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88 characters ha ha I get the reference, that's cute guys. Real cute. How many is 88 though that is the question. Well if this was a tweet I think it would be over by now.

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isn't the point of this meme supposed to show how shitty, outrageous, and unobtainable it is to be a "chad"

I'm sorry but 'No it's fine' is gonna be up there with 'BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEMES?' soon.


lol cuck kys, white power, non-whites to the fire

nah it's to draw a contrast between something impressive and something not

Last thing Seattle Nazi said before being One Punch Man'd. Take it you haven't seen the video?

Needs more text.

Seems legit.

ok well I take it you haven't seen the news. Is this being censored on this board or something?

You are correct, which is why leftypol's attempt at subverting the meme just comes off as a cringy sonic tier fanfiction.

Seems legit. You've clearly never been to Seattle.

Psy-ops are fun though, Jews love em.

in reality, the new man is a muslim tranny with aids

Don't you guys claim to hate liberals, and say every time one of them shows up that they're not communists? They are.

Lol fucking communists.
None of us even look like the guy on the left.

lmao okay. is that the line you're taking on this one?

I was just thinking, what are the chances this will either 1) disappear as soon as any more information starts to come out, or 2) turn out to be a Jew in Nazi LARP allowing himself to get knocked out as part of a psy-op.

Can't have those awful goyim supporting Nazism - quick, deploy violence in the media to suggest rampant violence against any who associate with Nazism!

Really. Those annoying communists you claim aren't one of your own are indeed of your group. They're not "liberals". They're communists. An example of your flawed ideals.

I'm just hoping someone tries it on me, ide really like to try out my NRA carry guard insurance lol

protip: that's an /r9k/ meme trying to shit on 'chad' types. they make the 'virgin' how they see themselves only more self-deprecating and the 'chad' how they see rude normies


Why are the faces blurred? Who posted the video? Who is this 'Nazi' in Seattle, perhaps the most Marxistly left wing city in the US?

Smells like a Jewish psy-op, from top to bottom, especially how quickly media outlets jumped on it.

It's funny that leftists just seize the memes that other people create.

It's a metaphor for their entire worldview.

If someone is willing to knock out a Nazi I'm willing to make them and honorary commie, I've got no problem with that. But I don't see what that has to do with this topic. The Clinton SJWs aren't commies.

The communist revolution and Soviet state were funded and supported by western capitalists. Only Stalin changed course later, after purging western-backed trotskyists.

Stalinists and natsocs should form an alliance against the establishment capitalist-trotskyist nexus.

No, it's an obvious joke.

I doubt any will - this smells like bullshit. A pre-arranged scare tactic, nothing more.

I'll be interested to see if the police take action on this, as its blatantly assault and someone has it on video with faces visible.
If nothing comes of it, I suspect bullshit.

oops meant to reply to

Nah. Fuck off Gommie.

And of course, OP is allied with the establishment nexus.

Until they act annoying, at which point you'll say they're "not with us", which is wrong, since they're all with you.

Like Pepe eh?

You're under the influence, aren't you?

good way to make sure socialism never flourishes, it's like you faggots want to keep getting fucked over.


Nah, we made Pepe into something. You just scoop our shit, MS paint it abit to add too mich text, then repost. Its sad.

easy choice to make fam

You haven't done a good job claiming cats for your "movement".


Hoe goes with your perfect "World first modern socialism" country which you hold oh so dear?

Holla Forums didn't choose Pepe. Pepe chose Holla Forums. Now kill yourself commie scum.

sasuga Holla Forums

Shouldn't you be getting bedrest right now for your glass jaw?

K. Considering I actually understand things like bullet drop, minute of angle, and how to actually sight my scope in, I'll really enjoy killing commies from literally so far away they won't hear the gunshot.
Also: roof wasn't redpilled on the kike question so he was not one of us.

You do realise the robot killed the coon with his own failed bomb. Right?

Kek, you idiot.

Ladies and Gentleman: The Gommunist.

Nice smug faggot.

Also: he got a nigger senator.

He didn't say that Pepe wasn't stolen. He said that Pepe was turned into a meme so effective, that the ADL banned it.

Sure he got got eventually but he killed like 9 armed cops while Roof the loser could only kill old ladies

Get a laod of this vergin lmao

Show me a single Holla Forums meme that isn't a blatant copy of something we did first.

(inb4 he posts some really shitty Sterner 'spook' meme that never caught on outside their own containment board)

No he got a black senator.


The mods turned this board into racist Holla Forums, and the aut-right gave Holla Forums the enemy they needed.

The struggle begins. I hope you're ready Kameraden.

I don't understand how this guy getting sucker punched by a nigger in Seattle could possible be a bad thing for us: it apparently shows a Nazi attempting to establish a dialogue and a nigger being violent. If anything, this can be used for influencing opinions and recruiting.

Dylann Roof assassinated a senator. When was the last time a nigger did that. Also niggers hate whites on an instinctual level and will never be attracted to the higher-ideals of socialism over whatever scarps zog throws them.

old ladies and a gun-grabbing senator.

I encourage you guys to try that, have fun

Again, the porch monkey was killed with a single bomb which failed to activate. Mind you, the nigger claimed to have more about the city, but in reality, he was only inflating his threat, with nothing to back it up. Don't see how jumping a few zogbots makes up for that.

Nigger was dummy who chose to try to fight the police.
Which one of them is still alive? Exactly.

Daily Reminder

someone make one of these:

[the virgin holding a black baby in baby cloth, or however its called]

[chad is portrayed standing at the end of the dinner table while his 10 kids sit down and his pregnant wife puts food on the table]

not sure what else to add

Surely you mean Chad and his wife and his ten black kids?

It really is the same, with your ilk. Isn't it?

Its been working marvelously so far.
Be careful what you wish for.


As we can see by this event, I'd say the worm is turning kiddo.

Does it upset you?

You're projecting your degenerate fetish, again.

… Do… Do you not understand what 'cuckold' means? I don't think you do…

And again, you people don't make anything, you just copy us, and on occasion, reddit. Its amazing how willingly you demonstrate as much.

oh also, all of chad's kids are boys who are basically chad but smaller
even their faces look exactly the same aside from the size

Lad, I've seen what you lot spam on our board


You have understood nothing.
Here's how you do it.

Yeah, wow… The times, they sure are a changing… lel


Jesus Christ dude, hahahaha, you folks are so fucking bad at this.

Tell me more how much you love the Jewish creators of the pyramid scheme you follow.

I'm sorry that they don't meet your standards, maybe I'll ask your Oathkeeper buddies for some advice

We actually oppose all hierarchy not just non-white hierarchy

Why do you love being classcucked by white porky?


Aite, I'm out, these threads are always trainwrecks and we're almost to the point he starts posting interracial porn and then bugs out.

Quick reminder though:
The mods haven't been active in 12 hours.


