Rolling Stone Up For Sale

Rolling Stone, Once a Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale

Here's the real reason they are failing:

And get ready for the double-down:

They've been suffering in sales for years but putting the nail in this one is yet another indicator of people's general distaste for leftist virtue signaling and lecturing. Also, artists are just complete and utter shit today. No one is edgy, out there or truly original. Maybe they never were and it's always been sugar coated turds. But today it's like trying to sugar coat diarrhea. Pic related.

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my cousin told me about this yesterday, but he didn't know the reason
>(((lena dunham)))
kek. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. they just can't help themselves

Some degenerate Saudi will buy it

These are the tools that destroyed America and kiked it.

Like all tools of societal decay they have ended up believing their own propaganda and imploding in the reality of the changing world.

Social justice is a failed counter culture. Their fallback was to promote Jew celebrities who have disfigured faces and bodies and politicians who are over 60. Is it a wonder it failed? Hollywood is heading in the same direction.

Any richfags want to buy it and turn it into a real counterculture magazine? As in, a pro-white one?

dubs of hope, user.

I'll pass. The entertainment industry in general, but particularly the music 'community' is filled with undesirables; and I would have few individuals worthy of interviewing/covering.


lol good riddance

For so called progressives, they certainly fail spectacularly to move with the times. Shows their inability to adapt and create, while highlighting their propensity to gnaw like rats.

or outjew the jews and manufacture your own like they did

own the press and tell the plebs who is cool

[oldfag] yea, rolling stone went to shit many years ago

the only / last reason I ever read it anymore was if there was a PJ O'Rourke article in it.
And PJ is very much a conservative, who likes making fun of dumb people in general…… and Leftists in particular.
The only reason they kept running PJ's articles was because he was a National Lampoon magazine alumnus (I think maybe the last one writing?) and that magazine was kinda an early inspiration for Rolling Stone.

and the last time I read an O'Rourke article in Rolling Stone was quite a few years back now. He's getting old and writing less.

the rest of Rolling Stone I don't care for, and the print magazine business in general is gone totally corporate and bland.
ESPECIALLY anything to do with the mainstream music industry, that RS kept trying to centralize when the whole internet was marginalizing it.
it's pretty tough to pretend to be counter-culture when you're licking corporate boots in every issue, but RS had no choice: they have the same problem that the record companies do.
People want digital versions (not print) -but- digital versions enable easy unauthorized copying, that doesn't provide any subscriber revenue or advertising metrics. Which is death for a print magazine.

you may like something about it as it is today, but 30+ years ago it was a *very* different magazine

also we note:
print magazines are a dying species anyway. it's not a happy business to be in.


there's not really any good US humor magazines anymore, that I know of
the last good one was Spy (R.I.P.)

There'd be few issues published, with the current crop of mostly untalented posers and imitators. I've got a different publication in mind.

Their work here is done.

At least those which belong to the old way of doing things. Recent years have seen a number of more specialized titles launch, with different aims and values than their multi-decade predecessors.

omg madman, mad kek at your post son.

I presume the buyer is already lined up, and its merely a transfer to a more hardline propaganda minded Jew.

Don't worry, here, have a french fry.

Hearst? I'm sure they could make good use of the team for their Esquire (((political analysis))).

I never really read it to begin with but I got a copy free from this diner and read it in August 2016 (I think). They had an amazing unsourced article with the headline "Trump Continues to Pledge against Hist Voter Base" (or something like that). In it they had a four page editorial about nearly nothing and to complement the editorial it had insane graphics. For example, one graph read

Obamacare: Trump Supporters whom Support: 89%, Non-Trump Voters who support 71%, "[PLACE DONALD TRUMP QUOTE HERE]".

Another graphic read:

Gun Control: Trump Supporters Whom Support: 98%, Non-Trump Voters Whom Support: 99%, "PLACE DONALD TRUMP QUOTE HERE]"

I don't have it infront of me and apparently the website version is different. The only citation I could find is the copyright on the clipart. This is more than fake news, this was pulling things out of thin air and hoping anyone would believe it.

If you people have physical copies of magazines (like I do but in storage) it's the same issue as the four page article detailing the life of an American Anarchist whom illegally entered Syria (or was it Iraq…) to fight ISIS. I think he was a KRD, or whatever one Holla Forums liked.

just repeatedly interview mel gibson.

