New Nationalism

how will leftist deal with it? can there be an authentic left-wing nationalistic movement?

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Wikipedia tells me otherwise!


same shit with more bombastic personalities and "us vs them" rhetoric

The rise of nationalist policy will naturally create its opposite, a rise in those critical of nationalist policy. We should harness the rise in the opposition to nationalism rather than attempt to appropriate nationalism ourselves. We're not going to out-nationalism actual nationalism, and it will just make us look like unprincipled sellouts.


As for Trump, accelerationism alone will take care of him but the left needs to reorganize and show the disenfranchised people that there are alternatives to the insanity, otherwise when Trump fall there is a risk people might turn to fascism instead.
So far with idpol and liberal shit what the "left" is doing is just adding gas to the fascist locomotive that is coming

Imagine the current system except instead of "free trade" deals you have "national" trade deals. Imagine a world where most immigrants to the UK come from the commonwealth instead of the EU. Imagine a world where "national prestige" is the unifying ideology instead of "stability" and "democracy". Imagine a world where the right-wing once again favors foreign intervention because the language of "national defense" has replaced "nation building". Imagine a world exactly like the one around you today but where the currently frustrated right-wing populists are smug and complacent.

Is that really the new cover of The Economist OP?

same way we dealed with it before

You obviously don't know who jimbo is.

We don't need it. Most of the shit nationalist bitch about are the same things were against but for different reasons



well they lost so not a very good example


the article on the 1936 Russian famine is complete garbage. it even sites the Black Book of Communism

communism literally killed 600 gorillion innocent capitalists, the Tsar dindu nuffin

The new nationalist parties are a response to shitty immigration and shitty neoliberal policy from the EU. People for the most part aren't voting for them because they have become nationalists, they vote for them to oppose shitty immigration policies and shitty neoliberal policies from the EU.


the EU needs to die


EU is a union for the porkies, we need European worker's union.

No tho


What's the difference between nationalism and anti-globalization at this point?
It just seems like an issue nationalist latched onto because it's convenient.


Internationalism > Nationalism