I want Mexicans to learn the name of Quetzalcoatl, because I want them to speak with the tongues of their own blood...

I want Mexicans to learn the name of Quetzalcoatl, because I want them to speak with the tongues of their own blood. I wish the Teutonic world would once more think in terms of Thor and Wotan, and the tree Yggdrasil. And I wish the Druidic world would see, honestly, that in the mistletoe is their mystery, and that they themselves are the Tuatha De Danaan, alive, but submerged. And a new Hermes should come back to the Mediterranean, and a new Ashtaroth to Tunis; and Mithras again to Persia, and Brahma unbroken to India, and the oldest of dragons to China.
I believe in creating an ethnostate out of every land, and within each of those ethnostates, I want to revive the indigenous faiths of those lands, I want to push the arabs and blacks out of every land that was first claimed by white civilizations, such as egypt and mesopotamia, in exchange for their return to the white descendants of the founders, I want to pull back all white people from the lands that they had colonized, such as the united states and canada, australia and new zealand, and the former rhodesia and south africa, the blacks of the US and Canada will all be sent to Liberia, and all other races will be sent back to their ancestral lands, they will also be made to revive their land's native faiths, the expansionist religions of judiasm, christianity, and islam will be exterminated from the face of the earth, and a neo-fascist, neo-monarchist, pagan reconstructionist regime will rule all of europe, as well as those aforementioned areas of africa and asia (russia).
I am an archeofuturist, I am also a neo-reactionary, I wish for a synthesis of Guillaume Faye with Nick Land:
A return to traditional gender roles, monarchism, and an otherwise minarchistic system, a pan-European white ethnostate (as well as lands first developed by whites, such as egypt and russia), and a combination of traditionalist pagan reconstructivist spirituality as well as concepts of sovereignty with the latest advances of modern science and technology.

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Where do all the American mutts go then user. We are not pure anything we are a mix.

Yes, good. But you should concentrate on your own instead of trying to aid other cultures in being nationalists. It's a waste of time, energy, and can weaken your own hegemony.

Buying into kike lies. America is an anglo supremacist state that tolerates ethnic Germanics and Scandis who adopt Anglo culture. America has a unique ethos, just like the Afrikaners.

Wondering the same. I'm an even mix of French, Anglo Saxon and scotch.

In theory, pushing all racial groups towards nationalist thinking would reinforce our own nationalist thinking. If only whites do it, it is easy for people to claim that it is a racist construct, which will make anti-white whites not get on board, when we need as many as possible. If we can convince, say, Mexicans to strive for Mexican nationalism and a push for Mexit, it will only strengthen white nationalism as they are not inherently incompatible.

catalan or basque?


This is some deep autistic larping, user. Can you shorten it? I ain't reading all that shit.


Nope. Just those groups mentioned and some prairie-nigger blood because great grandpappy dicked an Oklahoma Cherokee. I never was one of those people that went muh 1/128th Native American heritage.

But user, Nordics were in the Americas before the other waves. It's our rightful clay.

Careful boy. You're traveling murky waters of the Amerindian coverup that stretches long before Columbus since the time of giants.

Solutrean Hypothesis?
Solutrean Fact.


What a coincidence. Larp as a Jew, destroy historical sites like a Jew.

Seriously, why don't we praise Moloch, guys?

The Elite worship Moloch!

They are Elite!

Don't you want to be elite too?

Moloch will make you Elite!

It's time to worship Moloch.



Fuck you. My family came here in the 1600s and we aren't going anywhere. This is home. Manifest destiny; suck my dick.



Really OP? That's what you want? Because I think am not alone when I say, I want beaner scum to get off welfare and stop stealing. Now stop smoking their biggest export.

You go back to the past. The links with those religions are almost completely severed due to the Abrahamic faiths. The traditions of initiation and secret oral teachings are forgotten and buried.

You have to create new links to the Divine appropriate to the current age.

The gaschamber

>today's mexishit mongrels =/= original aztecs
most of today's mexicans are mixed race mongrels, to the T. some black here, some white, some asian, and perhaps some mixture of previous tribes.

no nigger. earth is a white man's land. stop with your regressive CIA trap.

North America belongs to the Anglo-Saxon race. Wotan wills it.

Mexicans aren't the Aztecs or the Mayans, retard. They're mostly Spanish.

What once was shall never be again. When the tradition was lost the essence of truth evaporated like so much steam. Reviving the corpse will not rebirth what you seek.

Look onward, to the East, then upward with the dawn. You must make anew that which you want. Not in the manner you want, but in the manner you know. Truth breeds goodwill and good faith, let it rest in tradition of your making and all manner of wonders occur with every dawn, noon, and dusk.

