After stopping nearly 100 protesters, cops chant, "Whose Streets, Our Streets"

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ANTIFA = Anti First Amendment

DIVERSITY = White Genocide

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A TOR posting Cop. Eat a dick

cuck pissing his pants when he sees da police

Fuck off you boot licker, if anybody is a "cuck" here it is you. Those same officers will be used against pro white activists, why should I be supporting them?

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Not at all, I have zero reason to be concerned, and yet you've outed yourself by confirmation in one post, and post using TOR yourself…. which shows even you are scared of the ZOG that controls you, and puts shekels in your pocket bi-weekly. Me…. I'm just fucking around. You? you're a fucking traitor no matter how you try to hide.

Maybe you should not larp as a nazi in USA?

Top kek. Shill harder Moishe, you aren't going to get the user's here to cheer for ZOGbots with that level of discourse.

Heil Hitler. Death to baby rapist cops and their kike masters. Praise Kek, moloch a shit.

This is the future the leftists wanted to have so let's make them cherish the future! Hey leftists aren't you glad that you are supporting the niggers and shits? TRAITOR!

Cops everyone. Our (((allies))).

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He said pro white activists. How are you a pro white activist when you larp as a nazi in USA?

Do that shit in Germany. Like it or not, USA fought against nazis.

Lolbergtardians get the rope too. Non whites shouldn't have any rights. There is nothing wrong with the police breaking up gatherings of uppity niggers and their jewish agitators

That worked out great for all involved parties right? There is nothing wrong with realising that mistakes were made in the past and National Socialism can be adopted by any nation (even non white ones). America fought for jewish interests in that war so by your logic they should have to serve the jew for the rest of their existence.

They aren't pro white and they will treat pro white gatherings in the same manner. In a perfect society they would be your ally, on our current society they definitely aren't.

You are in the wrong place if this is your argument.

National Socialism is not the same thing as nazi larping.

Worldwide Zionism was a thing before WWI, it was a thing before WWII, it was the driving force that caused WWII, it has been a thing after WWII, it is is a thing that rules you very life today. You just don't get it, you don't understand it, you think ruling the streets when the streets don't even need to be ruled in the first place is a win.

I used to think that if I grew up speaking German as the old argument went it would have been a bad thing, I've since changed my mind because the reality of this world sucks.


Every fucking time.

No they won't if the state is pro White.

Wait, is this actually a thread by (((LEO))) designed to make us believe they are /ourguys/?

They'll learn soon enough who's LARPing and who isn't

you're in the wrong neighborhood, piggy

And that is the thing. I live in a country that historically has always been Red, this past election it went Blue due to overwhelming immigration. And these people are not US citizens voting in a presidential election but they are residents of the state and do have driver licenses and have registered to vote so they can vote legally in the national election in this state.

I am now a minority (white) where I live. I can tell you this, it is a huge difference what has occurred here the past 10 years, county leaders love it, state leaders love it, because the tax base has expanded greatly, and the police love it because it means a massive new super-jail to house whites that can't afford insurance on their cars, and the massive police state it has become has all the funding they need to police these meek (((happy to be here))) immigrants. I've never had a criminal or a citizen point a gun on me. But living here, over the past 10 years I have had police point their handguns directly at my face or have their guns drawn in their hands on several occasions and no arrest followed. I have a clean record, but it par for the course when police encounter someone, and it has become the norm (((part and parcel))) as to how police operate in this new society the (((ZOG))) has created for us all. And I hate it.

or kikes to simply divide everyone.

WHEN? You seem so sure of yourself kike?
Oh yaa I should definitely question the reasoning behind the gassing of degenerates and niggers right?
You're the worthless type of meatbag who stands on the berm and talks about how tough you are right before you get sniped. SUBHUMAN

You're entire post and it's following commentary has been a troll, you're the ZOGbot Kike cop and statically you are more likely to catch a round than I am whereas I'll simply read about it and laugh.

When they get the order to.
I never said that. You should realise that they serve the ZOG and will be "gassing" you in the same manner (actually it will probably be more brutal when they are targeting pro whites).

When they are chanting "our streets" I hear "ZOG's streets".

The police are never to be admired. They are nothing more than the enforcement arm of the state, a state which is completely corrupt and actively works to destroy our people day in, day out, protected by these same police. These are the same people who will help run and protect the child trafficking rings our politicians are involved in, and that will crack heads for the liberal mayors, governors, and other leaders of the left on command. And any officer with the backbone to go against those commands will soon find themselves out of a job, since their entire function is to keep the general populace under the control of the political class.

