CNN Reports: Obama FBI wiretapped Trump's Campaign Chairman with FISA warrant during election

The government snooping continued into early this year, including a period when Manafort was known to talk to President Donald Trump.

Obama is going to fucking prison.

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I am sure plenty will be done to address this issue! We will finally see the law thrown at this political-criminal scum! Right guys? …..guys?




Like Shillary?

Sure, this should be seen as a bad thing, but every single CNN viewer will see this as good and necessary "cus trump litraly hitler!" You forget, the laws only apply to us. When we do something deemed wrong, hell should follow. When they do something wrong, it's for the greater good.

It took two years for the untouchables to get Capone.

Did Mueller leak this?

Sessions won't even go after the IRS for political targeting conservative groups.

Holla Forums is always right. Always. That isn't just a meme

images for ants in a nutshell

Someone needs to post a webm or mp4 of the Holla Forums was right again tune. Must have lost it somewhere along the way.
Here's some Grandpa Donitz in advance



This type of shit is so fucking frustrating because I don't believe there will be any consequences.

Manafort To Be Indicted? Was Trump Tower Wiretapped? First Thoughts on Two Big Scoops

Paul J. Manafort was in bed early one morning in July when federal agents bearing a search warrant picked the lock on his front door and raided his Virginia home. They took binders stuffed with documents and copied his computer files, looking for evidence that Mr. Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign chairman, set up secret offshore bank accounts. They even photographed the expensive suits in his closet.

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, then followed the house search with a warning: His prosecutors told Mr. Manafort they planned to indict him, said two people close to the investigation.

US investigators wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before and after the election, sources tell CNN, an extraordinary step involving a high-ranking campaign official now at the center of the Russia meddling probe.

The government snooping continued into early this year, including a period when Manafort was known to talk to President Donald Trump.

Some of the intelligence collected includes communications that sparked concerns among investigators that Manafort had encouraged the Russians to help with the campaign, according to three sources familiar with the investigation. Two of these sources, however, cautioned that the evidence is not conclusive.

According to CNN, Manafort had been the “subject” of an investigation that dated back to 2014 that was related to his work for the former Ukrainian government. The surveillance was discontinued “for lack of evidence” but then restarted again under a new FISA warrant “that extended at least until early this year.”

If you read the CNN report closely, you’ll note that there is much that is “unclear” (to use CNN’s words.) The new FISA warrant was allegedly related to suspected contacts between Manafort and Russian operatives, but it’s unclear where his phones were tapped, or if they actually swept up conversations with Trump.

What to make of all this? First, if the reports regarding Manafort are accurate (a big if), then this is disturbing news about the former campaign chair for the president of the United States. As our Andy McCarthy has explained, to obtain a FISA warrant the government has to bring forward evidence sufficient to establish probable cause that the wiretap target is the agent of a foreign power. That’s not a terribly high evidentiary threshold, but if there also exists sufficient evidence to indict Manafort (possibly for unrelated acts), then the stakes escalate considerably.

None of this means that Manafort is actually guilty of anything, but only the most mindless, tribal partisan would look at these developments with anything but concern and alarm. Potential corruption that close to the president – especially when connected with our nation’s chief geopolitical foe – is deeply problematic.

>But that’s not all there is to this story. Not by a long shot. Some Trump defenders are taking the news that Manafort may have been wiretapped (possibly even in Trump tower) as vindication of Trump’s claims this March that “Obama had my wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory.” Department of Justice officials from both the Obama and Trump campaigns have denied Trump’s claim, and on September 4 his own Department of Justice responded to a Freedom of Information Act request by stating, “Both FBI and NSD confirm that they have no records related to wiretaps as described by the March 4, 2017 tweets.”


The narratives are already locked and loaded.

Secret Courts work both ways.

This is the part where Trump dissolves congress and the senate and assumes the chancellory. The republic is dead and gone now , it exists in name only. Long live the soon to be white Empire

Keeps getting worse and worse than Watergate ever was. Democrats are so corrupt and evil they even screw over members of their own party ffs.

Anyway an user thats only been catching this in their peripheral can get a quick rundown?


