Lefty Jews tell Catalan people not to vote

The White Wizard warns of turmoil in Spain. Leftists in Spain are asking people not to vote in the Separation vote. The Spanish government is seizing printing presses and sending in huge amounts of police, to try and suppress a democratic vote by the Catalan people.

If Catalan separates from Spain which is likely, they will remember the leftist intellectuals, government officials and policies.

I think we are going to see a fascist Catalan emerge considering their strong in group identity, and disdain for the leftist pricks and how they are treating them.

Are there any Inquisitors, that can tell us what the Jews are up to in Spain?

Police in Catalonia hunt for hidden ballot boxes in bid to foil referendum - reuters
Nearly a thousand left-wing intellectuals call for not participating in the "anti-democratic scam" of the referendum - El Mundo

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Attached pic of leftist Spainish Jews. Fucking kikes are using different last names, to be the same as Spanish people.

Post your Assange redpills. This is a white wizard thread.

Catalan Independence would be the pin pulling from the EU grenade.

Still waiting for my Chinese weapons Assange.

What is going on with your machine OP? Why the two shades of grey in the background?

You're living in a dream world. Catalonia Is the most leftist branch of Spain bar none. They're still mad about getting beat by the fascist forces in the civil war in the 30s. Do you think that red star is for deceration?

I don't know I took this screen shot, and then a new one after. Maybe my old labtop didn't update colors fast enough?

nevermind I just noticed it's permanent. Weird.

Was just about to post this, why the hell would the commies of Barcelona getting their own state be a good thing?

pick one, Catalonia is a hive for kikes, communists, and anarcho-syndicalists alike. the moment they claim independence they will turn into another impoverished socialist state subsisting from EU gibs


so it's a good thing.

It looks like either Catalonia splits off from Spain and becomes a center of anti-poz or Catalonia splits off from Spain and fails because it's totally pozzed.

I don't see any real way for this to be a bad thing to be honest.

Ask and you shall receive.
Atleast catalonia is becoming independent of democracy. Good for them. But did this really deserve a sticky?

No, its not, retard. it would instantly create a second israel in europe, and it might lead to more communist uprisings across the mediterranian. Also they would open the door for thousands of rapefugees to further invade Europe

Oh I suck cocks. I thought they were going fascist not cumminist. Well they will be fucked in a short order.

always do opposite of what jews say

It's a bit early for the 100 year anniversary of the Spaiish civil war, but hey, I'm not complaining. George Lincoln Rockwell brigade soon.

So just like Spain?

Nuke it. Burn it all to the fucking ground. This can not be allowed to happen.
Are the catalonian people mainly kikes as for this to even be concievable?

worse. and thats not including the inevitable collapse of the short-lived Catalonian commie state

Its completely concievable, but unsustainable in the long-term, unless they leech EU moneyz for the rest of their existence

Franco, get the blackshirts

Franco tribute.

I fucking hate kikes so much. They're such disgusting parasites. It blows my fucking mind every time to see what self-serving, destructive fucking parasites they are.

especially after all the anchoring of every ongoing trump cuckening..

(((They))) would have to leech or they wouldn't be a second israel dumbass. Leech is implied by default when referring to kikes.

Thanks for the info. Faggot OP deceived me about a subject I know nothing about.


Check your shit, user. You might be infected.

Fucking checked, Franco may not have been a true fascist but he knew how to deal with marxists when he saw them. Still, it's a shame that Rivera died, he would've taken Spain down a greater path

either they become a second Zimbabwe without the leeching, or a second israel with EU gibs, none of those options are benign.

Seems like an issue with your graphics driver.

sad that he got executed by the communists. had he lived, him along a (true) falangist spain would have joined hitlers journey to end the reign of those filthy kikes


The same white wizard who released dox of BNP memebers.

It doesn't matter whether Catalonia is full of fascists or commies, what matters is the potential for a conflict causing the EU to fall apart.

I for one am looking forward to jackbooting communist

so that they get bombed a second time

These are strange times indeed

If they become independent then it will become sweden alike so what the jews are trying is actually igniting the catalan nationalism so there will be more new hosts to leech. Jews are very good at finding the new hosts.

If you're going to sticky this shit, at least cut out all the disinfo. You'd have to be a fucking idiot with no understanding of history to think Catalan is not filled to their necks in "leftist pricks." It is the fucking epicenter of leftists in western Europe.

