Toys R Us Files for Bankruptcy

So while everyone else is concentrating on Trump's UN speech another big name company has quietly died in the night.

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It's a sign of the times. Video games and tablets have replaced actual, physical toys for a lot of kids. They don't play outside as much both because they have things they can do inside, and also because parents don't let their kids out as much; the country and the world in general are both much more dangerous than they used to be thanks to the third-world invasion. Physical shops in general have been on a downward trend for a long time thanks to Internet shopping. Nobody wants to go to malls anymore because niggers and Mexicans have made a lot of them generally unpleasant and unsafe places to spend time.

That was Mitt Romney's investment firm that, if I remember correctly, specialized in buying up companies, gutting them, firing everybody and selling off the assets.

Toys R Us has been on life support for a long time with their Kids R Us baby products being what has kept their stores from closing 5-10 years sooner.

To your point though, seems like /toy/ anons are the only real markets left. We've seen the video of 2 year old Star Wars TFA toy stock still sitting on the shelves. If you can't get the fandom to buy any toys, you're know it's over.

Don't see the problem. If you fuck up after decades of high volume shekel snatching then it's your own fault

Do you have a link to that video?




its waaay more of this than the public is led to believe. People love going to the mall, kids, couples, famlies, and even the niggers and spics. The (((media))) and retailers tell you malls are closing because people just want to shop on amazon and ebay…but wait a minute. Nice malls in white areas are FUCKING PACKED every single weekend. The nice malls in north Texas that are still mostly white are busier than ever. Really makes ya think.
The malls in nigger infested area in dallas are dead or dying. Niggers and spics scare away all the people with money and only go to the mall to bix nood around and steal shit, and you see the same thing in every city in the US.

Toys R Us has only existed for the past 20ish years or so so as a place to buy video games when everywhere else was out of stock or maybe to get a bike. Nobody actually bought toys there.

The guys who hack up companies and get rid of them to sell off the assets, who Romney worked for, and was dragged through the mud in the election because of it.

Oh, I see its the first post and everyone else can still remember 2012 too.

i wonder when people will learn that listening to the left and pandering to the left is going to upset and alienate the vast majority of people.

I can't feel bad for such company. They have survived selling expensive,pozzed, plastic pieces of crap to entitled children. Also, they could very easily downsize, but that would make the (((investors))) sad.

yeah, they just sold huge walls of star wars and disney shit for no reason. They just liked wasting the floor space for fun. Everyone is exactly like you and your family and never bought toys there in 20 years.

toysrus is where i buy diapers when i run out of them before the next amazon shipment. i guess now i'll have to go to the grocery store in the event i run out of diapers sooner than expected.

Why are you here? You say that as though belief in leftism and the behaviors thereof is nothing more than simply “a matter of disagreement.” Your statement, specifically
reveals a lack of understanding about liberals and those responsible for the ideology itself. It isn’t a matter of well-meaning people simply being objectively wrong. They are objectively wrong, of course, but that’s not the point. The people on the left who may even be well-meaning are not the ones who are creating or enacting policy. They’re simply followers thereof. The people on the left who can understand–or even admit to themselves–that objective truth even exists, much less that they’re wrong about what they are believing or doing, is even smaller, and is also not comprised of those who create or enact policy.

Your belief system is the reason I can’t even listen to the fucking radio anymore. My local right-wing station is staffed 24/7 with shows of people who behave as you do here. They’re not even conservatives, really, because what you’ve said is still that “live and let live” mentality. It’s that because even though it superficially seeks to correct what is wrong about liberalism and liberal beliefs, it goes about this goal in exactly the wrong way and is fully willing to leave liberals to “make their own bed to sleep in” rather than using force to enact truth against them.

Unless, of course, you were making a joke and were only saying that ironically. It’s hard to tell with Holla Forums these days since we’re so fucking pozzed by non-conservatives.

Heavenly trips of truth! Needs screencap

Too obvious.


Yea but Legos :(

Haha wat? They got bought out and then got saddled with their purchaser's debt? Am I reading that right because that is maximum overjudaism

His posts says people shouldn't listen to the left, not that "the left should learn". Your post is the most spectacular explosion of autism i have ever read.

Kids don't want toys kids want video games only if Toys R us stop pushing gay Star Wars shit and put more to Toys for Video Games then they would of Survived.

Meh, we needed more toys that stimulated the developing mind like kinex, erector sets, legos, or even those faggoty rip-offs Mega Blocks

I only see collectors buy toys. The it's usually some high quality 200 USD figure and not the cheaper figures you'd buy for kids.

Mentioned that.
Please read.

1. This isn’t cuckchan. You stand out like a sore thumb.
2. Learn English.
3. Your statement is probably factually correct, but where’s your disavowal of the NATURE of the comment?

You injected a bunch of irrlevent shit into a post that merely said influence from the left should be ignored. Damage control more.

youre angry because you misread what i said. im not talking about why liberals and jews are choosing this hill to die on, we all know why they want to push this shit.
im talking about everyone else in their circles that went along with this and believed that pandering to these mentally ill retards would bring them money. they do it over and over and it fails every single time.

and nomatter how much this happens, and how often it happens, they dont see that most people agree with "us" not (((them))). its like they dont believe their own observations unless its validated by talmudvision

Legit autism

The last couple times I have been to a mall it was nothing but niggers and Arabs everywhere. Trying to go Christmas shopping and having to see a bunch of hijab-covered Muslims everywhere just ruins the entire mood.


lol, fag; that’s the best you can do?

