City of Pearl: China builds massive Belt and Road metropolis in the Philippines

City of Pearl: China builds massive Belt and Road metropolis in the Philippines
City of Pearl: China builds massive Belt and Road metropolis in the Philippines

The Philippines may soon have another “city” in Manila – a massive smart and utopian metropolis never before seen in Southeast Asia. And it will be rising from the sea.

Dubbed the New Manila Bay – City of Pearl, this project is one of China’s biggest investments under the “Belt and Road Initiative” and China's biggest project in the Philippines so far. The first of its kind in the region, the “city within a city” will be built over 407 hectares of man-made island off the coast of the capital city.

According to Nicholas Ho, deputy managing director of Ho & Partners Architects (hpa), the Hong Kong-based overall planner and lead designer of the project, City of Pearl will become a self-sustaining smart community run by artificial intelligence, with futuristic office buildings, residential blocks, a central park, golf course, marina promenade and an advanced driverless railway system. There will also be water taxis that will connect the island with various districts in Manila. It will also have its own sports stadium, the Pac-Man stadium, named after Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao.

“The City of Pearl is an example that there are real business opportunities in Belt and Road countries. Its estimated valuation is about 100 billion US dollars,” said Nicholas Ho in a South China Morning Post interview.

The start of an ambitious project the shame the American failure in the Philippines

China and the Philippines: Business and political relations

In the case of funding City of Pearl, China is willing to bear all the initial cost despite large amount of risks without any returns. But is it really for nothing?

The Belt and Road initiative is spearheaded by the Chinese government to improve trade and economic integration across Asia, Europe and Africa. Aside from stimulating China’s own economy, the plan is to also bolster its economic relationships and influence, while providing more political capital at home and abroad. This is also an opportunity for China to export their technology, talent and enterprises.

Proof Duterte is a chinese puppet

China can build new cities in the USA and fill them with their citizens. A few names come to mind, New LA, New Seattle, New Atlanta, New Boston, etc…. the list is endless, give it a try and see what you come up with.

Sad to see the Philipines get eaten up by the Chinese… But ultimately, who cares about the Flips? They are ultimately destined to not exist, along with Chinks.

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"I would be, God willing, the first president coming from the Left. I am Bayan, and I have been Bayan for the many years I have been mayor. I am not a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines. We follow the path of socialism. But this extremism is not good for me. My being a socialist is left of center, only up to here in the armpit, don't be scared. But my dimensions in life, I am only a poor man's son."
-Rodrigo Duterte
(Los Baños, March 11, 2016)

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More interesting is that it seems so that China has succeeded into taking the Philippines from the USA. It is interesting if the USA will try to drive out the Chinese. At the moment it looks like the USA is on retreat on all fronts in Asia.

It is about the control of the access to the Pacific ocean. The islands make great bases, in addition to the bases China already build right on the beaches of the Philippines.

In everything he did he looks like a pawn of the Chinese, who sold out.

It is already so in the Philipines. Philipine politics is dominated by local Chinese, what do think the Aquinos are?

Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Russia

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and I'm guessing they've done zero environmental impact studies before doing this, too.
China: Desertification: The Country.

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duterte already ended negotiating with communists because they always break agreements maybe if he gets rid of isis which is soon he will go after them next.

The Philippines got no one else to blame but themselves. Why is it America's fault if the Philippines can't into efficient budgeting and governance?

I've lived in the Philippines all my life and each province is ruled by a family who misuse public funds and have no opposition. The money that could've been used for developing infrastructure is being put into their pockets thats why contractors also limit the quality of their work. Political infighting is seen everyday to no benefit to its people. Then there's the elitist fucks who are very consummerist assholes who eat up every bullshit that Apple or Beats sells and look down on the poor who can't be bothered about political efficiency because they are already hard up trying to eat at least 3x a day, yet they don't have any problem breeding like fucking rabbits!

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Duterte knows all of this, and can't be blamed for looking for help from China though, he knows the Philippines doesn't have jack shit in terms of anything and is simply trying to negotiate something from both USA and China in order to alleviate the living conditions of the Philippines.

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My dad worked in agriculture in the 70s, where the plans were, among other things, to start being self-sufficient (rice wise), and to begin widespread production of export raw materials (mainly cotton). Problem was that there was a lot of lobbying behind the scenes, mostly by American interests (what he says), for us to just keep importing their materials instead of growing our own, since they'd risk us being less economically dependent. He also told me that he met some Americans who were obviously CIANiggers when he was in the provinces surveying land

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Like the United States.

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