No, they're not. Religion of Cuck™ teaches that a property owner is only entitled to the property that he uses. The rest of the property is forefeited.

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Nobody is going moonman in a synagogue yet schlomo, so it's understandable you would think that.

This is true. Many cops must be disillusioned and quit their jobs by now.

Do we have Rebz' s arrest report yet?

A quick webm of that youtube link.

A ZOGbot and a Newfag. Cool.

Nice reading comprehension. You should look for work as a cop, with an IQ like yours they will definitely take you.


Go suck commie cock elsewhere, faggot.

As always happens here. I'm out and this is a thread the Mods should delete.

Nah, it’s going to stay up, you filthy fucking kike.

The problem is the (((freemasons))) with the police departments. They are the corrupt officers, and form most of the black bloc and other agitators around the country.

please rabbi, it's obvious you don't know what greentext is for.


Nobody even mentioned racism apart from you. I am against ZOG and the police are ZOG's ground troops that are deployed against the public. I don't doubt that some of them are ok people on a personal level but that doesn't mean they aren't ZOGbots.

Don't change the subject. Why do you support ZOG?

That's because THIS AND halfchan has been coopted by JIDF except the mongs on nullchan think their safe but they are soooo illiterate, they don't understand that TORRENTS ARE TRACKABLE.

It's not bad, it's just that he is implying we should be cheering the ZOGbots on just because they are annoying some niggers.

German American Bund there asshat. America only went to war because of the deep states meddling to get us there

of course you don't newfag JIDF

I am not pro-cop, but this is good. It is great for helping to break Antifa morale. The cops are chanting like antifags would, and the cops were victorious meaning it'll spread fear among them.
Cops still aren't friends though

I know it says in your manual to adopt some of our sayings and use them against us, but that still doesn't make you any less obvious.

Not an argument. Why do you support a group that regularly uses the ADL and SPLC as a source (and gets lectures on how to spot "hate crimes" by the same groups), is a branch of ZOG and kills hundreds of white people every year? Why are you implying that only a jewish shill could have a problem with them?

This is a reasonable response. We need to remember that it will be us being targeted one day (we already are but i mean on a large scale) so it doesn't come as a shock when it happens. It's not defeatism or blackpilling.

still doesn't know what greentext is
low energy rabbi low energy
Only a fully fledged buttplug having, JIDF supported, ANTIFA SHILL would sympathize one iota about a bunch of shitbag degenerates and their pet niggers getting maced, tazed, skullfucked by some cops. Those cops did me a favor as far as I'm concerned.

I used to know these guys many years ago.

In the years that have past, this country has morphed into a ZOGpolice state I am not comfortable with. I think 9/11 was a planned event, I didn't when it occurred, but with what it has brought about in American law enforcement hasn't been by coincidence, and it hasn't improved anything, it's only made the situation worse.

The same vices and ills that effect the general population have come to infect all of these retired cops I know.

That is happening now. A white nationalist used to be someone who waved the American flag on the 4th of July and ate apple pie with burgers and hotdogs on the grill in the backyard with their families and cold beer in an igloo cooler. Now they are called Nazi's by the Jew controlled media and hollywood elite.
It makes one think maybe the Nazi's were not bad people after all.

It makes sense when so many of them probably want to fuck children and seize whatever they want by force and pretend they are just protecting their own property.

I'm no civnat, but you just IMPLIED that everyone who ever waved an AMERICAN flag was a white nationalist.
THAT is THE VERY MESSAGE that BAMN, ANTIFA, and alll JIDF has been SHILLING FOR YEARS now. Out yourself more please.
If those idiots had just gone to Charlottesville and waved the AMERICAN flag instead, you kikes would one more step closer to being ash.

Isn't Zionism just a movement to secure a homeland? I don't think it covers the problems of diaspora parasitism from jews who are more than happy where they are. In other words, Zionism is only bad because it's a jewish project, so it's not a good term to use for the general problem.

Those groups have not existed for year. They formed during the presidency of President Obama. You're a deluded 20-something cuck shill confused as fuck, that much is clear.

Oh I don't sympathize with them at all. I just put you in the same category. It's like two turds brushing up against each other. Both shat out by the same Jew.

They have been around under MANY NAMES for YEARS and you think it's something new. Those groups are just like alllll the muslim groups(if you pay attention to them). They REBRAND themselves when things don't go their way, REFORM, and REORGANIZE, Right out of the Koran and Muslim Brotherhood playbook.

