Sam Hyde gives dialectical election analysis

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god this douche is annoying look guys i said one thing now im saying another.

Oh really Sam?

what did he say before that contradicts what he's said just now?

"I don't get political"
then he says
"if you have to lie you've lost the battle"

maybe Bernstein's a cunt but at least he knows what he's doing.

Sam "I hate homos and deviants but let a tranny fuck my backside" Hyde

whatever, that's just rhetoric, he's a comedian doing a vlog what did you expect? You should watch the part where he talks about the election.

sam hyde is fucking amazing

the dude's an idiot. he's like an unfunnier version of leftypol


A neetsoc kept trying to get me to watch this guy. Not happening.

has sam read Debord?

Sam Hyde is a funny fucker, I don't know how to feel about him politically. I feel like he could end up being kinda like the anti-socjus socialists on here but who knows when that would happen.

Just nobody be autistic and shill leftypol, that'll ensure he never becomes a leftist.

I'm pretty sure he's come on here before, he uses 4pol and probably 8pol. He kept saying "cuck" over and over, he's not a socialist he's a reactionary.

I highly fuckin doubt that

There was this one guy on here who had the name "sam hyde" and was talking about his show while calling us cucks. probably a joke but you never know, he is autistic and once you go on 8pol the natural conclusion is to go do le epic trolling at leftypol.

Fuck him and his fans. Fucking nihilists.

he definitely at least browses

Holla Forums in general has a problem with nihilists. Nihilists don't give a shit about meaningless stuff like muh race.

Sam Hyde disgusts me. He's everything bad about 4chan manifest into human form. Irony to corrosive degrees, regressive, ugly politics, ugly neckbeard, transexual fucking deviant.


.t Hyde

That is effectively what he was when Something Awful was his key audience. He's clever in a technical sense, but he's not as smart as he thinks he is politically, he just parrots whatever has the most voices around him in his bubble.

tell me how reading Holla Forums copypastas about how gay people are mentally ill for an hour straight to a liberal audience is comedy

Hey greenie, marry one kill one, left and right, go!

someone going into a liberal hive and reading that deadpan isn't funny to you?


I'm pretty sure Sam Hyde doesn't give a shit about race either, he frequently makes fun of racists. Have you seen his Officer Maggot video? It's poking fun at racist cops who abuse their autorithy.

is this satire

That's just him blowing his actual views into an absurd caricature so he can continue his flirting with alt right racism. Anyone calls him out and he can go "dude it's satire lmao". It's cowardly

The reactions of those weird twitter liberals was priceless.

Irony left twitter is better than MDE.


He unironically posts on My Posting Career, straight up aut-right classcuck

proofs? he has a following there for sure, but he has a following in every aut-right internet hole

have you considered it's all a caricature

It's still shitposting even if its ironic applies farther to real life than it ever did the internet.

It's intolerable when men even try their hand at it or to emulate it.

The only one who could ever do it successfully was Kaufman. Nobody should ever attempt to one up him, or pretend to try to be vaguely around Kaufman's perimeter.

that's just ridiculous. I can appreciate Kaufman and his influence, but I don't think I've ever actually laughed out loud at his stuff.

This just sounds more self-congratulatory than saying "I admit I don't get it, it's not my thing."

I'm not the fool who doesn't know what Kaufman was attempting. Anyone who would rather laugh and watch Hyde than Andy fucking Kaufman can't understand irony at its finest.

It's comparing grocery store steak to filet mignon.

He can't do it, because he hasn't even mastered becoming another character entirely yet. If you can tell he might not be serious, then he's failing at what he's attempting. What's the point in even watching.

see my earlier comment, I can know and appreciate it but not have any real gut-busters

And I think that pretty much gets right down to it, right? It's the rather with you… you're offended by his perceived politics.

I'm offended he's trying to be something he's incapable of pulling off. But I'm also offended that he's every single man on the internet who never stopped being the class clown amplified times ten in the wrong way who puts politics in comedy for shock value.

Frankly, he's even worse than Sacha Baron Cohen

Stay triggered. You'll never get them back, you know.

