Trump and Nazis, or us. Pick one

Jewish-American Activist Gives "Fellow White Men" an Ultimatum

Jewish activist (((Tim Wise))) has a message for all white men like him for the upcoming "civil war."
Perusing his (((faceberg))) page I noticed quite a lot of hatred for the "rich, White Jesus", as well as fellow white Christians. And boy, what do you know, he also wrote a book titled (((White Like Me))). For being a (((Jew))) he sure knows a lot about being white. Oy vey, it's like the memes just make themselves at this point.
Holla Forums, I think it would be a great shame if patriotic White Americans realized just how much our semitic friends hate the gentiles and their "White Jesus." Now that would really be something tragic.. Like, anudda shoah!

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If the White Race is on it's last legs, I assure you. with 4rth generational warfare. We are going to take the Jews with us. The Jews have become a parasite on the backs of the white race- a cancer if you will. Without a host, the Jews will die. We will take them with us. As our last breaths enter our lungs… they will know. They have made a grave mistake.

lol this faggot again

also hates Richard Spencer and likes to dox "Nazis."

I can't even tell what the fuck you're trying to say. Stop writing like shit.

You have to go back to wherever you came from.

Reminder that this kike's drivel is repeated in sociology textbooks around the United States.

holy fucking shit

Nice to see rabbi wise admitting to what WWII was really about.

That precisely describes the tactic used in the Stasi during the DDR regime in East Germany.
Color me shocked that he would support exactly that.
Funny thing about that article, I don't remember them blaming the NSDAP in it last time I looked, and if you look at the article Wehrkraftzersetzung in that context it's chock full of (((citation needed))) tags.

Richard Spencer is painfully obvious FBI agent, just like David Duke.


Checked. Great catch, user.

Always popping up at the perfect time for the lugenpresse to whip up a boogeyman and a narrative.

Its not hard to hate such an implicit faggot like Spencer tbh.



Tim Wise and Richard Spencer. Those two were made for each other. Maybe they can shadowbox while they're locked in the same cell together, awaiting their executions.

Reminder that sending a "You Deserve a Seizure" gif to this kike is a federal offense. Wrapping a cable around his neck is only a little more jail time than that.

Are you one of these stormfag retards who think that the 60s were some kind of white paradise? It was over the top but so was everything to come out of that period.
What does this have to do with Tim Wise?



So is that one of the sides?
What's the other side? Jews, Multiculturalism, and the destruction of the west?

Back to leddit kiddo


Cuckchan please leave.

does he really think a jew can convince white nationalists he's white and get them to stop being white nationalists?


b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but TRUMP IS A JEW ZIOKIKE TROJAN HORSE PLANT I'm running out of adjectives here, I don't hold a candle to hasbarafag DESIGNED TO SOMETHING SOMETHING, right fellow Pollotronics?

how does he do it?

Oh, yeah, can I choose gassing Tiny Tim Wise?

Its not just the jews kid. Its the entire fucking world. Even the asian races are doomed if we go. And it has nothing to do with us actually taking care of shit right.



Damn, that jew who wrote the article rambled worth than an 90 year old alzheimer's patient. These fools need to step up their game, we at least deserve good sport before we cull them all.

I actually owe a debt to Tim Wise and Noel Igantiev. It wasn't until I learned how much I was hated that I began to hate back. I am thankful the jews are so arrogant and open in their anger, it would be alot harder to redpill if they were quiet.





Tim Wise Dox:

Full Name: Timothy Jacob Wise
DOB: 4 October 1968
Email: [email protected] → security questions: Name of first teacher + First concert
Address: 2400 Mcintyre Ct. Franklin, TN 37069
Phone: 615 371 3508
Hillsboro High School (Tennessee)
Tulane University B.A., Political Science (people actually use this?)

