Matt Furie using DMCAs to retake Pepe

Let's be frank, Pepe has stopped being his and has belonged to the public for a long time. It has grown and evolved into its own creation and does not reflect its origins in any way. Also let's not ignore the precident this sets, and how jewish (((copyright))) law is.

Other urls found in this thread: coo#v=snippet&q=coo coo&f=false);size=100;id=mdp.39015085477357;page=root;seq=491;num=473) HTML/june_05/lowell_talashoma_frog.html


Thank you user

Faggot Furie can get fucked. Look at me furie , Pepe is mine now

Bless your white ancestors


nazis watch out

Is he going to put a DMCA notice into a rocket and launch it into space?

Polite sage

I bet he's given consent to fair use in interviews in the past. 10 bucks hes got some article killing his case

What about Prior Art with that spic kids show?

Better archive it before (((they))) take it down

Would be a shame if his other characters got taken.

Someone have the spics sue the shit out of furie pls

Here's Matt Furie, sitting on a gold mine, and some kike starts whispering in his ear.
Well Matt grabs a torch and heads on down but the miners don't take kindly to the smoke, what's old Matt going to do?

Also could be considered Prior Art

DMCAs on Sonic OCs when?

you can't just suddenly decide to enforce a copyright after 10 years of doing nothing; pepe's public domain now

Good point. Landwolf is criminally underused.

There all ours now.

Get a load of me. I'm getting Holla Forums sued.

He has been blackmailed by kikes if he is going after pepe. That's the only logical conclusion as pepe is a huge goldmine if started merchendizing or making more books of some sort. He could even sell claims to use to (((big vidya))) companies. But no he has to go get blackmailed by a kike instead.

Did someone call burger boss?

Twitter's 1488 pol (@polreport) and Ben Garrison (@GrrrGraphics) are giving away $500 and a signed Zyklon Ben book for Triggering leftists (#TriggerALiberal)

Will this be enough to start the next meme war?

Oh, i wonder just (((who))) is funding this failed artist's lawyers.

Its real! Ben is entering the meme war!


Pepe had a good run, but it's time to switch to our backup meme. Better safe than sorry.


Considering (((pharmacutical))) companies have copyrighted CPR, yes. With jews you lose.

Are you sure you're not thinking of Heimlich's family patenting his maneuver?


Oh fuck me

Come and get us, Furfag.

Well in burgerland the AHA has copyrighted everything and anything related to CPR. So no. Although it is interesting the hiemlich manuver is copyrighted too. It's never enough for the kikes.


He thinks he can take back a meme

Better post em now boys, consequences will never be the same

It doesn't make sense why you need to certified every 2 years instead of 10 years like a driver's license.


Are you absolutely sure about that? I'm an EMT, and I've never heard of this. The Heart Association has a proprietary method that may be patented not copyrighted, nigger, and it probably has the rights to its own printed materials, but I'm pretty sure the act of compressing a human chest to circulate blood is unpatentable.

Do you perform CPR as often as you drive?

Money grubbing kikes no doubt. Have a pepe.

Should track his lawsuits and let the defendants know about El Sapo Pepe

Rare sexy pepes, do not fap.

It all came full circle

It's the same with a boat license 10 years, how often do you drive a boat?

The pepe we know today doesn't even look all that similar to the original one. Since when is it illegal to draw a picture just because it looks kind of similar to somebody else's?

Ask yourself why you need permission to drive a boat? Or perform CPR? The answer is so kikes get a cut of money for everything. Yea sure some dangerous professions like people doing EMT work for a living need to be competent. But just test them for that and make sure they are not a nigger of some sort. Ideally parents would train their children properly so none of this shit is neccessary for anyone. But kikery prevails.

Cry more furie

When it isn't satire, which 100% of our memes legally are. Unless you're printing Pepe on mugs and T-shirts, he doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Though I'm guessing this will get him a Pepe development deal in (((Hollywood))) or something.

I kinda smelled a lawsuit when this guy made a kids book lol

Except the skills are perishable and the preferred techniques change over the years. When I started, we were still doing rescue breathing. Now, we just do compressions and administer O2.

Is your shooting range run by Jews because you have to drill with a gun or lose accuracy?

Poopoopeepee thread?


