.

Yes, you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and get out of your student loans, you dumb, myth propagating, heinous, pissed faggot. 40% of Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers get their (((student loans))) discharged, you fucking hook-nosed kike.

Go back to Judea. Bankruptcy is the ultimate reset button against the usury of the Jew in the U.S. Why the fuck do (((they))) don't tell you 40% of Chapter 7 bankruptcy filers get out of all their student loans you kike scumbag​?

Go back to Tel Aviv or don't post about shit you don't know regarding U.S. law, you fucking dirty, scat-consuming, infant-sacrificing, disgusting Jew.

Here's the link, kikel:

Nice arguemnt

If you read the link it says uts hard to get it discharged. You will need to make the case you can never hold a job or make any income. Then ofcourse they will discharge it. But say goodbye to any quality of life.

Also easy on the ad homs

That only goes so far and you still owe the amount. Can work in your favor if you know what you are doing though.

yeah that's impossible mode.

also I never went to college either it was bad in the early 2000s as it is now, it just went from kinda bad to worse.

Thought you guys were dead. Good to see you still going.

The NFP is probably the most quality nationalist organization in america and also possibly in the world at the moment.

It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Do it user. Your every action helps.

I agree. We need to shift the overton window.

and this

Pro-Vaxxers Admit The Truth About the Function of Vaccines in America –
“We’ll Just Get Rid Of All the Whites…”


Baylor University Spokesperson makes it clear that, with the vaccine program, they intend to kill everyone in the United States but immigrants. Listen to the exact words of Baylor University’s Baylor College of Medicine – Texas Children’s Hospital, Pediatrician Carol J. Baker MD when she looked right into the camera and said:

“I have the solution… We’ll just get rid of all the WHITES in the United States…”

In the background, and through the rest of her presentation, you can see the other “panelists” nodding their heads in agreement.


do it fam

This sounds intense but is true,
Only full intensity.

You need to be around better people. Without people to support you, you will lose that sense of belonging and see no point in continuing existence.

Create it.