Okay, so my last line was the valid one. Thanks for clarifying.

lol, looks like I hit a nerve with the very faggots I described!

That's a standard leveraged buyout. Companies that don't have a lot of debt are purchased with borrowed money and those companies assets are used to take out big loans. This makes the stock price go up because the market increases the valuation because having all that cash on hand should lead to growth. The problem is of course that not all companies can grow and the money gets siphoned off to various places and when the debt becomes due oh well there goes the company. The yids that bought it in the first place made their money in the beginning, the creditors take a minor haircut and recoup what they can by selling the assets at auction. And of course the workers get fucked. Maximum overjudaism is a good way of putting it.


Even plebs get tired of the nonstop star wars garbage but even beyond that the stock on the shelves has been stagnant for years or worse, taking sharp dips in quality(transformers I'm looking at you). Also their internet presence has been shit forever and they never ever got better but they still turn around and blame amazon despite having only made the most half ass of efforts.

you mean that i was being ironic? no, i wasnt. i meant everything i said in the way i said it.

like i said. you misread. your rebuttal was arguing against me "not knowing why the left does this" when i actually was saying "why are people listening to the left when it never works out for them?"


Yeah. Like I said. In the last line.
Fucking illiterate.

Unironically this. /o/tists still have GTA car threads even after several years have gone by. GTA related merchandise would've sold better than Star Wars merchandise.

Still the only toys I would ever buy for my kids would be shit like Legos and airsoft guns.

Poor people buy clothes at Target/Wal-Mart

last line said i was being ironic. i wasnt. wtf are you talking about?


Trips of absolutely unkiked first post truth.

Speaking of gay Star Wars shit, I wonder how much of a role Toys 'R Us's inventory that is tied up in Star Wars nigger toys that will never sell played in their failure to keep operating. I would not be surprised if Disney's decision to cast John Ooga Booga was the final straw in Toys 'R Us filing chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Correct again!

Also remember, the kikes are still upset that the (((FAO Swartz))) toy company created after the mass US kike invasion in 1860 got taken over by Toys'rUS and then it's lost it's brand recognition. The (((ThreeSixty Group))) still owns the brand name. The german kike who created it, his grandson is another pro-nigger lover.

this is true

That and they're just plain fucking dirty. I'd rather order shit online 99% of the time than set foot in a retail store. Not without a gas mask at least.

there was some video with a white little girl receiving a nigger baby present

There is nothing wrong with toy sales, in fact allot of collector edition toy sales are still soaring. Lots of adults also buy certain toys nowadays for display/collection purposes as a hobby.

The problem for ToysRus was that they swallowed the Jewish poison and could not get rid of it. Even if they liquidated all their physical store locations. The trusted a capital investor to loan them money and when it came time to extend those loans, the investment group said nope, we want it NOW! (((Brain Capital))) is now going to profit massively from the inventory sale.

This is called short term mass profit over long term profit. This was also intentional as Amazon is set to take over most of the digital sales of ToysRus if not flat out buy up the inventory.

With judas you lose!

Good riddance, nothing of value was lost

Malls dirty?

Any space with a bunch of free roaming amerilards expelling their spent oxygen all over the place should be treated as a biological hazard zone.

First Hastings, now this.
America is falling apart…

Tell me about Bain! Why do they wear the yamulke?

I just confirmed at least 2 of the 4 people listed as key people on their wikipedia are hebes. Jonathon Levin married a jewess at a temple, no need to bother digging further to confirm it as a kike. Joshua Bekenstein (more like beakenstein amirite?) required more than a cursory glance. Not only does he belong to a yid family, his brother is Seth Bekenstein, the pedokike that got busted with a mountain of pizza. The other 2 key people may as well be ghosts, they'd require deep digging to confirm. Regardless, at least 50% are bagel-breaths, (((Bain Capital))) is worth keeping an eye on.

The economy being more and more dependent on ebt customers I'm sure is also a factor.

Trips of truth.
Living in a low trust society has resulted in parents being over protective (for good reason). Back when I was a little kid we were allowed to play outside without adult supervision until the street lights came on because we lived in a high trust community, where the neighbors would collectively keep their eyes open for anything suspicious.
Its not like that anymore, these days neighbors don't even know each other by name.

Perhaps it would help if they didn't over propagandize their movies.

fuck malls.

Maybe if the small shops are artisan 'toy-maker' shops who make toys out of something other than injection or inflation-molded plastic.

I have no idea how places in Towson, MD stay open. I remember going to the Owings Mills mall and getting begged for bus change on the escalator - that's torn down now, had been a nice place once.

Are you sure you're not a kike?

m8 there is a big fucking difference between substantiating from degeneracy and being such a genetic failure you can only engage in said degeneracy if the prostitute has horrible eye sight.

Pretty much this. Online shopping is killing brick and mortar. For good fucking reason. Why drive across town to pay more and deal with nigs, when I can shop online at 10 at night after work in my underwear.