That being said, this is a very important happening and it's on the verge of going nuclear. I'm also convinced so far that Catalan independence is a good thing, if at least for the chaos it would provide the EU. (And possibly its potential to be a landfill for socialist and anarchist trash across Europe.)

I'm not that familiar with EU politics in Spain; is the primary fear here from Spain about what it will do to the EU? Or is Catalan a huge source of their GDP or natural resources or something?

Also, I'm going to be in Barcelona for a week in November. Am I in for a shitshow?

this is fucking spooky


I thought Soros was behind this "independent" push because the country it too right wing?


So it's reverse psychology? The Jews do want Independence?

Never met a Catalan but you have my best wishes against the lefty scum.

Catalan never was a right wing. False Catalan nationalism is actually being pushed by the jews. They can't say that multiculturalism is good for the Catalans otherwise they won't be supported so yea it make us think.

These stupid spic Commies will bring about the end of the EU hahahaha.

but catalan ARE leftists supported by jews, just other jews. in fact they are openly communists are being supported by the israelis.


Catalan here, I have followed this shitshow since 2010 and I still have no idea what the fuck is going on, I probably won't vote since I don't believe in democracy anyway. I'll just adapt to whatever comes next.

sources or gtfo

And to everyone saying this is all a jewish plot, you're right, they always are behind both sides in any given conflict.

If you know spanish socialismopatriotico.blogspot.com.es/2015/10/el-independentismo-catalan-es-promovido.html

good goy

My vote wouldn't matter, why would I bother?

Those are some particularly fuck-ugly heebs.

What the fuck
Catalans are the most poz'd in Europe after Scots and the French, they literally want to be invaded by a billion rapefugees and to pass kike-oriented laws thanks to their "based" Sikh voters. Their entire region is poz'd to hell and back ever since recorded history, while the rest of the Iberian peninsula is staunchly anti-migrant and anti-EU. Please, mods, change that fucking OP.

So what is the official political standpoint od Catalonia? Independence implies nationalism… but are they commies?
This would be a fantastic situatiin, as not just would it harm the EU, it would suck the majority of western leftists into it. They idealize the civil war of 1930s Spain like no other moment in history. They would flock to it's banner like moths to a flame, where they could easily be killed… and should they survive, they would be blacklisted from returning home. Further, this would make Communism real to normies again.
A definite twist, but I do not have my hopes high on this.

Look what happened last time when leftist shits did what they wanted.

Well, the commies first used the anarchists as cannon fodder, then sold them out to save their own skins when it was clear they were losing. Then the commies returned to their homelands, with all the westerners being put on permanent government watchlists for the rest of their lives, many of whom were imprisoned and interrogated, and barred from holdinf any position of authority for life. Also, pic related happened.

so which side do (((they))) benefit from?

But I was taught that the Spanish revolution was a good thing. How strange, it as if commies are the real enemy.

feels like that everywhere user…..
the vote never seems to change anything anymore
nationalism and a purge of merchants would help, but so many people just want to waste away enjoying the comforts of life…..we are programmed into self-indulgence like cows

vote anyway because at least you are doing something no matter how insignificant it seems, get fit and wait as well…..I feel something is going to happen in the next few years that will force the complacent to pick a side

Fuck you. You fucking on the party you want, you rebel when you know fraud has been going (which is going on).

This is the archive where a lot of arnarcho types clasically got their reading. A huge portion of it is from leftist accounts of the spanish war. I hope this is useful to some anons.

Any side that are profitable for the jews. Jews will suck on the vein that have very rich bloods.

In Spain it was the blueshirts.

I know most won't believe me, but I'm actually related to him by blood on my father's side. My relatives still speak of him with reverence.

I wish there were more neon lights and asian people.

Catalonia is a hotbed of communists you disinfo leftypolack.

All Catalan independentists are leftists and the whole thing has been long pushed by the EU.
It's a classic case of golem running amok, the rich jews in spain and eurocrats having second though now that they realize that they didn't dose the D&C well enough and as result the only path they've left for Spain is civil war, with the vast majority of Spaniard being more and more nationalists (like everywhere else) which will come to bite back at them in the the future.


Barely. The immigrants live in England, not Scotland, and Scotland has a few issues with hyper-aggressive Leftists trying to speak on behalf of their nation.

