Ethnicity poll

I'm curious as to whether this board is actually as white as reddit says it is.

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I'm Afghan. Where do I GO?

I think I'm white but honestly I don't really know. Some people mistake me for a jew because they say I look like one but it could be do to genetic roll of the dice (my parents don't look like jews but with a combination of their features you could make a convincing one). I'd love to get a genetic test to see but all the DNA companies are data mining orwellian nightmares, so I guess I'll just go with white.

Afghans aren't Arabs?

Communism, the only force capable of making kikes take a hike

Wish I had the screencaps.


hi Holla Forums

Thanks stalin, saved

It is usually whites being the most then Latinos, and then much smaller numbers of other ethnicities.



you do realize most jews are white and arent even Semitic right?


a boxer?

or did you mean Hugo Chavez?

Why does it even matter? We are about ideas, not people. Why does it matter if 100% of this board is white or Asian, or black, or purple? Shouldn't our ideas stand up on their own?

I'm white. What does reddit say about us?

Also Jewish ethnicity is debatable.

a lot of (Ashkenazi) Jews are reluctant to identify as White for some strange reason. Sephardim and Mizrahim are clearly semites, although tons of mixing has gone on over the centuries of diaspora


You're thinking of Julio Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez was a labor leader.

Naw. They're either some brand of Central Asian - IE Tajiks, Uzbeks, and stuff - or Pashtun, which is kinda Iranian. Kinda. There's also a third completely different group out there, and like a billion other peoples.

Pretty cool country.

I'm Jewish but I'm a sit mix of a lot of different Jews. I'm part Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrahi.

do you practice Judaism or are you an irreligious Jew?

I've always been perplexed by the nature of Jewishness

Never had a bar-mitzvah but everyone in my family is. I wouldn't identify as Jewish if I didn't look like a huge Jew.

Neat. You learn something new every day.

of course whites gonna be the largest category, you dont give any subsets of 'white'.

You know they're just shitposting, right? Or do you actually believe they didn't know cohen and goldstein were jewish names?

All whites are subsets of the Aryan race.


So slavs are aryan now?

Suddenly 10 votes into "White".
That's suspicious I guess


Top kek
But this board is obviously mostly white Amerifats. I'm Mexican american

Who gives a flying fuck what someones race is?

This, leave it to reddit to skew a poll in their favor

actually pretty surprised it's only 50%, although poll uncertainty is high as fuck, I would've thought it to be ~70-80%.

Uh this board is comprised of
fucking white males
and that is deeply triggering and excellent.

You go back to where you came from

Well, this board isn't just Americans, and Central/South Americans have been given a new reason to hate capitalists every few years since the 1900s

You too buddy.

In like an hour White got like 15 votes while the board has remained pretty slow

Why would it be surprising? When Holla Forums hijacked the site we were basically the only non-racist board left. Seems natural people with non-white backgrounds would be attracted the the only board that doesn't tolerate Holla Forums.

fuck off and fix your cuckcha Sudo

Around the same time Holla Forums showed up in the thread. Seems legit.

Holla Forums (especially 4chan's) is full of self-hating non-whites.

the "jewish" option got 10 votes recently lmao
talk about sly

Ethnically speaking i am Lacanian pessimist Council_communist

Actually, a couple Holla Forums Holla Forumsacks that I played games with turned out to be hispanic. Thought it was pretty fucking funny seeing as their home board wants to kill them.

You also believe in deg.eneracy.

annnnd now it's got over 20 votes
you can consider this poll even more useless now


Just like SJWs, they're looking for things to get upset at, going so far as to fabricate these situations.

kek Holla Forums ARE SJWs

Oy vey


how can anybody be this autistic

OP is a retard, case closed.

I think I'm 1/64th Swiss - German speaking Bernese near French border
Otherwise its all English, Scottish or Cornish.
I find it fascinating how so many Americans have a grand mixture of European ancestries, while in Australia I'm vaguely exotic because I have non-English ancestry that isn't from the post-war immigration boom (i.e Italian, Greek, Polish, Yugoslavian, Czech, etc)


What's that? A picture for ants?

I'm pretty sure my maternal great-grandmother was Sephardi, so I'll just go ahead and choose Jew since all those sneaky micks from Holla Forums were going to do it anyway

Are you implying that Moral deg.eneracy is not a real thing ?


I'm a nasty penis.

so I clicked other.

I went to the site and typed in random last names and a lot came up with potential jewish origins. I think it's more that religious jews keep very close track of their heritage and family and are often more likely to know the origin and lineage of their name than a random person on the street who doesn't care about anyone outside their immediate family. It also probably has to do with the fact that jews tend to take on other names to avoid being outed as a jew during times of high antisemitism or immigration, so they will adopt a common name of the region, leading people who have absolutely no jewish ancestry to share names with jewish families.