Some info I picked up long ago. Don't know how relevant it is.

pardon the normie question, but what movie is this from user?

this says he lives in a town of 3,000, which Franklin, TN is not
don't know what is true

How hard would it be to engineer a disease that uses non jews as hosts and targets Jews via their matrilineal line to devastating effect? They sell CRISPr gene editing kits in the mail now for a couple hundred a pop. I cant imagine it would be all that difficult once you oriented yourself right.


Why are you posting a clip from a Jew movie? Are you aware that the character in your clip is a "self hating Jew" who eventually sees the errors in his ways?

The Believer (2001)

A truly awful movie. In which the local fascist organizer is involved in an incestuous relationship with his daughter and the most intelligent/articulate skinhead to ever live just so happens to be a self hating Jew.

Can someone tell me why no one has killed this ultra kike in all these years? He's one of the worst propagandist there is, and is probably personally responsible for hundreds of black on white raps and murders. Are we really so subdued that not one single white person is willing to break the law? Is the law so embedded in every single white person's mind on our side that not one will do it? Everyone on the Left breaks the law and attacks us fucking daily, and no one on our side does anything, ever.

Can you tell me why you haven't killed him yourself, CIAnon?

He forgets that white genocide also includes mass brainwashing telling people to race mix and oppose racism

I fucking agree. Kikes started shit. Time to go!

of course. thanks for clarifying, user




That's a real fancy way to call a spic white

Because I'm someone that doesn't want to go to jail. I sympathize with others who feel the same. I find it hard to believe though that we have zero psychotic people on our side of the aisle willing to go guns blazing. Absolutely zero. The most violence from people on the Right has been swinging sticks at Antifa after a year of being attacked without repercussion. And they're a tiny minority. One single person comes to mind in recent history, and that's Dylann Roof. The Left commits violent crime against us every single day. They commit more violent crime against us in one day than we've committed in ten years. You know what that tells me? It's over.


Does this sub-human even comprehend what he's trying to say? "Racialized in the culture as white" is gibberish. It has no actual meaning.

In other words, it's Tiny Tim's circuitous way of saying Zimmerman acts white.

I wonder, any linguistics types here who can give me the terminology to describe how this kike is trying to twist language to confuse people into accepting/perceiving his position as authoritative and just?



What a pathetic sad little maggot of a man. The epitome of a slimy kike.
A painful death is too good for this bastard.

This is a pretty damn good time to have that folder amassed full of images of jews first claiming they're white and then later going on about how they're jewish and the shit they were originally propelling doesn't apply to them.


Throw the jew in the oven


I'm pretty sure this fag is just making threads about himself at this point.
If not I know you're here Tim, and it's time you stop being a fag.


Oh I already picked my side years ago

I'd rather pick the side of Trump, Tim. You'll have your lying mouth shut soon enough.

why are you thinking in terms of a football team with both teams following the same sets of rules etc? it's more like a religious ideology. anyways, it's Chaos vs Order. We're obviously the side of Order, so you wouldn't expect to find too many psychopaths here


When your precious POC go hunting cops and white people it can be a pretty dangerous game for them. A game white people do not often engage in. I guess it is just a cultural difference.

Tim Wise hates this.


Easy in the lab, very difficult in the field. Evolution selects against that sort of overhead.

Extreme sports for niggers.

Get the fuck out of here you boring shallow kike.

Or lurk two years until you understand some basic esoteric mysteries. We are the path of light. We are of chaos and order, not one or the other.

Well that's a problem, isn't it? It's like pitting a car against a motorcycle gang. Sure, we're bigger and stronger and we can take plenty of hits, but we're so confined and limited in our ability to respond in kind that our fate seems inevitable. Our options, if we continue to do absolutely nothing, amount to weathering the storm long enough to sway the centrists to our side. We're getting hit pretty fucking hard. I'm not so sure we can weather the storm. We've got the social movements/on-ground enforcement, media, academia, and the government itself against us, beating on us, chastising us, and suppressing us at every turn. Meanwhile we don't do anything. At most we sometimes defend ourselves. Doesn't that seem a little absurd? How do you win by not doing anything?