Been doing it for a while now and it has worked magnificently on my fellow West Mongolian friends.


Surprising, how bathetic is by knowing that your board Holla Forums is one of the most despised, even the board owner hates you. And by adding the cherry on top, visiting and posting here more frequently than in your own turf. Surely the level of self-loathing cannot exceed that of a tranny?

wew that projection

Yeah it's semi-ironic. Sorry, you wouldn't get it, 'X GANG' is a highly sophisticated leftypol meme.

I'm only here today to make fun of your glass jaw, I'm enjoying myself so far

irony is why you faggots never get anything accomplished, when you act like retards for laughs you find youself in the company of actual retards.

…now THAT'S ironic!

Sure you are, even a retard can smell this bullshit coming from your lying mouth.

Except most of the hierarchy in every single government led be your ideals was stocked with kikes.


Do you think anyone here likes kukistanis, alt-kikes, or trumpniggers LARPing?

Even Stormfront debunked the 'all the USSR leaders were Jews' conspiracy FYI

nice standards.

Why do you cry so much about antifa forcing them out of public then?

Sorry, I can't keep up with what sites you guys like since they keep getting shut down and/or the owners getting arrested or outed as FBI agents so fast

I feel a compromise could be made. Here's what I would consider a fair trade:

Holla Forums helps Holla Forums gut Porky, and Holla Forums helps Holla Forums gas the Jews. Getting rid of one gets rid of most of the other so both parties could agree to finish the job. Besides, both Communism and Fascism agree with eachother about how cancerous (((Capitalism))) is already.

Post proofs of ZERO jews being involved in any communist government ever. Even Maduro came out as a kike, recently, leaving your only example as NK, whom your kind claim isn't real socialism.

Funny you'd say that when reality itself is your Achilles heel famalam

Obviously I can't prove that, even the Nazi Party had ethnic jews in it lol. There's no proof of the 'all Marxist leaderships were full of Jews' BS.

>not a single mention of (((Marx))) being a freemason

This is Holla Forums tier…


So you support the establishment that you hate, which supports and has allowed your theories to be spoken for the last half-century?

I consider liberal capitalism preferable to fascist capitalism

I don't know, assuming most of those types are outsiders who can't see that AR and antifa are both different strains of bolshevists.
All those 'muh public face muh pr muh pr' faggots haven't read WLP and think that marching around with torches following implicit dick and his antifa girlfriend is going to work with a zionist government.

I've been saying Don Black is a pedophile for years tbh. There aren't really any good clearnet sites after 4chon got killed.

Then you either find evidence disproving the point put forward, or accept the hypothesis that Jews have orchestrated every Marxist "revolution" for the past century and a half.

bro you're on eight-chan nobody cares about the freemasons here, based Jim is a freemasons, what are you a conspiracy theorist?

Yeah, and according to Revolutionary Left Radio, you suck more dicks than you can count.

So then it isn't a revolution. Just a defense of the status quo, making you the regressive, and the national-socialists the real rebels.

oh fuck you got me, it's therefore proven.

I'm guessing you've never heard the one about the invisible intangible dragon in my garage?

Well I can't exactly go find the post again now that Stormfront is shut down, but the source for the original claim is literally some deranged anti-communist's book with no evidence

I prefer socialism to liberal capitalism, but you useful idiots are hardly gonna help take down capitalism given as stated how the Nazis were whores for big business

The solution is to increase the Strasserism in Fascism. We're not bound to the inclinations or decisions of the dead leaders of the past. The cultures and traditions Fascists value most are being commodified and devalued by the forces of (((Capitalism))), and it's the Eternal Capitalist that has White Men working their bones to dust in the name of (((Profit))).

Can you prove it's existence, or are you going to be wrong again, like how you couldn't prove Jews have been responsible for every Marxist "revolt" since (((Marx))) itself.

I keep thinking that everyone knows the atheism arguments by now but I forgot most of you kids are 12 and weren't around for that era of the internet

Except there are no current socialist governments, according to your board's concensus. Not much of a revolution, is it?


We've always had Pepe.

This is about an invisible pink unicorn, and not an invisible pink dragon. You'll need proof for your own separate theory, unless you want to be proven wrong again.


Communism is alright, it's the limpwristed Liberal faggots with dyed hair that call themselves Communists that I can't stand. If we take the social, political, and aesthetic values of Fascism and combine it with the economic theory of Communism, we could have something glorious.

And I'm sure you can point to all the currently existing Nazi countries?

Reminder that leftists have their perception of reality completely reverse of how things are

The United States.


So much for the master race…

Your mom's ass. It's as big as a country and I claimed it for Hitler last night.

Nobody won WW2, except the kikes.

meant for

oh the ironing

You mean the "economic theory" where jews run everything and you are a slave?

Right, so that means your ideals have clearly failed more than right-wing ones. Considering monarchies have been far more successful, perhaps you'll consider becoming a monarchist, within the near future. Right?



A commie tried to suckerpunch me in DC once. It didn't go well for xer, or any of xer friends.

It has a historical precedent.

No I mean a "For Use" mode of production as opposed to our current "For Profit" mode of production. I already said that both Jews and Porky need to die, because they're both enemies of the Volk.

You changed your IP?

Where's the violent leftist uprising? I'm not seeing one, or are you projecting when you speak of your desired revolution, whilst downtalking a right-wing one?

You're here to be his wing man. Don't think I can't see that. You're supposed to mend the schism, while he acts "out of line". Not happening. The Jews and only the Jews must be extinct.

But left wingers believe history is an inexorable march towards socialism which must occur to resolve the contradictions of capital :^)

We can wait for centuries, eventually capitalism must fall

It's probably in the same place as your Day of the Rope. Maybe it'll happen someday, up to us to prepare until then, no?

True enough, but that's kinda you guys' fault ain't it.

Imagine for a moment an army of armed insurrectionists wearing both Swastika and Hammer-and-Sickle armbands storming the (((Fed))) and (((Wall Street))) and publically executing every Jew and Capitalist pig inside.

You cuccs should just accept Communism, it's for your health really.

An image has never left me actually dumbstruck for how utterly vapid it is.

I'm legitimately stunned and it's all I can think to do to say so.


I'm a Fascist who sees the value in destroying (((Capitalism))). Communism on the same page as me so I want to make a compromise. If no compromise can be reached and Communism is too unwilling to cooperate to destroy a shared enemy, I can and will simply stop trying and go back to pure Fascism.

Sorry dude but nobody in history killed more white people than Hitler.

That could just be a Finland flag user. Not a faggy kek flag

I see that the mods are asleep and the posters of merit are all at work.