"It works for me."

Why is there a sex predator on the cover? Is this a feature on the "rape culture" the left is always telling us about?


why would anyone want to save their backers and attach there ideology to a failed brand known for radical liberalism/communism?

Who cares, counter-culture is death, centuries from now they will remember the period, like they remember the middle ages, bunch of crazy cults popped up, then died out, left some good music, see video.

Counter culture is the idea that you can displace the standing culture with one you fabricate.

The moment that culture shifts, that strategy begins to fail. Cultures tend to shift every other generation or so. You'd need infinite resources to keep the assault going permanently. Destroying a culture while leaving its adherents around doesn't work either.

Genocide is virtually impossible these days, and you better believe their descendants will come after you.

Watch your step Shylock.

Say what you want about PJW. He not wrong about the right wing being the new counter culture. And that terrifies baby boomers

lester bangs was the best rolling stones writer of all time

Jew astroturf

It's funny, she's one of the prize whores of the elite media marxists, but most of the left actually hates her. Meanwhile she seems to be the chosen one, in spite of this, to be glorified in the moment. They're putting her in an episode of American Horror Story, a show that appeals to loads of leftie rats, and they're chasing their audience away. I don't know how the lower level leftie rats came to hate this bitch, but whatever it was, we need to meme it for all of their beloved leaders. It certainly wasn't her politics. Maybe it was the rape of her sister or something. I don't think that ever got too popular though. Who fucking knows. It's just hilarious watching the top tier kikes and marxists shoving this whore in the face of their rat followers when, for some reason that's beyond me, they chose to hate her.

Imagine if an user came by and bought it.
He Did Nothing Wrong

He did nothing wrong would just be over the top but the Another Dead Nigger : He Dindu Nuffin would work fine. Maybe replace nigger with aspiring rapper, it's fresh and new, that would anger them more than the old fashioned nigger.

What would we name a Holla Forums magazine, and what articles would it feature? I don't read magazines so I'm not that familiar with the format, and I'm not sure what would make it inside, as Holla Forums operates at light speed.

Normalfags actually get their worldview from some magazine written by kikes. Incredible

We should crowdfund it's purchase then cover nothing but White Power music. Get one edition out before they shut it down. Still be epic.

Timeless things like survival tips, gun reviews, off the grid houses and everthing associated with that, good books.

What's the price tag?


>All the hip (((countercultural))) edifices that the dickless babyboomers have fawned over for decades in their ridiculous quest for eternal youth and coolness are finally drying up and limping off into obscurity like the spiritually barren dinosaurs that they are.

Yeah they had those in the 80's/90's
they were cringy as hell.
Skinheads were a mistake.

If we are going to make a magazine, it needs to be more than just music. It has to be a mixture of everything. It also needs to be purely controversial, since its the only way magazines sell nowadays.

That's actually pretty much what happened in the 60's, minus the part about good music.

Which won't matter once Iran and Saudi Arabia start nuking each other.

nothing is sacred of this world

with one exception*

The problem of course is: a couple generations later the left became the establishment and the right became the counter culture.

Can anyone say kikestarter time?

Every leftist is secretly loathed by every other leftist.


r-selection at work.

Yes glad that is behind us. Even modern skins realise this. The boots and braces look is gay fetish now.

/fa/scism or bust tbh

They are their biggest enemy, that's why they always kill each other so much.

Skinheads were just a Jewish perversion of the far right to ensure all choices you could make would be kosher. The mirror image of antifa, pulled from the same pool of degenerates.

It isn't a counterculture at all. It IS the mainstream. At this point even the SJW's, or whatever they call themselves or you want to call, them know it. Remember Barack Obama? We are all socialists now?

Just think about this: Antifa are supposed to be anti-globalist, no free market capitalism exploiting the world and all that. Trump ran on an anti-globalist platform. Yet they continue to oppose him even now that he's cucking to their every whim. Whatever allows these people to believe that they are both the norm, I.E, the way everyone's supposed to be, AND, this extremely rebellious, ultra-edgy anti-establishment counternarrative without which fascism would engulf the entire world (dare to dream) can only be double-think.