They are mostly mestizo. About 30% are indigenous and may have a clear racial and cultural heritage. About 55% are mestizo, which people tend to imagine as a White parent and an Indian one, but it's more like picture that 10 generations ago, and it's mestizos marrying other mestizos with different degrees of admixture ever since for the most part. Even many Indian looking people are mixed to a degree, low levels of white admixture, but also mixed between all sorts of different Indian ethnicities in the plantations, these people have no authentic Indian language or culture. Niggers we never had many, and we worked them to death, pic related indians with visible African mix, but they exist only in tiny pockets in some coastal southern states. Chinese we pogromed them in the 1930s, deported their asses after lynching a bunch. They keep to their China towns and must have arrived after the 1650s, not a big ethnic group in Mexico. Christian Lebanese with almost half a million people are a bigger one. Remaining 10 to 15% are European. 50 thousand jews in the capital. jews like that Mexico is one of the few countries with more jews than muslims (I guess that's true for a lot of the Americas)


Newfag in every sense of the word; bloodline of newfags

Nah, actually. Every other race has no problem with ethnic nationalism, and displays it unashamedly. We need to worry about us, not them. The Mexicans are nationalist, at our expense. Your "mexit" is reconquista, Aztlan. They will abuse the guilt of whites to further their own interests and people.

Get your postcolonial bullshit out of here, save it for your English Literature professor you cuck. Mexicans would only accept a Catholic monarch.

Very naive view. Non-whites have everything to gain from living in the lands of whites, and nothing to preserve by making their countries ethnostates. White women are the most prized and are literally status symbols for non-white men, as an example. Why would they want to seperate themselves from whites, when comingling with whites is the only chance they can attain white women? Not to mention leeching off of our other resources and sending money back to their home countries. You should start to think of them as more parasites, because that's how they behave.

You see the ideal as a white ethnostate and you project that same idea on other races, who more often than not see their ideal as having a blonde wife. Do you really think blacks want to go back to liberia?

The vulgarity of this kike.

Obvious shill is obvious. Christianity is the white man's religion, Jews hate it.
Mexico converted in the first place because the natives recognized the superiority of European culture and theology. Only an utter Jew would seriously propose Aztec barbarity as a desirable alternative.

Good luck with that. But some of us live in European lands where the nationalist conciousness was founded on the Christian reconquista. So kindly keep it to Germany.

And yet Mexicans are some of the most heretical cunts with their folk saint worship.

As my grandmother would say, they go to church on Sunday morning, then to the witch doctor on Sunday afternoon. That's the way it has been ever since the Cristiada, when the (((Masonic))) government suppressed the Church. It was never the same after that. Now anywhere that liberation theology or charismatic spirituality has taken hold, you see a significant uptick in superstitious dabbling and thus an increase in possession cases, all of which just accelerate the degeneration of the culture. OP is essentially advocating for more of this in the form of Marxist postcolonial chicano nationalism; he has just tried to dress it up as traditionalism. However, traditionalism it is not, which is why such cultural currents cannot lead to the coronation of a monarch. Rather, they strengthen republicanism.

t. Mexican-American

(Same user you responded to diferent ip)

Seems to me it is ultimately a struggle between your native identity and your Spanish identity.

I want spics to go back to worshipping quetzlcoatl or whatever just because it will be easier to show them as an alien people that have to go back. Plus, I watching them rip out a bunch of nigga's hearts like apocalypto is just amusing.

"Define being Mexican in one sentence."
(With all due respect to my Indian ancestors, Spain deserves to win)

the Aztecs were mostly genocided and breed out of existence.
all these mexishits you see are groups that were under the iron rule of the Aztec Triple Alliance nd were constnatly raided for sacrifices.
the only group that they could never conquer were the Tlaxcalteca who allied with the Spaniards to overthrow the Aztec Empire.
The Tlaxcaltecans because of their alliance, were the only Indio group to keep autonomous rule, preserve their noble titles and own horses and guns.
They eventually were breed out of existence when mixing with the Spaniards over the centuries, becmoning mostly Castizo
the other tribes though, are still inferior caste savages that worship their idols and some still don't even speak spanish yet emigrate to the US.

There was never an Oak tree dedicated to Thor you imbecile. There has never ever been an association of Thor with anything made from the Oak, that is his father. You don't even know Thor's root, it'll be difficult to cut it down then. Perhaps if you got your story straight it could have meaning, lo does it not.

Language and associations matter, but in following Jew ways you want it all to be one. One deity, one country and one race.

that's where you get dropped

What is the enlightenment?

Our destiny is the stars. Us. Europeans. Not pegans, not christians, not athiests. Our god is our people and when we finally leave this earth, maybe then its lesser folk will know peace.

The christian god said, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth". This was a prophecy. Not by god, but by our ancestors. They gave us their technology, their principles and their hopes. From that duty, built more. From peganism, christianity, because peganism hurt our people. From christianity, atheism and enlightenment, because christianity hurt our people. From atheism, dark enlightenment, because atheism hurt our people. We are here. Beyond us, countless worlds left untouched. Anything standing between them and us will be purged, just as everything else has. The zeitgeist of Europeans is clear: we will inherit the stars. Join us or our rapture will leave you in hell.

It's called (((Shekinah)))

1. Take a DNA test (unjewed).
2. Pinpoint where those DNA are from on map
3. Make weighted average of position on europe map. If land in water, draw line to closest coast.
4. Move there.

That's just called Anglo…?

Europeans were also in New Zealand before our so called "natives" got here. Even in the tales of the Maori (the darkies in question) they speak of white people being here first, and the mixed descendents of these people still live today.