I've been thinking about making a educational copypasta for people who don't know shit about Marxism...

I've been thinking about making a educational copypasta for people who don't know shit about Marxism. Especially for Holla Forums trolls that I want to molest.

Just copy and paste the links for the copypasta.

Communist Manifesto:

Value, Price, and Profit:

Capital:Chapter I:

Critique of the Gotha Programme:

What should I add?

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lol @ OP thinking Holla Forums is going to be like "well, I better read these books before I have an opinion!"

Some Holla Forumsacks who come here to learn are pretty nice.

Well "some".
Still want to molest them though.

Pasta would be nice just so there is a decent reading list we can post for newfags and the idiots that plague this board. Should throw some anarchist stuff on there too.

It's all self-referential though.

What would you recommend?

Holla Forums aint gonna read books
I think we'd be better off making a compilation of some of the webms we have aimed at lay-people.

I heard Grundrisse explain a lot of the basis of Marxism. Some exerpt could be intersting. How long it is?

Like a 1000 pages. Not very friendly for begginers.

I guess I would add the Manuscripts, since alienation is something a lot of people misunderstand.

I'm not sure if it deserve its own thread, so wj=hile we're at it, i wondered if some kind of Normalfag/Leftism dictionnary could be quite useful.
Like what we did with pic related but with more terms and distinction of leftist theory.

i think we need something more simple than this

information that even a toddler could comprehend

There's this version.
Somehow it's still too complex for some Holla Forumsacks.

Honestly there's no point with them.
It's like speaking another language. When you say that some theory word they're using is not what it means, they accuse you of moving the goal posts.
While I'm not suggesting by any means we do this, we'd be better off convincing them using their language - i.e its the globalists that are ruining hard working peoples lives

Ok. So a "normal" dictionnary with 3-5 lines long definitions at most?

Change the first chapter of the capital for Wage Labor & Capital, its easier

I contend the best is still Engels' Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith

I dunno, that doesn't dispel the common myth that communism is a cult, does it.

Dumping a reading list isn't the way of doing things. Notice how alt right propaganda is some cretin making a 5 minute monologue on YouTube or some clear, concise graphs and information sheets. Of course the stats are compiled from WhiteGenkcide.com but that is almost beside the point. Converting people is done with clear and easy to comprehend agit prop. Saying "Read Das Kapital" will never turn anyone into a leftist.

Holla Forumstards are all enraptured by "im 10 years old and this is deep" tier arguments, so why not make use of a lot of those

something like:



This would be also nice

There's been a few times we have had threads like this but none have been stickied.

Don't give up, make a kick ass copy pasta. Hopefully then the mods will sticky it.

The board is woefully lacking in that way, we could be educating and helping many.

Principles of Communism, then:

But the workers are using the *property* of the business owner to produce.That's why they get paid less than the worth of their output.

Workers are free to buy their own means of production, no one is stopping them.

OP here.

I was going to put that, I just forgot.

It is a much bigger risk for the workers than the bourgeoisie. If a worker business goes under, everyone who contributed to it is set back by a lot. If a Rockefeller kid starts a business that fails, eh.

It is because of this that capitalism isn't a meritocracy, but an aristocracy.

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League


bump because this is important

concatenated xpost from the raided thread:

Critical, independent thought is the single greatest factor, I'd think. Some people simply lack the willingness to be thorough or so much as slightly broaden their horizons, even if they happen to be superficially "smart" (see: sargon of akkad.) We have put together numerous reading lists for the interested and motivated, done a decent job of including brief "for dummies" style introductions for those willing but short on either time or dedication, and even made several very basic, extreme high-portability/readability infographics to share both big ideas and specific positions (pics related.) Nonetheless, we could stand to improve by casting these nets further and wider even if we expect most people to pass right through.
It's hardly a secret of any kind that we need a more robust multimedia wing, in the vein of Xexizy, Comrade Tru-Dank, et al. This is a component of the same outreach issue. It allows us to roll some substantial material in the sugar coat of entertainment. Our own Milo Yiannopoulos would be an extraordinary asset.
A collaborative theoretical project to distill major fundamental concepts into at most 15 pages or so could prove useful as well. Think Jacobin's ABC's of Socialism: The Abridged Version. I've noticed jargon is a big issue and creates something of a stumbling block for some people (Bacon's vulgar notions - it's easy to equivocate/misunderstand words like "socialism," "materialism," etc.) The task here would be to explain everything conceptually, in modern, everyday language, perhaps with a 1-2 page glossary appended to the end which naturally hangs these words on the now-familiar concepts.

Establishment and pseudo-opposition ideologues use very simple ideas, and their audience eats it up. This much is observable fact to some degree. There's still the question, though, of which causes the other - does the demand for simpleminded, incomplete, flawed accounts of society drive the political and media apparatus to supply them? or does the material interest of these organs lead them to condition the masses?
The fact remains that it is very difficult to simplify our theory down to this level of mass consumption. We run into sharply negative returns before getting anywhere close - which has been a serious tactical problem throughout history.
Perhaps we can work on that together? Simplifying ideas without cutting them off at the knees

I think threads like
With drawn out examples of natural pol-leftypol dialogue may help us draw some conclusions, identify major sticking points, misunderstandings, defense mechanisms and so on.

We could stand to understand the mechanisms of collective consciousness a bit better