Let's get a proper thread going. Shills are already vigilant and out in full force.

I'm just going through and noticed an interesting pauses on
Is he calling out the World ZOG?
Wanted to say conspiracies?

This is come Kennedy stuff.

Other urls found in this thread:

Even said that (((they))) exploit NEW technology to menace citizens.
weather control


Fuck off kike.

Obvious shill is obvious.

bamp so the shill thread doesn't get to be the only one

He pretty much destroyed globalism and endorsed sovereignty. A big fuck you kikes and commies.

The 23rd is fast approaching

Oy vey how about all these hurricanes? Maybe they come from the Atlantic but who knows? Who's to say?

Fucking this


Sage for double post

I missed out on the 50% off Infowars sale. Where can I get similar shit on the cheap?

Not sure. Ask filterman

Fuck off

It doesnt look like this raid is going to end. Voat is slowly being corrupted as well. We need a dedicated team of mods who ban based on shill speak instead of letting this trash continue. This site is basically unusable now.

Hopefully this was the killing blow to shills, because that shit was 10/10

I wonder, seems like there are enough of them running around at the moment for them to simply talk to and agree with each other.

The shilling is inevitable in this content system. I feel that we are, and pray that we will be doing more good to them than harm they can do to us. The redpill is not wasted on them, it'll stick in their minds long after their last checks come in.


Right on. Trump was being a total boss, put everyone in their place.

What the fuck all the (((local media))) reported on him going full muh norks and muh assad, have I been lied so fucking blatantly?

its just how the seating chart worked out

Best part of the speech by FAR

He's letting the spics stay, fuck him to hell.

oh look, the mods are actually here today

President Cuck to you user

No he's not.

Kill yourself.

meant for
Anyone who says shit likes this is a pussy. Trump's a pussy.

Or a negotiator. Almost like he's done this before.

I personally love this.

However there is a book I've started to read that I got from /pdfs/ that explains that the communists are indeed the Jews. But they also will prop themselves up as the 'solution' to communism. If trump starts to follow past Israeli centric foreign policy habits, won't it then be apparent that the author I speak of was correct? Communism imo isn't even an ideology at all. It's a fucking ruse! An old bait and switch.

Real-estate agents are small men in big bodies.

it wasn't a bad speech but what he has achieved domestically? barely anything.

What's it like being retarded?

To drum up support for a war that benefits the race that gave birth to communism…

This isn't about communism or any other ideology. We're in a racial struggle against the jew, and anything that benefits them hurts us.


He's a real-estate agent by trade.

actually a real estate developer would be more accurate, but he is controlled by kikes all the same

You a retarded faggot.
I'm 100% behind Trump, nothing you shills say will ever change it. He has good intentions for america and your salty ass can't handle it.

The raid never ends. But honestly, if the mods banned all the shills, we wouldn’t recognize their ways, nor would we get the head start we do on their propaganda. All the shills are really doing is shortening our OODA loop and rendering themselves ineffective.

This, it was a fantastic speech. I don't agree with the references to the NSDAP in "defeating evil", but it was a good speech for an American president.


No first post this time, kike.

There it is again! Filtered. You Sharecucks are too easy.

Looks like the GLP level shills are here, calling everyone a shareblue while they have to shill for Trump because they got caught being sex offenders or something.

The raid actually on the board by the same people that shill for Trump on GLP, it's their language and tactics that are the same.

Here's your playbook, faggot:

You've done this 3 times now and its never worked. Get a clue.

i've only ever been 1 guy with 1 ip on this board. Posting my own opinions, co-ordinating with no one.

GLP is pro-jewish, the owner of the forum has stated that he doesn't want 'stormers' and white supremacists on his site. I guess the hypocrisy is ok though because all his shill buddies can cruise around and be JIDF everywhere else and shit the place up.

Did you read it?

They're at least clear on
while a lot of doomsayers inexplicably thought that Trump's tweet about repairing fences meant that the wall was now literally just a small fence.

What a time to be alive

I bet I'll get banned for calling the (((mods))) out



Vince from hell has spoken.
Run commies.

Best Koreans aren't communists. They don't believe in universal equality and they are virulent racists. The foundation of their ideology which is Juche is that the Korean race gains its strength from its racial purity. Its literally not communism and calling it communism just makes you look stupid

I've been browsing the normalfag reactions on Faceberg so you don't have to. The ShareBlue line for this one seems to be that Trump is a megalomaniac who's playing fast and loose with the innocent lives of NK's citizens, and that he has no right to threaten or invade a country we've been at war with since 1950.

Hilariously, some secret Holla Forumslack is visiting the comments sections and pulling out the muh-holocaust defense, arguing that German civilians had it coming for not doing something about Dachau in 1941. The implication is that you can't run interference for Kim Jong Fatso without also shilling for Hitler.


It's textbook Confucianism, right down to society being divided into three castes and hereditary rule. Confucius also called for group and generational punishments for lawbreakers. His only regret in life was that he never got the chance to impose his rule on a province.

Well, now we know.