It probably was but the 9/11 truth movement has been tainted beyond repair by the media so normalfags have a knee jerk reaction to anybody bringing it up. It definitely worked out in (((their))) favor in more ways than one.

A sick society produces sick people. In a healthy world the police would be our allies. As it stands though they are ZOGbots.

Soft repression is happening right now. I'm talking about soviet tier treatment for political dissidents. Every week I get more certain that it will happen.

You are jewish aren't you?

This was posted the morning before the twin towers fell.

'I don't regret setting bombs, Bill Ayers said. I feel we didn't do enough.''

The scourge of left-wing terrorism, much of it by the Weather Underground, during the 1970s. According to FBI statistics, the United States experienced more than 2,500 domestic bombings in just 18 months in 1971 and 1972, with virtually no solved crimes and barely any significant prosecutions.

No, but your low energy non argument suggests you love that muzzie schlong.

Every post that you have made in this thread has a jewish feel to it.

Top Kek these are some quality shitposts.
Looks like the anti-fa/goons are whining about muh pigs ITT.

It's probably because this place is infested with them, much like the govt you so despise. Like I stated before, when the cops beat down the scum, I'm a happy goy.

Welcome to Holla Forums Shlomo

How many jews you think are cops and how many are lawyers?

They absolutely have existed for decades, going on a century soon enough.

Is it ironic that nationalists are more worldly about these things than the supposed "internationals" who populate these orgs?

Indeed. The problems we face today from leftists are astonishingly similar to those faced by us a hundred years ago, their ideas have in truth changed very little, even regarding race. Pic related: the original autistic screeching.

Lot of shills/lolbergtarians in this thread with their consensus-cracking. Most cops are White, right-wing and support Trump.

To be anti-cop like the (((media))) and college professor Goldstein say to be, is to be anti-White. Period.

By Kek, I was about to post the exact same comment. Its amazing how all of these modern memes are an echo from the past.

There was even a chad vs virgin meme (as shitty as it is, it still existed in the past).

The goons have been raiding for weeks straight, its no surprise they can't help them selves when it comes to discussion about police.

Is the state pro-white? No. Are cops your friends? No.

I get your angle, but cops need to form parallel influence groups. You are subservient and vulnerable on a level that civvies don't even think about, hence the "masonic jewish pawn" stereotype.

It doesn't help that the most woke political discourse among cops, on a macro scale, is literally facebook boomer meme-tier.

This thread a shit, but I'll let you faggots know what's up anyway.

Holla Forums has leaned pro-cop historically, because Holla Forumsacks like shitskins to be wrangled and hopefully goodified. It's been noted that many of the laws and most of the larger system is kiked, but cops with boots on the ground have generally been given the benefit of the doubt. I don't personally enjoy the fact that dealing with a cop is exactly equivalent to dealing with a man who has a gun to your head, but I'm willing to live with it for the most part.

This attitude has started changing recently, and I don't think it's JUST shills pushing it. The whole classification of "white nationalists and associated groups" as some sort of terrorist group because a FUCKING KIKE ran through a crowd of rioting commies, causing a massive hambeast to have a heart attack while the ZOG murdered a couple of its own useful idiots that's YOU, officers by crashing a helicopter with no survivors probably because they saw/recorded something their ZOG masters didn't want them to…well you see, this is a problem. Because people are notorious for doing exactly what the fuck they are ordered to do. Especially people with IQ's low enough to fall within the acceptable range for police officers. Which, you may note, does NOT include many of us NatSoc """"""larpers""""""".

Being harassed by one's inferiors is annoying, but tolerable. Being intimidated by your employees is less tolerable, but it still is as long as the employees are doing something useful containing nogs. But when the inferior and harassing employees refuse or are unable to do their jobs, and then label you as something which has no rights at all, that's crossing the line. If I say white people have higher IQ's than blacks, am I a white supremacist now? Is that a party van offense? These are the questions your INTELLECTUAL SUPERIORS actual Holla Forumsacks, not ZOGbot shills are asking. And the general consensus is that we don't trust stupid sycophants who are mentally unable to process that "democracy" and "democratic republicanism" are failed political theories that will destroy every advancement we white men have made in thousands of years.

I know lots of cops, and individually they are good people. But on the job, you're not talking to people, you're talking to a uniform. I and we don't trust the uniform, and I think that the uniform will try to arrest us for trying to prevent the genocide of OUR PEOPLE and for trying to create a good future for WHITE CHILDREN. It's your chain of command that's causing you these problems, not us. But when you attempt to squash the right of people to exist, don't be surprised when those people decide that you don't deserve to exist either. Then start doing the math, and figure out if the book has more power than the congregation.

