Smash First Worldism

I am sick and tired of this rejection of the worker in the favor of the cushioned bourgeoisie. Progressivism is the cancer that infected leftism and alienated the working class. Progressives continuously attack the people they claim to represent.

I'm sick and tired of 'LGBT" pride, I'm sick of Feminism, and I am sick of 'progressives' attacking the worker more than any other group. CLASS is the importance, identity politics are divisive and from what I have seen prop up bourgeoisie as "oppressed" and workers as "oppressors". Why is it that the 1% has such a support for these divisive worker-attacking social movements?

For example, the working class did not reject the Democrat party, the Democrat party rejected the worker and continues to demonize the worker more and more.
The Soviet Union understood this. They did not have "safe spaces" and they did not care about idiotic social issues like "muh lgbt"
They knew that the working class is what created, built, and runs the country, not special snowflakes.


There's nothing wrong with lgbtqbbq pride you spooked motherfucker

The soviet union was one big safe space.




But all shit-posting aside, I do agree with you. This is what had alienated me from the "traditional" "left".

Is that you, Mr. Slave? I hope you didn't shove two volumes of Das Capital up your ass like yesterday.

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So true. A couple of months after the 1974 coup in Portugal, Pasolini said the following:

And this the world we live in today. Even the so called "left" is madly in love with capitalism and buying and owning useless shit.

They're workers too you reactionary fuck

scabs are scabs


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Hi Unruhe

Love your channel, please continue your fight against the first worldists scum.

third worldism is even worse though

I should fill muh country with muslims and blacks and lower my own standard of living? because muh global class struggle?

I'm sorry, I don't give a fuck about third worlders, and the wealth the workers produce in my own country going to them. I want my labor and the labor of my community to benefit my ethnic kin and my OWN community rather than some chinky chang on the other side of the world.

Most people feel the same as I.

t. Idiot using a computer created via stolen wealth from chinky chang

yes, I need to let muhammad destroy my culture and civilization because he's so oppressed ;____;

so what if he hates me, WE'RE ALL WORKERS RIGHT?

this is why socialism will NEVER EVER be embraced unless it's combined with a form of nationalism- like the bolshevik revolution

Sick goalpost shifting

Typical Holla Forumstard. No arguments, only feels.

where's YOUR argument?

I want you to tell me why I should sacrifice my standard of living to benefit people that want to subsume my culture, and import millions of people that would lower the value of my labor.

I am all for socialism. But that socialism should benefit me. Not make my life worse. Otherwise, why should I advocate for it? Don't you agree?

At whose expense?

Sick goalpost shifting

Typical Holla Forumstard. No arguments, only feels.

False dichotomy. If sheer number of labourers was all it took to lower wages China and India wouldn't be experiencing any gdp growth at all. The reality is obviously more complicated than your low Autism Level brain can handle.

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top kek. it's a shame bin laden isn't around to admire his work.

If the revolution doesn't start in the West it won't succeed. I'm sorry.

Our biggest hope is a leftist coup in America or possibly multiple European countries.

that's not what a scab means ffs

scabs - strikebreakers

Then make it about the worker, not upper middle class fag pride


America is a necessity. If America goes socialist, so will the world. It's too powerful.

You are either a troll or naive.

Third Worldism has little to do with mass migration though. In fact if you'd have much less immigration with a series of revolutions in the turd world than with the current imperialist status quo.