Owning a boat license ostensibly means that you have reason to use a boat frequently enough that going through the expense of obtaining it is worth it.
Not to mention that both driving and boating are things you can ease back into through sheer muscle memory if all else fails. I seriously doubt you have years of stored muscle memory.
Any fag who practices to drive/boat just to pass the test, then 9 years later decides to go do it again without practicing at all in the interim, is most likely going to fuck it up. Perishable skills, motherfucker.


Really activates those almonds.


Why is it you kikes obsess over shit so much?


The Lord of the Flies is their lord, so they're flies.

Hi Furie, I posted these just for you.


The ponyfag pepe gave you away cianigger.


Rare pepes now becoming even more rare.

came here to post this. pic related for Matt Furrie

Shit Terry, don't run me over.

Le upvote




checked. Welcome back mighty Kek


You don't need to take a test on fire extinguisher, how much years of stored muscle memory do you have on it?



lad outboard motors aren't very complicated, why can you drive a boat on your own at 14 instead of 16? If you know how to trim and throttle you know how to use a motor.


Most boating licenses are more concerned with people knowing what buoys are for what hazard that may be present.


I am a lawyer representing Marvel Comics, and I request the immediate takedown of the fourth image in this series.

As soon as I read OP I had to make this.


get fucked kike ironic shitposter

It would be great if a good artist could make a simple image out of Furie himself which we could put to use in the dankest, darkest memes we could imagine…

Is that the book? Because that frog looks nothing like furries, also precedent. You can't copyright all frogs named pepe, especially since there is precedent.

Fire extinguishers have printed instructions, dumbass.

Except, he never drew smug pepe

Nope. It stays.

This reminds me of when Ben Garrison tried to DMCA 4/pol/ threads for his comics. Matt Furie is going full lolcow

I never seen printed Fire extinguisher instructions that wasn't covered in stains making it readable.


there are some rare poopoo peepees itt

what a turbokike

Will the circle be completed?

well I'll be damned

best part is, this is with just one meme.

Risky business there user. That could be a violation by the fire marshal. The instructions should always be legible


Can the complaint protect my identity? I don't want to be fired.

It checks out.

I would imagine only if it's in a commercial or industrial or retail or food business would they give a fuck. If you're the owner of any of those things then good job buddy. If not get to work

The back of my work has two extinguishers and the delivery cars have to have one in passenger's side.

Fresh OC. Is this unique enough to avoid DMCA?

He's a retard to be used by them like this. He could've made money by accepting Pepe for what he is, now the fag will make people hate him even more and gain literally nothing in the end because it's only because of halfchan and fullchan that he's even a common image.

I remember Furie explicitly stating that Pepe did not have a blue shirt in an interview. He may have fucked himself on that one.

Ain't puttin' this genie back in the bottle.

It's too late Matt, the elder god has been awoken.



CIAnigger, no one wants to use your forced meme.


The guy is a loser and this was the hit of his life so suing anyone he can is the only way to cash in. That and or he's deranged and spending all his time in the sewers of the internet defending his frog cartoon hahaha. This shit stands no chance in court. A green cartoon frog looks kind of like some shit he did once? Ok. I'm pretty sure the judge will neck himself after hearing such a case. You want a million bucks because a guy used an avatar of a frog on a free website? Fucker blows his brains out haha.

I'm sure this will work out well for him, lel

Oh it gets better. Ol Furie gets to defend wanting to own the rights to these fine examples above in this thread. Kek in public no less. This just gets better and better

Tl;Dr lawfag version : I'd intellectual property is not vigorously protected it can lose its status as protected. Basically Matt waited too long. Sorry Pepe is ours now.

The copyright expired in 2016.


Can you imagine how much my meme portfolio would skyrocket in value once it's full of not just rare, but illegal Pepes? My family line would be platinum shitposting for generations to come.

Great idea. Keep taking away his characters to form a cartoon Right Wing Death Squad.

Keep pissing off that fucking faggot.





have a rare one

How soon before he starts targeting regular frog pictures, like that one from the spanish kids show (also named Pepe)? This fucker is going to go crazy at this rate.

Also, we should pose as leftists and get him to waste his money going after sources that are obviously not Pepe to fuck with him.

Good. We will break him like we broke shia

To be honest guys, i don't think Furie really gives a shit about the Whole NatSoc pepe thing, i am pretty sure it's the (((ADL))) that is pressuring him everytime they see a "hateful"(TM) version of Pepe asking him to distance himself from it and prove (((those fuckers))) that he stands against "muh hate"




There was a thread on it a while back, this article was posted. My favorite part is second pic related. They are really losing it over meme magic.

