NO MORE NAZIS! [New Gameplay Trailer]

NO MORE NAZIS! [New Gameplay Trailer]

The games maker Bethesda is privately owned, run by attorney financier (((Robert Altman))) who took control from founder Christopher Weaver

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>The games maker Bethesda is privately owned, run by attorney financier (((Robert Altman))) who took control from founder Christopher Weaver
Explains why they've taken a nose dive.

This game could have absolutely zero political undertones and it still looks like the single most puerile filth I've ever seen. Bad Day L.A. was Shakespearean compared to this.

Controversy is a marketer's best friend. Don't give them the satisfaction of riling you up, just encourage people to pirate everything.

People who buy bethesda's games after Fallout 4 are too far gone to be logical with.

You know they just put this shit in to piss us off. Fucking Jews are petty like middle school girls. Bethesda's gotten really shitty really fast.

At least the screen OP posted is accurate. Niggers love cows and obese unattractive white cunts are the only white losers who will fuck them.

I was way more assmad that one of the main characters is apparently a nigger bitch who don't need no man.

This It will also get them gassed for real this time. Sarin or something equally nasty hopefully


New Vegas is the only good Bethesda game and it wasn't even developed by them.

total shit, stopped playing vidya a long time ago, it's all just shit

who got it

I'm part Polish American, and the (((Americans))) in this game are so cringy, that it makes me want to support actual Nazism more.

Anything is better than this Jew SJW shit.

Niemcy, I forgive you.

Mang, we need nazi mods for NV.
I might learn how to make those and publish then in a general or something like that.

It isn't right. That lore deserves some good games.

For the normalfags who may want to buy this game, I have to ask what purpose this clip means to them. What is the value added by seeing interracial fucking between a fatty and a nigger, aside from reinforcing what we already know about these relations?

Even when I was a bluepill I understood that from a storytelling perspective, "nazi" villains made good villains because they were competent and smart. The dramatic gravity of fighting them in fiction was that the "good guys" only had a moral victory going for them, while the "villains" were intelligent and competent. My problem with the new Wolfenstein stuff, alongside many other fictional pieces that use "nazis" is that this element of storytelling is lost. "Nazis" in video games are now nothing more than excuse to give the player to keep shooting. In an era where deeper and more complex storytelling is desired we get "nazis" or some other stand-in when the writers don't want to try to create a convincing narrative.

I wonder how the world looks to normalfags now? Everyone and their dog is screaming their heads off about Nazis all of a sudden. It must seem surreal.

Why is it only on the BethesdaUK youtube page?

It's meant to be an epic laugh that you retweet then forget about with an hour.

also I repeated myself in my post. I have brought great shame upon myself for not rereading and editing.

Too bad the SJW won't get mad at this for the "stereotype" niggers can only get fat white girls. Or they'd remove it in an instant

And people wonder why I call this game Anti-German

Some anons with twitter sock accounts could make that happen, no? Tell Bethesda they are reinforcing harmful stereotypes. Tweet by an angry negress would be best imo.

everything western that deals with Germans as a people or their culture is anti-German think of the jokes and ridicule the Germans get from the shit tier comedians on TV or movies or in this case games.

IDK what they're doing. The nazis look fucking badass in this game, the march at the start was great. Then the "good goys" there's 1 white dude, a jew and a bunch of women and niggers. Who looks coolest?

t. underagefaggot who hasn't ever TOUCHED Morrowind

Tweetingr Bethesda would do nothing with a sock puppet account. You need to find a black lives matter feminist group and get them riled up. They wouldn't bother looking up if your a troll or not and neither would their followers. You know Bethesda fangays catch on quickly.

It's a start I guess, just need to add German Aryan

And all of the "heros" have horrible grammar and apparently can't utter one sentence without vulgarity.

Rile BLM fagets up

Make a huge-ass quest mod that revolves around removing corrupt NCR officials and aiding the nationalist ones, throw in some non-shitty looking uniforms or at least a power-armor reskin and i'll rate 10/10 would install for next playthrough.

