Using non-whites as allies

Why are we blocking ourselves into a corner by antagonizing everyone away from us? We can't win this without the support of other people. Take for example the video with the based as fuck black guy beating a commie with a stick. That's a fucking ally. He's doing more than all of us. We need him! ITT we discuss ways to reach out to blacks to form an alliance for a common goal!

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I'm a black man and I love this place.

Dude I'm not even White, but creating a non white outreach is just fucking stupid. 95% of non Whites are adamantly anti White and there's not much that can be done about it.

Based. You're an ally then.

I'd imagine there are more non-whites on Holla Forums than most anons think. Its probably one of the main reasons nobody wants to do anything irl.

>>>Holla Forums


*whoops, didn't mean to greentext

Why would I want the help of a group that wants to kill me?

Non-whites aren't allied with us because we're "inclusive". They're allied because they like white people and don't want to see us die out.

They might even support the US as a European ethnostate. There's no need to cuck to them because you "don't want to make them feel bad". If they're really your ally, they aren't going to hate you for not being a cuck.

Meanwhile, us on the far-right look at the alt-right with disdain for being such cucks. Would you rather have an army of natsocs or nigs? Your choice.

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I don't even live in a White country, fuck off.

Shills and kikes working hard this week.

Am I really shilling if I'm saging? I'm not bumping the thread at all

you're a shitskin in a shitskin country. you don't belong here, advocating things counterproductive to white interests.

I'm not Alt-Right, I'm a Conservative. A lot of my friends are black and they're based. If my wife is fine having them around, then so am I.

I'm jewish but I voted for Trump and am doing my best to further the white agenda.

Well, at least you're a shitposter and not a shill.

Possibly you too, because I don't think anyone could be that stupid. Let's give you the gas anyway, just in case.

They can be mercenaries, but they can never be allies.

Blew your load too soon OP.

I replied to you with sincerity and you give me this shit?

You've helped in further radicalizing a strong, healthy far-righter. If I didn't believe that you were genuinely this stupid, I'd think that's what you were trying to accomplish. Congratulations you fucking moron.

I was going to write up a long post about how "black nationalists" are nothing like they were in the 60s and if they were we may be able to cooperate but now I see you're just shitposting. kys

Praise Jabulon for the bounty he places at your feet.

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I'm all for using non whites as bullet shields, sure.

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You know commenting and saging after the fact literally does nothing, right?

The reason is that, while non-whites might make for decent temporary allies, they cannot and will not ever have white interests at heart. And honestly, that's fine. They can't be expected to. I expect them to be loyal to their race as much as I'm loyal to mine. We all just happen to have a common enemy in the Semitic menace. What happens if we ever take back our country(s)? Are non-whites just going to peacefully leave America and go back to their own countries? That would be ideal, but is it realistic?

Most just think they'll be kept around as pets. You give them to much credit. I already have a dog.

Nothing like an IP hopping civcuck.

If we become strong and ethnocentric, then people will want to ally with us for their own reasons, and we will be able to work with them without getting taken advantage of.

If we remain weak and cucked then our "allies" will just be those looking for another angle to take advantage of us.

Everything hinges on making white people racist again

Why are you being mean to me?

It tells others that I fucked up and they shouldn't make the same mistake. You aren't a genius for working out how saging works. Fucking nigger.

The only thing I'm advocating for is for Whites to take up National Socialism and to avoid the same mistakes that we made down here in South America

You look like a shill, but I will reply. Its obvious that we want to unite everyone against the satanic (((globalists))) and their agenda, but we need to signal white identity for it and expose niggers as subhuman monkeys helps with that - you will not want to follow the white genocide agenda if it means your country is full of stinking, dumb low IQ monkeys. You will feel proud of being white comparing the history of both peoples, showing the clear superiority of whites. Being proud of being white and caring for your own identity, for honoring your own ancestors, will give you a lot more motivation to fight the (((rootless international clique))) than some "based" black guys pushing up sticks…

Did you miss the part where I said all non-whites have to leave white countries?