Maybe, but it's such shit it'll never get reposted.

I'm taking it and saving it for when I'm drinkposting. I expect a decent reeeeeeee out of you sir when I do kek

Wew what a fucking kike

How about now?

The "poo poo" meme didn't work, you know. If anything, I'd say it was a kike idea, like the Ben Garrison edits. It wasn't until the natsoc stuff came in, that jews became afraid, and with that, it became a "hate symbol", banned from public mention.

And even the Ben Garrison edits backfired on the kikes, spectacularly.

Along with banning the "Ok" hand gesture.

This image from 1946 by Don Arr is 100% in the public domain. I'll post the research if anyone is interested.

Send it to the twitter kike and the filter merchant.

I heard that Furie already lost his court case.

I know the filter merchant is Alex Jones. Not sure who the twitter kike is.

Since you replied to me. I'll give the proof it's in the public domain.
Thats the whole story from Coo Coo Comics #27 (published July 1946).

It was originally copyrighted in 1946.
[1946 Copyright listing]( coo#v=snippet&q=coo coo&f=false)

All published works before 1974 must have their copyright renewed on the 28th year to receive an extra 67 year extension. Let's check the Periodical renewals in 1974 (28 years later):
[Coo Coo Comics is not listed for renewal](;size=100;id=mdp.39015085477357;page=root;seq=491;num=473)

That means this comic is in the public domain. Anyone can share this work and make derivatives.

This post is filled with rare Pepes
Get the bag!


Fucking newspaper comics, I swear. What's the point of this? It's not funny, there's nothing interesting, no hidden sight gag, just some guy might have a question about a poster that says "cow". Other newspaper comics at least have SOMETHING remotely interesting to them. Shit like Sally Forth, Mary Worth, and For Better or Worse are shit but at least have some story going on four panels at a time. Dilbert is as edgy and DEHUMANIZE YOURSELF AND FACE TO BLOODSHED as you can get in the newspaper. That comic? That's nothing but a space filler.

I don't know how much this would hold up in court. Pepe can be easily traced back to his comics. It's been extensively documented over the years.

That's The Far Side. It's a classic and very funny, but some comics are difficult to "get", like this one. Larson received hundreds of letters from perplexed fans.

The fool thinks he invented something that was born out of our collective souls, something that Jung saw emerging from his own soul before WW1?

And this fool presumes to bury this child of mud back to where it came from that we all collectively created? He is a fool, just like the king that was frightened that the son he gained through witchcraft would one day become a king himself and leave him behind.

We can only go forward. We are in the age of the son, the Frog God. Beyond this lies the third age of apportionment and harmony.

Also, pretty sure that Matt Furie has taken credit for quite a number of Ben Garrison's originals.

Here's a pretty good one.

"Prior to this year, did the ubiquity of its use and people using him in different contexts, did that ever bother you?
Furie: It’s never bothered me, in fact it’s been kind of inspiring to me, just seeing how mostly kids and teenagers, and kind of the youthfulness of Pepe, is what I’m attracted to, and it’s been an inspiration and something that I’m proud of.
How do you feel about the way it’s been adopted by the so-called alt-right?
Furie: My feelings are pretty neutral, this isn’t the first time that Pepe has been used in a negative, weird context. I think it’s just a reflection of the world at large. The internet is basically encompassing some kind of mass consciousness, and Pepe, with his face, he’s got these large, expressive eyes with puffy eyelids and big rounded lips, I just think that people reinvent him in all these different ways, it’s kind of a blank slate. It’s just out of my control, what people are doing with it, and my thoughts on it, are more of amusement.

This. They're desperate enough to try this and Matt will look like an ebil racist if he fights back.

You must be a youngfag. The Far Side is an example that simplicity is genius. It was short but hilarious. Look at how simple most memes are after all. Gary Larson was the master of the single panel comic.

I weep for the youth of today, that they do no know The Far Side.

we ancap now

Far Side is pretty good but some of his comics, including that one, are pretty weak.




Guys this is literally religious persecution. He's trying to remove the image of Our Lord Kek! The Constitution protects our Freedom of Religion.

Look at Cernobitch's attorney's letter to Fagrie. He got toasted lmao


We've been over this, it doesn't work. You have to actually make Pepe a Natsoc.

See, now this is how you handle it. Ben spent a while fucking up, but eventually worked it out and now we love him unironically. Why couldn't Matt work it out the same way?