You're telling me a puppet state set up by the Soviet Union immediately following WW2, supplied by the Soviet Union until its collapse, and then used as a geopolitical prop by Communist China isn't actually Communist because they give lip service to racial purity? It's easy to talk big about the purity of your race when literally no one wants to come to your country. Not to mention its own constitution calls it a revolutionary, socialist state, you retard.

Is it possible to have a caste/class based society while still maintaining equality and equal rights?

For a quick glance, capitalism appears to fit the bill, no pun intended

For whites.

Jesus fucking Christ man its over.

Well I got my final halfchan B& I could have gotten a better one though. This waiting game is lame though.

You never know when communism gets additional face slaps but maybe you should slow down there satan

T-thanks satan

chirp! I've been hearing similar things since post-election

Pick both, I guess. Great job.

Is Ivana crying (sorry, idk a better word) at 28:20?

Just wait 2 weeks.



Calls out Saudi Arabia 29:23
Regarding them standing on the Human Rights commission.



any proof of this?

Yeah, you should totally invade yet another country, this time a non-rotschild controlled one, only for the benefit of Israel.

Listen to him talking about Iran like a good little NEOCON

what's with all these """"best Korea"""" shills?

Best Korea was a meme.
And hopefully, all you did was blindly fall for it and not something more sinister.

what part of leaving an isolationist country alone is hard to grasp?
Each country has the "right" to establish any set of rules in their respective territories. Sometimes this right is gained after a lot of effort or help by other countries with their own agenda.
NK has gained partial ZOG freedom by creating ballistic weapons. That's because, in modern day, if you don't have a nuclear bomb, you are very probably under the supervision of the international jew and it's many branches (USA, Israel, EU governments)

Invading or nuking North Korea doesn't benefit USA, but it greatly benefits Israel, as in the aftermath they will put another zionist bank / puppet government, as they always do. There is an added benefit.
The second benefit kikes gain from this narrative is to set a precedent about "dictatorial regimes".
Also you failed to discuss about these other topics:

God emperor Trump can do no harm, am i right?

From his twitter
Do we revere them enough to defend their #interests, #preserve their #cultures, and ensure a #peaceful world for their citizens?
Our #success depends on a coalition of strong and #independent nations that embrace their #sovereignty to #promote #security, #prosperity, and #peace for themselves and for the world.

We do not expect diverse #countries to share the same #cultures, #traditions, or even systems of #government to respect the interests of their own people and the rights of every other sovereign nation.
We must work together and confront those who threaten us with chaos, turmoil and #terror.
#USAatUNGA #UnitedNations #UNGA #USA 🇺🇸

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that

Why did you copypaste

Or was that part of the shill memo and you forgot to read the rest of the thread?

He calls out Saudi Arabia at 29:23


(one post by this ID)
Thats they want you to think. However we can actually filter out kikes here. The don't like that we can silence them here. I often forget people are responding to shillposters and have to check.

Or you're a doublenigger doing shillposting techniques.
Welcome to our own list.

wew let's go ZOG!

You shills are going to be clinging to that forever like the wall picture, aren't you?

Why the fuck not?

Probably got deleted because it was obvious shilling.
bullshit is hilariously transparent and its sad you think anyone falls for it.


You just played yourself, retard.


I wonder how long it took Kushner to write the Middle East foreign policy part of Trumps speech.

switching IPs I see.

I didn't mind the speech but the whole Middle East part was either some serious lip service to the jews or he's carrying on plans for greater israel. I guess time will only tell.

Nice, I come back and there's an actual thread where some shill faggot isn't trying to influence your opinion of the speech, and Trump's positions, while also trying to deter you from listening to the speech by implying his propagandist green text and feigned emotion summed it all up for you. The nigger-tier shills are so obvious in the Trump threads, and yet the mods don't do shit. As a matter of fact I'll probably get banned for saying the mods don't do shit while the faggot mods don't do shit about the shills.

Are you an actual nigger?

It's an accurate assessment. He's another Reagan, a greedy sniveling jew-like pussy.

Their aggression in trying to form a fake consensus and bully people into alignment with this consensus is the most obvious giveaway. Anyone that uses Holla Forums on a daily basis can instantly spot the difference in tone when these faggots show up.

You didn't answer my question. People who sum others up using such a simple and primitive scale tend to be niggers. You're judging him based on perceived "toughness." That's how niggers in a ghetto determine who does and does not get respect. Again, are you an actual nigger? Judge a man based on his actions and his accomplishments, not whether or not you think he's a "pussy." You just come off as sounding insecure and effeminate in your attempts to belittle another man's masculinity. You might as well say he's got a tiny dick and can't get laid. It's the same kind of nigger-tier argumentative tactic.


He really is the boss of the world. He took China and Cuba and Venezuela and Iran and a bunch of other nations and bent them over his knee.

dont forget israel! PWND!


Why's he so perfect?

jesus you kikes are desperate, your fucking plan is to pretend opposite day now?

i hope your fucking to jews aren't well paid because this is literally grade school garbage that wouldn't even fly on reddit

Oh bah fucking humbug, it doesn't matter how many tiny soundbites you get from your mishugoy saying "based" shit. What is a fact, and will always be a fact, is that we are shitting in all of your mouths and there is nothing you can do about it.

