So, my friends and I were talking about climate

So, my friends and I were talking about climate.
There's this tool that shows teh global surface concentration of CO2 (USA is actually one of the cleanest countries for the size and industrial output)
So I scroll over to Africa, and there's this spot in Botswana that's off the fucking scale.

Those coordinates lead to an area in what appears to be in the middle of nowhere, but the map tile is old and low res compared to surrounding tiles.

The tool is

Other urls found in this thread: Cgae Cgae Tlhabologo Trust/@-20.6254009,21.6638785,787m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m15!1m7!3m6!1s0x1ea44321d1452211:0xf1647c2a8715af7b!2sBotswana!3b1!8m2!3d-22.328474!4d24.684866!3m6!1s0x0:0x33e98beb19589d96!8m2!3d-20.6250728!4d21.6664124!9m1!1b1

VERY strange.. needs to be investigated more closely, should try to send an expedition to see if its just an artifact or if its legit.

we 8 chain global investigation team

Possible open pit mining?

this? Cgae Cgae Tlhabologo Trust/@-20.6254009,21.6638785,787m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m15!1m7!3m6!1s0x1ea44321d1452211:0xf1647c2a8715af7b!2sBotswana!3b1!8m2!3d-22.328474!4d24.684866!3m6!1s0x0:0x33e98beb19589d96!8m2!3d-20.6250728!4d21.6664124!9m1!1b1

Why is it there? There's no one there.

Human's dont generate much CO2 at all in the grand scheme. There might be a thermal vent or volcano there and those produce tons of CO2

If the point was a legit reading you would see a plume.
But you don't see a plume.
So either you believe that the CO2 is just sitting stationary holding itself in a point form (contrary to the gas laws) or it's a false data point.

It's probably just people razing forests for farmland. That accounts for a ridiculous amount of human co2 released each year.

You see similar patterns in Brazil, C. Africa, Indonesia.

Chinks had a contract to make "bore holes" and also pump water according to a cites report from 08/09 in the cgae cgae land preserve area.
Now Botswana is trying to move away publicly from relying on diamonds for money. Although this doesn't rule out the chinks mining diamonds, there isn't much historically in that area of botswana or even really close. The big mine is on the other side of the country. Gold is a possibility, BUT again it shouldn't make a huge spike in co2 levels. The natives could be burning all of the trees for charcoal but this has not been seen in botswana either historically. They don't have that many trees really and the per capita income is actually decent there for africa.
The chinks dont do shit for free. Nor do they just drill water wells for nothing. Although being landlocked we would know pretty quickly if they became a major oil producer that seems a likely culprit here. My opinion is the chinks are drilling all over a land preserve for oil as a side line to the Uranium found there around 2007. Chinks would probably burn off a huge nat gas pocket if they decided the expense of capping it (and losing the oil also) or piping it out was too great.
I will see if there are any hints of a pipeline being built there or a major highway build. Pretty obvious the chinks are the cause since they are there and no one has given 2 fucks about that area since forever.

I don't think western industry contributes to CO2 that much. I have seen forest fires in Southern Europe that create smog many km away comparable to a Chinese city. Yet our cities with all its cars and industry have clear air. These forest fires happen a few times a year and last for dayss o their contribution is huge

It's the Botswanian jenkem processing plant.

What are you suggesting

Global warming doesn't exist, so the tool is irrelevant.

The point is gone, but the areas sorrounding had elevated CO2 concentrations. something was venting a fuckton of CO2 into an area obscured by an out of date geotile and I'd like to know what the fuck.

If you look at the tile below it you can clearly see truck-width tracks heading directly into the old tile. There's even a intersection the the east of that point, suggesting at least somewhat constant use.

Upon closer inspection, there are many jeep-trails entering the square from all angles in various stages of use.

I have a feeling this is Chinese work. We already know they're building small military bases over there.

here's the image for Carbon Monoxide
rather strange how the Metropoli of America and Europe shit out the massive amounts of CO, but it's nowhere even close to what the gooks, beaners, and nignogs do

An anti-immigration case can be made that can appeal to leftists and their supposed "love" of Mother Earth. Just point out the lack of concern and care for the environment that all of these third worlders have for their own lands, then corner the liberal into having to spend five minutes pondering:

Sorry, forget that. Commies are rarely introspective enough to question their own deluded assumptions.

That's not even introspection. It's like two steps of logic. They can't even manage that.
If we actually taught logic and epistemology to these white people at a young age, they'd see all this easily. But instead they're taught ZOG emotional conditioning.

This is because of wood burning tribes.

Wood is tens of thousands of times more damaging to the atmosphere greenhouse gas load then CO2 is, and, we use catalytic converters to filter out almost all the bad from an engine.

the air that comes out of the tailpipe of a brand new porche is cleaner then the air in san fransisco on a muggy day.

also the cmx coming out of that area in china is from pharmaceutical manufacture, believe it or not.

Check this out
PICS 100% RELATED - PM10 particles concentration, particles less than one-tenth the width of a human hair - include greenhouse gasses
Notice over in North America how in relatively low concentrations are seen
South America? Everywhere.
Africa? Everywhere

Why are PM10 / PM2.5 particles bad?
They cause respiratory problems in children, and can cause cancer

See to see highest concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5

Burning wood produces CO2. I know what you meant, but you should be more precise.


This is a bit sad if I'm honest. Africans were much better off being colonised by whites, as we didn't utterly rape the natural environment and deliberately fuck everything up just to make a quick buck. I'm Australian so I know chinks pretty well, and yeah they have no concept of preserving nature or treating others with dignity - they have no honour, no ethics. Environment means nothing to them; they have no love at all for the natural world.

I will add to that what i've been thinking for a while.

Leftists tend to be anti-natalists. So they want to have fewer children and so promote that behaviour.
As population theory shows:
# individuals = birth + immigration - deaths - emigration

So to reduce population, as leftists want to, they should fight against birth rates AND fight against immigration. Also, even if because of purely cultural reasons, africans among other migrant groups tend to have many (3+) children, so there is a double argument against immigration that appeals leftists, in particular "eco friendly" leftists.

Blue spot is back again, 22.76S, 21.28E
Concentrations are reading higher than ever, 521 ppmv

Relevant pic to go along with what you said.

The only thing there I disagree with is an unpopular opinion around here.

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We should have burn and replant policy so we don't delete the O2 too much. O2 is very reactive and requires constantly replacement hence what the trees is for. Cyanobacteria is a good fuel so we should use them. They are renewable so it won't be a problem for everyone and means no wars over the soon to be outdated oil.

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The NYT and Greenpeace used to argue that very point. Illegal immigration/immigration is bad for the environment.

Then they got bought out.

Milo Yiannopoulos?

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You dumb fuck, there is a lake in Africa that is full of CO2. It's a volcanic lake that fills up with Carbon Dioxide and then has periods where it releases the gas and suffocates all the tribesman.

Some of the early episodes of his podcast he discusses it. He supports it because it makes for a prettier penis.

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This. Anons should realize that these composite maps are made by running a whole crapload of raw data through various post processing algorithms. It's not some real time picture from an all seeing eye in the sky. This sometimes results in weird artifacts, like when ocean surface temperature maps show gigantic lines of different temperature that just happen to trace out the ground track of the satellites doing the measurement. You get a thread with 200 replies about how this proves HAARP is causing hurricanes, when a much more likely and complete explanation is that the satellite's clock was running a bit out of phase for 2-3 orbits.

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