What did mean by that?

Sammy Boy should read some Benjamin and learn about what the aestheticization of politics leads to.

You're the one who's triggered because I compared his shock act to a less potent Sacha Baron Cohen. They are both awful, both want to be Andy Kaufman, both should get off the stage, both of their fan bases react to criticism the same way

How can we say for sure whether he's aestheticizing politics or politicizing aesthetic?

who gives a shit lol

Wierd Twitter is "comedic" strain of lolcows resulting from the cancer that turned SA into a den of PC, spread from there to poison leddit, and fueled much of what went on to form the nucleus of the Tumblrinas.

I am surprised to see a feral one on Holla Forums, though their butthurt is as timeless as ever.

If you honestly care about any of this you're not funny

i'm guessing someone an anfem is not exactly the life of any party either

this is autistic

Yeah, I don't try that hard to be funny. People who care about the lives of shitty comedians like the internet is their new tabloids, try their hand at jokes more often than not. More often than not they're just as successful at it as the people they care about.

Like someone so booty-bothered they go into a thread on an unsympathetic forum, and wring their frilly little panties into a tight wad over a terribly problamatic comedian for a dozen posts, and then attempt to dismiss someone who notices this behavior as caring too much?

He's aestheticizing politics.

It's communists that politicize aesthetics.

Do you call Holla Forums a forum

You really think this is the criticism I'm leveling at him

Let me ask you, what makes you any more similar to someone who compulsively watched the Ali-G show at its most awful

Yeah you honestly care too much. And you try too hard to be funny.

He's just that deep

I'm not familiar with Benjamin or guldural margdism but what do you think about Chapo Trap House with regard to the aestheticization of politics?

Don't be nitpicky you sperg, 8ch/4chan/2ch are anonymous forums whether you like traditional forums or not.

CTH, and weird left twitter in general, satirize the aestheticization of politics thereby reducing its cultish aura (one could describe MDE as having a "cult following) through the reverse process of politicizing aesthetics. Benjamin thought politicizing aesthetics was the antidote to fascism.

Calling anything a forum is disgusting

Good thing your opinion isn't truth.

There's been only a handful of times in my life where I was wrong I can safely say.

AnFem, you are worse than Rebel.

Nice, you have any basis for that claim? What differentiates aesthetic politicization from politicized aesthetic? In both cases you are melding together the realm of the political with the realm of aesthetic. How can you say for certain whether someone's intentions lie one way or the other?

I'll tattoo that on my scalp.


average donation to Bernie Sanders' campaign was $10


Nice quote, same one that's on the wikipedia. Are you going to answer my question though? Both of these concepts, let's call them AoP and PoA for short, deal with the melding of aesthetics and politics. How do they differ? How can you be certain that it's the communists who use PoA and not the other way around?

He's spooked as fuck:

This is where you are wrong

Because communists, unlike fascists, don't view their lives, their lived history, their connection to the past, as a work of art.

How about you just read the essay?

No you.

his twitter is also just a constant alt-right fever dream nowadays

it's funny as fuck

How do communists politicize art then?

I'll read it later, I'm at work. But you should be able to defend your position beyond 'lol just read a book', I've noticed it's common problem here

Eh, looks like one part Holla Forums, one part lolbert. No worse than the average ancap shitposter here.

Most of the population is spooked kiddo. That's not even that bad, most of what he is complaining about can be reconciled with a materialist perspective. He just doesn't know what socialism is, and clearly hasn't considered the contradictions of capitalism. I say we give it six months to a year before reaching out to him. I doubt he'll consider any leftist positions until the right has been thoroughly debunked.

The only way he could possibly stop if he stops making money off his current shtick like every terrible comedian

People reading books is surely a problem


It's the Politicization of an art

The difference between the aestheticization of politics and the polticization of aesthetics can be correlated to the difference between wars of nationalism and class war. In fact, that is the correlation that Benjamin uses.

His ideas are not at all easily distilled. I'm not saying that you should read the essay out of smugness. I am saying that you should read it because Benjamin's own words are superior to mine.

