The Alt-Left

I have an idea, what if we hijack, once and for all the term "Alt-Left" not in favour of our cause, but in favour of the SJW, IdPol and other bullshit positions, so that they create their own irrelevant garbage far away from us

The "Alt-Right" meem has shown to be very succesful among cappies, as they tried to distance themselves from it very fast

We can even subvert Holla Forums into helping our cause, they are dumb and are already having a thread about this

By pretending to be something else you eventually end up turning into that something else.

You know that famous quote by Nietzsche about staring at abysses? Well, it's pretty much true.

We need the massive amount of confused liberals more than a mere 3000 nazis.

but we are not going to pretend being the "Alt-Left" we are going to create the movement and let it unleash hell

of course, let's alienate liberals even more and at the same time strengthen the idpol cause

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hi Holla Forums


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yes, thats the thread I was talking about

creating a division between us and liberals is the only way liberals can see their own position as being a different entity from ours

This is a Holla Forums board.

Leftcucks need to leave this site and never come back

And that's how you end up turning them into Holla Forumstards.

That division already exists. It's called socialism.

Leftycucks have this shit thread every other week. What's the deal?

muh safe space

yeah i was looking at that shit earlier and all the spergs are going "hehe lets trick LEFTISTS into liking guns!"

Yes you are currently in one.

Come visit a real board when you want to return to:


there is an idea that the left compases socialism and liberalism
that is a mistake

yes, as cancerous as them but on the other side of the spectrum

Then we are the socialist left. Not the alt-left. We can't allow ourselves any opening for subversion.

Read OP again, I am not saying we should coin the term "Alt-Left", but the opposite

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Proof? Spamming memes doesn't count as discussion, by the way.

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I guess the BO should delete the entire board then as it's just one big meme

Oh. Oops.
I still dislike it, we can label more extreme idpol as anti-socialist and just let moderate idpol slide, emma goldman didn't do anything wrong.

uwot m8, I'm not a mod. Stop being so triggered. It's not MY fault Holla Forums enforces consensus so you have no idea what other people think.

I guess you don't have any proof then.


Fuck, the people who are saying we shouldn't. If we don't then they will, I don't see any problem with waging an ideological war. Spookbusters can get fucked, lets create a big ol' cancerous spook to make papa Marx proud.

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Fine. But only if we have Stalin as our hero and we start talking about killing people all the time.
But dispite this we say all the time that the "26 million deaths" and the "gulags" are invetions by the porkies in the west to keep the population in fear.

Even if this is a Holla Forums ruse we already have talked about this
We don't need the alt left we need to make clear liberals are not left

I feel like becoming the alt-left would do this nicely

you lack nuance
of course there needs to be blood
not because we want it
but because they're forcing our hand
we will not apologize for the terror to fight back the reactionaries

your anticommunist propaganda against the soviet union paroting "millions of deaths" is an exaggeration of violent revolutionary rhetoric into baseless slander

Organizing some sort of an 'alt-left' leads to at best, and to full on fascism at worst. Remember that fascists start by appropriating leftist arguments in order to appease the working class and instead of guiding the rightful anger towards porky they blame other workers to become the ultimate porky. Idpol is divisive and it shouldn't be the sole focus, but ignoring real, existing oppression and creating platform for proto-fascists is dangerous.

how about you drop the word "left" that is vague bullshittery and focus on class

if they want to call themself leftists, what will you do? "yeah no because left is actually…"
there's nothing concrete to it, a fucking political spectrum based on early european parliamentarism

but when they try to coopt class, it's easy to call them out on their bullshit and on top of that easily direct to the topic of real class struggle

Chairman Dore already said he wants to be a part of a new left-wing party in USA since Democraps suck. Maybe his "agressive progressive" approach can be what leftwing populism is about?

We tried Radical Feminism and it was very successful at making men on the internet and social justice warriors furious already.

The problem isn't the alt left the problem is ideologues who get their feelings hurt by women and minorities insulting them. They derail conversation more than anyone really.

thing is you have to create something that will make both rethuglicans, alt-right, facist and democraps and shitlibs hate you
u need to transcend the political spectrum of leftwing politics

Why do you want to be hated again?

If you make enough political enemies, you win.

Step 1: Make enemies.
Step 2: ?????
Step 3: Communism?

I was just joking, because this is what the alt right does. They hate jews, they trash talk jews all the time, but instead of being proud of the holocaust, they say it never happened.
I don't have a problem with what Stalin done. He did what had to be done.

That image is specifically why an 'alt-left' would proliferate well. The 15 different left wing organizations are all different in minor ideological nuances. 'Alt-left' would be a non-specific banner for anyone who's left but not a liberal, the same way the alt-right has everyone from lolberts to neonazis.

But WE are the left, not the liberals and idpolers. They're centrists. Don't call them left.