Just look at fucking pic related. Fucking look at it. Leftism is a mental disorder.


Study the history of the far-right and the pre-Nazi "Skinhead" culture and you'll realize that you're wrong

The owners of Rolling Stone where trying to quickly sell it for a reason:


The owners where strait up trying to stick some poor sucker with this massive lawsuit.

The chutzpah is real.

Also: Pictures of girls in wheatfields and funny gore pics from various shitskin hellholes around the world. Good god man, I think we might be on to something.

Or, it's not gay and niggardly enough for generation niggerst.

The Rolling Stormer


Dead muds are good for morale. Don't be such a lilly-liver.


He's got a point, though I agree that it would detract from the chicks in wheat fields.

We'll even add a "letters to the editor" section where salty faggolis like you could rant to your heart's content.

They wouldn't be on the same page.

Go update your furry twitter account, schlomo.


The Rolling Thunder

In this picture she really reminds me of that Nintendo Tree-house chick.
Alison Rapp, was it?

That's not really important - you're talking about mixing really nice imagery with really revolting imagery - that in itself is contrary to most of the quality content on Holla Forums where it's just truth without the normie-tier emotional manipulation attached.

Nigger you are getting way too riled up about an imaginary magazine.

Lefty propaganda institutions are dropping like flies. They need a world war 3 narrative asap to distract from this backlash.

Looks like someone is taking advantage of the sale to possibly bankrupt these shits for good.

Appeals Court Judges Revive UVA Fraternity Defamation Lawsuit Against Rolling Stone
September 20, 2017

There is no hope for you.

Countercultures are created to legitimize future platforms within the mainstream. Antifa is no different. Instead of beating back the racists, they are beating back nazis. Their platform is the status quo. They are goons who have been fed a doctrine and set against political opponents of the elite. That's who they fight for, if you can call it fighting. The second a police officer walks up to them and tells them to put down any weapon and hand over any firearm, they comply. Just another dog without teeth. The most they should get is ridicule for complying with those they profess to be fighting against.


They are nothing more than tools for external (((interests))) and traitors.

Get random fuckers from Holla Forums to write articles. Copy what Cracked did, ie hiring a bunch of freelance writers, but recruit from imageboards. We're all willing to type out long gigantically spergy shitposts, might as well spin that shit into gold.

I remember reading a stones article back in the early 2000's called "Bush's bagmen" talking about how dubya gave ambassador positions to powerful countries based on who made his campaign the most money. Its amazing how quickly neutral media turned communist.

I mean, fuck, just look at all the great ideas for articles in this thread. Get people to make them real, get random people to shoop together covers. We've clearly got the people with the talents to do that shit, just look at the old FCM stuff.

There are plenty of avenues for an user to take. The Onion was gutted. Cracked was cucked. The Rolling Stone is failing. An enterprising user could start satirical or entertainment focused websites with red pills laced in and do quite well. We need to replace all parts of the media, not just news networks. Not all anons are going to agree with it, but such things are not for them. It is for normalfags.

I was curious about how kikey she looked so I Jewgled her and yep, this is her.

Was there ever a worse generation than the boomers? Even the cucked out french that killed their king and culture weren't as suicidal

We’re already doing this, the chan content is filtering down into the noosphere every day. As (((they))) continue to crack down on their walled garden sites, the memes become even edgier, more forbidden, more tantalizing. It helps that we are more authentic and honest.

Making a magazine would be difficult because it even edgy bookstores like Powell’s wouldn’t carry it, but it would be hilarious and I’d buy it even through the mail. If one could figure out how to profit with a circulation of a couple thousand…

I used to think the millennial generation was the most cucked, given it's propensity towards snowflakery and sjwism. However, the older I've gotten, and the more I interact with them, the more I've come to realize the boomer generation is truly the most terminal form of cancer in America today.

Well they aren't counterculture anymore unless they start heiling Hitler. Now their boomer cancer is mainstream.

Your post is even more relevant when you see her ugly mug taking up the whole thing while Black Sabbath reuniting is crammed on the side. They were original for damn sure. I think there were many good things about the 60s. I don't think it was all communism. But people were happy and gullible, so easy to subvert and fool. I think it was related to USA just winning WWII so being on the top of the world. So they partied. We're playing too close to communism now, even compared with the summer of love imo.