The biggest question in this great age of treason is: Are there still enough loyal enforcers and supporters who are collectively able to leverage and force the corrupt out?

Checked. Yep. I tie pretty goddam tight knots too
t. Eagle Scout

You forgot this little snippet from the CNN article:

Pot literally calling the kettle black spelled out for the public to see, yet nobody even thinking to mention Clinton's campaign chairman being involved in the same shit that led to Manafort's 2014 investigation.

Taken from National Review.


A review of those donations shows both parties received cash from Podesta Group lobbyists.

>The individual employee filings appear to be uniform and lawyerly, each describing what their services were supposed to entail as, "Research and analyze issues related to principal's organizational mission of improving ties between Ukraine and the West counsel on activities in Congress and executive branch and developments that relate to the principal's organizational mission; and maintain contact, as needed, with legislative and executive branch officials, members of the media, and NGOs." One of the filings is for Tony Podesta himself, who was a bundler for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. Tony and his brother John–Clinton's 2016 campaign chairman–co-founded the lobbying firm in 1988.
>Last August, the AP reported that Manafort oversaw the lobbying efforts on behalf of the center carried out by the Podesta Group and Mercury, another high-powered firm. As the Washington Examiner noted in May, the Podesta Group was paid more by the think tank than Mercury – the firms earned $1 million and $720,000 between 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Even after filing with the DOJ in April, it appears the Podesta Group is still cleaning up its own mess.


Good to hear it. Hope many more Eagle Scouts and others will prepare and organize accordingly for the day of tight knots, so to speak.


Why not have trump go duck hunting with Clinton?


So we are going vaguer than "hacking" now? Neat.


Wonder if Project Veritas meant exposing this shit when he said "Holy grails for the media". Either way these invistagtors are conveniently taking a long time and are using illegal tactics to get "information". Wouldn't be surprised if this was just to obtain blackmail to get at Trump as the Russian angle is not true.

alright, what's the catch?

Very odd. Considering it's from "sources say", maybe it's bullshit to try to bait Trump supporters for some purpose, but I don't understand what that purpose would be. Seems they're so deranged by their Russia hysteria that they actually believe this scores points for their Russia narrative, and overlooked how it's an admission of extreme corruption and crimes committed in the highest offices. Hard to believe there isn't one person high up at CNN who could understand the implication of a story like this (if it's true), but who knows. Very odd really.

It's the ass faggots trying to stay relevant. One last final gasp

They are in a corner with this. Say they are lying, that would hurt the Russian narrative as they are willing to implicate anyone as an "evil russian agent". Of course if they are telling the truth, Trump was right all along. They should have just shut up and hide everything.


All the wiretaps and spying on American citizens, with the political motivations, combined with the unmasking, is illegal as fuck.

Then again the following haven't been prosecuted

Eric Holder - Fast and Furious (guns to cartels)
Loretta Lynch - Tarmac Meeting
Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton
Lois Lerner - Using IRS against tea party groups, e-mails
Obama - Fraudulent birth certificate among other crimes

Just the tip of the iceberg. Here's a brief timeline I've been working on of everything:

9/11 - Israeli art students, dancing israelis, thermite charges, pull it lucky larry

Iraq War - muh WMDs

Obama birth certificate fraud - Begins during 2008 campaign

Operation Fast and Furious begins - Robert Mueller and Eric Holder run 2,000 guns to cartels

Lois Lerner and IRS target Tea Party

Occupy Wall Street - subverted by SJWs and "progressive stack"
Syrian Civil War - Soros color revolution combined with Obama/Clinton/State Dept/CIAnigger help

Benghazi - State Dept/CIAnigger ratline for arms to Al Qaeda/ISIS in syria, dead goon.
Zimzam shoots TrayTray

Zimzam acquitted
BlackLivesMatter (soros funded) begins chimping
Holla Forums launched

Banker "suicides" begin - 40+ bankers suicided due to LIBOR scandal
Hillary's private e-mail server - Obama also used private e-mail with pseudonym
Ukraine Civil War - Soros/State Dept/CIAnigger fuckery, Soros paid snipers shooting protestors and cops
Malaysia Airlines 17 - shot down over Ukraine by Ukraine gov't jets
Malaysia Airlines 370 - $400 million in gold enroute to china hijacked and sent to diego garcia
Libya Civil War - Ghaddafi gets knife enema courtesy of kikes
Gamergate - Five guys burgers and fries, whoresjws, goon butthurt intensifies
First through Third exoduses - Holla Forums becomes relevant after luggage lad goes full cuck