You know how you keep saying he's doing "lip service" for us? Same to you, you stupid shvartza ankle-biting weasels.

ALL of his children are married to pure Jews, and his circumcised son, Barron, will also marry a Jewish woman around 7 or 8 years from now.

FYI: All of his funding came from us, too.

The only fake consensus I've seen is the efforts by a dedicated group of shills, sarcastic or no, to enforce dick-sucking for Trump. Anons have rightly called out his waffling on DACA, and cuckish remarks regarding all the "wonderful people" that might be deported, and been met with a flood of low-IQ responses every time decrying their gall in doubting the God Emperor.




Go cry that we castrated you some more, failure.

You're not even worthy of the title goy, no - you're a mishgoy. A fucking absolute wreck. Kill yourself.

Fun fact about circumcision:

In the 1900's, the very early 1900's, I think it was 1908 or 1917, castration for musical purposes was made illegal, sadly.

Guess what was soon introduced in the US just a few years after?


Hello (((1))) with your pathetic attempt at shaming. Reviewing information first hand and formulating an opinion on it is not "dick-sucking for Trump." Your emotional outbursts aren't the basis for my opinions and positions, and me not aligning perfectly with your emotional outbursts doesn't make me wrong. You know what I see when I see a comment like yours? A disgusting attempt at guiding my/our point of view through feigned aggression and emotion, That's all I see. I don't see points, positions, or any substance whatsoever. I see fucking propaganda. Talk like a normal person or shut the fuck up. If you want to sit here and post little attacks on everyone that thinks differently from you in an attempt to shut down opposing discourse, and thus try to control the conversation on the basis of emotion, then you're getting filtered.

Pride goeth before the fall.


Fucking low IQ hypocrite.

Keep that shit on your computer you wreck, that's exactly what I want you to do. Filtered.


It bothers you greatly doesn't it?

It's almost as if they can't pick up the writing style, syntax or general feeling behind the posts on an anonymous imageboard, because they haven't lurked for two years before posting. But it can't be, right, they constantly tell us how they're the oldest of oldfags, and how we ruined Holla Forums, right :^)?

Also, at this point, I'm fucking convinced it's women doing half the shilling, because they haven't figured out yet that social shaming doesn't work on people who masturbate to anime and shitpost about videogames all day long. And that it doubly doesn't work in an anonymous environment.




You can't, and never will, have a normal sex life.

This still makes me laugh. It's so obvious yet someone only just thought it up. It's the perfect precision attack.

Kek is truly with us, Eureka!

SHITTED is antiBLACKED, because niggers are poop. It's still disgusting though.

They're smug SJW faggots who never had to face any opposition in their hebrew schools.

It shows.

Lets talk about those gooks you keep calling "based".

Do they pay you extra for being a tryhard?

Let's talk about filters, shall we?


Mean while you have to take black ghetto thug cock up your ass every other day just to be able to pay for your low-ghetto """apartment""".

How is that 50k college debt feeling? How does it feel knowing you're quite literally my bitch no matter how many feel-good thoughts you put in your mind?

No amount of "joy" will ever get rid of the fact that you were castrated and you will never have a normal sex life.

yeah, for months we've been all over the place with many saying 'let's wait and see' or chess-explanations, and yet when he most clearly turns on us and white americans, large numbers of reddit-tier fanboys show up.

You do realize it's incredibly fucking obvious that you're from Holla Forums, right?

that middle one is so perfect

how's your sex life?
what is your sex life?

I fuck them up the ass just like I do with you.

the UN refers to Pres Trump as, "==His Excellency==," right at the beginning a few times
I got a kick out of that
God Emperor


Is that a no on the extra pay? Do you even GET paid for this, or is it just something you do to momentarily suppress your growing desire to commit suicide?

That's pretty gay, my dude.
And I did filter you again.

Your feminized attacks will always make you obvious, and you can't change the way you think, so me pointing it out doesn't matter.

What's there to say? I just love making you lose what little hope you have left in your miserable, literally worthless, castrated life!

I make my money from buying and reselling vintage toys on ebay, and modelling.

This is precisely the quickest argument against commie bullshit. The mere implementation of it fundamentally requires the nation to violate its supposed sacrosanct positions.

What are you talking about? Social shaming? Are you really that sensitive that you feel the need to go on an extended rant because of my choice of language, which was pretty apt given the ludicrous fawning over Trump that's persisted well after the election? And you have the balls to accuse ME of being emotional?

Yeah I've noticed it as well. Granted some of them are arguing in good faith, but some are obvious civnat morons who simply refuse to acknowledge reality

Oh, that's cool. What do you model? What kinds of vintage toys?

"The duty of a sovereign nation is to preserve their people's ability to live in the fullness of life as God intended."

And if you're not one of "God's Chosen", then you're just SHIT OUTTA LUCK, FELLA!!

Also correct, I am feminine. I look basically just like bill kaulitz at 16 with no makeup.

The funny thing is though, because of this, not only could I make your girlfriend (if you even have one) bend the knee, I can make you, too, my absolute bitch since I look better than 90% of all women out there.