Which is false, each time, Scotland has voted to remain with Britain at every turn.

In that case they should support catalonian independence since catalonian is a seperate nationality and is even officially recognized as such.

Why is this blatant disinfo sticked? At least edit the OP with correct information.

Current Catalan "nationalism" is nothing but a scam to make Catalans refuse anything remotely Spanish by calling it fascist. You're deluded if you think Catalonia would ever go fascist. They shill for mass immigration and how acceptance is "part of our values". Catalan culture is promoted now but it won't be protected. Flooding the place with muds, equality and faggotry will be far more important, believe me.
The jews WANT an independent Catalonia and a divided Spain. Alerta Judiada had a video on this before it was shoah'd.

There was a time when the movement was interesting. They spoke about the Catalan race. Not anymore.

Still I like the "Sí" ("yes" to the referendum) flag (NOT the independence flag), which comes in a multitude of colors. The red one is the real deal and ironically commies will mistake you for one of them.

So, reading through this thread, I was confused at first why kike leftists would claim other leftists are trying to suppress voter turnout in order to stifle a vote for independence when both the commie population and the commie leadership want their own "country" to be kikes and communists in… why the theater? whats the point? And I think I've come up with an answer.

The kike/commie leaders want to check out of spain because of all thats going on, and want their own commie hellhole, BUT they were worried that not enough people would get out and vote in favor of it and it might be defeated. So, they make the commie puppet voters believe that there is suppression going on, and make them angry about it, so they're more likely to go vote for independence as their own nation/state. Meanwhile they may actually suppress or rig the vote in such a way to ensure they get their own commie state, and the commies will celebrate thinking (regardless of what the actual will would have been) that they triumphed and that the population overwhelmingly wanted to be its own commie state.

There are of course reasons the kikes would want this, EU gibs, ability to split off from spain which is heading for a civil war, ability to go full fucking retard with allowing in rapefugees and giving them complete access to the rest of the EU, basically being a point where the mudscum can run to, get citizenship and thus rights to the rest of the EU, and then bounce to other nations and demand lots of gibs and a free ride while raping the women and children of other nations.

All in all it seems pretty convoluted and obnoxious just to go about letting the kikes and commies have their own israel/ussr inside the EU, but it would further serve their agenda of destroying europe, and keeps most normal people running in circles trying to figure out wtf is going on with a leftist government claiming leftists are trying to suppress leftists from voting for a leftist nation to be able to be full leftist…

Basically, theres kikery afoot here, hence why its all very backwards and fucked up. At this point I don't know if its that they're just really good at keeping everyone confused.. or if they're so fucking retarded that this is just the only things they come up with

pic related to above.
Your blogpost is entertaining. But why post catalan's information here if it is meant for leftists only to make them angry? Why not just cuckchan or plebbit?

Interesting, did Assange just coin a new genre or did he misspell cyberpunk?

Move to Tokyo you fucking weeb


anons being pro franco is a bannable offence here be careful

Ah I get it, thanks

No worries mate.

That make no sense because we are supportive toward the fascists.

Really? Would you object to California or New York leaving the union too? Or London leaving the UK? -D

Hitler dubs!

No dubs.

Always do the opposite of what the jew says.
They tell people to not vote as to get the participation rate low enough to delegitimize a popular vote on the matter of a people's independence. They don't want other countries to get the idea to hold such referendums.

absolute bullshit. catalunya's separatist movemente is completely jew-funded. Catalunya is by far the most leftist region of Spain. If you want to boil it down to (((democracy))) even by its rules, the referendum itself is completely anti democratic and nothing to do with, for example, brexit. This is a full on jew attack on nationalism.

this. Catalunya is leftist haven bar none. everyone who does not know this has not visited this land, ever.


no, it only further proves that the mods are leftist shills.

this, too.

this. Catalonian "values" are as far left as you can go. This sticky is either complete ignorance on the hands of the OP or blatant shilling. I bet on the latter.

Fuck this sticky, catalonia is as far as you can get from "fascism".

t. barcelona user

Yeah, right. I hope they do get independence so that they can no longer taint Spain with their commies presense (which is probably why jews want them to stay too, so they they can control Spain more). Also, the less stability in EU, the better.

But don't go about talking about "based Catalonia" you fucking cocksucker

And the EU to suffer a major blow when Spain goes bankrupt and default on its debts? Yeah right, Chaim!