Rapefugee crisis - begins as consequence of color revolutions and death of Ghaddafi, Soros funding of NGOs to import rapefugees
Sept 23 - $405 Billion spent by Federal Reserve to avert Shemitah
Bane Crash - memes start bleeding through reality, Kek discovered shortly afterwards

DNC e-mails
Seth Rich - murdered by CIAniggers/Clintons for leaking DNC e-mails
Monica Petersen - murdered for investigating Clinton human trafficking in Haiti
Pizzagate - DNC e-mails show podesta link to child prostitution/murder rings
Syrian Civil War - CIAniggers give arms to al qaeda
Ukraine Civil War - Soros snipers shoot cops and protestors
Obama's fraudulent birth certificate - Confirmed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio
John Ashe (ex-UN) suicided - prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng
President Donald J Trump

President Donald J Trump
Syria Civil War - Syria/Russia/Iran make gains, look to win war
Charlottesville false flag


I always wonder what my file looks like kek
Think it's thick or thin user?

All digital these days. Probably sitting on some hard drive in Utah.

chapter 2 on the Joe Arpaio case in 2017:

Yep out in bluffdale (faggots)
I hope my file is the one causing the fires from overheating. Just another digital fuck you

So many missing timelines. Michael Hastings for example.

I'll add it. I floated a thread yesterday on this and it got zero replies.

also added

It needs one tbh
Engines and physics and shit

His car was 100% hacked by CIAniggers. Shit sux about his fiancee, she was a qt3.14

Nice timeline summary.
We also need a complete chimpout/snackbar timeline too. The last few years have been filled with so many happenings I've honestly lost track. The one people always seem to forget was the chimpout when the army niggers went out and started sniping white cops.


Agreed, the left will push it to the wayside and the right will screech about it, but nothing will happen.

And Swawn Lucas, who served DWS & DNC an election fraud lawsuit on July 1, found dead in bathroom on Aug 2.

what can come out of this?
is there any possibility that anyone will go to jail/ resign/ get fired from it?
if yes. who?

oh i forget to mention. im not from burgerland.


Of course, it's still liberal media, they have to protect their bosses.

Will anything happen? Seeing how much of a pussy Trump has been so far, failing to purge Obama appointees and hires, failing to go after Clinton, allowing himself to be surrounded by neocons who demonstrably don't have the his interests or the interests of his supporters at heart and are constantly trying to weaken his position and get him to cuck in one way or another, etc., either because he's a puppet, an idiot, or somehow controlled by threats/blackmail, probably nothing will happen. Is there a a historical precedent for massive consequences? Yes. Nixon was removed from office for wiretapping the DNC. Trump needs to fucking sack up and if he doesn't do it soon he'll rightly lose his base.

Capped this from half chan. Legit? LARP?



The problem is Sessions isn't the person who would actually prosecute it. And then you have to consider who the judge would be as well. The Fed is still far too corrupt to nail someone as big as Hillary. Even with the emails spelling out the Quid Pro Quo in plain English. Thats just the reality right now.


This just goes to show that Trump truly is in danger and we all have to do more to save him. Maybe US Senate user was real…Continue to work to save Trump, for the good of the nation.


(((They))) never work within the spirit of the law, only the letter of the law, and will use any minor slip to try to win the argument.
Like jew lawyers getting the obviously guilty off on a technicality.
Fuck them all.

Good thing Trump has the GOP and Sessions on his side… oh wait.

Nothing will happen.

Regarding your picture. That shit is far murkier. Guess who the lawyer was involved with that patent of remote controlled aircraft hijacking tech? Killary Rodham Clinton

Yea but I doubt obama will see any repercussions from this. Not to blackpill but sessions is either a coward, or compromised himself. They fear the chimpouts.