What you're talking about is memes. People do it because it's fun. You're the one sitting here posting emotional outbursts and demanding we all be like you or dare risk an emotional response.

The kind of vintage toy is very, very specific. I'd rather not go into any detail. Don't want one of you to fuck my business up.

I model both male and female clothing.

>not only could I make your girlfriend (if you even have one) bend the knee, I can make you, too, my absolute bitch since I look better than 90% of all women out there.


where's my UN_laughing_at_socialism.webm ? - 35m8s

I was just curious, but I understand why you'd be afraid of us.

Someones mad they have shit genes and their skull structure is fucked.


Shills are derailing the thread and no one's filtering them.


This is now a redpill thread.









I love a good curb-stomping.

You people are giving mixed messages. Is NK a natsoc heaven?

Why don't you fight tooth and nail to prevent nooks from accepting central banking in the after math? This might be a good idea.


It was one guy abusing cookies to get multiple IDs.

I think it's more than that, they have their own sites for that type of thing. It should have tapered off, not done a complete 180. Smells more like actual paid shills.

Who is the real winner here?


Two seconds of your time is more valuable than his entire life, user.
A single second of a white man's time is more valuable than every kike and shitskin life.


No, not a single one. The only civnats are shills. You fucking kikes keep pushing both sides of the same coin. Either support and adopt Trumps civnat stuff or denounce everything he does. It doesn't work that way.


No shit. Trump's a pussy because he panders towards liberals, not because of you're dumb ass rant that I didn't read.

A golden classic.


Whats it feel like to be a lonely woman who can only feel fulfilled with a dick up her shoot? Do you ever wonder if life would have been better if you didn't sacrifice your morals for quick gratification?

wow shareblue fuck off shills first post everytime
shillcuck cuckshill wew switching ip leftypol



How did so many people fall for such a obvious cult?

if you have a goybook hit trumps goybook post about the mexican earthquake with the 'haha' like. Its currently in fourth place and needs 1,400 more to replace the crying one as 3rd place which will make it visible and trigger the shit out of commie faggots.

i thought you didnt like the jews?

laughing at mexicans dying in an earthquake 'makes you like the jews'? Or is it taking advantage of a situation which 'makes you like the jews'? I think neither, kike shill.

Ya know what makes you like a kike shill? Insinuating that I am a shill for proposing an excellent troll on the same id where you arbitrarily tagged posts calling them all shills. You need to ask your boss how the board works before posting get this first day on the job tier shit out of here.

thats because its not a raid, just oldfags tired of redditfags destroying their board.

remembered to proxy this time?

shut up kike

no seriously go the fuck back to reddit


Absolutely garbage tier shilling. It must get depressing doing something you truly believe is right and being so fucking horrible at it.

confirmed t_D

fuck the both of you

Wew lads.


I'd probably kill myself if I were you

its not t_D… It's lowtax and his faggot goons.

It says 'pol Is' you tards.
you make a really good point otherwise just kidding


Might be because I have font and/or graphic design autism, but, you make it really fucking obvious when you re-use the exact same style of infographic, with the exact same font and the exact same red on white color scheme.

… Duh? Did you think I was trying to hide it?

Your shilling is pathetic

go back to circlejerking at you snotty little shitstain

I honestly can't tell anymore, at least in other threads they haven't been using any goon terminology that I can spot. Then again it isn't hard to imitate full-MAGA

confirmed T_D
look mom i can do it too!

It was an educated guess, lowtax is posting on twitter about that poll on 'is antifa a terrorist organization' So I'm guessing they are assblasted that Holla Forums started correcting the poll they were brigading.


posting from the shariablue app, I see.

the problem with your logic is you imply we give a shit what happens to korea, or even sand niggers in syria. Just because we are pro-assad does not mean we are pro-any-sandniggers.

Yup Trump isn't a national socialist. In other news water is wet. What is your point and why do you keep making shitty threads over and over again. Meanwhile good threads with new information are being slid.
Good job! Mission accomplished. you've successfully divided the base over nothing. The jews would be proud.

The problem with your logic is you imply that I'm implying 'we' give a shit what happens to korean or even sandniggers - and I don't.
What I imply, is that Trump is full of shit, talking about 'muh sovereignty' whilst actively engaged in military action in, and calling for further military response in/towards, several sovereign nations. Because Israel doesn't like them.

There's that 'we' again nigger - you got a mouse in your pocket or something?

Fuck the Syrians, fuck the Koreans - both sides, and fuck the Iranians… But that says nothing for the blatant Zionoid rhetoric Trump is shilling.

And besides - what my logic REALLY implies is that 'we' - that is, Holla Forums - should know full-well, if they aren't newfags, that the US was fucking grabbing up territory left and right, and imposed upon those territories with the full might of its media and military forces.
Thus, again, Trump is talking out his ass, spewing Jew-tier rhetoric. And here you are, crying that I'm a shill for pointing out the denazification existed, and this future is about awful as one could imagine, especially relative to the outcome had the Germans won in WW2.

See above nigger.

Oh vey goy. If you don't actively pay attention to foreign middle eastern politics and instead simply want to preserve your race in your nation you must be a redditfag.
If you want to see jews and kikes killed that makes you a good goy.