*abstaining. fucking auto-correct.

I think you meant GT6


As a Wizard who is the latter, take the brownpill!

There's a small toy shop local to me. They don't hand make anything themselves but rather resell high-quality playthings from small US based manufacturers. The owner isn't rich by any means, but they do well enough to stay in business.

wtf? They did, but now they buy them on Amazon if at all.


I'm glad to hear it.

As a fag with a 3d printer, I have to say, while it isn't useful for much, it's the perfect tool for making toys. It's a shame that I'm too old for that kind of thing. Toys and merch are the money-making vehicles for IP, and I could definitely see a panic in the future over pirated IP's via 3d printed figures/toys.

Because their mascot jumped ship and decided to fight free speech and capitalism.

Used to love Starwars as a child, and these crappy new toys don't even stir some mild nostalgia. I haven't seen a single movie since the three insufferable prequals they made, and those I begrudgingly watched those just to see the advances in special effects. Very glad not to experience the Jew Jew Abrams nigger+fem films.

The only reason I wanted a 3d printer was to make my own miniatures. Got tired of being jewed on lead figures back when they were still lead. Don't even get me started on that plastic Jew Workshop crap.

I would be happy printing tungsten impregnated filament figures for weight and would still save a bundle.

My point still stands. Vidya is where merchandise can actually be made from and sold.

I understood that reference.

There isn't

So unrestricted capitalism just destroyed 64,000 jobs.

Reminder that business is meant to serve the interests of the state and people at large.

No, KIKES just destroyed 64,000 jobs. Keep your perspective straight.

Small businesses across America rejoice. Now we just need to kill Walmart and Amazon too…

You could even have hollow cavities in the base of the model where you stop the print and insert a weight before continuing, letting you get a bottom-heavy model without having to get specialized filament.

This why mall cops prevent large groups in Malls they can't discriminate race individually but they prevent large nog and spic groups of 5 or more walking side by side from entering and call it gang related issues.

I paid you a fortune!

and that gives you power over me?

Be careful what you meme, you might get another 9/11 out of the hebes.


Dubs of truth, the little man gets another chance.

Hollywood is a bizarre echo chamber, that's why Clint Eastwood despite living in the Bohemian city of Carmel-by-the-Sea, he only associates with non-artists.

Truth. Every mall in my city (Columbus, OH) in a White area is regularly packed with White people and doing business. Every mall in a nigger and/or spic and/or sandnigger area is either closed or demolished.

I'd fucking die for theat fucking guy, fuck.

Why would you buy diapers from a toy store, and more importantly, how do you "run out" of them?

they're not just for kids you know

Any more info on this? Looks fucking awesome. Cheers

To be fair their entire model couldnt exist outside of the 90s. Now with smart phones and electronics being the way they are, no one wants to spend 100 dollars on toys when they can just get a pad that will do most of the shit the toys did and more other things. Toys r us is not a business model that could hold with the changing times. Toys are outdated. Barely anyone buys them anymore. The only "toys" that are being bought are video game systems.

I know im just retyping what some of the others said but this is my own view on it. Instead of getting a toy car, you can get an ipad that can have all the toy cars where you can inspect the parts, build your own and then race them. Why the fuck do you want a toy car for if you can just spend the same amount for christmas on one item that holds over better?

For fucks sake user, you hypocrite! Meme responsibly.
I'll hold you personally accountable.

Hastings was a piece of shit. It was a pop culture store that tried to always sell shit like hot topic but without so much goth. They really wanted to be the store that all the highschool kids and college frats went to in order to get their stupid worthless shit. Ever pass by their comics and cd collection? All of it was pandering to the "in" crowd. All of that was shit for the most part. The only thing that I didnt like seeing go was the video library all these video stores had. Some of these videos will be lost to all. You will not be able to browse the isles anymore and pick out some stupid looking movie only to find out how amazing it was like "Silent Night, Deadly Night" or "Death Machine" (Which btw were amazing when you are young and laugh at retarded over the top violence).

Yes, I know what the word couture is.

Would kids be interested in stuff like this?

I'd imagine the lack of white babies being born would also influence the waning business due to them being the only group large enough who won't just steal everything like the Nogs and Spics do.

A fucking midget? On my Holla Forums?

More on FAO Schwartz?

And they said I'd never get another chance to post this image after Trump savaged him earlier this year.

Who's the next little man to become a big guy?

I didn't even realize that Toys R Us was still a thing. Wake me up when Sears takes its last breath. They never should have done the "Soft side of Sears" shit and should have focused on having better tools than Home Depot.


Used to love walking around the mall with a big ass milkshake browsing the new vidya, obscure music, and books. Now it's just filled with CDs from no-talent "artists", overpriced AAA recycled shit, and they replaced the book stores with niggers and Israeli con carts. Fuck man.

Used to love walking around the mall with a big ass milkshake browsing the new vidya, obscure music, and books. Now it's just filled with CDs from no-talent "artists", overpriced AAA recycled shit, and they replaced the book stores with niggers and Israeli con carts. Fuck man.>>10629857

Does sears manufacture their own tools?