This. Why waste the energy being upset about shit that will never change? Even if "/ourguy/" is elected its business as usual.

no, he's going on exotic all expenses paid vacations. They're all dirty, if they weren't Trump would have been way more vocal. Face it, team Obama probably has some great footage of Trump doing something highly questionable.

All this shit is probably just paedophiles threatening each other, there's obviously a group of billionaire paedos that don't want Obama hanging around flapping his jaws and trying to become the leader of the UN or something, but they don't want him in jail, they just want to threaten it till he goes away.

My guess is that the whole thing, particularly the Awan affair, is much worse than we know and they are doing this to get out in front of it and protect King Nigger and Hillary.

This has to be the dumbest logic ever - too dumb for them. If they induced riots in all their political rivals over a perfectly legal action their own base would rally behind they would have free reign to squash the communist scum (into literal dirt to fertilize plants with.) Instead they're just maintaining the status quo because Trump isn't a counter party, he's just a globalist who was playing a part to relieve pressure as we're slowly widdled away.

It's pretty much out there that the guy's birth certificate was a forgery along with a tonne of other stuff. Sandy Hook happened on his watch among things, basically proven frauds just sitting there like cancerous sores.

It's all really there, just like Clinton taking bribes, it's just that nothing happens and the media just keeps all the public under spell over it.

As satisfying as the salt bath was, it was a pyrrhic victory.

Charlottesville absolutely sealed it for me that Trump is a sellout. That whole thing reeks and instead of exposing it he just played dumb.

This means he finally has ammunition to attack the deep state. Very good news.

that spell is being lifted and I think soon(relatively speaking) shit will start to change. I mean.. All bets are off after Saturday when the Reign of Chaos begins.

Praise Kek.


Gowdy endorsed El Rato, was a never Trumper and said Kasich was "okay". Fuck him and his theatrics.



Who knows, I seriously doubt it. The longer this has gone on the more people get invested into it. Even if you're on the inside and you want to do something how are you supposed to explain your part in it ?

If Trump were to pursue it, Obama would go on trial. What, if anything will come of it? No president has ever been arrested for their crimes… but we'll see.

Yes, it is very illegal to wiretap without a proper warrant for political purposes.

One would make a vid confession and state publicly they DONT feel like suicide and name their co-conspirators. Hope one would have enough to end this shit charade or it will be cement boots and a deep ocean trench

Was there any doubt about that in the first place?


self checked trips of truth

Okay I'm missing something big here, because he got a court order and did it on the books; where is the outrage coming from specifically?

Look at the NYT- they're going to indict Manafort. He may not be guilty of anything, especially not anything Podesta isn't guilty of, but an indictment will be sold as a guilty verdict by the media. Then they can crow about being right about muh Russia (despite the fact that they were and still are lying) and they can smear Trump as a traitor at the same time.

I think the outrage is they lied about it, and the media lied too and smeared anyone who didn't believe the lie as a dupe.

Reminder that Baba Vanga predicted we're on the last president.

it's all bullshit though, Trump could drop any number of truth bombs.

Which will be ignored or directly contradicted by the media, the Democrats, and even his own party, which has been trying to get rid of him since he was nominated.

The court order was based on the pissgate dossier. There's your outrage.

capture mildly related hopefully

I would just add to MH370 disappearance is that 4 patent holders on plane meant Rothschild got some semi-conductor patent.

Eric holder bullshit really bugs me, even if it doesn't share the shame global implications that some others do. I mean that's a crime that any normal person would go away forever for. This makes even 'fences' look like good security.

Kang Jiggaboo fucked up

You faggots don't get it. The only reason they're releasing this info is because Trump turned coat, so now the swamp no longer sees any benefit in turning on their (((own))) guy.

Nothing whatsoever will happen to Obama.


Don’t spread libel memes, user. It’s statistically unlikely that Cosby raped anyone.

In all seriousness, how jewish are you?

In all seriousness, cut out the well poisoning.

Witnessed. Let it come.


You know what's worse than two scoops? Amnesty

They had warrants. As bullshit as the warrants are, they had warrants. They "followed the process", which means no individual is responsible for any wrong doing because the process is the process, and they followed it. No one on the left will go to jail for this, they went to law school specifically to learn how to jew the system like this and get away without while preventing any fixes from ever being applied. All you can do is work to ensure that no one on the Left is ever elected to high office again.

