HAPPENING NOW - Impromptu Iran nuke deal press conference

HAPPENING NOW - Impromptu Iran nuke deal press conference


Press conference starting in minutes.

Expect a lot of tough talk about "muh evil Iran" as Trump allows them to continue expanding in Syria behind the scenes.

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Didn't know if embedding liveastreams would work.

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Name another point in history where Iran expanded to the point where they were putting a military base in a country beside Israel. Obviously Trump is allowing it.

It's because we weren't being challenged enough is I guess what Trump is thinking. Good luck, mexican dreamers. I will be supporting you while on welfare here.

I doubt the US military would agree to suicide themselves into Iran. Iraq's air defense was taken out in a couple days. Iran actually has a military with Russian s400's which has had almost 2 decades to prepare for a war. Iran's terrain is also BRUTAL compared to Iraq's, and it is more comparable to the mountainous Afghanistan terrain only in a much larger area.


Obama deal BTFO

Aight its not happening. Same talking points as before being used. Tillerson met with other countries ministers to talk about the "politics" of the nuclear deal but nothing concrete has been decided.

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The Syrian government has invited Russia and Iran inside the country. It has nothing to do with Trump. Let's pretend the WH decides to remove Iran, what the fuck do you think will happen? Nothing at all that's what. Both Assad and Putin are fine with the idea of having Iran inside the country and that's all that matters. The US doesn't have a say in the matter.

Err I should say Trump has made a decision but Tillerson isn't telling us what that decision is.


I don't disagree but name another administration after JFK that wouldnt INSTANTLY go to war at the news of Iran signing a deal to build a naval base in Syria. Trump is still allowing this to happen.

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Nice, but so what? Saddam was in "technical compliance" with the inspections regimen. When the kikes really want you, they send the US Marines, whether you're "in compliance" or not. Iran's only safety is in nukes and a tank army massed in the Golan Heights. See the Jews choke on that!

IMO, this is a good sign. since iran is the keystone in the greater israel plan, it shows that he's not full zogbot

BO should create a word filter that replaces anti-semite with anti-parasite, antisemitism with antiparasitism, and antisemitic with antiparasitic.

Did the US ever say between 9/11 and when they invaded Iraq in 2003 that "Iraq was in compliance and doesn't have WMD's" ?

The fact that Tillerson said this is huge. We now have video of the US SoS saying Iran is following the deal. Id say that is pretty good news.


Sounds like Iran is safe from the ZOG for now. please be the case


You mean CIA?

We all know that ISIS is Israel's proxy army. Does the obvious need to be stated?

Nah, Iran and its actual infrastructure that makes it a government would get crushed within a week. The insurgency would be a ballls out nightmare for the occupied government….not to mention the "bad optics" that would ensue. The USA would literally be the Great Satan in the eyes of the world…with no "we thought they were responsible for 911" rhetoric that we could pull when we slaughtered Sadam's regime.

I don't know. It sounded for a moment there like you were implying the burger administration aren't on their own employees side.

You guys better have signed this petition.

Don't lecture me on how these are pointless. I'm not expecting action from the WH. I'm trying to let as many people know about the ZOG as possible.


All are citizens of Israel and thus have loyalties to a volatile country in the middle east.

Yeah, petitions. Is there anything more toothless and self-degrading? Basically it's just datamining with a slap in the face on top. Completely pointless.

Wow. This is a step up from Cheney saying Iraq would be defeated in 2 weeks. You are claiming Iran would be 1 week. Amazing!

Saddam had a broken army that was still recovering from the first war from Bush Sr. Implying Iran would be easy in anyway is borderline retarded at best and shill at worst. They have Russian anti air. They have a military that is one people and united unlike the broken group of mixed sandnigs that filled Iraq. Iran's terrain is a logistical nightmare where Iraq's is wide open. We aren't even talking about what China would do and they are also heavily tied together.

The only good news if this actually happened would be that Iran has already stated multiple times that if the USA attacked them they would immediately launch missiles at Israel. They also launched missiles into the east end of Syria about 4 months back which I am sure made a bunch of kikes shit their pants.