Another thought is that most people don't change their names if they don't have any reason to, so an ancestor who married a jew, but none of their (male) children did but kept the name anyways, leading people to be like 1/256 jewish, but at that point I'd think the genes would be so diluted they'd be no more related to ethnic jews than the general population anyways. It raised an interesting question about heritage identity. Does one identify with lineage (and if so how far back) or by genetic relation? The former is pretty common in America, where you have black people identify as "african" despite being a large portion mixed race and not having an ancestor that actually lived in Africa for hundreds of years. I've also seen posts on stormfront trying to confront this "issue", with the less fervent ones saying as long as you identify as white and are diluted enough (but never quite specifying how diluted) you'd be accepted as "white" for all intents and purposes. Others seem to be of the opinion once mixed race always mixed race, those tend to be the ones who deny out of africa theory of human evolution.


When I last looked at this poll hours ago there was fuck all jewish people, is Holla Forums voting jewish in order to try and "meme magic" their views into reality?

Pretty much. Poll is useless.

Went with 'Other' because I'm the son of a man of French pied noir and Algerian origin on his father and mother's side respectively.

Mind giving some context to the pic? What the fuck is with that picture of Lenin?

Defining white is actually very easy: A people is White when they are doing cool stuff, when they stop being cool, they stop being White.

Those are the only races that exist. Everything else is a social construct.
Now piss off corruption lover. I would love to kill and hang in public things like you

Is one's actual ancestry more important or is it simply about how we look like?

As far as I now I'm a pure blooded italian but the mediterranean traits are strong so I often get confused for latino or middle eastern(my big beard doesn't help tbh), especially if i'm in anglo countries.

can you porch of geese normies btfo?

so beautiful

… Is that a picture of Hitler in the cupboard?

i'm a half-black jew who recently converted to islam.
i'm also a trap, but thats another story

who's this ?

Where the fuck is the Slav option?

damn, i didn't know there were that many people on /leftly/pol




Most jews are white though

I was born in asia

therefore I'm asian I guess

Your country is gonna disappear from climate change soon m8

Next time put South-Asian instead of Indian as Pakistanis are so butthurt that they would put themselves down as other or even "Asian" instead.

Oy vey


Why not summon a succubus

Yeah that's an annoying distinction that white people seem to employ.

Adam Sandler or Jon Stewart are not white but Tamils and Punjabis are just "Indian".

Funnily enough Frank Zappa counts as white by this logic too.

White with Mick heritage.

Race is a social construct. If you're treated like a white person then you're white.

Jews are considered white at least in the US. I know there's anti semtitism in the US but it doesn't have several hundred years of oppression behind it like blacks do, or have on going exploitation like undocumented immigrants do now.

You wouldn't last one day working the fields, you're exploited by porky waaaaaay less

Isn't /r/socialism like 97% white?


Hot as shit chick, is the Lenin pic real?

Also, is that Hitler in the back?

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Wtf op!

You separate the "Jews" and the whites but not the fucking micks and the whites!

Micks should have their own category!

Are you an Italian? Are you a light tan? How many Italians are like that?

Yeah, the highest point is like 2 meters above sea level so we're basically fucked by the mid to late 21st century.
Porky is enjoying it while it lasts.

You are assuming his job just because he posts on this board. Poor people also have phones in this day and age, buddy.

oy gevalt

>>>Holla Forums

This is a commie board. So where's the Jew option?

I dont see the problem, we're like 6m under sea level.

that town looks comfy as fuck.
how is the crime rate there ?

Indian descended from Turko-Mongol on one side and Persian on the other.

I have no idea who she is but I think it's a joke. Found the pic on kc /int/


Yeah, I'm sure building sea walls amd dikes around every island is totally a workable, permanent and safe solution.

Pretty low. It has started to increase in the past few years, though




I know this thread is bumplocked but I just wanted to point out that I broke my forearm at work from flattening out bags of cement like baking concentrate and I'm not entitled to sick pay because I'm an agency worker (it's legal voodoo that denies worker's rights in the UK) so I need to go to the welfare office on Monday and claim disability allowance till my forearm recovers.

I'm not saying that I'm proud to be a worker, I'm pointing out that there are people who have the shit end of the stick on here and aren't middle-class NEETs. Also stay in school, I can't emphasises that enough, life is hell, there's no dignity in doing manual labour and it shouldn't be romanticized, we should be working to abolish labour, not put the worker on a pedestal.