They use to Craftsman was recently sold to Black & Decker. Its all made by the Chinese though so it doesn't matter

When I was a kid, all of the white kids in the neighborhood would play until dark. We'd play in the streets and in the forested area nearby. We even all hung out at this weird single hippy lady's house, who was a children's book artist and sticker maker. Our parents never thought twice about it. We also could walk down a busy road to a corner store (owned by a white person) and buy candy. We were all ~8 years old.

(trips of truth witnessed)
Came to post this and was legitimately happy to see a non-kosher first post.

Now trick-or-treating is something that happens in a mall instead of in a neighborhood, because neighborhoods are full of rabid psychos that everyone has to pretend are ordinary people. Although, from the rest of the thread, it sounds like malls aren't that much safer these days… I wonder if something interesting is going to happen next month?

Interesting to note they did the exact same thing to KB Toys around a decade ago. Do these people hate kids or something?

Honestly that was the happiest time of my whole goddamn life.

Some parents still let their kids do this in rocky mountain communities but others don't because of all of the fucked up transients always coming through.

The writing was on the wall when they were forcing people to train their H1B replacements under threat of termination for insubordination. These positions were in logistics and inventory management, like identifying local demand levels across the country, and tailoring shipments to meet that demand without having a bunch of expensive Lego (redundant) robotics sets cluttering up two-digit-IQ zones, only to be stolen and sold for crack money.

it maybe depresses me more knowing modern day children will never know that level of excitement waiting for christmas to come
it feels like a dream now

Where I'm from, the stupid white kids in middle school would go to our local mall to act like nigs all the time. I hated that idea of fun myself.

You mean the holidays, friend. :^)

I'm an atheist after years of abuse in fthe form of being locked in a room with no food or water for multiple days and I still wish people a Merry Christmas. If I'm lucky, I can get fired by wishing a merry Christmas to all of the diversishits at work. Back when I still had hope, I used to love the suspense of finding what I had been given on Christmas Morning, in the days before gifts were iTunes gift cards.

I don't remember the name of the shop or know if it's still there but it was near one of the Bed Bath & Beyonds in Tucson. Small, independently owned toy shop. Dim lights, dark blueish atmosphere, nice carpeting, and most importantly, interesting toys. Shit you would never find at (((Toys R Us))). I'd rather take a kid someplace like that any day instead of re-branded walmart for toys.

He was referring to the nu-males… it's an insult.

I'm not super religious either, but its fucking Merry Christmas, and one thing I've noticed is people respond better (if they're white) to being said Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. They know.
Hope things are better for you now. Things got better for me.


GLOBALISM: the post

Yup, I have that picture saved as well just in case someone mentions him.

Have a clinton one.


That might be true if it was Wal-Mart or Amazon filing instead of toysrus

A classic

Oh fuck, that hit me right in the nostalgiabone. Why do these fucking kikes have to ruin everything good in the world?

The entire company went out? I thought it was just the local store here.

White flight harms retailers moreso.

worst fucking gifts ever. my as well scream in that persons face that they have no fucking idea what that person likes. almost as bad as the thing boomers do and get pharmacy toys.

why did they suicide him into a tree??


There used to be a Hastings in my town. It was the most depressing piece of shit place I'd ever been to. Made Books A Million look like a fucking luxury resort. I did get an absolute pile of the EverQuest pen and paper books at 90% off there though, so that was cool.

I know that feel user, at that age we'd play in the woods practically every day. Those days are gone though, everyone is becoming a shut in because there is no sense of genuine community anymore.

Apparently it was used to transport supplies or rice a long time ago.

Find what someone likes or nut up and give them cash.

I remember getting Mario Party 3 from there.

They hate white children user. They want white children to cease to exist. Since they can't just directly start murdering white children (yet) they do what they can to make sure white children are depraved of what possible joy they could have instead. What demographic of children do you think that killing KB or Toys R Us impacts the most? Niglets in Chicago playing with drywall and empty quarter waters? Spic babbys playing with corn husks in Tempe? Or perhaps it's the white kids who have now been robbed of yet another thing that used to be part of what made growing up in White America a special thing for a child.

All Semites need to be exterminated from the face of the planet.

In uni today (I do video editing/set design, taking a few random courses) and we had to watch this 30 minute video.

Verbatim, the narrator (and the professor, a blonde female) stated that in order to save humanity and get back to having empathy, we need a singular, united, mixed race with one government or no nation state system.

Not all the students were comfortable (she kept trying to pair up this black dude with a Swedish exchange student who actively said, No.), but for the most part it was applauded. This girl freaked out over 9/11 and said how we need more Muslims, etc. Generic leftist shit.

I usually am pretty immune to the feeling, but I was recently in a car crash. And, being 26 now, I am feeling my mortality. I cried tonight for the first time in a long time.

Even right-wing people are sheep mostly. I feel we are on the verge of something that will creep up. Not war, or a hurricane, just a light switch being flipped on and it's going to be hell.

Maybe this is it though. We're in the beginning transition. Most of the class answered Yes to whether or not social media is as equal or more important/relevant than peer to peer impressions.

We must remain vigilant, I suppose. Love to everyone on this site, I have never been more appreciative, even if is controlled.

Very few plan the happenings, friend. The majority of a movement are bandwagon. Your moment will yet come.