More please.


When Trump won the nomination Duke decided it would be a good time to run for office again. Media headline was 'Trump success motivates KKK'. When Trump won, Spencer arranged a meeting where everybody shouted 'hail Trump, hail victory'.

Either a special kind of stupid, or intelligence operatives. I think there's something mad in both when I look at their eyes.

In the first pic
Here he is creating an aura of authority by using an academic sounding word; mudbrained dundle-doors will infer everything he says as scripture because he is using academic language (very poorly if you have a brain) and feigned moral outrage.
Implying no one is really white, they're just enculturated, or "racialized" as Tim Kike says.

Also, the structure of the tweet is weird. Is he trying to say the people who are on record saying they don't want allies are children, or is he saying white people are children? Either way, most readers are going to see
Interestingly, this has a weird pedo undertone now that I am analyzing it.

This is just him echo chambering, really.

Same tier of drug-addled teenage non-logic as Current Year tards.

Thanks user, fkin hilarious.


Let all of them be stuck with the Jews, I'm sure they'll LOVE the future they have with them.

This is completely fucked up grammatically.
>Donald Trump and white nationalism versus the (((future))) of America

Tim Wise still exists?

For specific generations, it would be possible. But targeting many evolving humanoids it would be hard and really costly. Otherwise they would already be deploying it against us.

tim kike, the filthy hooknose and his synagogue are near the top of my list to visit during the civil war.

That's just the census tract, just his neighborhood. Obviously you can't claim to live around minorities just because their are some in a segregated part of your city.

What makes you think they haven't? They're keeping us fully distracted while the weakest among us are the first to die.

It would be a shame if Tim wise was shot to death and mutilated.

t. fed up Fed


Goodbye Jews!


You know when they say someone is less harmful alive than dead? Well I think this guy has reached the point where if someone killed him, it would only bring mass attention to the things he has said, and increase the number of people aware of whats going on. Him and Noel Ignatiev too. These two kikes are the most vile and retched things Ive ever seen quoted.

Needs proof that one can't be both white and Jewish

That meme would be a lot more effective if you could actually read 90% of the stuff on it.

Pick Jews or Nazis.

Well, if those are the choices I suppose pic related.

Stupid fuckers are getting brazen and before long will be forcing the white hand.


Trump could hurt the left for threatening him and the white race by instating gibsmedat sanctions. But he won't. Cuz they're so cute and innocent like little children so harmless and simple poor blablabla.

Checked for what?

Buncha slack-jawed newfaggots around here.

More little niggers on the pile of people with no hope of being anything or accomplishing anything, kept from dying based upon emotionality and doomed to a painful and horrifying life of misery so that cat ladies and cuckolds can feel good, which is really just a mechanism to breed a horde of mud to drown the entirety of the European race beneath.

God damn this really is a nightmare world, I tell you hwat.

Have you tried reading that at 300% zoom? The top left stuff is still a blur. I tried.


Normies think Jews are white unironically

Bottom left bruv.

Good god they are so arrogant. Makes my blood boil.

Who really created the alt right? It wasn't Richard Spencer, it was really some old guy, but I didn't save that info.


It's just one guy though, in an 'opinion piece'

That's all it takes to get you to start asking questions user. Hell, your whole thing - "can jews be white?" is the question that generates, it would seem.
Have any advice in terms of content for that angle though?

Is Fascism Italian? Because some Jews helped create the ideals of Fascism, is Fascism Jewish?

Ask yourself these questions when shills come at you and desperately try to make you believe that a Jew coined the term "alt-right"

Also ask yourself this; Is Pepe a Symbol of resistance against the Jews because he was created by a National Socialist? Or is Pepe a symbol of resistance because we made him so?

The "Alt-Right" is a controlled PSYOP for the 2016 election right down to the name. It was created by Dugin, a jewish, Ukrainian Genocide promoting kike.

