Aussie Nats recruitment

Antipodean Resistance are recruiting young like minded individuals. We are an elite Aussie youth organisation that has been around for just under a year.

You will be vetted accordingly before you have right of passage to join our ranks.

Please check out main website for more information.

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You already tried this and outed yourself as foreign while refusing to answer any questions.

Im not eligible (under 18) but what exactly are your end game goals, if the formation of an actual political party is intended wouldnt the swastika be a bad option? Especially since the redpill on hitler is a major one.

It's just irl shitposting. I approve. Anything to increase Melbourne's therapy bill.


Jewish OP trying to recruit low IQ goyims to create the perfect 'Nazi BoogeyMan' for the Jewish-Echo-Chamber Media.


The whole point is to recruit radicals only, the swatiska is great for weeding out cucks and tourists, if they are interested they have to swallow that pill. AR isn't interested in party politics for it leads us nowhere in this day and age.

People can put up stickers on their own. What do you offer besides a lack of anonymity?

Lets say you build an army of 5000 dedicated national socialist radicals, what then? That is my point.

AR are a honey pot, their set up to catch the radicals and are already heavilly monitored.

heres the real tip, there are smaller decentralized groups without names already organizing themselves in several major cities, chances are if you've seen anti antifa or pro white posters its from these groups. you have to know somebody to get in.

if you don't know somebody, find friends of your own and organize yourselves, you will be working towards the same goal

antifa so lazy.

Cheers retard

Nothing. We just carry on promoting

ok lets say 100000 then what?

And that website Antifa could hack in 0.5 seconds. Nice op if you stick the names of the hapless idiots on the server for your mates to "doxx".

I'm too old, but good on you anyway.

and how do you suggest anti-fa morons will be able to hack it? The most I can figure is that it is hosted on gitlab pages

Nothing. We just hang up posters

why risk your career to join knockoff boy scouts?

Targeted joint activism is more successful, camaraderie and media presence

Swastika is retarded. Hitler was a vegan cuck who unironically dindu nuffin to solve the JQ, in the process of failing to answer the JQ he killed tens of millions of white Europeans. Perhaps the only useful thing he did was his writing. Why not a Southern Cross, Eureka Flag or other Aussie symbol?

Because they don't endorse your faggy anti-hitler views you kike

Centralized, or even decentralized structures are vulnerable to outside influences.

This is why Holla Forums hates any kind of group gathering of its kind and ousts them as three letter agency, even though they probably aren't (but for a real reason of fear).

Holla Forums has it's own structure, that of distributed network of anonymous individuals. This kind of group hivemind is much harder to subvert or destroy. Not to mention that anonimity gives much more leeway to us in question of doing anything on our own.

If you expect that Holla Forums will join you, no. If you want to pursue this path on your own, so be it.

So a social club. I have friends already and I don't have to worry if they're secret leftists.
One guy can get media presence easily.

Doesn't seem like a good deal to me.


don't join then, but stop shitting on threads for your own amusement

I'm asking questions. You're posting "join my group" on an anonymous imageboard. You didn't expect to be grilled?
So far you've offered nothing for potentially ruining my career. You want my name, number, and what I can offer you, but you get upset when I ask what I get in return. Remember, you need members for your group to be a group. We don't need groups to do what we do.
These threads also happened to pop up just after Australian government officials claimed they would start going after homophobic hate speech online. The whole thing seems sketchy.


I can say out of experience that you're probably better off "doing your own thing" instead of joining groups like this.
The only real reason to join these groups is if you have no friends and feel alone or something like that.

Inside these groups there is so much fucking drama going on it hurts the general efficiency of these groups because they're too busy handling the drama and the CONSTANT FUCKING paranoia of possible leftist spies among their members.
Planning protests and promotion events etc.? Yea, sure that happens, but that only makes up like 15% of what they do. The other 85% are fucking drama shit and constantly spying on members if they did anything SLIGHTLY suspicious to find out whether they are spies. It's retarded.

1/10 b8 considering I'm replying.

Current year Australia is not 1930s Germany.

Putting up posters will not bring about national socialism. Refusing to engage in 'legitimate' politics leaves you only one option for instituting ns, force. You edgy larpers could not even stage a coup of your street, let alone a country, you simply lack the numbers and influence. You're a boys club, nothing wrong with that, but you have no cause to be so precocious.

This is assuming you're not ASIO or a leftist honeypot. Which you probably are.

OP please stop being such a massive fucking faggot. My guess is the whole point of this thread is IP tracking by ASIO so go right ahead, find where I live. I don't care, bar a civil war happening this country is fucked anyways. How do you plan to stop the mass migration of Africans and Chinese to Australia? How to you plan to make people in this country actually fucking care about anything enough not to just donkey vote so they can have their names ticked off? You're a bunch of toothless faggots, just like everyone else in Australia.

By the way, if your plan was to demoralise, good effort fuckwit. My opinion won't change, my vote won't change. Anything further than that wasn't going to happen anyway so stop wasting your fucking time and go make some calls to people who don't give a fuck for the yes campaign.

No, but your politics is still that of 1930's Germany. A white nation free of Jews is what we all want. You're not going to avoid the nadsee label, so why pretend? Hitler as an idea has incredible power, don't waste it.