That could just be a Vinland flag user. Not a faggy kek flag

Which has stopped with the death of the Soviet Union, unless that wasn't real Socialism, in which case it never even began. Meanwhile a legitimate rightwing government has actually existed, and many more before that. The persistence of Byzantium should hopefully persuade you to believe in a right-wing government, since you're only interested in governmental systems with a high-survival rate.
So just like how you doubt rope day can happen, you doubt your own revolt can happen, unless you're also a hypocrite.

OP proves that left can't meme if they tried
Do you know what makes right funny? Holla Forums jokes are rooted in reality and have actual basis for them. Socialism is a craptastic fairy tale imagined up by kikes.

You're a foreigner who's only taken the moment to appear in this exact thread, to peddle your little treatise. Your voice falls on deaf ears, peddler. Don't pretend this board is nothing, without you, for you are nothing, without this board.

submitting to authority is not cuckholding, it's called being an adult

cuckholding is letting niggers fuck your wife

Holla Forums thinks niggers fucking white women is okay, Holla Forums does not. Holla Forums are the cucks, kys

genocide doesn't mean mass-murder, it means 'attempting to eliminate a group'

blah blah capitalism blah blah bourgeouisie blah blah working class blah blah

order a helium tank and a gas mask off amazon, it will save you a lot of pain

>Imagine for a moment an army of armed insurrectionists wearing both Swastika and Hammer-and-Sickle armbands storming the (((Fed))) and (((Wall Street))) and publically executing every Jew and Capitalist pig inside.
it's not "capitalists" it's just "Jews" you stupid motherfucker kys omg

literally the only time in human history that socialism worked was when it was NATIONAL SOCIALISM.. but leftists say Hitler was bad "because le racisms xddd".. you are nothing but good goys with low test

Sometimes user, sometimes….

people tend to defended himself when they are attacked, but you wouldn't know about it, you know… because when you kill your enemies they win
get a job, be productive, be someone

sure thing brah

I'm fairly certain poles killed more germans.


You only get banned for making negative posts about trump or pointing out the mods ethnic origins.

Like giant children.

Engels was no Kike. Neither was Kropotkin, or Stalin, or Trujillo, or Plato, or Slavoj Zizek, or Tito, or Che Guevara. Plenty of examples.



Even Holla Forums thinks the nozbols are gay.

Everything is violence. Only the irredeemably weak howl and whinge about the rules of fairness and "gentlemanly debate".
- Adolf Hitler

This is peak Holla Forums. Simple outright denial of reality.

They will then proceed to spam it into the ground and claim it to be some great meme.

one of those its form the 800s the other one its from today.
really makes you think

That's because they're kikes, like you.

So, what's todays victory that got leftypol so aroused that he made it past the tard wrangler?

Have you ever actually read Communist theory?

So, I hear Venezuela is real comfy and revolutionary this time of year, eh?
Why don't you go visit?

Where the fuck is the gore?

Nazbol is gay because Dugin a Jew lover. I'm talking about Strasserism.

It only shows up in threads discussing Trump's zionist connections.

Go be a salv somewhere else.



A fake webm of antifa sucker punching a nazi.

Didn't they make that fat smiling man in the top-hat? "Porker" or whatever? I see that around once in a blue moon.


I guess you'll turn into a gorepost IRL sometime This post is a joke, of course :^)

I got a good couple hundred responses out of you guys, but if nobody else posts I'll stop :^) just wanted to share this vid that made me smile

Yeah, it's not funny or clever but at least it's your own. Fair is fair.

Your memes are shit, alt-left.

And don't forget, in the end, our enemies are the same, the only difference is we also name the race of (((Porky))).

White Porkies exist, and their souls are those of Jews. They too must hang.

Thats just discount happy merchant.

Ah that must be why you suck off ultra rich capitalists like Pinochet, Trump, et al…

Go get your Comrades in this thread. Holla Forums needs a debate thread.

I have a PHD in baneposting and a master in applied memetics, so I know what I'm talking about.
OP, I'm sorry to break this to you, but you are gay and your shitposting is so poor, it doesn't even rattle my bones.
Do yourself a favor and scoot back to your own board. There's probably a thread of trannies comparing their anal girth, you'll fit right in.
If that isn't the case, I'm sure you can create a thread about how you "btfo" us nazis.

I agree.

Any accomplice to the jew deserves it.

And how exactly is Trump bad for American workers? His main goal (and one that evidently wasn't just talk) is bringing jobs back.

A leftist with full governmental support of his own "movement" can't even believe in himself? God, you're hopeless. Much more than one could see anyone to the right. At least they persist.


You guys are jew-slaves. So much slave of them you will even pretend the porky is not a jew.

No one of the 4 in the pic built the machine. By that logic machine should be an artificial monopoly with a big patent to the inventor.

Going by 1st pic logic, the ones holding wealth would be creative oligopolists, but never the common prolet, even less so.


It just appears that way to you out in the cotton field because you don't understand what he does.


Oh look, he changed his IP.



Oradour-sur-Glane is french post-war kike propaganda that has been debunked again and again but which is now protected by the same laws that comdemn revisionism.

The Chad meme was originally supposed to show how retarded it is describe insignificant characteristics of basic activities such as walking and breathing as being "something a virgin would do".


Nah, I'm not your hated proletariat. I'm your porky. :^)

its been the same the whole time you moronic troglodyte

keep dreamin

Try using your keyboard.


I see. You're completely interchangeable with OP.
Sitting here, spamming your terrible memes, in a futile attempt to make Holla Forums angry, yet you remain largely ignored except by a few tired shitposters.
How does it feel being so irrelevant Holla Forums barely even considers you a nuisance?

Make a point first. I'm not gonna shadowbox a coward who can't even voice their own opinion.

This thread needs a good göre(ing)

seems about right

Fuck off goon

I'm having fun, why should I care about the opinions of some manchild on the internet?

This thread isn't even worth uploading images to. It's just 1-2 fags dumping their collection of cheap bootleg memes mass produced by the intellectual equivalent of China.

What are you even trying to shill here… This is not a capitalist board.


Here's a point: Communism suffers from its abject materialism and lack of wholesome social values. It also fails to address the biological reality of Race and the necessity to eradicate Jews.

Fascism lacks economic theory to replace (((Capitalism)))

You might just be the most boring member of the salt left I've ever encountered. You consider this fun? There's at most three people chiming in with an odd reply, the rest doesn't even bother because you're such small time.

Wrong. Fascism replaces capitalism with meritocracy. There is no capitalism in an Army, there is non in a fascist society.

10/10 you sure showed those capitalist pigs dogs goyim!


Yeah they are pretty damn smart, thanks.

Hmmm, but what about automation of minimum wage jobs? Do you believe in an efficient production model where human labor hours are kept at a minimum, or do you think everyone should work the fields despite technology that renders human field workers obsolete?


The story of Simo still gets leftists angry. A true hero.

Hundreds of kills! A man and his rifle! Embody the season of red!