Can white cops be pro-white?

The cop-option of the temperance movement by raging catladies will soon be having it's 200th birthday.

Not without disobeying orders and ending up being fired at which point they'd stop being cops, in other words no. Cops won't be our allies until we've already taken over.

This is exactly the case, and it's same with normalfaggots. So the question becomes, how do we take control of this thing before it hits the wall and destroys our future human resources? Of course I'm already expecting a full on breakdown of society and an 80% kill rate, I'm comfortable saying I'll be a 1 out of 5 survivor, and if not I really don't care. But why break it before we buy it? Alas, I don't have an answer outside of some esoteric x-factor game changers which would be definite long shots. Those things still might happen though, so that's where I focus my effort. Interacting through the political process is a fool's delusion, and anyone who thinks it's still possible isn't qualified to spout their nonsense opinions here.

Increasing problem with cops is how much a role Israel plays in training them, and the fact they are increasingly non-white and foreign.

Difference with normalfags is that they'll just duck and hide whereas cops will be paid to shoot us.

If we're going by pure expression of subversive femininity, this shit has been with us since the Euphrates was settled. "Commies" are merely a recent high-powered blip on the timeline as far as that goes.

The 20th century was their petri dish, and now we're taking a shit in it.

The softness and access to capital of the average american actually safeguards against that type of societal breakdown, the flight instinct will overpower any attempts to rally whites into urban conflict (except for paid militias and the military itself) look at how the recent hurricanes went down.
Those minorities left inside the concrete jungle would be utterly fucked, as well as the white cucks who opt to assist them, they'll get haiti'd before the military can take the land back and will starve without aid keeping in mind that half of our forces would have to be deployed to protect our vulnerable infrastructure abroad

Fuck the vermin.
And fuck the police, who are the only ones protecting the vermin.

No one can defend you if you use the nazi flag.

Kill yourself, OP

user I think you mean well but it's kinda clear you've come into this without the whole picture. BAMN has been a thing in different guises since the 60s, Antifa as it is now since the 90s based on the original commie version in the 20s-30s, and JIDF has been a thing since at least 9/11 and there's probably shit about that I've missed from earlier. None of this shit is new from the Obama era; it only intensified under it.

You don't user. Sorry. Doing so only ends up with you and whatever fools you manage to rally around you becoming easily dispatched targets for the zogbot forces. And if you think for one fucking second they wont drop EVERYTHING to go gunning for some empowered whites in an neat and tidy package perfect for their own forces to nutralize while garnering propaganda points… you are more delusional than the bluepilled faggots from IRL. You, and if you are lucky enough to garner a small force, need to either bunker down and weather the worst of the storm while snatching up additional resources and personnel when you can for after the main chaos hits, OR if you and yours are combat effective and mobile, move to sow additional chaos at every point and subvert and undermine any attempts to reign in the power structure from stabilizing the collapse. This includes any of the initial warlords whom rise up in the middle of such chaos, unless they are blatantly one of US they will only be able to pull such forces by being in some way part of or beholden to this system or supported by outside (((forces))) and as such need to be culled HARD. You must remember this is not our enemies first rodeo, and they have pushed thru and controlled other collapses and powergrabs many times. It is YOUR job to counter them and ensure they do not rise yet again to prominence.

Words are not enough anymore and we must conserve our strength while husbanding even more at every opportunity, and a major collapse is perfect for many of our user brothers to rise up. But not initially, you MUST let the bluepilled faggots eat each other, you must let the chaos and destruction ravage the system and you MUST be there ready to lead when the moment is right. Pain and suffering strengthens men, and our weak soft faggot men will have to wade thru an IRL crucible of death and fire to cleanse themselves of their corrupted taint. Once they are of harder stock and no longer enamored of this societies lies, and the reality of nature is what they know, your wise words and guidance and hard direction of force will be what they crave. For once their survival is somewhat secured, they will look for vengeance. And we user's can lead them to the evil that spawned this foul filthy society and give vengeance upon our enemies heads worthy of our ancestors.

Remember. You cannot save them. Or anything of this shit. So step back, and accept the furry and might of hell on earth for the blessing it is. IF you want something worthwhile, you will have to build it from your own two hands and sheer determined will thru force. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed user, pity and desire in such situations will destroy you, and doom what you value and love. Consider the massive lives lost and anything else destroyed in such as a worthy sacrifice on our path to victory over the kikes.

Use the webm thread, retard.

Uh, Charlottsville?

maybe you should start europoor

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