Proove it!

France, the UK and Germany has just too many subhumans at this point.
Most realistic solution at this point is that the less pozzed regions seceded and later become bases for reconquest.

How leftist will they be when their taxes rises by 50% of their income? The only way to change their atitude is that they get to experience leftism at full force.

we're reaching doublethinking levels that shouldn't even be possible

A smaller part of ZOG fighting a bigger part of ZOG is a good thing, period.

Leftypol narrative.
Anarshits were even worst than the communists and they lost because they fucked up their own war effort.

Hitler dubs again.

Again, if your country had a region that is 80% pozzlem, anarshit and marxshit that wanted to leave, would you oppose it? I wouldn´t.

If I was English or French, I would support Paris and London leaving so that the rest can be saved. Capital, pozzed regions can be reconquered and purged later.

No party even closely resembles anything actually anti-jewish.

[[[you]]] people need to wake up and check /polmeta/

Trying to drum up hysteria and emotional outbursts may work on the normiesphere, but it's pretty fucking obvious of how hard that is being pushed.

there is nothing wrong there goyim, my clothes morph all the time

schlomo, you're so transparent it's hilarious. you can't even write proper english.

here you go, you enormous faggot:





can't read spanish? get an education, you fucking jew.

you dense motherfucker: Catalunya has always been pro-eu. And even if they can't even fathom how to arquitecture the exit from spain, they declare themselves very pro-eu. Debts to the jew would still be paid, only by different factions.

balkanization of nations is one of the primary objectives of the jews.

If I decided to have a referendum in my own block about being independent from my country without inviting the rest of the country to vote it would not be democratic. jesus christ. The only way these kind of things change is through war, not votes. History does not lie. You're doublethinking. Hell, no, you're not even thinking. get a fucking brain.

what timeline are we on? I fucking forgot

So the Masons are Jewing Catalonia, and nothing will change except passports. Communists get rekt once again.

Dude is getting redpilled.

What, a salty Spanish ZOG "nationalist"?

Civic nationalism, not even once!

You call Catalonia marxist but you want them to remain in Spain because they have the gibs. -) Marruecos, tienes que volver! ¡Parásito del bienestar!


10/10 doublethink

your not from here

i dont know if its the best one, but im quite sure its the funnier one




I'll just leave this here


lurk more

I hope it encourages the Galizians to do the same. Then they can finally join Portugal as it should be.

Like you said, either way, they become a malignant tumor. Lose-lose from the sounds of it.

TOP FUCKING KEK. Catalans are the most liberal faggots in the entirety of spain. Nothing has changed since the 1930s. If Catalonia gets to leave, then it'll be one of the most left-wing places in europe, and they'll flood their region with even more shitskins than they already are.

Killed by whom? The mediterranean people especially the work-shy students who struggle to find a job and hence surrendered to the high youth unemployment fancy the idea of communism.
Nobody would be blacklisted. Even if they could gain some experience in riots with local police forces they would easily travel back to their home countries in the absence of controls.

Nazi Catalan here.
Will post some thoughts on what you said about the "emergence of a Nationalistic fascist state", when i get out of work.
But tldr: National sentiment is strong, however, virtue signaling is also strong, so right now a lot of shit lefties in positions of governance.
A independent Catalonia would be good for the failure of The EU. Spain will absolutely not accept its integration into the EU, which will cause a huge crisis.
Also, semi-tanks, those armored vehicles are already deployed in catalonia. In other words, spain is showing it's dick.
Spainish government is the result of Franco's idea of Spain which was a religious elite (quote from Hitler itself). And the spian of post WW2 is a result of poor governance which is unforgivable (also quote from Hitler).
I'll post more. If you all have any specific questions I'll try to awnser.
Oh, and Spain might false flag a terror atac like they did in Madrid (friend in the police say's that they are more afraid of Fake terrorists than actual ones).

That and the EU favors nations being broken up into smaller constituents. If every nation is only the size of belgium or netherlands, they individually don't have any weight to their actions and the EU itself becomes more powerful. The EU doesn't like having large countries that can actually influence things on their own.

But if Catalania is commie and EU is commie, and commies prefer the collective, then why is Catalania commie breaking from EU commie?

I'll leave this here for the shills and lurkers to shit on.