No, you are just a faggot with special snowflake syndrome

Yeah, no shit kiddo. Get Sam's cock out of your mouth.

A nationalist with nativist tendencies calling anyone a special snowflake is some rich shit

I'm more important than you are though. This cannot be contested.

Oh shit forgot to tqke ff mmy shitposting flqg

" but whites need to regain some sort of cohesive tribal self-interest and identity right now"

Yeah, no. It's not.

Sure, I bet you are the hungriest cockwhore in your local gaybar, faggot

"I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012."

"I unironically like Trump"

Ok dude, why… is race a larger issue than authoritarianism…

I swear guys like Hyde are just jumping on bandwagons.

The man is a well constructed castle of impenetrable irony

i agree with these posts

it's all turns out the same, right? what's the actual difference?

Whatever you have to tell yourself to reconcile the fact that you think a poorly-read autistic fascist manchild is funny.

It's weird. I was into Holla Forums in my teenage years when I was like, I don't know, sometime mid high school and I was an Asian nationalist. Then I got out of high school, worked towards college and realized, oh, well, that was really fucking stupid.

It feels like there's a delayed reaction in whites in America suddenly grasping at nationalism as the next big thing when Eastern Europe has done it before and is still doing it, Western Europe has done it before and is still doing it, Asia has done before (and is still doing it), and oh I forgot

the United States has done it before, and is still doing it.

We're in a permanent state of war and these idiots late to the party make money off edgy opinions some fucking moron from the Bush years said.

It's fucking infuriating because they're all middle class and cushy, they're not even working class, they hold no honor to their fucking name

At least he's not a loser like you and the rest of this board.

think i'll stick with hyde

Personally, I do, yeah. If you think he's serious, then how could you still not find him funny? Whether it's intentional or not, he's a walking parody of the neetsoc type.

He's a youtube retard who you like because he's like a watered down version of a watered down version of a watered down version of Kaufman

If Philip DeFranco started spouting edgy shit like Hyde did and he got a show on adultswim I am absolutely positive you could eat it up

He's making money off a fad with a wink and a smile and with your help he can become wealthier than you are for no apparent talented reason

"Tribalism vs universalism - what's the difference?"

Please do

Who are you talking about? Comedians?

You should suck his cock if you love him so much

More like art and politics being indistinguishable is bad vs. arguing who started it first

People who people who want to be edgy listen to, who never have cohesive politics, and tell them what they want to hear, stroking their dick while milking them of ad revenue and television cash when they couldn't give half of a fuck what they say to get it

then it was Howard Stern.

Now it's Andy Kaufman's autistic red headed step child.


Break character?

That's not what I'm saying, clearly he read the book, but he hasn't understood it such that he can defend the bullshit he spews. Reading books isn't a 'haha I read the most books that makes me the smartest' sort of game.

You've still yet to provide us with a cohesive test of what is and isn't PoA. Here you are just saying it's whatever conforms to your political biases.

And yet his analysis of the left is on point. Here in this very thread we have people on the "left" who will have variable definitions of who is working class and will do anything in their power to alienate others instead of converting them into leftists.

It's clear he's not at all versed in politics and is just bandwagoning the alt-right meme. Once again, I think it's a matter of pointing out that these problems he's concerned about are directly related to capitalism. I doubt he or any other aut-right will listen to such an argument in the shortterm, Trump has to betray them first.

He is american, it takes years to suck out the ideology form an americqn specimen

Hisn"analysis" of the left is fucking stupied because he is still ideologically american

Listen to someone who' was an actual nationalist and didn't jump on the election ship

We all think your white caricature of what we hear at every family owned business is fucking embarrassing and he looks like a pig.

IE he is his viewers, so he deserves just as much money as you put out for raw talent



Sick non-arguments guys, I'll take them into consideration.

I'll believe people like you are capable of consideration when I see it.

There is one thing that Hyde actually, I think Hyde is capable of, that you are not.

Self awareness.