Dialectical materialism is only a way to describe our economic relations, not really an idealogical belief system. Its values are much more wholesome than our current ones that promote narcissistic close minded thinking with world destroying consequence: immanent nuclear war, environmental destruction, and mass extinction. Studies have shown that economic conditions are always a more significant factor in an individual's success than race. They may be some discrepancy between races but its nearly impossible to tell when there's still deeply ingrained economic inequality.

First one that didn't make me want to immediately gag and retch.

but you keep replying to me my butthurt little altrite boi

I can easily tell the difference between a 70 IQ and a 100 IQ person. Takes me about 5 seconds. The question is, why is it so hard for you?


I fixed it for you, darling.

Communism is and was retarded and has not worked and will never work, just like communists

Here's another point:

Fascist philosophy and aesthetics are superior. The Fascist emphasis on Blood and Soil is superior to any globalist dog scut, as a people are bound to the lands that their Blood was forged on. "Together, we are stronger" says the Fascist, so what do you say?

Genetics is real and it influences human behavior and the outcomes of our decisions. This is seen in other species besides humans that are not evolved enough to have economic systems such as capitalism.

Human equality is a lie.

Yes, you can tell how stupid someone is, believe me. That still doesn't address the large amount of economic factors that dictate intelligence, education, training, the list goes on…

Have you ever spoken with someone who lived under a communist regime? Based on your behavior I'd imagine you're familiar with Eduard Khil. He would have told you how oppressive communist rule is. I understand you're looking for something to be a part of. It makes you feel good to be playing for a team, especially the team with the most recognizable players, the team who seem to be winning. But one day you just may be unfortunate enough to get your wish. say goodbye to everything you loved. No more harassing nazis on the internet, no more idolizing your e celebs, no more organized group demonstrations, no more squatting in antifa flop houses, no more designer bandanas, no more club weilding through the streets, your friends will sell you out to the secret police for the smallest infractions. your opinion will no longer matter to anyone. you will be a worker who never really had any other skills than professional victimhood. Good luck with that.

Again, I challenge Holla Forums to create a decent meme that isn't a blatant ripoff of something we made.

And they shitpost for entire pages, yet everything I see is something I recognize from our own boards years ago.

Suppose that cat wasn't good enough for ya hun?

Okay now I have to throw you a bone because it is just really sad:
Strasserism hasn't been tried before. Stop sucking Papa Stalins dick and come up with your own way to enslave starving people.

Nigga, you don't know shit. I'm inside my gf right now as I shitpost from my phone.

Religious people always believe mind over matter. "If I want to be a girl I AM a girl." You are the christcucks of the 21st century.



Dude do you seriously profess to have a knowledge of genetics and psychology while still being completely ignorant on epigenetics and the malleability of our genetic code?

cuck just means spineless

Not everyone on Holla Forums is a pagan

Found the hard materialist.

Why the hell is OP's meme a combination of two different memes? The Virgin vs. Chad portion of it is okay, although the wording could use a little work, but for some reason the background is that of a completely different meme template.

Yeah, seems like a great time.

None of this matters if the basic genetics of an organism don't allow the brain to develop beyond a certain point. There are differences in brain structure between different races, and even within the same race. The number and deepness of sulci is directly related to intelligence and is influenced by genetics. Why do you refuse to listen?

It's a lefty/pol/ raid. Again.

Almost, Hitler trips. To be a Cuck is to be a servile groveling worm that eats whatever his master feeds him.

The vid just helps to show normalfags how violent and ape-like niggers are. If you think the majority of people are cheering because a "nazi" got punched, you're very much mistaken.

Why does Holla Forums support all the same stuff porky does? LGBT, anti-racism, mass immigration, feminism… big megacorps support all this stuff. THEY ARE PORKY. So why is Holla Forums supporting that stuff too?


yeh sounds great being a degenerate drug addict before I get mowed down by a T-34

This turns me on. It must feel like shit being a communist and constantly losing all the time.

(((Communism))) is how the Jew gets the laborers to fight the nobles of society. (((Capitalism))) is how the Jew gets the nobles to the fight the laborers of society. Both ending up to how the Jew likes, a deracinated population with no helm or boatswain perfect for (((Globalist))) adventure. National Socialism is the only way to survive.

Are Le Happy Merchant and Porky even comparable in terms of meme quality? The former is a hilarious caricature that is universably recognizable and spawned countless variations and is inseparably woven into internet culture, while the latter has little to no variation and is virtually unknown outside of one very niche circle.

Porkies are disproportionately Jewish, and Jews are disproportionately Porky. Killing one also kill a good portion of the other so why not finish the job and eradicate all Jews after gutting Porky?

This may be true, but both nurture and nature play equal parts, as well as individual choice of meme assimilation.
Also, aside from intelligence, awareness of reality is a separate factor in personal perspective.
And no, awareness and overall intelligence are not causal in their linkage.

okay, my little commie serf, here you go:

If you won't even consider other options while blindly holding to your own, why bother pretending you're interested in debating?

Epigenetic factors change the expression of genes, not the underlying genes themselves.
I have a masters degree, you read some fucking article somewhere and think you're an expert.


Many of my family were killed by the (((bolsheviks))).
Really, we do not need to worry about modern communists too much as their ideology is forever dead.

Is this what you people call trans-humanism. Doth this mean I can be a pony-kin?

Ooh I laffin

Why not just slaughter the bourgeoisie and let poor jews bake the community bagel?

You keep posting violence, yet
>nigger in seattle vid was huge compared to the (((nazi)))

but most importantly
You will never do yourself

wtf i love commies now

Here is a statement: Every ideology that doesn't have a mythical element and only focuses on egoistic gains or materialistic needs is worthless.

rly makes u think…

Dicky deserves it

Thats exactly what you do though?

The difference between leftists and right wingers is that you attempt to find evidence to support your pre conceived world view. We create our world view after finding evidence.


Europe tried everything including that for two millennia. It doesn't ever work - the Jews will simply consolidate themselves and either subvert your country again after your descendents forget to hate Jews, or they'll get another nation they subverted to kill you for them.

Jews are an existential threat to literally everyone.

That's the point Jew, you do not listen or care for arguments that are not your own or in a form that does not grant you dynasty over the goyim.

Because mine are based on observable, objective phenomenon in the brain.
Yours is based on some flawed ideology from the 19th century. Are you seriously denying genetics and evolution?


Are you Jewish?

>Created by (((Hymie Simon))) and (((Jacob Kurtzberg)))
>Created by (((Steven Spielberg)) played by (((Harrison Ford)))

200000 dollars says I could kill you.
Want to meet in a forest somewhere and duel?
I'll bring stake, you don't have to bring any money. Bring you friends as well. IDC.
I'll fly anywhere within the u.s. to do battle with you. No weapon restrictions, any gear.
I'll come alone, but like I said; bring your stupid fag friends.
My only stipulation is that the fight must be in a forest with natural standing veg; I;e: no going in and cutting down all the grass. You may dig fox-holes and fortify if you wish.
Give me a location and we may do battle.