Enjoy the picolo invasion
t. Basko

So EU control the future civil wars, not the nationalists. They are very afraid of the nationalists now. The traitors really really don't want the nationalists to win or else they will be hanged.

thanks doc

Spain needs hard times to survive.
If Catalonia breaks free mainland Spain will turn fascist and reclaim the breakaway province.

No fucking shit. The kike owns everything. Doesn't mean you cannot fucking crush them.

Will do.

Nazi Catalan here.
The political situation in Catalonia as of now is NON-EXISTANT. Every party is focused on the independence, even if they are not for it. However, the right winging parties in Catalonia were "erased". Mainly Unió (no support) and CiU, now Partit Democrata Català. With the name change, inside CiU, while discussing there were the people who said that the parties name had to say "Nacional …" and does that said it was an old way of thinking and that it had to have the word progressive. Of course, the ones behind the progressive were people like the Mayor (women) of Sant Cugat del Vallès and some cuckolds. They won, and therefore, the right has "no home",

On the other hand (the left that is), the left and the marxists have rose to ever higher levels of power. They have a few strongholds now: The CuP (the CuP is the Anarchists / Marxists / and independents, far left) have power in the parliments. The mayor of Barcelona (not with a majority) is also in power of the most powerful city in catalonia and the lefty state. However, a lot of the voters that voted her because she was the virtue singanling bitch, now hate her. However she sill has power until the next eletions comes or she does the third fuck up, and she gets kicked out.

Now, after the independnece, catalonia will have elections for their own government, which means a restart of the political map. I don't want to kid myself, because with the right without a home, and the mayor of Barcelona, they will probably win.

However, the Catalan center right in Barcelona are really mad at the mayor of BArcelona and she will probably be kicked out ot power no later than 2 years from now.
There will also be new right wing parties, as there is NO ONE in the right with any "charisma", and in PDeCat, the only center catalan right, it's full of women. In other words there is a lot of room for new right wing parties.

In conclusion, the left is in charge right now even if the center right are in the government of catalonia. However, people are really fed up at the shit they have to put with (the left I mean). After the Political Reset, there is a lot of room for new parties, so I invite you to move to Barcelona and start the "National" party of catalonia.

Laws, like money, is something that you believe in. Once the populace stops believing in either of them, they are enforced by violence or they are replaced. Laws and money are bullshit.
The only laws that should be followed are the ones that come from the principles of nature, aka, Natural Laws.

Is (((this))) why Catalonia is always feuding with the rest of Spain? Is it like the (((globalist hub))) of Spain?

This might be the funniest shit I have ever read. Cataluna is one of the most communist regions of Europe. It was a the stronghold of anarchists during the Civil War and not much has changed since.

The Catalan are lefty scum.

Maybe we can offshore some of our American Leftys into a pozzed Catalonia

You dumb nigger, the Independentists are lefty fags. They are anti Franco and antifascists. Do not let OP deceit you. Lefty kikes want the Spanish people to be separated.

This shill thread should be un stickied. As a Spaniard I can tell you that the Independentist politicians want to flood the place with shitskins. They are fucking masones, the Esquerra Republicana are god damn freemasons. Imkikey delet this.

Catalonia is extremely letist and pro-Religion of Cuck™ic. They're the ones dispossessing the Cordova cathedral from the christians, to turn it into a Mosque.

Essentially if Catalonia becomes independent, muslims are going to re-conquer Spain.

Heribert Barrera was pretty decent though, too bad he is dead and the party has been taken over by poz.
Here is a leftist Spanish site kvetching about him after he died



The virgin Snowden vs the Chad Assange.

oh shit nigger what are you doing


Such thing does not exist OP, you are citing a lefty newspaper you silly, you are either a fool or are shill.

itt: OP has no fucking idea of Spanish politics:

left: wants to break up Spain
rigth: wants one strong State

España: una grande unida

Reminder that fucking Hitler said he wouls never forgive Franco.
The spain of franco, this pos is a disaster. It destroys national identities in spain: Asturias, Galician, Arago-Catalan. And instead they import the spanish south where all the gypsies and kikes intermarried with mudslimes as they did in Medina. Cordoba was full of kikes.
Dont be fucking delusional anons, Make the identities flourish again. The spain of today is trying to reduce them to the spanish siesta cuck. As Germany is trying to kebab its own nation.

catalonia was never spanish

if it crashes the eu i'm ok with this

good. this will lead to nationalist uprisings across the mediterranean. waiting is a shit strategy when we're being demographically replaced we need to get this great european racewar kicked off as soon as possible.