Case dismissed.

hahahahaa oh man that is to funny
when you see it

Fug I'm not smart enough for this one.

Will the little bitch ever give up?
I bet he sometimes wakes up at night, sweating bullets cold as ice at what his creation has become.

What's hard to get? Cows have hooves so the tools would be more rudimentary. Larson is hit or miss. Theres a difference between hard to get and not funny. This is the latter.

I always thought it was Larson's attempt at shitty meta-humor and the joke was all the retards obsessing over what the joke was.


I see, a joke on the audience. I can see that. A good chunk of his comics are directed to the anthropomorphization of cows, so I thought that it was just consistent with the theme.

"Cow Tools" is widely known to be a mistake from the author. The reactions to it are funny, though.

that's actually a good thing

profit is immaterial, this covers any use or derivative work (slightly changed artwork) including pepe and gives Furie the ability to have people pull images off websites or face federal action. Fair use like parody is a defense, but people will still need lawyers to respond (in the meantime the images have been taken down anyway).

mein sides, that cops face gets me everytime





=I would like to draw attention to a simple fact.

When Matt Furie drew Pepe for the first time again in over a decade, he used a particular set of colors that confused a few anons. As it turns out, the colorings Furie had originally drawn are DRASTICALLY different than the colors we associate with Pepe today. This is because the original sadfrog post was a redrawing of Pepe, using new colors.

Kek is completely independent of the Pepe character Furie created. He does not have the same personality, he circumstantially shares the name, he is an original drawing, with original colors. The image has been used so many times, in so many circumstances, that Furie could not possibly even begin to start defending his copyright short of some judge allowing him to abuse the law.

Matt Furie, and some of the despicable comics he created


10/10 Sarah Anderson Seal of Approval.


this guy is a fucking joke
"created pepe"
sure right

these will always crack me up

Lol, his fucking shirt is a pokemon ripoff. The chutzpah of this goy.

You fucking pleb



don't do anything irresponsible with this. ;^)

Reminder to always give credit to Matt Furie when posting Pepe.


thanks for these, I can't be bothered to edit all of mine though too many



Pepe has never been a hate symbol, he doesn't mean anything. Pepe can be the oppressor and the oppressed, with agency only "for the lulz".
If Matt Furie seriously only sees hate in his creation, then he's stabbing himself in the back.

Leaffag here. Just had a first aid course literally yesterday. Mostly covered CPR and AED usage, some bits about stabilizing other injuries.

We did learn how to assist choking with abdominal thrusts but it was not called the heimlich



Matt Furie May Have Stolen Pepe The Frog From Cartoonist Don R. Christensen

can't upload pictures, but you do it, they look similar

he stole it from an older cartoon

post the pictures from the article you fucking cunt

I wonder if there's any correlation between the 23 enigma and Pepe

give me a minute

could be


>just seeing how mostly kids and teenagers, and kind of the youthfulness of Pepe, is what I’m attracted to
>just seeing how mostly kids and teenagers is what I’m attracted to
Jesus christ, this faggot just buried himself. How could people have missed this?

What's the humor? By some retarded interpretation the back end of the cow can be claimed to look like a question mark?

Note the date and scroll down retard, it's real.

He even got dubs.

Is that the same kike that had his ultra rare pepe stolen during an interview?

Does anyone have the screencap of the user explaining that Pepe's green was #1488 in some color palette?

He really doesn't think you are in the CIA
unless you are tho

Do you…do you try to eat it?

So basically a whole lot of nothing, and it was all applied because of faggots that praise other overrated faggots.

This was back in the time when only a few cartoonists were "amazing" because they had connections to large publications that everyone relied on for knowing current events. Now with the Internet, shit like this wouldn't even got so much as a "like" and would fall into the vast abyss of irrelevancy.

Calvin and Hobbes still stands the test of time at least. No hipster irony, SJW shit or kikery either.

you mean like this?

I'll admit they are underrated and probably wouldn't survive the current year kikes.

The Hopi Indians should counter sue Furfag for reparations. HTML/june_05/lowell_talashoma_frog.html

i saved every single pepe in this thread just 4 matt

The Pepe from "Pepe and Pede" looks much more like the public domain frog than Matt's Pepe.