The zog has algorithms to gauge the whole western worlds temperment via datamining all the popular alt right websites and social media. They don't need to datamine 1 petition to know what the general population is feeling.

the terrain is not a big deal. the big deal is having our guys allowed to kill civilians. that is the only thing keeping 4th gen warfare alive.

You guys think Kurdistan will be the U.S.'s excuses to get involved in Iran? They are holding a referendum on the 25th.

Checked, and possibly.

(((USA))) getting involved in Syria got Putin to launch piles of missiles at Israelis proxy army and bring a pile of military vehicles temporarily into the country as well as 2 military bases built with a 3rd on the way. What the fuck do you think Russia and China are doing to do if you attack an even more important country right on their doorstep?

Its never going to happen. Greater Israel is just a meme now. The kikes plan was to suicide NATO into Russia + China + Iran. This failed and now we get to watch the Israel / Saudi "empire" crumble.

let's bomb the shit out of them

Iran's government is just mad we're not giving them Obongo ransom money anymore.

Bruh atleast try…


Iran is waiting for the second the US becomes entangled in another war, then they back israhell the fuck off once and for all. Good luck duping hwhites into another zog war against iran.
Check mate juden.

Very possible IMO since the Kurdistan situation has the usual pretexts for US involvment:

user, they all have to go back to hell

this. Let our boys kill anyone they deem a threat and we can conquer any third world country in a week.

Exactly, they needed some 9/11 style event where whites fall over themselves to register for. Now since the awakening, even that wouldn't do it. Time to out source the job to trannies and illegals.



There is never going to be another war so long as globalism exist and the internet remains 'open'. Why would any man go to war, just jump the border and start a new life elsewhere. The only thing the kikes can get the US to do is to fund proxy wars, regime changes and fraud with elections to get a 'favorable' outcome. The US could invade any country it wants on a whim, but it will not win that invasion unless it genocides the entire populace. Even it's occupation of a country could be extended for decades, just like the US still occupies Europe, it's denazificiation program is failing. It will again be forced to fight guerrilla wars that will economically bleed the US dry while the military industrial complex profits.

The scorched earth of Europe during WWII with mass bombing raids against the economic hubs, specifically industrially designated areas was far more effective economically in the long term, which is what now needs to happen throughout the third world if the US wants to regain it's hegemony.

The better choice for America, the American people is to install full blown protectionism, kick out the FED, end the FED dollar, reinstall gold/silver currency and go back to localism and thrive, the standard of living would take a hit in the initial decade but after that it would gradually increase and improve again while building the low and middle class back up again. Within a year the factories would be ramping up and those 100~ million jobless americans would be working for a nice disposable income. Only trade with other countries by goods 4 goods without currency that the kikes can profit off.

setting the stage to say "they can still comply and be edging toward nuke, hence bad deal, hence justification to leave it"

the tell: use of "from a technical standpoint" phrase

Checked. The US officially condemned the referendum, however…

You conquered vietnam and iraq really good.

Man, Latuff is such a terrible Religion of Cuck™acuck but I absolutely love how he triggers kikes.

It's almost like Vietnam and Iraq had strict ROEs because we were trying to be 'liberators' rather than straightforward conquerors. If you actually read the 1 line post you're replying to (hard, I know), you're realize he's talking about having pretty much nonexistent ROE. In other words, fuck the hearts and minds bullshit and treat them like the Brits treated the Boers. If a white insurgency can be crushed in its native lands, there's no reason a gook or sandmonkey insurgency can't.

IF we take Trump at his word from the UN, he doesn't give a shit about spreading democracy. And he shit all over communism so I don't see him backing the commie kurds too hard.

The US doesn't give a shit about ideology they only care about usefulness.

If a certain group is useful to American foreign policy objectives (laid out quite well in the Grand Chessboard and many articles by think tanks) the US will support them. They can be commies like the Kurds or right wingers like the Ukrainians or Baathists like Saddam pre GW1 or Salafists like the moderate behaders in Syria, American geostrategists just don't care.