Those are definitely Jews. One look at them is all the proof you need.

this, can;t belive this shitty is stickied, what a joke

Take a look at this one from the independence coalition (((Junts pel Sí))).
Letting them convert was a mistake.

Shabbo's goy sucking up to Israel. Absolutely disgusting.

Spain actually gave asylum to a lot of National Socialists, including Léon Degrelle and Otto Skorzeny. The latter even created a mercenary RWDS here called Paladin Group.


I am having a hard time really pinning down what the policy of an independent Catalonia will look like, are there any manifestos or documents that discuss this? I don’t mind if they are in Spanish. As I understand it Catalonia’s two leading parties have temporarily merged in an effort to push for independence, am I to presume that policy moving forward would be a hybrid of that of the two parties? Any help would be appreciated, there is so much noise surrounding this event and I just want to know what the plan is if independence is achieved.

My current position on this is that whilst an independent Catalonia would likely be a mess owning to their liberal progressive inclinations (remember it’s capital being actively upset that it didn’t attract enough refuges as a crude example, the same city that is assuming an official anti tourist position despite tourism being an essential industry) it will be a good thing for Europe. Balkanization has to happen for Europe to survive so any fracturing that occurs is a plus in the grand scheme of things.

I do not get how this vote is legal? Is this not the same as let's say California or Texas trying to sucede from the union?

Good post.

Are there no documents at all on what an any of the parties would like an Independent Catalonia would look like policy wise?

to look like*

It's a planned operation. They'll use it to demonstrate that leaving the EU is a shit move.

Don't forget that they're encouraging anonymous voting…

It has already been forbidden by the Spanish Constitutional Court, the highest order court in the country. It'll be fun to see if the thing reaches a boiling pot this time or what, the further away we have the those French-loving commies the best, tbh.

OP is literally non-stoping sucking cocks in hell

this is the REAL divide and conquer orchestrated by kikes to diminish a nation cohesion

Nobody wants to be responsible for the genocide of kikes, commies, foreign leeches and domestic traitors. It doesn't means that people is not thinking about it.

I knew a commie Catalan who always claimed that Franco was an embarrassment who is also a separatist. I was given the impression lefties wanted separatism.

I won't support Catalan independence for the same reason I didn't support Scottish independence. The "nationalists" in control of those areas are hellbent on flooding their countries with non-whites.

They're "nationalist" as much as Jeb Bush is, they think being Catalan or being Scottish is speaking their dialect. They're all leftist fucks.

you're parties are all left-wing. Your "conservative" party is led by a dyke liberal. You literally don't even have a centre-right party.

fuck right off with it

the Scots are fucking pozed.

Catanolia is jewed as fuck, they're the province that wants extensive muslim and african immigration because those shitskins aren't Castillian.

Fuck I hope she's right.

First: George Soros financed the Catalan paradiplomacy agency.
Second: Puigdemont(President of the Generalitat of Catalonia) bets on Israel and Margallo(Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) blocks the honorary (Israel) consulate in Catalonia.
Third: Puigdemont reinstates the honorary consulate of Israel in Barcelona.
Fourth: Israel, USA. and Germany, the allies of Catalonia according to the Mas(Ex President of the Generalitat) geostrategy.

Catalonia is shit-tier. Based Generalissimo Franco comes back from the dead and mows down every Communist in Catalonia down with machine guns.

No survivors.

What does Catalunha have besides Barcelona, serious question from someone who will be there for a few hours before crossing the Atlantic.

It was always Spanish. Formerly part of Roman Hispania and then the kingdom of the Visigoths before the Moorish invasion.

What are you looking for?

You shouldn't be wasting time with Barcelona mate. If you go to the typical tourist areas it's a bit of a meme.

i would probably buy a small detached house in a desolate costal town in spain if i was sitting on 10+ mil

Why the fuck is the possibility of these commies seceding a good thing?
Yeah because Brexit, Le Pen and countless other shit was supposed to do that too.
Why is there even a concept of a Catalonian nation anyway? Are they even that different relative to other regional differences in Spain? What about Andalusia? Or even the fucking Basque, they have a better reason to want their own country other than a bunch of commies that are basically standard Spanish ethnically but decided that the Spanish government wasn't nearly extreme enough for them.