Have you found a woman to raise a white family with yet? That should be your main priority.

I have. You're right, it will come.

There is on cuckchan
Holla Forums /o/ needs more traffic

A family. Excellent.

A great machine will arise, and we will serve it with honor. Take solace in the fact you will be part of a larger, greater whole than you could achieve by yourself.

You should of asked if she believed Israel should have open borders, and then pretend to be a jew. If she says they should, tell her that that would lead to the destruction of the jewish identity. Then call her position antisemitic and watch her reaction. I find playing the jew card against white leftists to be the ultimate way of shutting them up or embarrassing them. This obviously doesn't work if she is jewish. In that case, you need to frame the question differently.

How? In 98 they were still making cars with manual steering and engine computers inside steel cases.
Bluetooth control systems and electric steering are completely fucking fucked, though. Electronic throttle control, great idea.

You can’t expect perpetual growth out of a film franchise let alone it’s merchandise, not even if you are Disney. Star Wars toys are a meme, or that is to say the value of original Star Wars toys at the time of the theatrical rerelease of the original trilogy is a meme.

Star Wars films will only endure profitability because Disney who can ram its brand down people’s throats better than any other media group in the world markets them. Yearly Star Wars film releases are being sold as a new holiday season, like Halloween. Every mainstream media outlet in the world announce that ‘Star Wars season’ is approaching, time to get excited, and enough people will get respond to the cue to keep ticket sales sufficient to maintain the season. However people will not go out and buy the merchandise every year in the same way they buy Halloween decorations and costumes.


Well no shit. "Toys" for the new generation means a goddamn tablet even 2 year olds (unless they're niggers because niggers are the only race too stupid to pass a fucking mirror test) know how to work now and they come with more games and knowledge whatever else than anyone can ever hope to play or learn in a thousand lifetimes.

The very last time I went to a mall there was a pack of 8 niggers and one of them shoulder bumped me then tried to start a fight. It's really the fucking shitskins that are forcing these places to close. There's really no reason to go to them at all when you can order everything online for cheaper with the added bonus of avoiding being around savages.

People don't have the extra money to buy children's toys anymore and are having fewer children because of a bad economy, more people are in debt, more kids glued to Ipads

Nothing to do with the stores business model at all. It's literally because society has changed so much and like most other places have failed to adapt.

The reason why amazon is on top is because it's cheaper. It's not like they have less costs to cover, on the contrary: amazon warehouses look pretty much like retailers, and they have to deliver directly to the customer house. And you have to take in account the scams people and workers pull on amazon. Retailers could bring prices down, but in their greed they refuse to. The result is that they lose to competition.

(holy trips checked)
< and also because parents don't let their kids out as much

It's like Dr. Putnam's study about the effects of diversity found. Diversity destroys society, destroys trust. We live in a low trust society now thanks to all the shitskins from section ape and bussings of vermin from the far corners of the savage ghettos into once formerly nice and white neighborhoods. Who the fuck would send their kids outside now? It's not like when we were kids when people would actually leave their doors unlocked and nothing bad would happen and kids would run around past sundown while male adults do manly things in their garage with their radios cranked up for the whole neighborhood to hear in the distance. It's gone forever.

I saw a video exploring a Toys R Us store's Star Wars section. The section was jam packed with old The Force Awakens figures. I get the feeling they were banking on these new reboots to sell toys. They only have two markets, kids, and adults who never grew up. But the dumbass 80s kids that drooled watching TMNT and blindly bought all the toys they could have wisened up once they realized life costs money and bills started competing with the fun money. Fact is, they'd rather order an 11 dollar funko pop vinyl of their favorite fictional character on Amazon than spend money on gas (more expensive thanks to Hurricane Harvey) to shop a limited selection in a retailer with shitty music and rude employees.

Retails dying, my first job was at Kmart and all I have to say is that I'm rock solid at the notion of all my old managers losing their jobs because of this shit.

i work at mattel. its worse than you think. the entire industry is dying. they've been coasting on the success of brands thought up by clever, smart people who've all retired and left behind a company staffed almost entirely by overweight middle aged childless unmarried women.


You see, as somebody that learned English as a foreign language, this one confuses me. I get your/you're.
but how do you go from would have to would've being pronounced would of? have doesn't end in an "of" sound ffs.

Consider taking up sculpture.

I went into one looking for a cooler when they were have a store closing clearance, it was still marked up $10 more than the same item on amazon. even ignoring all the sale related messes the place was a fucking dump.
fuck em.

you should've :^) used would've or would have. even if would've sounds like would of it's not right.
learn two amerikan faggit.

As far as quality goes, you can get high quality stuff made in China, all it takes is having whites design it, paying more and having guys on the ground there breathing down their necks so that they don't fuck up.

easy, non-english speaker user! have you ever heard how english people don't pronounce the h?

And that is where the similarity ends. The warehouses don't have wild packs of customers stampeding through them.
No restocking the shelves, frozen food left over the cereal boxes, no shoplifting, no cleanup in aisle five, no packaging maliciously destroyed.