Why are we still capitalist tho?

I've tried to have a conversation with anyone willing to give a coherent argument but all I've gotten is complete denial on the possibility of economics affecting intelligence and random rambling about the jews.

Get back to your hole already, you annoying cunt.


Apparently these facebook tier memes are fresh.

Have fun shitting up your own thread, OP.

No serious offer.

Why leave any jews alive? I'm quite serious here, is there a single good reason to spare any of them?


Dude, can I into this? I'm not a communist but I'll kill you for 200000 with those terms.

Sure, if you can. You just have fight the commies and hopefully you know how to fight In the jungle.


Nice try jew. Nobody said economic upbringing doesn't affect IQ to a degree however race actually does affect it much more.

Fact: people with higher IQ are more wealthy.
You being a retarded communist trying to prove a point will say, well that must mean that rich people are oppressing the poor while they get better education.
A rational person with no pre conceived worldview would say people with higher IQ usually become richer.

Check out the Minnesota Trans-Racial Adoption Study. It showed that the economic effect on IQ is negligible compared to that of race.


The paper barely mentions race, did you even read it you illiterate twat?

more jew rambling…

Sure thing, I can buy my way to Best Korea with that

dude jew bagels are super dope

Tim Hortons makes a better bagel than any kike ever will. Try again.


Bagels are the only positive thing the Jews ever gave society. They also taste better toasted. Is this a coincidence?



Give me GPS co-ordinates and I'll have fun killing you all from concealment as your "friends" break and run.



That's because "economics", like other environmental factors, play a role in IQ. But genetics plays a greater role than you want to believe, so you downplay it, holding up an "economics" shield to protect you. Environmental factors do play a role, but genetics plays a much a bigger role than previously thought.

It doesn't need to mention race you illiterate nigger. It supports my assertion that brain folds correlate positively with higher intelligence and have a genetic component in their formation.

Kill yourself. Bagels are literally a scam since the hole in the breading is used for more bagels.
You're paying for a skimped piece of toasted bread.

ahahahahaha why the fuck is that dude carrying a fire extinguisher ?

Son of a bitch. I've been kikes yet again!

You don't understand it ether. The 'virgin' is suppose to be normal passive behavior, and chad is suppose to be the extreme opposite. For example, In the orginal virgin walk with the chad stride, Virgin takes long strides, while Chad takes "beetle steps."
The meta behind this meme is that its suppose to mock people who feel think about and feel insecure about the way they present themselves in public.

You ever notice that Japs always talk about hard work and rising through the ranks. Why do you still like it? I don't understand.

But i'm glad we can finally get to the root of the issue, you don't want to work and would rather bum around for the rest of your life. Have fun becoming a welfare kang or drug dealer.


I still don't understand the "hair over-reacts to wind part"
And as far as I know, very few of us are virgins and none of us actually look like that.

Thank you for taking the time to not read his post, you dolt.

This one is shit. You don't get it at all.


kys philistine

dude this fatso literally thinks he's rambo

I can't address every racial infograph but most have the same source, a few have none, and I'll have to look into one or two. But other than the adoptions scheme, which seems that had not been verified by balancing out the Flyyn effect.

I read it, but I assume the first one that was made, was made as a psyop in an attempt to say; "hey, we have you profiled"in fact, there was no "Chad" in the original.
But it was a poor profiling attempt.

No I'm an ex-zogbot.

I've already posted tons of proof or race affecting IQ. You just ignore it because it doesn't fit your world view.

Why don't you show me some actual hard proof that being born with wealth makes people have higher IQs.


One meme out of dozens posted offers an in depth look at my ideology and psychological profile.
Wow such delusion…

More of it…

see my post here>>10626021

But that would also prove dindus are dumb and he can't have that.

Try responding to some of the points 62d051 suddenly left from, before you coincidentally came in.

I love Forrest combat, and I love door-kicking.

Just answer this question. Why is diversity supposed to be a good thing?
Okay i'll level with you for a second and pretend to be retarded.
Lets say evil porky is oppressing the masses. Why exactly does that mean racism is bad? Why does that mean that a white only homeland is bad?
If porky wants people to be divided via racial tension, why would you continue to promote diversity? For more racial tension? Diversity always leads to more racial tension so why?

stfu faggot

Kek, I was considering mentioning in my previous post how unbelievably retarded leftists are for denying basic biological facts, but unsurprisingly you have done it for me. You people are caricatures.

It's amazing the lengths leftist academia will go to dance around the obvious reality of racial differences.

Instead of providing an actual coherent view on intelligence it's nothing but a litany of excuses rehashed or invented over and over to dodge the very obvious reality.
You call yourselves 'materialists' but deny the blatantly obvious fact that nature itself is the source of inequality, that reality is inherently unequal in every single facet of existence.
How the fuck can you be a 'materialist' and jump through so many mental hoops to deny an uncomfortable truth ?

marxism / liberalism is a disease

Nice one, you got there. Real classical peasant type. You better not be using contraceptives~

what is this shit

Skull shape differences between the Races are an artificial construct?

Anywho why are you opposing Race Realism when I thought your main priority was opposing Capitalism?

he's a troll
Probably some above-average nog who thinks he's funny.

1st image
You just end up looking like a 60 year old dude trying to tell kids going to school is cool and hip through a rap video.

Reasoning is also an artificial construct, hence why lefties don't do it.

I like how you've simply stopped trying to address my posts on genetics and brain development. I assume you are carefully educating yourself about why things aren't entirely due to economics. Here's some more on genetics and brain development.

Pic related. "Race" is influenced by genetics, like everything else about a human being.

i really hope that pic is sarcasm because it really looks like it to me

He relaxed around blacks. Got what he deserved.

Blacks have been oppressed more by capitalism more than other group. You're not making a strong point by showing the most economically oppressed group in the United States history have genetic disparities.

sources are pretty important everywhere retard

I never talked about diversity, but this post is riddled with assumptions so I'll try to side step them. That fact of the matter, is that diversity is already a factor in many nations, communists are not looking to increase it or anything, we just believe that races might be able to get along if they were constantly being exploited against eachother.

stay mad

I could say the same about your complete economic illiteracy…

Every post that videos been attached to has been a shitpost, what a surprise they get deleted

So Communism and Fascism hate the same (((People))). Why the conflict? Why not make an agreement to disagree in regards to "Muh spooks"?


because fascists aren't actually socialist, they want to be cucked by white corporations

Communism is jewish you idiot. Communists hate all that isnt communist, thus isnt jewish.

And that makes shitty Holla Forums memes funny? What is your logic here again?