Essentially, Matt Furie is claiming that anyone who is right-wing cannot post a frog with red lips because it is his IP. It is blatant copyfraud


We were all here for this long forever because we shared this same sense of humor. We love absurd/surreal humor. I love you guys.
Sleep now, sorry my post is shit.

A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely as he means to. Tbh Ben has done Holla Forums AMAs so he lurks here, not surprised.

Oh how he must laugh at seeing other artists get the Zyklon Ben treatment. History don't repeat but it sure does rhyme.

Let us get Matt Furey to challenge Matt Furie to a wrestling match, loser must forfeit all copyrights to winner.

Whoever made that needs to learn to either put effort into meme edits or don't do them at all. That is lazy and bad.

Wait a second, doesn't that mean normalfags can't use pepe for their funnyjunk shit anymore?

Sounds pretty good to me.



"Ben" works for the CIA.
If he was organic the media would tear him to pieces and he would have been sued into oblivion by Jewish groups.

Just fucking kill yourself, you fucking faggot.

Is Matt Furie doxed yet? He could use shitton of platic frogs just to remind the degenerate that "We know"


Crying shame right there….

Do you think they'd do such a thing?

That's him? What a fag!


Let him try.

Landwolf is an obvious reference to the Nazi U-boat wolfpack "Seewolf".

Far side was a daily comic for 15 years, there's bound to be some that are better than others (I actually like that one though). And I think it's overwhelmingly hit with very little miss. To each their own.

Try pic related you color blind faggot.

It's about how absurd it is that someone could possibly have a question about a picture of a cow. It's about how stupid your average normalfag is. Adults in a classroom, looking at a picture of a cow, labeled as a cow, and still not understanding what a cow is. People needing handholding and everything spelled out for them boiled down to a 1st grade level and it's still not enough. You ever feel like you're talking to someone with no comprehension?

A lot of The Far Side's humor was about how totally inept people actually are. Putting people (or animals) in absurd and stupid situations just to have you realize, "This could actually be true." I guess in the internet age when you have unlimited media of all kinds at your fingertips a single panel comic seems like "wow it's nothing", but 30 years ago, this 15 seconds of amusement was something to look forward to every day, a brief acknowledgment that you live in an insane dysfunctional world, and there's at least one other person who sees it too. I still think The Far Side is both brilliant and hilarious (and I think everybody who's ever used an imageboard would be a Far Side fanatic if they were alive at the time), but I can understand if people don't want to go back and look at 30 year old comics (someday you'll be an oldfag too, and young people will look at you weird for thinking imageboards were ever fun).

Larson wasn't a "connected" type. Embed related is a shitty interview with him, the host sucks (she is juden of course) and makes his comics seem like shit, but you can get an idea of what he's like. You're free to have your own preferences, I just can't see how someone can enjoy memes and imageboard humor and hate The Far Side.

For whatever reason I can't embed:

Forewhatever reason I can't embed

FML. Anyway this thread made me google image search Far Side comics, I might as well share. If you don't laugh at any of these, you're too normal for h8ch.


I grew up on Far Side comics and Three Stooges VHS tapes. My entire sense of humor is built on absurdity - which has actually been massively helpful dealing with an absurd timeline such as this one.




hahahahaha how are DMCAs real nigga just don't post the exact same picture hahahaha just change a pixel lmao

Seriously though, this is how anons posted Fappening nudes on 4cuck without restriction despite the DMCAs.


The spoon one got me. Thanks for reminding me how much I liked far side.

Fantastic. I love Far Side.

It basically works on edge detection and image reduction. Currently, it is possible to fool most algorithms by merely flipping or rotating the image.











Alright. I'm done shitting up the thread. This last one should be added to that capped post about a gun sting where everyone was FBI or state police.

what would a far side game be like?


Hey, do you remember the last Calvin and Hobbes thread?

Probably an autistic RTS about domestic animals committing genocide or something.

There's already one.

There wouldn't be one. Larson was uncomfortable with things like mugs and postcards, he'd never consent to licensing a game. The Far Side was about brief moments of absurdity, I can't see a way to make a cohesive game out of it. Comics are passive: You see things. Games are active: You respond to them. I don't really see a way to mix them. It's best to enjoy them in their separate magisteria.

Sorry, I must have missed it. I do have all the Calvin and Hobbes books tucked away somewhere though. The Far Side was funny, but Calvin and Hobbes had pathos, and if it isn't the best comic of all time, it's certainly the best comic I'm aware of. Would recommend anons find some way to expose their kids to it when they have them.