Sick butthurt, are you going to complain on Holla Forums about those ebul leftists making fun of your internet crush?

what did he mean by this

Jesus christ you guys are pathetic

I meant that you're new to nationalism in your life, you were never around it, you didn't grow up hearing it, and certainly, before this you were a liberal wonder child who was told they were smart and intelligent and important.

And don't call me a dude, I don't have what you want.

I never said Holla Forums, I just said a certain kind of person :v)

Everyon who disagrees with me is retarded

Guipty by association I guess

This is an anonymous board, don't project on to others your own ignorance.

Oh, you're a shitposter, nvm carry on.

I was saying that he was vaguely left in the SA days, and is no longer, based on where he and his new associates are.

What ignorance. I'm right. Anyone who can jump from liberal to natavist within an election cycle is a retard, and if he's making money off the retards, he's dishonest.

You're one for not pointing out what Hyde truly is, and you need to leave the board.

Adult Swim is making money the way it always has. Selling awful alternative shit to awful alternative teenagers.

Eat shit and grow up.

I bet Sam is posting in this thread

I bet I'm Sam

sam hyde shitposts on Holla Forums as a joyless AnFem

What are you even on? Are you telling me you've never reconsidered your own beliefs? Makes sense considering your flag. Also, what's wrong with making money off of 'retards'? Next your gonna tell me there's such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism.

Adding to what you said, the "aesthetics" they've got have in fact done just that. The main things they're known for are Baseball Crank, the term "Grey Wolf" and CIA badges, all subversions of different strands of right-wing aesthetic. I'm a detournement guy, so this stuff was already up may alley, though obviously we've seen what being an "ironic nazi" leads to.

It wasn't the immediate point, but they also have a great bit in a premium ep when they talk about Your Voice Radio, how when conservatives make a program, aesthetics always come first, with Bill Mitchell's elaborate opening theme being example #1.

Two minds think a like. Unfortunately I've been around people who've made edgy jokes all my life. And Sam is basically acting like his childhood self for money. I could make plenty about Sam.

Oh no I definitely have, with logic and evidence and material at hand. I definitely changed my mind, anybody who cares to look would.

The only thing Sam is looking at is his wallet, he gives a fuck about his talent or his integrity. He truly is wanting to live up to the million dollar extreme name. If he did this all from the bottom up to get a million in net worth I'd call him a disgusting genius.

But it'd be a one trick joke.

Besides the ethics? I think it's because you're making more money off less talent than the working class. But you're on leftypol so I doubt you'd understand a shred about Marxism.

The calling cry of every larper

Oh man, we've hit the motherload.

Tell us about this butthurt, perhaps start with your father.

So you do believe there's ethical consumption under capitalism, thanks for clarifying

And how is this bad? It still sounds like an ethical problem for you.

That's rich, coming from someone who thinks it's the artisan class who are the true exploiters of the proletariat.

I just don't get how one couldn't say MDE is doing the same–politicizing aesthetics.

>>>Holla Forums

He's a Vietnamese nationalist.

I believe there's retards who don't know what that phrase means, and apply it to circumstances that don't fit, billing them positively absolutely as a larper who hasn't read shit in his entire life.

Are you going to ask this all thread, acting in defense of this c list actor

It's not the merger itself, but who is the master in each. Fascism dictates political action in the service of some grandiose "piece of art" that is effectively just a more material conception of the totalitarian ideology. Fighting for fictions, like how the nazis would perpetually try to merge their battle with those of their supposed germanic warrior ancestry. Your political life. especially for the Germans. was just a real life version of a Wagnerian opera, and death and misery only added to the romance.

In the opposite view, art acts in the service of political progress, informing and organizing, carrying a message, or depicting some kind of reality. Not that the art is explicitly political, but it is the kind of art, that enriches and is subservient to humanity in its subservience to human condition, rather than producing an ideology that people are subservient to.

Mostly I've had to explain this to people in literature, so the "simpler" way I often can explain it is the former is Dante, the latter Boccaccio. One commands, the other assists.

Go on. When you lost the tenbux, do you feel you may have lost anything else, anything you want back?