Hey shareblue, I think your bots are breaking down.

Again, Trump was never a natsoc. Read my post.
He is a step forward. He is the symbolic red pill being shoved down the masses throats. You think Rome was built in a day?

I didn't say anything about that faggot, I just said he's full of shit - and you know I'm right, that's why you're trying to deflect.

I think Rome was built by people who wanted to actually build Rome, as opposed to fags who said they wanted to build Rome and then gave all the peoples money to Jerusalem and sent them to die killing the kings in the lands around those of Herod while yapping about 'sovereignty'.

virtue signals to his base
affirms unconditional loyalty to his masters

I'm not deflecting at all. I'm simply curious why you feel it neccasary to pump out 5 black pill Drumpf threads a day complaining that Trump isn't literally hitler.

by making that implication you also imply that we give a shit about the sovereignty of insectoids and shitskins

Like I said, who gives a shit about the sovereignty of shitskin nations?

Technically, if you want to be a sophist, you could say that America runs an empire based on the amount of extranational territories it holds.

I did not call you a shill for saying that denazification existed, not once. In fact, all I said to you is that your logic is flawed because you imply we give a shit about what happens to subhumans. They could have the saddest fucking misfortune befall them and we could be solely responsible for it while throwing a parade declaring that we would never do such a thing. Don't. Give. A. Shit.

Oh but I will say that Trump is not a kike. They didn't see Trump coming at all and they are still pissed at his victory.

He was full of shit too when he said he would fight for the lgbt community

I think Rome was built by people who wanted to actually build Rome, as opposed to fags who said they wanted to build Rome and then gave all the peoples money to Jerusalem and sent them to die killing the kings in the lands around those of Herod while yapping about 'sovereignty'.

The plebians didnt actually want to build rome, but they were useful to that end, you fucking pleb.

I honestly hope they're bots, real shills can't be this stupid, can they?

Do you really expect me to believe all those kikes were kvetching over Trump because it was reverse psychology and they were appealing to people who hated jews? Thats the most backward logic i've ever heard. Jews do not call attention to themselves.

I haven't posted a single thread today - there you go deflecting again.
Take that poor mouse out of your pocket, and recognize that I don't have to give a single solitary shit about any of those mudfolk to note that Trump is a blowhard talking mad shit while being a total hypocrite the whole time.

Then don't yell about sovereignty so much?
You can't shout about how important sovereignty is, then say, "Well, THESE people I don't like, so fuck their sovereignty", because that tells everyone the score - as soon as America (or rather, Israel) doesn't like you, BOOM, your sovereignty ceases to matter.

Look at fucking Ukraine. "Oy vey! Ukrainian sovereignty!", when the current Ukrainian government is fucking nothing but a puppet show run by the EU, born of violent uprisings against a sovereign leader by foreign-backed/-financed provocateurs.

See above dipshit. I might be down, if Trump was actually doing what you're implying - but you and I both know he's not. He'd turn on a European nation in a minute if they provoked Israeli ire sufficiently to warrant it - I mean, christ, all that Ukraine shit is just basically attacking Russia indirectly whilst implying the EU-puppet state of Ukraine's sovereignty is so terribly important.

Kek, cool, well, that means that 'muh sovereignty' is a fucking joke - as is the claims of not having imposed upon nations post WW2, when the Japanese STILL don't have a fucking military of their own.

No, lower than that, you called me a shill because you leapt to the assumption I was pushing an angle that suggested I give a fuck about the mudfolks, and I don't, but your logic doesn't hold up under examination - it just suggests Trump to be EVEN MORE of a hypocrite, and who the fuck trusts such a person? Any man who represents the US, and will stand in public and say that the US didn't impose upon other nations post-WW2, that they built 'a better future' through the Marshall plan, that the US gives even a SINGLE SOLITARY SHIT about 'sovereignty' - even our own - is a joke. You know it as well as I do, else you ARE calling me a shill for suggesting that denazification existed, because you're suggesting that its 'shilling' to point it out, when its existence is in direct conflict with Trump's statements.

And as I've explained to you, that's retarded, and not my point at all. If you weren't so retarded, you'd get my point, which is that you shouldn't a trust a man who talks empty bullshit out the side of his mouth, especially when, by definition, you've already admitted in this comment that I'm responding to that he is, in fact, talking empty bullshit out the side of his fucking mouth.

Is that why trannies are back in the military?

Lad, you are the pleb. And its hysterical to patrician such as myself as you wave your meager cock around in such a manner.

It's certainly better they be sovereign than to have American blood and money spent on CIAnigger destabilization, which has been happening for the past 60 years and has led to shitskin migrations to white nations.

Yes you can.

hence the Ukrainians not having sovereignty

And yet he gave an ebin speech in Poland after Poland started going badgoy

Us imposing our rule over shitskin territories does not negate our sovereignty

No I am not calling you a shill for suggesting that nazification existed. It is the reason Patton was murdered. It happened and it was well after the kikes solidified their deathgrip on America. Im calling you a shill for giving a shit about something historical being in direct conflict with something Trump said. It does not fucking matter. The past is the past. Germany tried but failed. America will do the job correctly, and with exceptionalism.

