Dore is on fire, watch as he nearly exposes himself and has to try and cover it up by calling it "predatory capitalism"
Dore is on fire, watch as he nearly exposes himself and has to try and cover it up by calling it "predatory capitalism"

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one of us
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Jimbo should do an interview with the Big Bad Wolff

Full version of the video he shows:

I was thinking that while watching it actually.


Jimmy "it's the bourg's turn to burn" Dore


Just face it he's just a liberal/social democrat

Subcommander Dore: Stop with the identity politics. Stop it!



Need a webm of him just saying that.

It is pretty meme-worthy, I agree.




If Dore keeps this up, he might get some of my labor vouchers post-rev.

He believes in it implicitly though.
Whenever an issue comes up like the black prison population numbers his go-to answer is racism rather than material conditions.

He's still not fully there. He also talks about predatory capitalism and seems to think a bit of capitalism is okidoki.

i am thoroughly enjoying comrade dore's ongoing Great Awakening

he is kinda right tho, racism is caused by capitalism but is also one of its most useful tools for maintaining hegemony by giving societal grievances a lightning rod

Well, yeah it's also largely caused by material circumstances, but it is mostly about racism. Racism however, is the consequence of the material circumstances though, of course.

>It's crony predatory capitalism
How many adjectives will liberals come up with before they finally admit the problem is just pure capitalism?


keep posting RDW shit on his walls

Is it just me or does he look like the dad from Mr. Robot?

so is jimmy like leftypols ben garrison

red garrison

Unionize Walmart, Oh my dick can't get any harder.

Because proper SocDem nations function pretty well.

Without a proper imperialist strongarm in the undeveloped world or a national source of oil to sustain development?

Does it even 'function pretty well' with all these things in order?

But they do have that.


woah, what a fucking surprise

he covers for capitalism through distraction

even says that it's not capitalism per se fucking people over but "big banks" having control over it

sounds familiar?
"jewish finance capital"
the "differentiation" between "creating capital" and "money grubbing capital" is the foundation of nazi antisemitism outlayed by Göbbels in the "ABC of the Not Socialist"

he's doing the same shit the nazis do minus antisemitism

this is true, sadly

I think jimmy is still just spooked about communism it's really hard to deprogramme all that propaganda growing up

Chairman Dore still needs some work but he's well on his way to full communism.


Its like in sci-fi when someone struggles against a mental block of some sort.

You can almost see the gears turn and then… a loud TWANG! as a belt flies off somewhere and the gears reverse direction, grinding slightly.

well jimmy hates fascism aswell, he states in his videos many times.

Take that shit elsewhere, that argument doesn't have a factual ground to stand on. It's a class issue period, everything else is reactionary drivel.

0/10 - take this rubbish back to >>>/reddit/

Really? I see Jeff Goldblum washed up

we need to redpill him about market socialism, left-wing market anarchism and mutualism

I like how he ends half his videos with "We're comin'." now.