Haha cool meme :D

I agree, in this case it's you.

Only until you answer. You've said that what Sam is doing is bad and further that this claim is based on something other than ethics. I could resort to insults now, since I know you don't actually have a reply, but forcing you to make an ass of yourself is far more entertaining.

Well, you did a good job. Thanks. I think I get it now.

Excellent, I understand now. But I still need to know, how do we know when one is in control and not the other? For example, it sounds like a fascist could construe a communist in the same fashion: the revolution could be seen as a sort of art piece which is held above all else.

I'm actually losing more to someone with an annoying shtick as a shit poster when I have both sides of the family belonged to equal political extremes who still bear resentment towards one another, trying to explain what Marxism is to someone who probably picked up all their knowledge on it by following Marxismdaily on Tumblr

No it's middle class lily white kids like you who haven't worked a day in their lives and needed an excuse once they got a little too liberal and a little too extreme.

Is this a cool meme?

And both lose the only inherent value they could possess by degrading themselves with such concerns.

Kek, can't make this shit up.

Sick dude, keep em coming. It's crazy how you think you know anything about me based on this one thread, truly an inspiration.

Is a chubby fuck bitching about fun suddenly when he has money, when he fucked a boy in cheap make up before, a cool meme

Or is it a hot meme

Or is meme just an over used word used that's a good way to point out who's under 19

I would say I'm an authority on it. I actually had some family members die from the cold war you call ethics under late capitalism.

Nice dude, both my great grand parents were killed by Nazis, you think your special? Knowing people who died under some circumstance doesn't make you an authority on anything. Your second sentence is a strawman, but thanks for confirming to me that you don't actually read my posts.

You're right, neither happened to you, and both you claim. I didn't remember World War II being part of the Cold War though.

I forgot what the Cold War was since I haven't read, can you remind me? I think we learned about it in third grade.

i have family members who've died from cancer, i'm an oncologist now

More realistic than a white petit being an actual revolutionary

He's a centrist so he can do whatever he wants.

Well, in all candidness, this is basically what Stalin did, that is to say his propagandists. Some parts of the Joe Building documentary look at that, specifically the early constructivist art of the Soviets in Lenin's time compared to the pompous sentimentalism mid and post war in the
Stalin era. What separated Hitler and Stalin was what the artwork was, Stalin's being the utopia that he was supposedly leading people to; small comfort that the death and misery produced there was towards something other than banal "heroism."

If you're looking for work that really shows a faultline between what PoA and AoP is, take a look at the situationists, particularly their vision of a customisable city, the ultimate in art serving humanity.
Society of Spectacle is, in many ways, an expression of these very kind of fears of art overtaking reality, albeit in an explicitly late-capitalist way rather than a fascistic one.

you sound kind of mad and racist

You sound kind of white and nerdy

Haha, I can tell your good at this, but don't think I don't notice you're shifting the goalposts. You claimed that you were not presuming there is ethical consumption under capitalism while simultaneously defending your position that Sam Hyde unethically exploiting retards with his comedy. But feel free to keep spouting nonarguments.

Can you explain to me what ethical consumption is?

Entertainment doesn't fall under production, it falls under dancing like a retard for attention. I can see why you'd like and defend MDE, in this way

stop arguing with the shitposter
they're not going to admit their Holla Forums-like autism amounts to anything more than "stop liking what I don't like"

The idea is that you can consume in a way that is moral. The ideal being that if everyone purchases 'morally good' products than it follows that 'morally bad' products will be driven out of society. It applies here because anfem is claiming that we shouldn't watch Sam's comedy because he's a reactionary/retarded/etc. because what he is selling is a 'bad product'.


One has to produce to give a product

There is nothing genius, new, or even funny, in the act Sam is doing. He's doing his best to fuse Kaufman, Ali-G, and Tim and Eric.

It feels exactly how it describes. And it doesn't deserve nearly as much as Cartoon Network bought him for

Wow, good job! But now then, if it falls into the realm of entertainment, isn't it being bad or good just subject to your opinion?

I don't care about convincing them.