This is an experienced pleb.

Holla Forums is always right. CNN can't lend credibility because they have none.

Podesta Group files new disclosures in Manafort-linked Ukraine lobbying
New filings with the Justice Department acknowledge the work benefited a foreign political party.
=(((By ISAAC ARNSDORF 04/12/2017)))

>Manafort’s work in Ukraine played a role in his ouster last August from Trump’s campaign. At the time, The Associated Press reported that Manafort, working for (((pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Yanukovych))), secretly supervised the lobbying campaign funneled through a (((Brussels think tank))).

Mercury partner Michael McKeon said the firm is working with DOJ to finalize its own filing under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, “which will be completed in a timely fashion.”

Fritts maintained that the Podesta Group’s original disclosures were appropriate. However, after consulting with the office that enforces FARA, the firm agreed to register retroactively.

While violating FARA is a criminal offense, the Justice Department typically seeks to resolve problems by bringing lobbyists into compliance rather than bringing charges. Last November, the Podesta Group updated its disclosures about lobbying work for India after contacts between its chairman, Tony Podesta, and his brother, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, surfaced in the latter’s hacked emails. More recently, Michael Flynn, Trump’s short-lived national security adviser, retroactively disclosed lobbying that benefited the government of Turkey after initially filing under the LDA instead of FARA.

>The Podesta Group received more than $1.2 million from the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine for its work from 2012 to 2014, according to the new disclosures. The Podesta Group’s work included meetings with State Department officials Tom Nides and Jake Sullivan and staffers of Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), as well as contacting congressional staff, reporters and think tank researchers.

Gowdy was the head of the benghazi commitee that didn't have the balls to recommend charges against hillary. He's good for talking up a big game during hearings,but that's about it.

huh, so king nigger really is going to jail



um, indicted for what sweetie?

Oh it's fucking you again.

Drown yourself, kike.

Use bullets and fire to wiretap the dems

Anyone who regularly comes here not only knew this quite a while ago, but also knows why the Trump/Russia meme was cooked up in the first place, and who started it.

Looks like Trump made a deal behind the scenes, good for him. Maybe he'll throw some scraps our way.

Absolutely Cuckservative.

ShartBlew / CIA niggers are really homing in on the board.

Trump was right and it ass burns you traitorous niggers and kikes.

No shit he was right. Of course King Nigger and ZOG were spying on him. They spy on all of us. I'm one of those niggers because? Gas yourself newfriend. Trump is supporting one of the most treasonous Israel first faggots from my state who co-sponsored the bill making the boycott of pissrael's goods a felony, so I can be skeptical of his actions for good reason. Second, fellating him constantly and hoping to be thrown a bone once in a while is absolutely a cuckservative mindset. The survival and revitalization of the white race is the only thing that matters. All else is secondary, including this forced cult of personality being constructed around Trump. He was the best choice we had. A stepping stone. Nothing more.

Ok, serious question.
Why the fuck are so many politicians so careless? I mean, even a paranoiac internet junkie knows that with a single laptop and Voip you can essentially become immune to wiretapping. How come those retards are always wiretapped?


inb4 archive lick my ballsack you faggot twinks

i've been in IT a loooong time and back when Novell dominated the network/server environment (when NT was still a sparkle in Billies eyes) I attended a few training courses with some guest from the government. ISPs were just trying to start up at this time to charge for the internet.

There question was this….what is the worlds largest connected information grid?
the answer was the power lines.
At that time new network abilities were being developed to use our power grid for connectivity and you would have no need for an ISP……just the power company. Even now you can still buy a box to connect to your home plugin to share your network

also how voltage is controlled to your home can keep connections open for as long as they want to "tap" you…..believing jewlywood for your tech info is the first way to get caught

I took my MCSE course back in the late 90's and remember talk of the 120v ground line being the actual medium of transfer. What it all comes down to is, if they want to spy on you, they are likely to find a way. What they can prove in court is another issue entirely. Their actual capacities being exposed to the public eye is yet another issue e.g. Stingray based prosecutions being dropped after defense attorney subpoena, etc





Just a wee little bit of context about that stuff you posted …

What makes it even funnier is that she's a kike and Ramzpaul may have boinked her.