Not a lot of desolate coastal towns here, it's where most of the people live. There is not an inch of seashore without something built in it. Catalonia is fairly bad and Valencia even worse.
Look for properties near Perelló, Hospitalet de l'Infant, Alfama. It's coastal, fairly empty and still decent prices. A lot less than you imagine.


There is a saying "so schnell schießen die preußen nicht". "We are not that quick on the trigger" ( means the prussians).

It means in group out group. If you lose the vaules and the glue that ties these values, like fish that swim belly up once you have a certain environment. The same enviornment that makes "take in the dick" instead of being rigid for your own youth. It will answer your question.

Property in Spain isn’t that expensive, some of the coastal towns aren’t cheap as such (and you will struggle to find a detached house as they tend to live in apartments) but they are still available for well under half a million. Cadiz is nice but quite populous. Want to go a little more rural and you can buy property for next to nothing, there are entire villages for sale in Spain for less than a one bedroom apartment in some western cities.

If the only glue is a predatory thread from the outside, it means your insides arent right.

would join

fairly off topic, but I had a family member who fought in Spanish civil war. Not a jew or city dweller or commie, or spanish in any form, and his pictures were thrown away so I don't have anything to analyze. Did the german's take american volunteers (he spoke german)? Are there any resources to find out? I know in WWII he was promoted but not allowed in direct combat. Considering his capabilities, where he ended up spells 'politically unreliable' to me.
OTOH men in my family have fought in a lot of random wars for no discernible purpose, I just haven't seen any evidence on the commie side to place him.

Catalonia is the worst most POZed area of spain,the area with most muslims,the area with most support for literal sjw commies,marching to bring in more rapefugees,having a terror attack by the followers of a muslim cleric that was acquitted by a leftist lawyer (pic related not even joking)of that above-mentioned party.
An absolutely non existant far right nationalist party above some individuals (i have met 2 IRL compared with the thousands of far right pro spanish and trust me I try to stay above that since I feel we have more pressing issues)

I think it's a terrible idea the most cucked area wants independence,they have based their identity not on national or ethnic basis since they are the same but in a more european progressive identity they constantly try to compare with the backwards spanish,they are bankrolled by Qatar and others to for example turn the bullfighting ring into a giant mega mosque,and other shit like that.
The amount of cucked shit you can see at the site of the attack is unnerving,this are some of the pics I took.
Nigerian prostitutes looking for customers on the attack site,and every single message saying either it was our fault since our goverment sells weapons,or muslims are the real victims or Religion of Cuck™ophobia.

I recommend tarragona,it used to be one of the biggest roman cities,it has lots of roman remains and i fucking love it,and is less touristic than barcelona although in summer it's full of russians

As this user pointed out there are better places but some are harder to go and for a few hours it's nor worth it since it might take you a few hours to get there and more to enjoy it.

I recommend tarragona,it used to be one of the biggest roman cities,it has lots of roman remains and i fucking love it,and is less touristic than barcelona although in summer it's full of russians

As this user pointed out there are better places but some are harder to go and for a few hours it's nor worth it since it might take you a few hours to get there and more to enjoy it.

Also look in that list and you'll see the last one being sos stop racisme bank rolled by soros.

I want to wear a braclet to correct your teeth with my fingers.
The king arthur tale of the new age should not be pulling of the the sword of the idle stone but getting the shaft in a sea of bloody fingers.

I won't fall for it! Thanks for the warning. Where would we be without the guidance of the chosen?

Where's a good place to start reading about this side of things? I've not read Homage to Catalonia, but did get exposure to Pan's Labyrinth, La Lengua de las Mariposas, and similar related works.

I'm also from Barcelona ♡♡♡ \^_^/~
I'm happy to find some double chan anons near me.

Catalonia was the little penis on Spain that all the Libcucks were saying would deny Brexit, right?

Did you ever live in Japan at any point in time, user? I knew a Spaniard that lived over there for ESL and played a lot of trackmania with me. I can't remember your screen name at all, but I think we were friends on IGN.

Polite sage for off topic.

Yes I did,in total about a year and a half but I'm afraid you got the wrong demi weebo for im very bad at racing games and never played them.

pic related me following the steps of Francisco Xavier around japan because muh history.


