Legit or larp? Deep state conspiracy

This one posted again on halfchan last night. It was the conspiracy stuff in the first pic. Same picture and title as the ones back in March. Couldn't find all of the caps tho. Supposedly there were some predictions in March about big news stories breaking that actually happened. The conspiracy stuff all seems plausible. Legit or larp?

Couldn't find a cap of the Shep info: voat.co/v/pizzagate/1690850

Nothing matters until the generals nut up and have Congress lined up against a wall and shot.

The "deep state" doesn't exist. It is a manufactured propaganda concept meant to obscure our view of the real powers driving the Internationalist agenda: the worldwide network of Jewish banking interests (which is much larger than just the Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds, and which encompasses ALL of the G20 nations and beyond) and the Freemasons and other such secret societies.

the deep state just implies the careerist bureaucrats who either ARE jews or work for them.

Bot's broken, the order's all wrong.

Yup, I dont know if its real or larp but its all certainly plausible. Hannity and those people from Circa news have been harping about this for awhile now, since around March, when the earliest screen seems to have been taken. Your fourth pic is a thumbnail tho. Anyway, they said something to the effect that there is still some info to come out regarding the unmasking and how it was abused, I suppose the Manafort investigation was the key in all this and the piss dossier was shilled so they could continue tokeep watch. What a bunch of dumb fucks.

We have the presidency, more or less. Personally I'm hoping for the biggest RICO dragnet investigation of all time to start pulling out of the water, but again, the only way anything changes is if the prime malefactors are dead. There's no reasoning with them, there's no arguing. If you only remove them from power then they'll have you assassinated. There is really truly no way to deal with the jews and their puppets aside from outright extermination. Kill every jew, every muslim, and every collaborating traitor. There is no real change without it.
As far as this cuckchan LARP, it's trivial. The most important thing in this thread is me finally impressing in a few lurkers that there really is no change except with the extermination of all jews, muslims and those who help them.

It's a LARP just like every other "deep state insider".

The "deep state" doesn't exist, it's a meme pushed by con artists like Cernovich to mask the fact that the government is filled with Jews.

Jews and crypto-jews are the deepstate, dumbass.

The fact that there were multiple threads on the same topic, by the same OP concern me.

The fact that this thread is getting shilled, concerns me.

Now if it's a larp or not, the info should be deeply concerning. But look at how shit filled this thread became. The thread on 4chan was untouched by shills.

It's really activating my almonds.

The problem is I can't even imagine how to begin digging for this shit.

Sorry for reddit posting, trying to get attention

I wouldn't stress too much fam. Remember, Trump was tweeting about this in March. The lies they have built all this on are about to come billowing down

lol fgt


I'm thinking this is perfect bait for the never drumpfers. They love reeeeeeing about the governmental abuse of powers.

I know drumpf will take care of them, but I believe we can effectively use this.

Also look at how many shills there are.




Stopped reading there. Snowden is a psyops


What would you do, email it to Greenwald?

Tweet it to Julian assange then try to intercept whatever suicide team is sent for you

You'd be surprised who posts there, faggot.

Every deep state insider should take his info to a judge. It's a crime called Misprision of Felony if you don't.

Its the new pc version of "the globalists".


A summer poll aired June 28 by OANN found that a majority of Americans believed that the deepstate is targeting President Trump. Americans will support the president and can smell the shit all over the CIAniggers and their stories. "No such deepstate" posters are shills.

Looks legit.

You're correct that the Rothschilds and other international bankers control things through the Freemasons. But that doesn't mean the deep state doesn't exist. It just means the deep state is an arm of something bigger.

This is idiotic reasoning. Anyone can see the CIA and NSA exist, thus discrediting you. Then you claim it's all Jews (implying there aren't Gentile kikes). Kys.

Astute observations. Always follow the shills.