Salt-left faggots really are fucking pathetic. Your websites don't get pulled, your posts on social media don't get deleted, you don't get shadowbanned, the internet mega-corporations support you and make excuses for you. So does the media, so do billionaire politicians, so do police forces. Fabulously rich college professors who own multiple homes and brag about how much money they make on the internet are the primary spreaders of your retarded ideologies. Funny, it seems to me that the "porky" you hate so much bends over backwards for you. Thats because you aren't "revolutionary", you're useful idiots, stormtroopers of the status quo. You're fucking living jokes, walking contradictions, disposable political tools of the very people you claim to hate. And yet the same people will go through hell and high water to deplatform us. That alone should tell you that fascism/national socialism are the only real threat to judeo-capitalism. But keep making your terrible shit memes that are wholesale copies of ours, I'm sure that will make your upper-middle class bourgeois "comrades" put down the macbooks and starbucks and start a revolution.

I'm not denying, I'm saying that its a mostly irrelevant aspect like are we gonna start being racist against white people because their pasty soulless asses can't dance?

I'd address you more but you can't even differentiate genetics and race. They obviously overlap but the articles only mention individual genetics nothing about racial based comparisons.

Stalin was a kike though.

"what happens when fascists fuck with socialists"

Socialists die by the tens of millions defending rich kike capitalists.

Holy shit you are a faggot

I could do as this posters says

And say that you want to be cucked by Jews. Obviously both aren't true, we just have to make a system that is both anti-Capitalist and anti-Jewish. Problem solved.

that first picture isnt anti communist lol.

More on the side of 'centrist porky media if anything. Antifa trashes a trash can and they rush to put it online because 'muh violent left'


Damn Jews gave us both bagels and Stalin? Truly they are the master race!

Whoa that puts me 50 points higher than you and your stormfag pals?

Races would not be able to get along.
You have no arguments and you are still desperately trying to convince yourself your worldview is correct. I don't believe blacks have lower IQs because of their genetics. I know they do. Thats the difference. You continue to ignore reality.
Capitalism does not oppress anybody. Niggers were given many wonders of the modern world and they squandered it. Look at Korea or Japan then look at nigger land. Tell me again how evil white oppressors destroyed them because of capitalism. Even the philipines is better than Africa by a huge margin. Tell me economic oppression is keeping them down.
Explain to me why Africa is still a shit hole to this day. Why do blacks across the world have disproportionate crime rates? Is that also muh oppression.

That's what I thought.

Nigger you're already racist against us.
When some black panther calls for killing crackers, do you virtue signal and tell him not to be racist?
Do any of your fellow blacks? Anywhere near the level sell-out whites suck on chocolate nuts?

Antifa are nothing more than commies. They are the redshirts, exactly the same fucking thing. I like how you all try to denounce them and in turn are denouncing your commie kike pals. Commies always have been their own enemy.

The media is left. In every way possible.

I call for a Holla Forums-Holla Forums joint op against Google using Ad Nauseum. Both boards have threads about it, everyone on the site hates ads, seems reasonable.

I don't denounce them, they're a-okay with me.

see webm

We must make an anti-Capitalist Fascism.


Jesus christ these are so bad.

1 to 8
clearly media is centrist

Because commies are literally funded by big banks. Lenin was a German agent sent to destabilized Russia with the monetary assistance from JP Morgan.

Why should I? Race is best described as people with similar ancestry (otherwise known as genetic lineage). You want to separate race from genetics so you can preserve the foundation myth of your ideology, which is that humans are created, and thus deserve to be, equal.
Good. You're not completely retarded.
The one you just mentioned does talk about it. It uses the word "ancestry" instead of race. Anons have been dropping other redpills showing how this affects racial differences in other areas. I'm merely demonstrating that brain folds, which are strongly correlated with intelligence, are influenced by genetics, which form the primary basis of race. Therefore, there are differences in brain structure between races.

confirmed for didnt listen

All of those are funded by giant corporations, yeah they're not fascist but they're not leftist, they're only liberal in the sense of market liberalism

Sure kike. You will when they kill some innocent hardworking guy, because then you know hell is gonna break lose.

Leftists aren't Liberals.

Communism and liberalism are the same, stop pretending.

Holla Forums sucks corporate dick when said corporation fucks over people they disagree with, you're kidding yourself.

Leftists are liberals and communist. All the same shit.

You have reason to believe they wouldn't get along. Read your own post back to you and think for a minute.

Dude, the bagels! The bagels!!

Whoa calm down cottage cheese, thin skin much?

Christ dude, read a book.

A bunch of bullshit.
The media is blatantly calling for socialism. Even so called right wing media will never bring up topics such as race. Even conservative media is leftist in nature.

Holla Forums politically illiterate

You are just proving my point. Good job.

Yup. Commies whine about "fashest rayciss Amerikkka" when America does nothing but use its military and economic power to dismantle nationalism worldwide (except Israel's of course) and even sacrificed half a million soldiers and billions of dollars in WW2 to save the giant death camp that was the (((USSR.)))

They cry about oppression and muh greedy CEOs when basically every CEO in the West agrees with their views and bends over backwards to appease the violent "minorities" they claim are oppressed.

There's probably no dumber group of people on the planet than commies and antifa. There's no reasoning with them. They just deserve helicopter rides.


modern day liberals and socialists, communists are all leftists.


So in other words, denying objective, material reality is equivalent to having a different opinion on economic theory?

he's right you know.

And here you are on our board unable to actually debate anyone properly because once someone brings up facts like biology, you retreat into your ideological happy place and return to posting your shitty "memes".
You are impotent here, faggot. Perhaps it's time for you to run along back to /leftyjew/.




Get lost.

Jesus fucking christ

liberal as in free markets =/= left as in leftism or even social democracy

yeah who needs em when you have youtube?


whats the point on barking on the wrong tree here
thats like saying putting the blame on halfchan or reddit when somebody else was actually responsable for it.

You're a disgrace.

Holla Forums literally can't even come up with a single argument, holyfuck lmao!

Trying to insult me doesn't make you less stupid, it just makes it more visible.

I'm visiting people in UK right now, but I'll be back home to Ukraine in a couple of weeks. Seriously, why don't you get on a plane and come here and start spouting your ideology like the superior man you are, maybe print off your picture and hand it out to people, see what happens when people hear your beliefs in the real world.

Not even joking read the truth about monarchy. If you haven't read it you lost. HAHA take that communists.


people that want to bank on something, maybe?
maybe learn something that will be useful in say, a job?
you people are no better than scientology

Sanders never gave any money to Clinton, he spent it all sending delegates to the convention


Did nothing wrong.

Last Monarchies didn't fly so well…

Holla Forums and Holla Forums should initiate a cooperative effort to directly combat the big corporations that both hate by targeting their ad revenue using AdNauseum, as this guy suggested:

Well, you sure showed me. Good job.