I have thought exactly what you're thinking before. I personally want to replace Hollywood. Film is a great and powerful medium. It is a shame that it's so shamelessly shit now. It's either blatant propaganda or blatant stupidity.

Over the summer I saw that guardians of the galaxy two movie with friends and regretted every minute I wasted afterward. And these are movies that young adult normies are seeing. I'm not trying to be a hipster faggot but movies shouldn't have fucking talking animals in them.

Anyway ironically people actually did want to make a new east coast type of Hollywood where I'm from. They started filming a bunch of movies around here. Scorsese and DiCaprio went to a local restaurant very near my home. They were even going to build a new studio a few towns away. Of course that fell through because of shady characters involved and never happened. Just because it's shit now, doesn't mean it must continue.

Donald Trump should buy it.

That was kinda what TRS was but they were filled with kikes from the start. We need a non kiked version.

Shkreli should buy it and make it into Holla Forumsling Stone

like, what is it exactly that she's actually famous for?

I personally create video games and write books. All of it is digitally distributed. I'm not too familiar with the movie industry, but I imagine an user could have success with producing low-budget horror films. Some of the creepypasta I've seen on the chans gave me a sense of horror unlike anything I've encountered.

She's related to Obama and that explains why she became popular for no reason during his time in office. "Michelle's" dick also has to do a lot with the tranny push that we saw at the same time.

MAD Magazine is still BASED as fuck and one of the America's greatest institutions.


le hip cutting edge

No, they are the worst. The damage they have allowed to happen is incalculable and unfathomable. May the world never see anything like it again.

The future is easy to see from here. It will be bought by some globalist corporation for whatever cachet the name still has with elderly boomers who will be dead soon and a few deluded media zombies. The content will be watered down to cause minimal controversy, and the thing will be 70% glossy ads within a year.

It will die soon enough. Glorious.

The advertisements are probably the sole reason it survived for so long.

Because society (including white knights of whom there are plenty on the right) would prefer to believe that women have a "maternal instinct" which prevents them from sexually abusing children.
In fact, amongst boys, most early sexual abuse is perpetrated by female care givers, they only lose the lead when the average age reaches 6.


i heard they are almost ready.

exactly. now they are the system.
it's hard to pretend to be the underdog when you've won.

"Also, artists are just complete and utter shit today. No one is edgy, out there or truly original."

I mean if you want cast out that wide net, I mean I do industrial-influenced grind/noise that basically advocates genocide, rape, torture, fat shaming, kink shaming, cannibalism, shit like hailing Pol Pot and Hitler at the same time, you know just being a general asshole. as you can imagine I have a lot of "fans" in the noise scene. it would also be cool if the entire "noise scene" commited self-genocide. basically trying to be Seth Putnam and Boyd Rice at the same time is exhausting and sometimes I just want these people to blow me so I can chill.

Read a recent one. It has dumb shit like "No, Donald!" (satire of sped book "No, David!") and every other thing is literally "Boo Hoo Trump Lets make fun of trumpy this is comedy woo hoo nothing else but trump"

We need to start a Pateron (or that Hateron site) to where we crowdfund the purchase of this magazine then we have our own mass-produced print material with brand recognition.

Some of the independent record labels are still pretty crazy. Earache seems to have stuck to their guns, or maybe they can't convince anyone but death metal bands to sign with them.

Only for Cucks.

yea but ND were and still are cucks, music being good regardless. at least Glen Benton and Seth Putnam put shock into those limey bastards.

Kikes that call out kikes cool story bro at best theyre feds but kikes no and yes i'm aware one of them was married to kike but he divorced her.

Hey guys…. could we buy it?

Im down

You need to be able to look at your dead enemies and smile.

Agreed. There is no room for empathy for your spiritual and racial enemy. Keep up the posts bro. JDL shills getting triggered in this thread.

I'd fund a takeover, turn it into the actual counterculture magazine it used to be, make people actually want to read it for the contents on subjects that aren't covered by the mainstream, as opposed to a regurgitated slurry of normie media.

Holla Forums should pool its money & buy it, then use its own name against its own agendas.