It does make me want to edit the .WL6's of Wolfenstein 3D from Swastikas into Communist regalia for a start. Wow, I just remembered I even know how to compile the game to a DOS compatible EXE like back in the day.

Make your own stand alone game use unity, unreal 4 ( lots of tutorials), or whatever.

I chuckled

Implicit is better but I remember when Holla Forums made its own COD2 mod. Video does have subtitles.

Good job Bethesda

I don't know if you played Wolfenstein: The New Order I played it prior to becoming redpilled but the entire basis of all the "Nazi" super tech in the game was stolen in universe from a sect of kabbalistic Jews that believed in using scientific discovery as a means to get closer to God. You can see the suit that Blascowicz(I'm not going to look up how to spell his name) wears in the trailer and stuff is some of that Jew super tech. Basically they stole the entire character of the Third Reich in order to make the villains even less competent. By doing so it hollows out the nature of the conflict. No longer is it a conflict on a moral level but merely a power struggle between a pair of monkeys with Uzis. The story lacks any dramatic gravity as victory of the protagonist is merely a foregone conclusion. The "Nazis" in this setting are standing on a foundation they didn't build, only through an accident do they find themselves in power. The real kick in the nuts is that they brought Blascowicz back from the dead to milk the franchise some more. Welcome to sequeltown normalfags, if you liked this game series in the past, you sure as fuck won't like it soon.

There is a market for good games and even more for realistic or German/nationalist games.

Looks like they just flipped the dirty soviets out for the Germans.

This is so cool, I would buy a full length game like this.

It actually more-or-less unintentionally proves Hitler right; there actually IS a Jewish conspiracy to benefit the Jews while simultaneously disadvantaging the goyim


I'm in the same boat, but the story was so shit that I barely remember the vault shit but I didn't even realize that was jewtech. I have to give it to them, the shooting was fun, so if they copy it the second one will but a fun game but the propaganda is too much to ignore.

I think I just invented a new genre. Historical Reenactment Shooters. How about some campaigns where regardless of how slick shit you are you get that shit pushed in because that's what actually happened in that battle? You fight until the bitter end, and lose. Something something journey vs. something destination.

Imagine playing the Brits in WW2 and having the Reich just push your shit in so far you have to call the fucking Americans to save you, but you still lose those battles; London still gets bombed to shit, etc.

Glad to hear African

Oh yeah, and no niggers or women selectable characters unless it's a specific campaign with multiple historical sources that unarguably prove niggers and women were actually involved.

So they replace the fatty with a fit woman? And get the controversy attention they are seeking?

Holla Forums would do well to use vidya culture to capture normies at an accelerated rate, mods would be the perfect access point.

as many nazi mods for as many games as possible, all of the highest quality would reinforce in their minds that german = quality.

Shit, is there even a proper nazi fa/tg/uy roleplaying game out there?

Calling for the Helghast effect, people will like the enemies more than the good gouys.

Don't cuck there were no niggers & women were a very small part of WWII.

Its racist that the Germans are white the fat chick should be a black muslim tranny, the game should reflect the CY…etc.

America, they don't have the fighting spirit no more - shows beautiful white town with nazi flag

i remember when one of the devs had a shit-fit years ago because people weren't supposed to think the "nazis" looked cool.

Several sci-fi and fanmade. Ask /tg/ for a list of the "weird" PDFs. The meme magic runs deep.

Hopefully they'll take the inspiration all the way and kill the series outright.

As I said if I were producing a game in this new genre I would get multiple sources, but here is one account:

whats even funnier is not only did they make the helghast the cool faction, but also the faction that did nothing wrong. They made the mistake of copying the rise of natsoc germany too closely because as we now, they dindu nuffin wrong.

The old jew you rescue from the labor camp flat out says it in a cutscene prior to you capturing the u-boat and going there.