Why don't organizations like yours ever allow people of other skin colors in? Do you guys not realize that having non-whites march alongside whites on natsoc protests is the ultimate redpill for normalfags?

When DotR comes, we will find you. This scares you and it should.

Because that would mean having a movement promising muds a future in your country. The advantage you are talking about is much weaker than you think. Every right wing party in Europe does this, and they still get called rayciss.

How will putting up posters remove jews? At best, propaganda creates awareness on a small scale. You still need institutional backing to perform the removal. Hitler took over the DAP before forming the NSDAP. He could not be ignored by that point.

Nazis are a product of Germany, not Australia. Make a choice between larp or national socialism. The "they'll call me a nazi anyway" justification applies to anyone right of Marx. It's a bullshit argument.

Sure, however, meanwhile they redpilled thousands of people.
Remember this video? This redpilled a shitton of people on national socialism and we need more of these men.
You don't have to be white to be a national socialist, not today neither in the 1930s/1940s. The axis consisted of various races.

Show people who the REAL racists are: jews and leftists, not national socialists.

As long as people of other race who support national socialism don't race mix I see no real problem with them.

Nazi Germany and Hitler is tied in with National Socialism, for good or for bad.
There are probably other options, so don't assume I'm trying to Who Wants To Be A Millionare you, but from where I sit there are three options if you want to promote NatSoc.
A. Completely disavow Hitler while championing National Socialist values.
B. Joke about how Hitler did nothing wrong but brush it off and say it's just edginess, here's what we have to do. Civnat.
C. Joke about how Hitler did nothing wrong but brush it off and say it's just edginess, here's what we have to do. NatSoc.
D. Hitler did nothing wrong. Here's what we have to do. NatSoc.

A is a death sentence. You'll still be called a nazi. B is a death sentence. You'll still be called a nazi.
Here's my take: Hitler is just a joke bro, it's just edginess. Also check out these statistics. How could the Germans be so evil to literally acid people alive in masturbation camps? Seems odd. Maybe Hitler wasn't so bad lmaolol. Oh hey check it out, all these people who promote white genocide are jews. lol isn't that just so crazy haha just jokes check out this Mein Kampf quote. Hahah wasnt Hitler crazy to kill all the jews except he didn't and they were all communist inflitrators haha oh btw we need a new Hitler.

Exactly, and to do that you need real natsoc's in the government. That means running a political campaign where you do not shy away from charges about naziism. The only reason people are off put by the Swastika is because they're fucking brainwashed cucks. Unless that changes, we will get nowhere. Sure you can use some other flag if you want, but why? Hitler already did the leg work for us, why not employ the immense power of association carried by the Swastika? Even normies are often attracted to the power of NS Germany imagery.

It's the wrong kind of red pill. What are you going to do when the moment of truth comes? Tell the civnats you just recruited that you are really literally Hitler? You'll lose them.
If you want to redpill people there are many ways to do that.

What? If they're natsoc they would be down to literal hitler.

This group isn't openly nazi though. They keep their faces hidden. If they go full Rockwell and start wearing armbands in public, then they'll be meeting the standard you're setting. All they're doing is posing for cheeky photos in the bush and putting up posters under the cover of darkness.

I have no problem with being edgy in the bush with your friends. I have no problem with putting up posters to trigger faggot college students in Melbournistan. My problem is that they're advertising namefaggotry on 8/pol/. Almost like they don't know the proper areas to do this kind of thing. It tells me they either have bad opsec, or that they're trying to get random people to sign up to dox themselves.

What really makes me think is that the first time they tried this thread, the guy who posted it linked to a cuckchan thread and said "4chan really liked the idea!"


This does not appear to be more than an organization to antagonize and make a few 'mates' along the way.

Those salutes need work.
also thouht the edit was a maskā€¦

Most young White men are denied a career in the present climate, and the ones that have one are only allowed one if they keep sacrificing on the altar of multiculuralism.

t. Alt-Right

OP, I've seen your org before, you guys are doing good work. However, take my advice, and don't shill your group on Holla Forums. Make people want to join you by your actions, instead.

honey pot
number 3 looks like a woman.
photo could have been taken anywhere, the only thing definitely Australian in this picture is the camo pants on number 5.

Its probably a honeypot bru, but you have nothing to lose as long as you dont agree to participate in any illegal activities and quit as soon as its suggested you have to by the leadership. Maybe they have different goals, which would be legal. Probably a justified anchor, even though I wish you good luck if youre legit. Can never be sure, you understand.

You're a larping faggot like the rest of your boys club. If you want to do real work, find your friends who aren't natsoc and convince them. No one on this board needs convincing and running around putting up posters isn't going to do shit. Read Nietzsche, learn some big words, go and convert people.

Geit fucked, ya cunt.

Was about to issue daily reminder that all Nazis are Shareblue trying ti make us look bad, then

You got BTFO.

Like you?

That's the only thing they offer.

Lol nice try, this isn't 4cuck

Still stuck on the Trump meme? I hope you aren't actually that slow and are just very naive. Either way good luck on the redpill journey, I suggest reading educational stuff instead of 100% shitposts.