I'm starting to question whether you are a shill or a low functioning autist.

shill/10. He said that the military will not allow trannies to enlist and that there would be a review on what to do with those already serving. Which continues to be true. He didn't go back on anything.

Us having sovereignty and us being imperialistic or militarily adventurous are not mutually exclusive.


and exterminatus is preferable to both

Nope, and FTFY

>If we desire to lift up our citizens, if we aspire to the approval of history, then we must fulfill our sovereign duties to the people we faithfully represent. We must protect our nations, their interests, and their futures. We must reject threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea. We must uphold respect for law, respect for borders, and respect for culture, and the peaceful engagement these allow. And just as the founders of this body intended, we must work together and confront together those who threaten us with chaos, turmoil, and terror.
So Trump is full of shit, glad we agree.

And yet the whole speech was about brave Polish Jewish partisans killing badgoy NatSoc. Funny that, eh?

Nobody is talking about OUR sovereignty, you braindead pleb-tier cuckold, we're talking about international sovereignty, the CONCEPT of sovereignty.
Your own rhetoric is oppositional to Trump's, because he's not merely talking about OUR sovereignty. Here, let me link you back to how he cites sovereignty in his speech ten fucking times.

I guess your post could make a paragraph, if it wasn't oriented in reddit view.

I know.
I know, but its true, because it is.

You are retarded and quite dumb.

FTFY and I'm not the one blatantly denying the situation at hand while saying 'past is past', nigger.

[*cuckoldry intensifies*]

To choose a parlance from a fool:

FTFY, and you truly are retarded and quite stupid.

Tippest Toppest Keks

When the Israelis are applauding you, you can be pretty well-assured you fucked up.

you aren't listening

you are jewish

Do explain schlomo and please stop posting this filth. What the fuck is it with jews and poo anyway?

He's really been trying to force it.

Why does this meme trigger you?


Its their first day.

Bibi's lips are firmly attached to Trump's booty.

Not just trying, it's already taken off and is in flight, approaching cruising altitude.

Because I know its Jewish pornography mixed with scatological fetishism, both of which I know to be strongly-associated with Jewishness?
Maybe? You ugly Jew?

Why do you have a whole folder full of Jewish interracial pornography stills edited to replace nigger dicks with shit? Its a weak meme, and it does more to promote on behalf of Jewish porn than it does to accomplish anything of benefit.


kek thats some first class redpill shitposting

everything goes into a file store where it is accessed by metadata

Is that why you're the only one posting it in the entire thread?
Well, one other guy, who posted nothing else in this thread but your shitty meme - no pun intended - which you attempt to bandwagon with.

Forced memes are obvious you degenerate scat-fetishist kike.

At least you're an organized degenerate Jew. Congrats.

You alright buddy?

Aw jeez paw, I was just trying to be like Wally and the older kids.

You can too shout about the importance of sovereignty while impeding the sovereignty of others. BECAUSE THEIRS DOESNT MATTER, YOU CUCK.

You are right! Trump is totally not Hitler! I guess I better go and pout about something we knew to be the case since may of 2015.

you are the only one hung up on such sophistry.

I never said it wasnt true

The situation at hand is we have grown in number monumentally in the past 2 years, we have pushed the window incredibly far to the right. And while most of the retards occupying the window are 'alt-right' faggots they are much closer to embracing national socialism than they were before now. The situation is we have turned the tide, our mind virus has been unleashed, and there is no stopping it now.

If they were to be kicked out now they would be entitled to monetary veteran benefits, and all of them would be entitled to 100% which is the equivalent of $3,200 a month for life due to their mutilations being performed by the military while they were in military service. So.. a study is needed to figure out the best way to handle that situation.

us claiming to protect the sovereignty of others, while not doing so, DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER. The other day I told a nigger that I wasn't racist at all, when in fact… I hate niggers almost as much as I hate kikes.. Is that a no-no too?

the actual post is deleted but that sentence structure seems familiar
Could it be jewtube-party-people-posting kike-kun? Is he really still here and pulling his schtick?

now for serious discussion:

What prompted lowtax to raid us?

Yeah, this is tooooootally organic, lele.

Have you tried being less Jewish?

Then why is Trump yelling about THEIR sovereignty so much and defending it? Sounds like you're full of shit user, shilling hard.

Exaggeration is the mark of the shill bro.

Then maybe you should come up with a better argument than saying 'sophistry' over and over as though you know what it means?

KEK. Thank you for agreeing with me and accepting that you're an idiot.

There's that fucking mouse again! Who is 'we', nigger?

Except Trump just publically associated White Nationalism with domestic terrorism. Seems legit to say it was him that contributed to that, and not those SUPPORTING HIM, you pleb.

Now, there, I agree - but it has very little to do with Trump, and much to do with the will of the people who supported him.

Yes, they are, where have you been slowbro?

Yep, pretty much.

What's the difference between them being kicked out now and being kicked out in March in that context? Oh, there isn't any? Okay.

Seems legit.