I'm willing to bet money the following things will be in the game:

No one responds to me in any threads I comment in. I just want people to talk to me every time I comment, so we can go back and forth for hours.

yeah but before I was redpilled, since the prison was multiracial I didn't even realize that old guy was jewish. I didn't know much about the holocaust and ww2 back then since the school system never taught it where I live.

I don't mind this, since this was always what the game was all about. But the whole shit happening in America is silly.

Thomas Pynchon.

This game is way too blatantly pozzed for me to even touch it. It's a shame too, since The New Order was pretty great gameplay-wise.

Well I don't have time for that since I should be coding for my Pajeet boss but here's a (you).


At least the fucking kikes decided to show the coalburner as the fat fuck they always are. The only positive thing, jesus fucking christ this is so disgusting.

[spoiler]please save me from my alcoholism degeneracy before i off myself

sorry Holla Forums[/spoiler]


The black man always get the best white women

i'll try to sleep well

I have a really good feeling this game is going to end up making people like Nazis more.

I can't wait to play skyrim vr on the ps4 and to take it on the go with the nintendo switch; Todd truly is a visionary.

Very true user, I had played the game before the redpill too, I started on the 360 one (which, while still very jewy) I loved, because of that magic you stole from the kikes…well, stole back from the Nazis rather… was sick as hell. It just went downhill from there tbh

Antifa/White Genocide: the game


What we need to do is make game mods that reverse all the virtue signaling for example if the main character is black make a mod that makes him white

model swap nazis into antifa imo.

Not sure if this is bait to trigger posting of 10/10 White women with nigger boyfriends or if you're just deluded.
Suffice to say, if only this were true.

Prediction: COD WW2 is going to create an entire generation of holocaust-worshipping shabbos goyim. We need to expose the kikes and (((activision's))) ties to DOS, DOD and jews.

Are you implying that a niggers seed is pollution, bigot?

Wolfenstein died after NWO and "hot daug" dlc. I'm only interested in acquiring the art book for this game for those dankasf spacenazi designs.

Suggestions effect you even if you're aware of them, this has been demonstrated repeatedly in controlled conditions. The belief that you can "ignore" propaganda is simply an expression of an over inflated ego's delusions of control.
The Kikes have had nearly 100 years to perfect manipulation through the screen, what they learned on that journey applies equally to modern video games.
Freud's nephew Edward Bernays turned America's women into smokers overnight with one carefully crafted propaganda event.
And yet, you will still struggle to deny this truth, maybe it's just those of low intelligence, or the degenerates, right? They deserve it if they listen to what a Jew says, right? Wrong, the most robust mind is not immune from propaganda because the memes are injected into the subconscious.
You know, that part of the mind which shills try to get those of us on the right to avoid studying and understanding, by attacking anyone who mentions it with slurs of "muh jewish pseudoscience."
The Kikes would like nothing more than for goyim to remain ignorant of the artful exploitation of the mind and its workings.

The ancients knew this danger well, the only way to safeguard your "soul" is to refuse to watch. In the Indiana Jones movie, the characters close their eyes when the Ark is opened, to avoid being damned, in a sense the Jew is mocking us through the screen, for the only way that the audience likewise can avoid damnation by screen propaganda is to shut off the picture (and the sound.)
Yes, the ancients knew this well and taught children the concept via the "three wise monkeys."
Modern man's primary delusion is that all men before him were less wise.

Then what we need is good counter-propaganda.
We really need to get into making games. I would work with fellow anons even if it wasn't at a profit, but any way of networking would be shunned (e.g., Discord). We need to find other Holla Forums inclined people IRL. It's hard.

we recently created the >>>/polmedia/ board and there is a discord as well.