She's moving the goalposts. Watch out you fool!

Sorry, mentioned Joe Building, but didn't actually provide link.

I think entertainment can be judged and criticized for what it is or is not doing. For you to earn more than the working class, you have to fulfill your end of the bargain and why you earn as much money as you do. This is for putting on a production, we are speaking unusual amounts of money

So if it's not a product, and it's entertainment, and even worse, its stake and recycled image board humor, I really don't see how I couldn't do him better honestly.

or anyone here. Some people here deserve more than Sam Hyde makes, certainly

This is my wild ride now

So is there some universal measure that you're using to determine what is and isn't good for the working class? It seems a little authoritarian for an anarchist to be telling other what they can and can't watch. To be fair anfem, I think you should be paid more than Sam Hyde for the comedy you are providing us here, Adult Swim should pick you up.


This isn't about entertainment. It's about money. If Sam was ever true to his own brand of comedy he wouldn't have lobbied for a year to get himself on Cartoon Network

kickstarter crap by idubbbz is pretty good

its pretty funny how he criticizesdumb marketing

The weird twitter crew has always been most made up of "woke" liberals.

So has leftypol

Why? What does getting a show on Cartoon Network have to do with his brand of comedy? Why isn't it ok for him to make money with his comedy? Is it because he panders to "retards"? I guess this just comes back to my original question, the original reason you started rambling like a sperg: what's wrong with making money off retards?


This sentiment isn't misplaced. But Hyde's comedy consists of something above what Kaufman had the capacity to manage due to the reach of 21st century media. Hyde's deliberate capacity to break character suggests something about his comedy that Kaufman never could due to this.

hyde is a crypto-lefty

prove me wrong
you can't

I still believe to this very day that Sam Hyde is just doing all this shit for laughs and is playing everyone. I mean he really is not the type to take politics seriously at all.

One of the things Sam keeps private, or at least tries to, is that at one point he was very immersed in chaos magick. No idea if he's still into that scene anymore. But yeah, there's a clear link between Crowleyism -> Discordianism/chaos magick and the new right/the alt right.

I'm not saying it's all one big psyop, but it's probably all one big psyop.

"Crowleyism," Discordianism, and Chaos Magick are only really loosely affiliated with each other. In fact, Chaos Magick is often practiced in isolation.

Most of the Chaos Magick practitioners that I know are staunchly leftist or anarchist. It's really a shame that they've hijacked the imagery for their insidious cause.

I mean, the whole kek/pepe thing is chaos magick.

I know progenitors of Discordianism like Robert Anton Wilson were self-described Anarchists, but it is entirely something else today.

He's insulated himself with enough irony to deflect any criticism in the event that he's in the wrong about things and can say "I was just kidding/it's satire/it's just a prank,bro." At best, it's lacking in integrity. However, I've been following him long enough to think he's actually serious about the drift to alt-right ideology. It's precisely people like him that the alt-right appeals to the most. Like he might have just been joking and playing the contrarian at first, but now he regurgitates some pretty embarrassing "red pill" garbage without a seeming lick of irony. He follows and retweets Stef Molyneux for fuck sakes.

and you know this.. how?

I think Robert Anton Wilson would be rolling in his grave, to be honest. At the end of his life, he described himself as a "libertarian socialist".

and DailyShoah shit

makes me how the clickbait bloggers haven't managed to talk about his twitter account yet

Buzzfeed did, but because it was buzzfeed even Sam was able to BTFO them in a way that didn't even really have anything to do with politics.

What the fuck is up with this thread

Hyde is a comedian

He makes fun of PC culture like all comedians since the beginning of history have done.

If you get butthurt because this guy supported Trump get the fuck out of here and get into the #stillwithher twitter hug box.

more election analysis lol


That was from a few years ago so his views have probably changed.

Moron detected

lmao, "we gotta go back"


wow by posting actual classcucked infographics, you sure showed him!

It's performance art. You wouldn't get it.

Almost all of the weird twitter gang are leftists so…who exactly are you referring to?

Begone, and take your tenbux with you.