Well, that depends, doesn't it? Do you want me to believe that the shit you say to me is true? Because if so, well, that's pretty obvious evidence to suggest I can't rely on that, isn't it?
And you've completely dodged my commentary as regards the disingenuous nature of yours.

Several threads posted on this subject yesterday,most of them clearly identifying the problem with Trumps Admin and instead they all get deleted and this one, clearly populated by the same astroturfing hasbara kikes that have turned Holla Forums into a neoconservative fanclub these past few years gets pinned.

t. butthurt shillkike

this is a pro-Trump board, your whataboutism and concern shilling will never turn it

Which makes it all the weirder because Holla Forums started out ostensibly against international jewry.

We have even heard of SHITTED.COM all the way in the darkweb.

You guys, i just wanna say

I fucking love you guys

it's a counter-meme to the blacked cuck porn

No it really isn't, it's a continuation of jews laughing at the goy on Holla Forums and shitting up the board with pro-isreal neocon republikike spam along with grotesque jewish pornography

Golly you're sore, do you need an inflatable circular ass cushion?

Wew lad, you completely dropped the ball there. Trump wasn't ever going to make NS happen. if you had two fucking brain cells to rub together, you'd realize Holla Forums pushed him to redpill the normalfags on a lot of issues/push the overton window to the right. He was never meant to be anything more than a stepping stone in the great game. He's served his purpose, but now everyone is seeing his (((true colors))) come out in force, which should've been obvious to anyone paying attention.

I'd say lurk more, but the cancer's grown too much at this stage, especially with the compromised mods that shut down anything willing to question Trump or which helps Holla Forumslacks get off their asses to prepare for the war(s) to come.

Kill a cappy for nappy

Whoops. That was meant for the Morgan Freeman thread.

bibi's great great great great great grandfather invented flattery

and lying was invented

Sick buckets at the ready!


The video is only 1:13:27 long.

Also, come on, why the Hell is he still trying to instigate war with NOK and Iran?

so you admit that you want to be just like the jews are to you?

indeed it does jews laugh when goys die. you laugh when mexicans die.
Is it really that hard to see user? :^)

Wow shillcuck! cumskin learningcode christcuck imkamphy MODS semen eater ODIN


MUUHHHH ISREAL , those ebil countries want nukes how dare they. Only were allowed nukes >:(

i was here back in 2014 when 8pol was a lot better before you fellas got compromised

Where's going, there's no need for a God. They got him already.

infact how can i be the shill if you are posting cuck porn

Found the kike.

Good on socialism.
Good on Venezuela
Bad on Syria
Mixed feelings about the North Korea stuff.

Trump is a kike all of his moves prove otherwise. Hes trying to maintain the state for the bidding of the Jewish overlords you can see that with the "tough" talks with Korea. When the people lost faith in the state it might just get to the point of 4rth generational warfare that which they do not want.

It must be the thing he said about socialism, isn't it?

Sovereignty is important for countries that are celebrating "Death to America Day" like its Christmas. The other guy literally says he wants to nuke us. So we either sit back and take it, or we're a kike puppet?

First of all, we are not a democracy. Secondly,


Maybe he just want to replace them with Mexicans or Africans for a more diverse Syria. Countries killing their white populations with Judeo-Capitalism should be banned from the U.N.

Democratic Republic. Still not NatSoc, you've proven nothing.


Sure, moishe. I do love me some good warhawk propaganda. I get you're mad that you don't get to roll the Syrians, but fuck off.


how disrespectful of them

If trump were to dump the barrel then scrape the bottom,and force registered democrats to house the sludge of the refugees at their own expense.

Then they would shut up about the refugees really quickly.

half of Holla Forums :
>(((Trump))) cucks out at UN
other half :
I really don't give a shit anymore at this point


How will the world (((elite))) ever recover?

Moon Jae-in isn't someone I would envy much right now.

When Trump gives the order and bombs start falling on North Korea, what the fuck can he do? Don't do anything to try and restrain the US and his leftie/gommie friends will call him a betrayer and a sellout, they will go after him far harder than they ever did LMB or PGH.

Try? Well fine, but what can he do (easily)? South Korean forces are under US command. He'd have to break the alliance to force South Korean neutrality.

And right now, the US-Korea alliance somewhat protects South Korea (the riding-with-daddy effect). If South Korea ends up on its own, that would leave US forces (and maybe even Japan!), uh, with much freer reign to do what they want in South Korea as well as in North Korea.

Ironically, South Korean subordination to the US is what is protecting it more than anything right now IMHO.

Eat shit and die.

He lip services fully for the kikes while letting Syria re-take its land. Kurds will be next while he does a strike or two and lip services the rest. He can't do shit vs Turkey so only SAA or Hezb if they're tricked will take a few hits.
SAA have crossed euphrates and they said 'they'd stop them doing that' - SDF aka FSA aka ISIS lite/MossadCIAniggers getting BTFO, RU brought in upgraded mig29s, USAniggers can't do shit now, it's hilarious.

Yep keep whining about kikes from your mom's basement you limp wristed little faggot. Trump answers to no one.

Gas yourself cocksucker.

Three years. Didn’t work the first time. Won’t work now. Shill harder.