Discord is a datamining operation. Why would you be stupid enough to use it

no man this cant be.
if propaganda would have an unchanging effect after being viewd once then we wouldent fucking exist.
ever damn one of us grew up watching the jews propaganda and we still redpilled outselfes into seeing the world how it really is.
yes a person can be easyly influenced if he has no idea what is going on, but as soon as you understand that someone is trying to fuck with your mind the influence stops.
for example every time when i see blatand revisionism or other kinds of bullshit, all it does is piss me off.
dont give the jew more power then they actually have, how do you think we are winning the memewar?
show the jew how he really is and the normie understands that he is being manipulated.

I want there to be an alternative. Just name one, shill for one. Make a picture explaining why it's not that hard to migrate, what features it has, etc.

started by kikes, for kikes

All that is needed is a way to verify someone is white and not Jewish without doxing them. This is easy to achieve with just one trustworthy person, because they can filter them out. The trust would have to be that they'll 1) properly identify whites 2) be trusted with some dox info

This can be achieved with only ONE non-Judaic white nationalist state, because then all communications can be sent through them. This is why Germany was such a shoah to them.

How many people/ecelebs online right now do you trust with your dox? None and you won't and shouldn't and anyone promoting it without actual evidence it would be safe is probably a Jew or honeypot.

You're wise. What's also wise about the monkeys is that they only hear/see one part of it. Never combine the two. Always only watch or listen - and preferably only watch or don't watch at all.

Are you considered 'ignorant' if you don't watch enemy propaganda? Not really. It's like being ignorant of a kids show and it isn't really all that important except for the sake of preventing bad media from infecting you or someone else.

I was surprised that the trailer wasn't age restricted, but I'm also not going to report it.

To a very large extent, it is true. The only reason white women pursue relationships with someone outside their own race is low self esteem. a 10/10 could still have low self esteem. Beauty alone doesn't give someone high self esteem. This obviously isn't true for Jewish women who are evolutionarily wired to be whores for genetic purposes. Hollywood/Celebrity relationships don't count because they're directly orchestrated by Jews. I'm not saying there aren't outliers, but all of the outliers are caused by the Hollywood/Celebrity relationships glorifying it.

Why would you not just host your own TS or Mumble server?
do your own homework friendo

Who cares, I've only ever pirated their games

Correct, but you have to first see it all as hostile propaganda and some still don't.
The only thing we have achieved is 9% of the population accepting our view as reasonable, not 9% of the population being zealots.

It's up to the normalfags now to deal with the consequences of the Jewish hysteria, because we're all disappeared into the normalfags with them and they don't even know it. They just think there's some fringe group.

Bethesda Fallouts did nothing wrong. Shill for your BASED gays BASED fags BASED jews (((Obsidian))) masters harder.
Obsidianfags deserve the oven. Sucking the dick of a fully jewed socjus company because it isn't bethesda.

That entire game broke the lore anyway. Prior games showed the germans getting into the occult and drawing power from things like ancient artifacts and the black sun dimension.

There's the moonman mod for doom tha

That was pretty good and had great quality.
I can't think of any other vidya content we've created though as of yet.

I think we seriously need a game that glamorises & positively portrays the act of vigilantism. Make people comfortable with the idea of removing bad elements from society in a more permanent manner, instead of cucked shit like "being the better man"

Imagine True Crime NYC but instead of arresting perps you take em out & make examples out of them. You could have a huge city with the goal of dropping crime rates down to zero, taking out gangs or drug dealers to clean up neighbourhoods.

Getting white people comfortable with the idea of cleaning situations up violently is what needs to be pushed.

Punisher 2005.

Great game, need more like it. If that kind of brutality and approach was inserted into a gta-style game, not only would it be great for us but it would be popular as all hell.

Quit having nigger taste, faggot.

Can i play as the nazis at some point?

this doesn't even look as good as Wolfenstein (2009) (pic related) at least that had some new ideas. this (2017 game?) just looks like the most generic, move down a linear corridor and shoot brainless enemies over and over. this is a regression in gaming. only thing this game has is its "political message" that lefty game journos will eat up.



A variation of this exact same thread is up on Holla Forums right now…