Being kind of a small city it's far less pozzed than Barcelona. Out of the 4 main cities in Catalonia it's also probably the least supportive of the independence, still it could see lots of improvement.
Are you from there user? We could go have a drink.
t. not Mossos


I'm from barcelona,i love tarragona and i spent more than one full moon night on summer at the beach or the park above the theatre thinking how maybe 2000 years ago some roman did the same thing looking at the same moon reflecting on the sea as if it were a silver bridge to the stars from the same spot,he could never figure what the future would become yet maybe thanks to him I'm alive.
(Muh history)

I'd love to meet some anons specially from 8 chan in that it's nice to meet people with similar views, so as to compare and better myself/help each other like for instance gym gains,red pilled hobbies.

Not all mossos are gayshits most of the ones that are patrolling are red pilled af imagine dealing all day with moroccan,pakis, nigger and south American half nigger Dominican scum,you'd come out red pilled af and knowing society is going down.
Problem is that they will follow orders thus they are effectively not to be relied.

Simply knowing there are other anons out there near me makes me happy we might be few but when shtf I'm sure we will recognise each other easily since I doubt we become easy victims.

My advice in case you don't do it already is go to a gym and join some hunting club/shooting range to get used to weapon handling,self defense,in those places you'll meet plenty of red pilled people and if you're unfortunately enough to have a red Pilling job dealing with human scum all day.
Your job is also a good place to meet other red pilled guys,try to form your own group of friends/work companions and create your very own "RWDS"
Some guys you can trust to have your back and know their way if the rule of law applies no more and the day of the rope mode is activated.

Load of things. People telling you otherwise are shills. It has mountains, coast, small gulfs, deltas in a very small area. A lot of the cities have a lot of local culture.
Want cro magon blonde babes? Go to the mountains, Vall d'Aran and pyrinees.
The POZZed shit is a meme, or in other words, a psyop. Your good friend, Trump, next week, will give support to Rajoy.
Yep, your good friend, Kushners puppet will give support to mantaining spain and therefore to EU.
If we want to break the EU and cause havoc, don't mantain the shit we have now, watch it burn, and this starts by allowing the catalans have their state which spain will veto, which in turn will cause huge tensions in the EU which trump and putin will agraviate. Stop shilling to shill anons, think about the end goal. Its the reunification of the white race and the end of the kikes. Anything else is shilling like the best in zion.
Seig heil.
PIC related is what you find once you leave barcelona. Stop shilling. We don't want the shit spanish genes. I would love a country with south france, Asturias, Basque Country, Navarra, Catalonia and the balaric Islands. The rest of spain is sheit.

Delete the fucking image. The girl should remain anonymous.


Assange is known to lurk seeing as he posted on his Twitter a link to 8ch PDFS board directly seems he might share some beliefs with us but won't go too much into it because he might alienate his base for showing his full power level


I remember his speech,just 3 weeks after world war 2 of course back then it was just known as the great war 2 electric bogaloo and they all danced the dinosaur,it was one of the first instances and some argue it was that very same speech and dance that inspired elvis afterwards.

Implying it wasn't the result of it being a war ton country without access to any kind of outside market due to being branded a bad goy gob by both american kikes and russian kikes.

here's a comment from the Independent that encapsulates this idea

Creating your own nation from an existing nation doesn't happen with ballots alone. If they want to create a nation, they have to be prepared for war.

Catalonians won't do that because they're a bunch of commie faggots.

Suuuuure, a Catalonian Natsoc… Did you know that their "Dialect" was litterally stolen from Valencia and they want to force it on Baleares?
We didn´t call the catalonians "Spanish jews" for nothing

Fuck Catalan Sieg Heil My Brothers of Spain.

The Communist Catalan is Mad Franco Won the Civil War.

That's adobe premiere morph merge, probably edited out a cough, breathing or some other noise.


i'd like to see an explaination for that.

not really. last time i checked, spanish govt was moving to stop it, force not excluded

thanks doc

so it's a /bant/ referendum after all
I was thinking they were serious about it for a moment ;)

Friendly reminder that your shithole "country" recently voted to reclassify air-powered pellet guns as firearms, requiring a section 1 cuck license to own them.

Scotland is beyond gay, and that's compared to the rest of the UK which makes being gay cuckolds an art form.

t. person named Scott that sincerely wishes his name meant more than just "from Scotland"