That picture didn't say anything about the money going directly to Hillary, you illiterate fuckwad.
It says "all your donations go to the establishment."

Mate, planning on heading your way next year (Kiev). How do Ukrainians feel about Australians? Also, have you heard of any Australians who are there on a long-term visa?

Enough of the shitposting and joking around. Take a holiday from you pampered lifestyle, get a cheap return ticket to Ukraine (pretty much anywhere will do), and go around telling people about your beliefs on Ukraine, communism, and White people. Let's see what happens when you start to tell the workers of the world your beliefs.

same here cunt


can't wait for the next exodus and we can abandon Holla Forums, it's starting to get too infested with leftists. Even 4chan is better at this point.

You proven yourself wrong you fucking idiot.


No refunds.

I'm convinced he is illiterate.

I spelled it out for him and he still can't wrap his mind around it.

ok which is not true, Sanders used the money on what the people who donated expected him to

Why would I want to visit a third world shithole that threw socialism away because they idiots?

Sure, I'll just listen to some rando retard online.

Yes, waste it on a campaign that got him nowhere.

I've read all those books and I must say, that's a pretty good summary.

I don't think people have any problems with Australians (probably because no one thinks about Australia that much), as long as you're White then you'll be fine here, people are usually very welcoming.
I live in a very rural area so I do not personally know any non-Ukrainians.

it says 'whoops your money went to the establishment', why are nazis always liars?

thanks Academic Agent

Are you idiots actually braindead? Have you ever visited the fucking eastern block, asked the people who LIVED under your retarded fucking system about any of this? Communists were envious, greedy whores who "collectivised" (stole) everything they could, divided the best catches among their patsies and threw the scraps to party members.

This nigger just arrived in the fuckin chans lol

No problem.

Beat me too it. lmao

t. my family owned hundreds of acres and those damn soviets gave it to some peasants

you faggots do know that fascism has been around a whole lot longer than kike capitalism, right?

Who am I kidding of course you don't know that.

Of course they haven't mommy would never fund their little road trip.

You're gonna cry when they will "take" stuff from you and "give" it to others.

If this dumb nigga tries to drag in Roman culture I'm moving to Cuba.

What do you mean? I can spare two hundred burger bux to buy out half the balkans/unkraine

We all know all commie figures are retards, you don't have to say it.

What's that first one supposed to mean? Is it making fun of niggers?


Don' even argue with leftyfags
They know their shitty system doesn't work.
They just don't have anywhere else to go cause they are mostly made up from the dirt of society and none of them are actual working class men, they're mostly art students and other useless shit LARPing as the actual productive right-wingers they despise so much.
They have to promote communism and the redistribution of wealth because they know they have no chance of ever becoming anything of worth themselves otherwise.

That's why Commies are equally obsessed with wealth as "muh ebul gapitalists" are. They are both sides of the very same coin.
The despised capitalists are just those that were more clever, better and more capable of aquiring wealth.
The whole leftist ideology was created from the novel of a lazy rich little brat called Marx that treated his family horrible and never worked a second in his life as a ruse to get Russia out of WW1, it was designed to attract the scum of the earth and to constantly devour itself so that no Nation could ever survive under its rule alone. Through lend&lease the evil capitalists even literally paid them in material to die for them against Germany in WW2. Their great Commieleaders drank wine and laughed while the red army soldiers died horribly for a few tons of scrapmetal from big industrial, capitalistic powerhouses like the US.

And the worst part for them is that they actually were granted almost half of the entire planet after WW2 by those despised, rich piggy-men and then they just choked to death on their own ideology. Like it was nothing. The entire Russian Federation is still suffering a nationwide depression from this insanity.
But it gets even better, they had make a prison out of their domain back in the days because their system ist so incapable of being competitive with other ideologies that people would risk to get shot just to get out of it.
Thats why leftists love to ignore actual science, because they are used to it. There is no way you could say that a system that collapsed in such a embarassing way could ever be defended with scientific methods. Thats why they created this ridiculous "it wasn't real socialism" meme. They know it was actually the realest socialism possible, but it just can't be possible because the book they read told them that it works.
They are like angry, jealous children that believe in nothing but their favourite Fairy Tale Book.

So don't even argue with these people. They are equally as wortless as their joke of an ideology always was.
And the worst part is: They know it.

Yeah, they will take your life first before you will "spare" anything.

Damn right.

You're such a window licker.
He spent other people's money and time on a failed campaign which promised a revolution in the establishment.
He spent other peoples money to send delegates to the convention which fucked over his paying supporters even more at the time
He sent donations to the DNC
AND he's currently under investigation for bank fraud.

So yes, all your donations DID go to the establishment to be wasted on a candidate that later on endorsed an establishment candidate you hate so much.

Now the commie kike will say "he wasnt a real socialist".

Nazis can't even form coherent sentences, I thought you were supposed to be good at grammar and shit.

Sorry, I'll add fifty labels next so it can be comprehended by manchildren, P.S. Yellow and black means an cap

Can't win an argument? Run away! Classic nazi strategy.

I actually wanna know how commies defend this one.

Activates my almonds.

Go ahead nobody is stopping you but yourself

I know that, I just don't understand the relation to niggers learning music. Please add fifty labels so I can understand your obscure nigger anarchist reference.

English isn't my first language. Not an argument

From what? You talk and cry like a kike. You're never back up anything at all.



Let's take a second to think about just how right Varg was when he defended the Left. I don't think even he knows how right he was.

In 5 years time we're all going to laugh at how the right-wing went from telling everyone how masculine and ubermensch they all are and how leftists are "beta cucks" to crying on camera about how violent and hateful leftists are and complaining about equal representation in the media.

The left and right were born in the merciless rape and slaughter of reactionaries in the revolutions of the previous centuries and it will end that way too. From the beginning of these times the left has continued to slaughter rightists, the bourgeois, police and so on. From burning down Nazi houses to LEFT WING DEATH SQUADS in the least expected places

The left is the real might-is-right in politics.

The only reason fashy-internet-meme-kiddies have the gall to call themselves alpha and strong is because of all the empty validation you get from the fringe shit you spend half the day looking for on the internet. Like tranny leftists and little girls on tumblr who talk about safe spaces. This is the magic trap card you have when you remember you are cowards. Rightists are being beaten, humiliated, terrorized and exiled but you can always go into your tranny_leftists_XD folder and pretend that you are the political warrior of your dreams.

This a city on communist and jewish control. Imaging the whole world.

I'm still waiting for the workers of the world to revolt in favor of communism and leftist ideals.

We did and it always devolves into a cabal of individuals controling all the wealth and power with an iron fist and willing to kill millions to remain in place. The worse is that socialists haven't come up with any new ideas for better societies or ideas to fix the mistakes of the old ones, they just claim the same old muh powa to da people, gotz to be equalz n'shit again and again.