About the replies I expected I just wish you people only arrived here for anti Hillary memes and fucked off.


Love how he talked about strong sovereignty and strong Britain/France.. then how rapefugees are 10x more cost effective to sort at their own country or close. Basically shitting on refugee bullshit and indirectly pushing for stronger border control. Hope that goes on the news and wakes up some eurocucks.

Its in the kabbalah.
Everybody carries a part/spark of a dead god inside them, the only way to revive it is becoming One.
Its indeed a cult.


Quiet, you (((1))) nigger.

This was a blow against the European cuckolds more than anybody. Maybe the best part of the speech.

The amount of underlying messages in his speech was hilarious really.
I enjoyed it.

It's been reported several times, as you'll note the MODs elected to pin this thread and allow a robotic kike to shill for the aut-kike others like here filled with skat porn while banning dozens of legit anons who don't like praising zionist jews.

I think that should satisfy your query of just how jewed this place has become.

After this speech, such an appropriate gets


North Korea has done nothing to America. We have no business there. Unless you're a fucking kike.

The kikes are proud to announce they wrote DT's UN speech.


Lel. If you want a civcuck reddit vibe then why don't you just use reddit? The forcing of this narrative when people clearly aren't buying it makes me think you are getting paid, an actual trumpcuck would have fucked off a while back.

Just compare the arguments and talking points coming from both sides and it's pretty clear who the shills are.

It's a fact that Trump is a zionist piece of shit. Anyone who denies this with so much evidence available is either an idiot or subverting.

Yeah, the guy who cried, "Cruel!" after seeing how the Republican alternative to Obamacare wanted to cut off millions of Shameequas and their nigllets as well as the elderly who really, really need dozens of pills per day is a real hero of self-reliance and small government. He's going to grant millions of Mexicans access to their dream of eternal welfare too in a few months too.

Point taken. Next time around, we'll all vote for the candidate Hillary supports, you goddamned D&C kike meat puppet.

Where the fuck are the mods?!?!?

She was going to start wars and bring in plenty of Mexicans to fight them too. How long before Trump starts saying there were some good ideas in TPP? End of second term is my bet if China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan don't call his bluff.

Can you please explain why you are still shilling for Trump so hard? Was his arms deal with the Saudis some 4d chess move I just wasn't able to see?


It's the amazing chess move of producing something and then selling it for profit.
You can act all you want that the world would be a better place if they had bought the weapons from another country instead.

Why are you retards so skilled at ignoring context? Trump said that if NK attacked the US he would retaliate, but you faggots are acting as if he's the aggressor.
Is the proper non-cucked response to an attack to just ignore it, because if you kill your attackers they win?

Baron has more important things to think about than a pesky eclipse. He's planning his presidency.

>Now we are calling for a great re-awakening of nations. For the revival of their spirits, their pride, their people and their patriotism. History is asking us whether we are up to the task. Our answer will be a renewal of will, a rediscovery of resolve and a rebirth of devotion. We need to defeat (((the enemies of humanity))), and unlock the potential of life itself.

We need to defeat the enemies of humanity, and unlock the potential of life itself.

So having kids when your older does tend to make them autistic. Sucks to be Barron. Trump was in his 50s when he filled her up. People with autism have a hard time feeling empathy, right, our racial downfall? If that's the case we need to make this kid a White Nationalist. With his resources in the future he could lead a purge and not be swayed one bit by emotion.

No, children of older parents do not "tend to be autistic." There is an increased but still small change but besides:
It's depressing that even on Holla Forums the "everything psychological is caused by genes or biology" mentality prevails.
It's not difficult to realize that it tends to be a certain type of woman who delays having children into middle-age. The type of woman who values her career and possessions more than being a mother. In other words, women with low maternal instinct.
It's well known that adverse treatment during infancy (lack of maternal warmth) drastically increases the chance of autism.
And that's about sums it up. Cold materialistic mothers who were "too busy" to have children for the first 25-30 years of their fertility cycle, tend more often than young mothers to be lacking in warmth?

Alright, calm your tits nigger, you don't need to give me a sarcastic tone, it hurts my feelings.

Don't ever doubt him



Bibi's hand is on top. It was the other way around an earlier time they met, if I remember correctly.

It's because Trump's on the right instead of the left.

More accurately, the kike's saying that this is the first time in 30 year a man stepped in front of the UN.

Considering you don't even know the entire situation of the point you're trying to shill, I'd say there's a lot you're too stupid to see.

Do you even into geopolitics? Every time someone makes an arms deal with the Saudis there is a coup attempt, the same thing happened months ago as a result of Trump's arms deal.

(reluctantly checked) Yes, very possibly. If Trump sees a long and prosperous relation with the Saudis in the future, why do this in the very first months? Now if you think on the other hand, that Saudi Arabia is coming up on a big economic crisis, a cooling of relations with the West, and even perhaps internal strife, then gee whiz, you just got them to fork over 3 billion bucks before they stop being able to, for weapons to kill each other with. Pretty sure I just replied to a shill, but just in case, there you go. I can't prove this of course (though there are a bunch of indicators), we gotta wait and see, either way.