I'm only half sorry for derailing this thread, Furie is a faggot and has no ground to stand on so I don't think we have to worry about him.

When The Farside was popular there was an endless stream of merch. I don't see any reason that there wouldn't have been a game, if he'd had an inspiration for an overarching concept.

Honestly Matted Furry should be on his knees thanking us for giving his absolutely terrible and borderline shizo webcomic relevancy far beyond any means it should have.


If that's him having pepe back, it's perfect!

Furie is now the new Ben Garrison. Everything Furie does must have it's "original" uncovered from now on.

I am but a failing lowly apprentice compared to this meme magician!

Pepe is male, that means this is tranny shit.

It's possible. They also released two animated shorts later in the 90s. But starting at 11:45
I don't know why I can't embed this, it's the same video I tried to post above.

Compare that to guys like Jim Davis, who hired other people to write and draw Garfield and licensed everything he could. I guess I just think if he wanted to, he would have since computers, the Genesis, and SNES all could have made a Far side game (or even the Playstation). And I can't think of a way to make a game that would be in the spirit of the comic as asked.

Ironically Furie would probably be okay with that.

It's not a cow, it's a steer. See horns.

Reported for saving and reuploading thumbnail images.

Common misconception. Female cattle aka cows do actually have horns. As you can see in the picture, the cow has an udder clearly showing it's female.

I mean he has to shit out a new comic every day. Bound to have some mediocre ones. Still above average for newspaper humor standards.

You're the hero we need

Furry is enforcing all frogs, it appears, and if he has high power jew lawyers to do it for him, he can win. As stated, that books Pepe looks nothing like Furry's Pepe, so the teacher caved for no reason, he could have won in court, and potential counter-suit.

Next Furry will enforce the color green

Remind me when Furie drew Pepe as he is used now?
Oh, yeah that's right - he never did.
The only claim he has is to the "Feels good man!" pepes - which are hardly used. He's just greedy for Venezuelan currency distributed in Mongolian finger painting forums.

"…green skin without a tale"
A spic generation spelling tail as "tale"
The rest is Spanglish anyway.

True, there is prior work of green cartoon frogs so Furie is looking to get shafted sooner or later.


Furie's pepe wasn't even original in the first place. I hope he gets sued by Nickelodeon.

My god…



Its like its a, "take a pepe, leave a pepe".

I know that. but it's still a kike themed meme with it's obsession over shit.


This frog has done so many things through out its life


Thats not true. It was done to scare off Reddit, not Matt Furie. It was done by /r9k/ and not Holla Forums - too.

and they're probably demanding he pay for their removal too or else theyll call him antisemite

Did someone DMCA all the pepes? 404

Checked, yeah, what the flying fuck. 8ch is bending the knee, apparently.

Saw the spoon one as a kid, constantly check to see if my spoon is fucked.

It blows my mind how ben used to hate us and now hes a total bro.


< no one has mentioned WilmerHale in this whole thread

WilmerHale is the same law firm that represented Zoe Quinn against Eron Gjoni.

WilmerHale worked for the Saudis in the big 9/11 lawsuit and they represented the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

The big team that Mueller drew to find a reason to impeach Trump? From WilmerHale.

Lotta coincidences.

A stoner artist is not paying for this kind of legal representation. Who is?

Didn't he give up Pepe though because he was pissed off at him being used for political shit he didn't like?

What a pussy ass niggerbitch.

I honestly think I was the one who changed his mind, i spent hours talking to him over emails helping him setup a zazzle shop to sell his artwork and that many of us polacks would love to support him. I know he made a decent amount off his shop and started catering more toward us with some of the stuff he does. Hes a really nice guy. He started off hating us till i talked to him like a normal person and explained chan culture. Wasnt long after that he setup a few shops and started browsing 8ch. (Moot banned him and he hates moot lol)

Im sure im not the only reason but we did have a very nice talk over the course of a week or so, with me helping him out here and there. I really like Ben.

What's really strange to me is that some but not all of the Far Side stuff has been removed.

could it be that server transfer issue causing shit to 404?

i was on my phone, switched to my Ltop for sweet steals, and the few i needed are now gone

Some of those were from Felix the cat and not his intellectual property. Im pretty sure its illegal for him to take felix the cat opening scene characters as his own property.

This guy. Not actually pepe.

OP tricked you into dumping your rare pepes. Fools!

loli pill test