But it's not written would'ave
It's written would've.
The a is not there to pronounce!

one wolf
two wolves
see how the 'f' and 'v' are related sounds

would have
would've (Sounds like) would if
would of

genialiskt, din javla idiot. the a turned into a schwa which is often not pronounced:
every is ev-ry not ev-uh-ry. moron.

No language has many logical rules on a conversational colloquial level. Stop sperging and asking stupid questions.

Should've googled it.
The pronunciation of 'have' changes according to how the word is used. That doesn't excuse the shortened written form having no relation to how it's pronounced, but whatever.

I thought it was some contraption for Nip kids. Either way, kids in Japan still buy occasional toys (mostly Beyblade, which is actually a commercialised version of fighting spinning top things that have been around for decades), play outdoors in local parks and practice baseball without parental supervision until long after dark, then walk home alone. What have the Japs got right that we got wrong, eh?
Must be thier lack of White privelege and Christianity pls no derail, nothing to do with the lack of niggers at all.

How do you like working for the company? Did you mean that Mattel also is suffering from mismanagement and coasting on past successes, or Toys R Us and other parts of the toy industry? Can you offer any insight as to which Mattel toy lines are selling well, and which aren't? Do you think, with Hasbro having so much of the toy and action figure market, that they are possibly setting toy prices higher than they could be, thus discouraging potential consumers? Or is the price creep more due to things like a shrinking market and wage increases for Chinese workers?

I think your assessment of the current state of things is correct but I haven't seen anyone yet write a story putting all the contributing pieces together. I seem to recall back in the days of the late Atari and early NES consoles, people were predicting the death of the toy industry because video games appeared to be consuming children's attention. But that didn't quite do it; it seems to be a "death of a thousand cuts" kind of thing. The worst, maybe, is losing the captive audience of children through broadcast television cartoons and tie-in toys.

There's just no guaranteed market anymore, kids attention has been fragmented to the point there's almost no way to generate enough interest. Hasbro and Mattel have tried with new iterations of the GI Joe and He-Man cartoons, what are all the reasons these relaunches don't work? More and more toy releases are tied to movies instead, and that doesn't seem to work all that well–especially when the movie sucks. The teenage/adult collector market, with McFarlane's Spawn being a pioneer of sorts, looked to be doing well in the late '90s. But they and similar companies also relied on mall stores like Suncoast for their sales, and then those started closing.

A few years back, did Mattel intend to sell that large amount of He-Man toys to Big Lots closeout stores from the outset, or was it because they weren't selling elsewhere? They were well made and generated enough attention from fans and consumers, and around here they sold through and were completely gone. I wonder if selling directly to places like Dollar General and Big Lots isn't profitable enough from the manufacturer's perspective; Hasbro tried it too at Dollar General with GI Joe. The interest was there and the product appeared to be selling but they soon discontinued the idea.

Fuck it, I'll tell you all about my time at Kmart. They mark that shit more expensive because they buy products from manufacturers way higher than any other retailer. The corporate level is literally full of people stealing time and embezzeling, all the way up to the CEO level. They don't even try to get a negotiable price, because they literally view the few old people, spics, and niggers that shop there in so little regard that they'll buy whatever because brand loyalty exists in 2017 for physical retailers, right?

Kmart is literally milking all its worth and then going to crash their plane with no survivors. The ONLY reason any stores are left open is because they are waiting for the leases to end. They determine a stores closure status by one simple metric, do you lose less money breaking the lease, or keeping the store open with no customers? They also took out a shitton of loans off the back of the merchandise they own. They would buy SHITLOADS more merchandise than we can possibly sell in even 10 years and just warehouse it in the backrooms, on the top shelf, wherever there was room they stuck 500 of something. Then they'd claim "we'll take a loan on the back of our 3 million dollars of merchandise in this store".

They bump all the district and up corporate paychecks, while paying low level employees next to nothing. No unions, no benefits, no drug tests, they take anybody looking for a minimum wage job and will fuck you the second they have too. Eventually, this will cause them to fail, hence them being stuck in a death spiral. But believe me, Kmart is not a store that was running to try and make a profit. Even store managers knew that. Kmart was a store trying to minimize losses for the corporate level and keep loans flowing in from any and everywhere before the inevitable finally happens.

They are offloading all their brands, shoving all the old merchandise into the few remaining profitable to almost profitable stores, downsizing their staff to a skeleton crew. They didn't even TRY to come up with a competitive solution to the Amazon problem. might not seem like the place to shop for you, but apparently shittons of people do. We'd get over 100 orders a day, in the most clusterfucked system of order-picking, with no logical explanation why a midwest store would ship out to California while New York stores were shipping to our local customers. Kmart boxes were the cheapest shit, with no product protection, barely taped because there wasn't really ever enough to fill that quantity of orders.

Believe me, I can only imagine Toys R Us suffered a similar fate. My dick is fucking diamonds seeing this corporate dicksuckers finally getting fucked over after so long of fucking honest people in the lower levels. A cashiers purpose at Kmart is not to check your items out. You aren't meant to buy items at Kmart. You are meant to apply for a credit card, and use that credit card at real businesses, and rack yourself up plenty of debt for the rest of your life. Cashiers kept their jobs based on credit card applications, which as you can imagine, was pretty difficult, considering nobody shops at a Kmart. Same thing with Sears, they're the same company just a different name. Same operating procedures, same methods, same outcome.