Read the book.

this is why internet nazis need to stay on the internet.


Capital is.

You obviously don't, its pretty fucking basic m8. Capitalism doesn't value the arts like Socialism, pretty clear to the literate fam a lam.

Not an argument.

Is this perhaps the most pathetic loaded response?
The left has a serious track record of revolutions and coups not just in the past but in the present as well. You have nothing but vague appropriations of past historical processes like WE WUZ KANGS N SHIET monarchy and degenerate inbred white aristocrats getting rich of black, brown and white mens labor WE WUZ EMPIREZ N SHIET.

Thats because socialism aka communism simple doesn't work. Its based off a hatred of capitalism.
Their only valid point is capitalism can be unfair sometimes and they don't like that.

You can bitch all day about how unfair it is mother nature forces you to drink water to live. That doesn't mean there is an actual system or way to avoid drinking water without dying. Communism is childish. Its nothing but people the mental age of children throwing temper tantrums over how unfair everything is.

Varg was saying that the left is only a good tool to take down a system because the left doesn't know they themselves are tools. What comes next is the Fascist cleaning up the mess the left will make because they cant into the aftermath of their "revolutions". After each revolution the left becomes their own biggest enemy. Of course you are so autistic that reading between the lines is hard and you ignore anything else Varg says about the left because it wouldn't fit your worldview.

How cute, did someone post your degenerate pictures online? It's funny how you idiots only can post pictures from random fuckers but not actual people that post here. While on the other hand we got loads of chatlogs and pictures of fucktards like you that do post here and you then proceed to cry about us saving them and reposting them when you fucktards whine again. The jew cries as he strikes at you.

By the way, night and pride don't even rhyme.

That wasn't real communism though. There have been no real communist revolts. Try again.

They where jewish revolutions and nothing more. They always fail when they actually have to do something themselves.

Yes, it is an argument. We literally observed these societies rise and collapse and not a single time have socialists gone and say "let's do with this X and Y different this time". They still use the same promises of equality that lead to that destruction today.

Did anyone else get that from this picture? I'm actually awestruck at how bad this is. I'm not saying I didn't get it in a sarcastic way, but in a real "what the fuck am I casting" way. Niggers have music education like everyone else, so anarcho-capitalist spongebob makes a retarded expression. That means socialists appreciate arts more than capitalists.

I don't even.

Also show me just one revolution of "yours" that wasn't funded by kikes or capitalists. Because you can't.

nothing is THRUE NAZISM too any of you internet nazis.

My point is the "workers of the world" are very against you and your ideals, dipshit. It's funny how most of your so called "revolutions" and "coups" are funded by and organized by jews, and are not at all organic uprisings by workers.

wooooah there im not gonna read all that stuff
if its that long, it probably isnt funny

make a raft there you double nigger even spics with little to no money can do it, why can you?

How is that an insult?
That's like me calling you an "internet commie."
Christ, you idiots are so deluded.

Hey OP I'm not going to read through your thread, but I just want to know something. Are you by any chance some college cunt with debt from student loans?

Nobody does this. Just compared to communists we are. I wouldn't call that strength though. Any chump can beat the shit out of 10 antifa. i've seen like 5 videos now of average guys getting into a fight 1 v 50 antifa because they accused him of fascism. Every time one antifa gets clocked and the rest kind of just hover around too scared to get close.

The only people perpetuating the super masculine and tough right wing is fear mongering media.

So lets say if I was waving the commie flag and got punched I'm suddenly a commie too? I might as well false flag to make you look bad, it aint hard because you seem to do it all the time.

You're completely wrong mate, look into history a little.

I'm sorry that not all of us are as retarded as you.


t. nigger whose race never got around to inventing the wheel

Typical kikes.

You do realize that Micah was a virgin who got kicked out of the army for sexual harassment. and never saw combat because he was mason and carpentry reservist.

Yeah, I did, it proved you wrong and now you're just posting shitty pictures thinking that's a substitute for an argument, nice try though.

only true nazism can be achieved thru the internet everything else is fake nazism..

to believe some is willing to get knocked out or killed to false flag something is stupid one of you're little nazi buddy's got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT hes lucky they didn't kill him.

I keep scrolling down and updating thinking that one of these leftyfaggot attempts at a meme or anything OC is going to either make me laugh or think. I am disappointed, forever disappointed. They can't even be interesting or unique and it is quite boring.

lmao the only thing supporting this is when he says "I'm going to play devils advocate".
He defends himself and the point he makes in the comments and even liked on of the leftist commenters who appreciated the video. It takes a special type of mongoloid to twist it and then accuse someone else of "not reading between the lines".

Ok so you're not even going to acknowledge the actual point I made about your tranny leftist pic collection being a psychological defense mechanism when you remember that you are a fucking bitch. you can have all the traps you want it doesn't change the fact that you're a coward.


As if practically every great work of art in history wasn't commissioned by princes and noblemen you dumb commie fag.

Behold the glorious retard culture of bolshevik Russia.


As if practically every great work of art in history wasn't commissioned by princes and noblemen you dumb commie fag.

Behold the glorious retard culture of bolshevik Russia.>>10626626

What is this psychotic way of arguing. Making retarded conspiratorial claims as if they are fact and then acting smug about it? I really think its a coping mechanism for how much of an underdeveloped anti-social child you are.

Are you completely fucking oblivious to your OWN bullshit?

You whine about people not having an argument, but here you are saying THIS
To THIS post

Holy fuck, you retarded paint huffers are so stupid. I know it hurts you more than it hurts me posting since you've been at this for hours on end with (45) posts.


As if practically every great work of art in history wasn't commissioned by princes and noblemen you dumb commie fag.

Behold the glorious retard culture of bolshevik Russia.>>10626626

Might be a literal nigger who falsifying his worker accident using ssdi or workers comp so he can't work ever. Nobody can be this dumb uless op is a nigger or spic.

I can see smoke coming out of you ears. Maybe you will get it someday, mong.

All of you're revolutions have resulted in failed states, or were crushed by RWDS. Remember when that cunt Rosa got shot in the head for instigating a communist uprising in Germany? Remember when tons of leftists and their pet niggers were shot, lynched and burned during the red summer in America?

Pretty sure its either a goon chink or a goon white reject who thinks he/she/it is a chink.

Really? Because false flagging never involved people basically committing suicide or getting murdered to push a bigger agenda? You commies did it all the damn time. Getting knocked out is nothing, in fact I could get my self recorded by my buddy and I'll pretend to be a retarded commie like you. It's fucking easy to set up.

As if I give a fuck. It only proves you're the animals that want nothing more than dead that don't support your cult like your muslim brothers.

You're still ignoring his other video's. Good job.

Give me one revolution of yours that wasn't funded by a kike or capitalist. You can't and you won't. Fucking nigger.

Yeah, he killed degenerates and western spies. It was a good thing.