What makes you think that wiretapping a suspected foreign agent after you obtain a a warrant is illegal?
What would you have had the govt do, just ignore the intel suggesting Manafort was working for the Russians?

They tapped him using the flimsiest of pretexts just so they could listen to Trump, spy on his campaign strategy meetings, and use their Mockingbird assets in the press to destroy his candidacy.

Remember, the CIA's WaPo was publishing all kinds of leaks which could only have been obtained and released by King Nigger himself, or somebody in his cabinet.

No, there was no legitimate reason for this warrant to be granted and I feel we'll hear more about this sooner than later, but in the mean while, remember the FISA court rebuked the fuck out of Mr. Soetoro, revealing he had unmasked up to 5% of the US population.

I do love how the tarnished, battered, BLACKED.COM FISA court is supposedly this paragon of virtue according to the press, though. It's like there's *NO WAY* some deep state nigger could have approved a warrant for political reasons, right?

You shills have a shit game. Do you think this is Reddit?

hmm, interesting, go on further

Thats the bitch of it isnt it? Remember how hopeless it all felt from 2007-2015? Holla Forums started really fighting the ebin fight around 2012 and even way back then when all looked fucking lost we managed to get a significant amount of the military to publicly announce that they would mutiny over a war with Syria. Could you imagine if Holla Forums decided shitposting was more important than launching its first ever galactic conquest grade intelligence dig and counterintelligence psyop? Kek in his swamp.. The reality we have today would not exist even slightly.

Before just a couple of months before the election we had really no nuclear grade political cards in our deck for publicly discrediting the commies outside of rhetoric and bullying. Then some faggot commie decided to turn on them and leak an entire server worth of emails that were extremely fucking damning.

One man in the right place can greatly multiply our strength. But that one man having both the ability and the balls/naivete to do so is not a sure thing at all, its so unlikely that us depending on such a thing is idiotic. And that is a good thing because of what our strength actually is. Holla Forums has many professionals within its user base, scientists, scholars, low level politicians, otherwise skilled individuals.. In fact Holla Forums is such a unique entity that if you dont count shills and disgusting newfaggots you shouldnt be able to find a single fucking user that doesnt have atleast one skill maxed to autismo.

And even with that.. who are we? All I am is a guy who noticed irregular patterns in what I was lead to believe and proceeded to develop an obsessive desire to debunk everything until nothing but the truth remained. Im sitting here typing out this blogpost and putting it on an image board that I have had, on more than one occassion, seriously considered the possibility that I was the only person talking to an army of chatbots.

And yet… I have partaken in digs so ridiculous and vast and found information that blew the hell out of a narrative so I slapped it all into an image with mspaint and posted it. And almost every person that uses facebook has seen either that image or other images made based off it. On more than one occasion my unimportant antisocial ass managed to skull fuck information into the heads of the majority of the western population. I assisted in calling in multiple fucking airstrikes on sand niggers from my computer while sitting in my underwear playing vidya on one monitor and tabbing between an anime and satellite images.

We have near weekly threads where some government employee makes a post either admitting to being in the government or anonymously where they provide us with leads and ask for our help solving something. Speaking of Syria in 2012. The whole Britham leak… Some random user just happened to hack into the one pmc that was carrying out the operation? No.. Someone on the inside gave that to us because we were more capable than they.

And every single accomplishment we have made. Every op, every dig, every psyop.. Has been accomplished with zero funding in spite of a multimillion dollar legion of hired shills.










The biggest difference is that the enemy conducts their dirty business primarily because they can grab a shekel in the process. We have no immediate financial interest in this, we're doing it because we sense a giant, oppressive weight and because it's fun.

How many shills are having fun in current year? How many of us are? They were great at demoralizing us for a long, long time but it's just immunized those of us who didn't wash out.

We've been tempered and we're pretty fucking hard, as hard as any information age knight errant can be. Shills are soft, weak, disposable.Twenty mounted armored knights could kill a nearly infinite amount of peasants, the same thing applies here.