But… if they negotiated better prices, they would get even more money to pocket. It only makes sense if they make a fixed %, rather than mark it up as they wish.

Around 98 they put a law in that all cars bought in america on credit need to have a tracer chip for "repossession"

I don't go to malls because I'm an anti-social chan using loser and being around loads of attractive women my age makes me uncomfortable.

Went to GenCon last month and saw that Mattel was attempting to rebrand itself and break into the board game market. Didn't even realize it was the same legendary toy company at first, because they were using a new logo.

You have no idea how much Toys R Us in particular is hated.

Shit I didn't realize how close we were to the end of the year.

A 17 year old girl told me she stopped going to the mall because she is openly propositioned for prostitution when she does go. As you said, by niggers and spics.

my local (((Toys R Us))) is where divorced and separated parents do the weekend handoff of their kids as per their custody agreements. huge black pill seeing that every weekend. 'murica

Out of curiosity I searched up abandoned malls, and this is first video I clicked on. Webm related is the story behind mall's failure, and youtube related is the full video.
Warning the people in the video are all nu-males.

Fug guess you cant embed and post a webm. Nice trips by the way.

That's because the dead mall crowd are all numales. It's like urban exploration minus the danger. I'm strangely fascinated by these videos, but dear god, I can't fucking stand the people that gravitate toward making them.

Friendly reminder that Goys R Us fucked over its US employees and forced them to train Pajeets in India before firing them.

fuck em

my local government allowed 3 TRU stores to be built in my city without any restrictions because of shekels they violated many zone and building laws and the city allowed it just to get the stores up and running

they shut down every mom&pop/smaller toy store business in town which left only TRU and their shitty selection of "you buy what we sell you goy" so many import toys like playmobil and others vanished….on top of that one store had flooding issues because of where it was built

the internet has changed the playing field allow people to buy whatever they want from wherever they want showing just had bad their selection and pricing were

The problem with physical stores closing is people are going to end up being hermits. You know the stories about apocalyptic South Africa? Where people only leave their house to drive to/from work because leaving your gated community for anything else is too dangerous?

People start little shops here all the time, but most go out of business quickly. For whatever fucking reason there's loads of antique/vintage shops (a sign that old school American quality and design will always trump modern junk), tanning salons (city rats coming up for vacation I guess), pet vets/grooming, and dollar stores. I think there's one real candy store, but I've never been in it. No toy stores anywhere. Small hardware store. Toys these days are shit anyway. I remember all the cool shit they used to make back in the day, when a lot of now established companies were competing and pushing out new things. Even lego now is becoming some collector hobby shit and their prices are going through the roof. I had buckets of those things and me and my brother would sit around constructing shit for hours. It would probably cost a month's pay just to get the few buckets of legos I had back then now. The generation that never grew up is really making the fucking giants in the toy industry greedy as fuck. The only thing I'm interested in now is statues, and holy shit are they expensive now. $1500 for a bust. You can buy designs, or use a bit of ingenuity, and make toys out of wood and shit. There's really cool stuff you can make. Honestly, if I ever manage to have a kid, I'm making that kid loads of toys. You buy a kid a hunk of plastic it has no value. You make that kid a toy and he/she will be passing it down to their kids. I'm so sick of nothing having value anymore. My family lost almost everything in the depression, and since 2008 my father has sold off most of what was left. Real shame.

Play in childhood is extremely important for mental development, creativity, and proper socialization. Being outdoors is good for health as well. A lot of our pleasures and drives in adulthood stem from what the leisure we enjoyed as children.

You guys can defend your vidya and your purposeless internet browsing all you want, but you are all 100% aware of the negative effects of being in front of screens all day. You know it's not good for you. You know your attention span is not what it was and you have lost something valuable that you can't quite put your finger on. And kids today are even more addicted than we ever were.

These people are conditioning children to become even more empty and shallow than we are. We should feel bad for them, because yes, these people DO hate kids, and instead of killing them, they're killing their souls.

This is where community events come in handy. That's old school America though, and Europe. You can see where big business and government have really negatively affected our cultures. I'm not entirely against capitalism, but man it has, in part, destroyed our communities and our sense of unity. It's not all business and policy though, the natural advancement of technology has caused many to stay glued to a computer or TV. Back when I was a kid I used to go outside every single day for hours on end, playing one game after another. Then PS1 came out and I got more into gaming. Then the big one, PS2. Got more into gaming. Then I saved up and bought my first PC at around 12. Porn and online gaming (way more addictive than regular gaming). Technology made me anti-social as fuck. The government and big business destroyed my community, for the most part, so now I have no where to go but right here.

I think the primary reason people don't go to malls anymore can be summarized by this webm.
I would much rather browse a mall like I did a decade ago, where I can physically touch and see the stuff I consider buying. Clicking through links and seeing 1-4 shitty low res screencaps of each item is not the same.

They sell the popular stuff everywhere, so why bother go to Toys R us, when they are not big enough to cater to the kid that has everything, like the specialized shops or the internet.

Consolizing power to turn all the shopping through a few sites would leave to complete power of the jews to sell goods to you, nobody else would afford to have a shop open to sell things the kikes don't want you to buy. Support your local shops, shop physically with real fucking money.