That's pretty much guaranteed to happen regardless of what intelligent people do.
Win or lose, (((THEY))) have a self-defeating and extremely shortsighted long-term plan that ends in technology stagnating at best and Armageddon at worst.
So the (((THEY))) final plan is either Fallout or Idiocracy the movie.

Uh huh. Hey, could you please explain what promoting White identity does to help suppress White identity?


The two parts that need to be shown are
a) that Jews are not white (genetically)
b) that Jews don't consider themselves white

I don't know if a) is even correct

Tbh the image has more than I thought showing that Jews don't consider themselves white. I didn't really look at it

So essentially you cannot. That's a shame, I wanted to at least see you attempt to justify your Kikery.

Every time you are in the gym and next to a jew on the running-machine, always click the speed up one more than they are running and just give them a wink….



Daily reminder to kill anyone trying to enter without a warrant. Good luck arresting millions of veterans that can fight better than you, Schlomo.

I really hope they're that fucking stupid.

Whites need something more blatant than a little at a time. That's why I hope they step it up another notch.

is he popular enough to get visited by the trump curse?

Fuck off TRShill, more gets accomplished by individuals changing their community than TRSodomites drinking once a week. I have yet to see one community building event by TRS, or one time that any of their Ecelebs have said not to give them shekels, but instead use that money to go out and make your community better

Is this a typo and/or some kind of psychological slip, or is he actually citing Hitler's anti-usury currency system as one of the casus belli?

The more this kike runs his mouth, the sweeter it's going to be.

I didn't see anyone pointing out this recent rising star.

The answer is: every time


Very good catch. Infogalactic's page on Zersetzung appears to be more inline with Wikipedia's older revision, being a fork of Wikipedia and all.

Jews are getting really bad at this now they are telling us to holocaust them.

He is part of this major cancer cluster


these globalists don't want anyone to know who they are.

open gates

gumballs immigration

diversity for everyone, except for israel

We're not sorry



spread this meme on faceberg



Filthy jews don't have the right to speak for white people. they are not white, just palefaced middle eastern scum.

A is correct, but getting the data together in a simple cap is quite difficult.
For the record, Ashkenazi are on-average 40-60% IIRC European genetics by admixture; however, I hold to the Neu-Nuremburg laws which dictates 1/16th non-European as the cut-off.

See how stupid you are now?

/polk/ is weird to me. I don't understand how it has changed owners three times within four(ish) months. New Owner seems to be some kind of autist. How old is pic?


Spencer, sure.
However, don't just throw out accusations at someone who's done as much for his people as Dr. Duke has without providing some evidence.
In any case, these Divide and Conquer narratives smell like Jewish shilling to me.
You should know by now that such things have no effect on us.

Duke isn't an agent, he's just an amoral huckster. Dig in to him and you'll see..

check the body of the Wikipedia article, it does not mention the NSDAP once. Low effort propaganda for low effort readers.

spencer is a nazbol duginist with a fat jewish wife that translates all of dugins books.

spencer is 100% false op.



Fuck off shannon, you fat cunt!

White nationalists/nazis will win if we ever get into a civil war here in America. There will be no literal white knight left to rescue the jews from their own consequences. That's the problem, dumb kikes. You've infected the entire white world with the same type of cancer. If one nation starts fighting back the others will be too sick to stop it.

Does that mean if a nigger drinks chai latte and enunciates the majority of his words and kills another nigger it was a white on black hate crime?


Both mainstream 'sides' are controlled by the elite jews.




It does when White Nationalists do it.

And the *JEW* owner of pol can ban this proxy too.

You wish!

Their "short-sighedness" has put them in the ruling class of nearly every single country they have ever infiltrated for almost 10,000 years.

Do not underestimate your enemy.

Or fail to identify him.

He's been at this for ages. It's actually beneficial for redpilling to have a jew say such things so blatantly.

I'm pretty sure even apathetic normalfags would pick nazis if they had to choose them or siding with kikes.
People are no longer buying the "diversity = freedom" narrative.