Everyone makes mistakes. Only a newfag announces it and gets assmad.
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Did you miss the part when no one buys your IP-hopping?

I'm scared to fight because I could get hurt or go to jail. Based black allies have no fear in battle and go straight for the enemy without a second thought. This is useful.

Only newfags feel the need to show that they know how saging works for no reason. If someone is browsing the board I want them to see a sage when I sage.

Why would you go fistfighing in the street? It does nothing against (((them))) - they watch as we fight among ourselves. We need to control the supply of information.


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when the civil war comes we will kill all the traitors along with our white brothers. then some low iq white guy will come along and kill us. its just the way it will go. you can blame jews for our fate.

Quality posts, friends.



You've got it backwards. It's not that I know, it's that you don't. An it's fun fucking with obvious newfags.

user, a raid is on-going. And the moderators are standing back and letting it transpire, it seems… Convenient timing for several of the threads we see right now in the catalog, no? Just sayin', weird shit afoot.


Easy enough logic to follow for the non-white ally.

Holla Forums check out this based brown ally. She's the most beautiful woman ever. What do?


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That guy is pretty based. I still think that girl is the most physically attractive woman I've ever seen. She's based too.


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Stylish as all heck, my dude. Based!

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What a coincidence, him and I have the same name. Also why are you posting that in response to the sexy HAPA girl? She's based as fuck and dating a built white Chad, my dude. I wouldn't mind putting my dick in those superior genetics. She's physical perfection.

You're right OP, based blacks like should be rewarded for joining the movement! As long as they're christian and nationalists I've got no problem with them. In fact, I'd marry my slutty daughter out to one in a heartbeat! 'Race', what even is that? Purity exists only in a utopian society, might as well let them have my daughter so I can get that social security check I was promised.

I mean, if you want. I'm not advocating race mixing, but if he's based I guess he's better than a commie.

At this point in time, all a non-White needs to do to not be considered my enemy is be anti-Jew.
Negroes should read "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and jews". It was written by blacks, for blacks.

Though I do not consider some non-Whites as enemies, that does not mean that I consider them as friends either.

hey you dopey faggot, what happens when a nigger is anti-Jew AND anti-White? what if he decides to chimp and and indiscriminately kill YOU and kikes?

So are we a civic nationalist movement? I mean I'm cool with that as long as race mixing and degeneracy isn't promoted.

What is wrong with you. How can you look at pic related and hate her? She's so adorable.


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I think I love her, Holla Forums. What do? I'm a white nationalist, but I'm more attracted to brown women.

>I'm a (((white))) nationalist

Not proxy samefagging. You are free to sperg as much as you want though.

She plays games about our history and fucks a buff white Chad. This girl is amazing!

but there aren't jews in Age of Empires

>our history
but there aren't jews in Age of Empires

Dub confirm! Goddess!

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Good god in heck are you a Marxist shill trying to make us look racist?! Fuck off!

if it weren't for the retarded topical assumption that I played the game, i'd swear you were a fucking bot.

I feel like you're trying to derail the thread. Shill? Let's get back to the topic at hand!

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As a white man that has a lot of nigger and spic friends and one kike friend. As someone that believes in equally and that circumstance and the (good amount kike and other non-whites) elite caused many problems for non-whites. We don't them in our movements. White men are strong as fuck. Plus most people here are good.

I think we should cooperate with shitskins. But only in the context of them being in their own countries, not le based Jamal gets to stay. Many peoples have a legitimate gripe with the jews, not just us. And allies can be thrown under the bus if that's eventually the right move.

What a fucking pleb.

Every nonwhite person with a decent amount of sense can see racist humor is just humor, communism is retarded and libtards are insane.

There's no need for dedicated outreach efforts, those who are smart are on the same page, or will come around from doing their own research. They know they are truly appreciated and accepted in any society that properly upholds Western values.
That's why you see the nonwhite Trump supporters get especially incensed or passionate when dealing with a leftist stereotype who shares their ethnicity trying to guilt trip them with identity politics. They know it's a bunch of bullshit making everyone involved look bad and it breaks their hearts. They know how moderate/conservative white people feel.