Hey, there is a new edition of that playset in the works, updated to better reflect the sensibilities of the modern market.

Please do share.

LEGOs, and any brand toy for that matter, have always been crazy expensive. There are vintage ads on youtube, and somebody in the comments always posts the inflation-adjusted price.

Ha! Now that it lacks any value as a reference… Former TRU employee here. Any questions?

okay then

Or shit like maryland, where all the malls around baltimore were either dead or dying while the malls in whiter(though not completely white) neighborhoods were packed

Did you work there when they still sold the sega saturn, and xix you see anyone buy them?

Checkin them divine trips

Aslso, from what I remember of Toys R Us as a kid in the 80's, their prices were way higher than retail stores. I could get that cool Transformer at fuckin KMart or Venture for 3/4 the price of what it went for at Toys R Us. Im frankly surprised they lasted this long tbh.

Also every mall I see is dead. Even in the very white west suburb of St Charles, IL Charlestown Mall is practically empty.

I knos how you feel man, rip borders.

Toys R Us is basically where beaners go to buy cheap plastic shit for their savage children to destroy in their back yards. Like a chew toy so your dog will stop chewing on the furniture.

I miss video arcades tbh. Those will never make a comeback though. I remember how awesome it was to go to the arcade and battle random fuckers at Street Fighter 2, or jump on a game of Ninja Turtles with whoever else was playing, all trying to beat the fuckin game.

Sure seems like it when there are three parts of the store people visit. Sections with figures, Sections with video games and sections with building toys. They have tons of wasted areas full of junk niche toys and shit no one buys. That is why they are going out of business. Pissing off collectors by caving in to political nonsense lost them a lot of customers as well. Next time some bitch complains about breaking bad figures being on the same shelf as marvel toys ignore the bitch.

I miss arcade machines ingeneral, they used to be everywhere when i was a kid, and it was good shit too, like you go to a flea market and theyll have 8 player xmen, terminator 2, and nba jam in the middle of the building, or some neo geo games if you went to a wetback laundrymat. Now i cant think of a single place that still has them.

Almost every 7-11 growing up had at least a couple machines. I remember playing Road Blasters and being blown away at how fun it was.

KB toys was the most popular store in the mall I used to go to as a kid once it shut down the mall started to die off…..

rip 1995

More and more i'm thinking that imageboards are the only part of soceity that's better than the old days.

Absolutely everything else has gotten worse.

All the niggers and spics destroyed the mall in my area. You can look up mall fight videos and various other mishaps to see why.

The upscale department stores are packed now in turn because it's the whitest place you can shop around here and the good piano and classical music drives the niggers out.

How's it going fellow Columbusfag? Hilariously, I'm actually heading to Tuttle mall tomorrow. Doesn't seem to have gotten too incredibly bad yet.

In addition to your listed nightmare what I've also run into recently is nothing is in stock, ever. I've almost completely given up on shopping brick and mortar. They're fucking worthless and a complete waste of my valuable time.

Needed a new home office desk - go to three different furniture stores, not in stock we have to order it

Needed a powered USB hub - go to Best Buy and Office Depot, not in stock or we just don't carry those.

Needed a cheap wi-fi extender - go to Best Buy, only models are high end and two or three times overpriced for what I need.

Fuck that. Amazon it is because there's no alternative.

Different user, but sculpting your own miniatures is fucking ridiculously difficult because the only material that really works on that scale is "green stuff", which is essentially epoxy putty

The beginning of the end for FAO Schwarz (which itself passed through a series of owners from 1963 on) started when it was merged into children's products retailer (((Right Start))) in 2001-2002 and twice filed for bankruptcy in 2003 which led to its acquisition the following year by investment management firm D. E. Shaw & Co. (whose namesake founder's wife is a kike). Toys "R" Us acquired FAO in 2009.

I forgot how much much I fucking loved this webm. What is this this scene even from?

user, I hate to tell you this but…

I wish, but they are cheap and the grocery section is keeping them alive
Good fucking luck, and they do not have a technical monopoly, they are considered a aggregate for other companies to seel their wares on.


Training the young goyim to die in future kike wars

Paying soldier is as old as time.

Not like this. Not like this.

These people buy a company just so they can tear it apart.

Has nothing to do with Amazon, a Jew has to make a profit.

Sometimes a (((coincidence))) is just a coincidence.

they've been dying for some time user
Toys R Us disappeared from where I live over a decade ago

Ehh all the people i grew up with are assholes. If computers didnt exist id be reading or some other thing instead.

That mixed unified race is the 90 iq goyim.

Smart enough to do work but dunb enough to be controlled. The kikes wet dream.

Sad part is, so many people are happy to along with it. Idk how we can stop it.


Mall cop here (I don't do it for free, which is the only reason I do it anyways).

Malls are complete shit, management is always bigwigs from California or New York.
Security guards have pretty much no legal recourse to actually defend the place and uphold policies (like if a dog has a service animal leash you can get on eBay you cannot question them what it does or why they need it.)

That and dirty nogs and spics ruin malls with their shit kids and theft-prone ways

I won't be here much longer, I got what I needed from it