Trump energy Thread

Regarding recent events and the shill raid:
Do we still support Don or have we become
I'm With Her CRUZE missiles?
This thread will get flooded with shills and should serve as a tool to recognise them.

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Two shills already. My, my.


t. the_donald


Isn't it embarrassing when you still have to talk about Hillary all the time because everything after the election has been shit? It's like you guys think Hillary is somehow going to resurface from her crypt and become president or something.

Thanks for making it clear how you exploit both sides to demoralize. You deserve the 0.01 cent for my reply.

you should still kill yourself for being a sad shill

Please forgive me, shareblue. I realise how wrong I was all this time. Tell me stories how Trump has betrayed me. I've been a really bad goy. Where do I recast my vote?
I'm with her

Yeah, that's what I mean. You faggots act like the election is still going on. Trump won and he's not doing what he was elected to do. Your Hillary memes are just stale and embarrassing now.

So you admit you're raiding and whatnot. Nice. Mods….
Anyways I've realised I should have voted dem all along. I'm with her now. Does it still count?

Where did I admit that? Did you mistake Holla Forums for the_donald today perhaps? I'm just saying you're not doing your cause any favors here, unless you're shilling against Trump in some retarded way.

>be a good goy and pick one of these two choices that (((we))) are offering you
Are either of those choices National Socialists? If not then I don't support any of them.

Where do I vote for Hilary? I'm with her

Well guys as OP I can safely say I'm with her now. Don't know what possesed me to help elect Trump as president.

Not your personal army, FAGGOT!
I support whoever I FUCKING WANT TO support, not whatever you decide "us" faggots support
Theres no "WE" in Holla Forums


The election is over faggot. Go back to reddit.


Go back to fucking reddit, T_D bitch.

"We" here at Holla Forums support those who further the goal of the 14 words. No more. No less. You earn respect and "support" via actions. That support is not nonsensical devotion like you fawning faggots at The_Cuck seem to have developed. As such, if you start performing actions counter to the 14 words, "we" will drop you like the traitorous snake you are.

This is a ideological devotion. Not a personality cult for a man who may or may not be all that 'we' memed him to be.

Fucking sage for a faggot OP and a degenerate faggot thread.

And what action has Holla Forums taken to stop the neo-cons? Face it, all Holla Forums is is shitposting at happenings while waiting for the next meme candidate, fantasying rule under hitler.

Only those with high energy can seize the day

Top kek!! That was such a natural and organic joke; stuff like this is why I love this place.

Keep it up Holla Forums, keep being natural and organic, and don't let (((beaners))) esoterically immigrate into your country.

The stance any reasonable user would have is to not mindlessly defend everything Trump does, but instead realize that he is better than any cuckservative that could have been elected in his place. All of the anti-Trump posts consist of Anons who had too high of an expectation for Trump, and the goons/leftists who take advantage of the situation to demoralize.
Just sit back and enjoy the shitposts, why so serious?

You forgot to switch IPs.

OP is a faggot, and should go back to reddit.

Kek. You should probably go.

It's called slave morality for a reason, user.

Is he, though? Can you name one real thing he's done that iYeb! wouldn't have done?
Bush would have put in a conservative judge.
Bush probably would have cancelled that, too, if he had any idea it was important.
Those are the two trademark things that have come from Trump so far. Everything else has been either pointless or all talk, even the travel ban. The travel ban doesn't even keep out sand niggers from areas where they are prone to allahu ackbaring.
I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that he's so much better for white nationalism in terms of what he's accomplished. He's talked about some very good things, but none of them have actually come to pass. In terms of real results, him being the best is actually debatable.

wtf I love Zog Emper-r Trump again

He would have made everything right.

Go home TRS, you're gay and literally Jewish.
You'll never see the divorce papers.



This is the most cuckchan post I've ever read

You can't have a proper discussion about Trump anymore all the lefty/pol/ endchan and (((Renegay media))) kikes will never allow it. I guess they have succeeded poisoning the well.



all you faggots need to stop focusing so fucking autistically on the implications of one person, and start realizing the implications of a people.

Trump is without a doubt the best thing to happen in politics in decades.

Use the shift of the overton window, focus on improving yourself and growing your base of influence. Red-pill people, stop merely memeing on the internet and meme in real life.

These poz-pigs and faggot defeatist shills and other degenerate filth that come to demoralize and divide are worthless pieces of shit, who fear nothing more than people like you and me taking up the mantle of our forefathers and control of our own minds, lives and destinies.

The power to forge a better life for ourselves is within us and that power is one that spreads beyond the mere dominion of our own lives. The opportunity is ripe for all of us to take control of the reins of our lives, and the direction of society all together. We are amidst an ocean of political, social and technological chaos. The world is spinning and people are looking for anchors to hold on to, they are seeking out for Men to guide them.

Be that Man that guides them, that leads them, stand up in confidence and find that you are strong, and look to the future and see how far you can go.

We are at the crossroads of opportunity, don't just stand there, get up, get out and take control, people are clammoring for you to do it.

I want cuckchan to leave

Nobody is telling you that you shouldn't have voted for trump, we're telling you remember why you voted for him. If you fell for the "god emperor" meme fuck back off to the Donald subbreddit. Otherwise grow a few brain cells you insufferable retard.

*nods respectfully towards you*

Edit:thanks for the gold fellow centipede

Stop trying to push this meme here you retarded reddit commiecuck. This isn't cuckchan.

fuck. I still havent been able to watch more than 7 seconds of that video. Every time its posted I try to watch and cringe out.

The problem is that (((they))) can just ride out the storm and even go business as usual if a disturbance comes in.
(((They))) continued with the pozzing even though they lost. See the confederate nazi issue.
If Trump doesn't make tremendous change to the core of the system, he will fail the war even though the 8 years will be successful.
The next one won't have the surprise factor as he did.
And the overton window can be shifted back as soon as he's out. The (((MSM))) succeeded to normalize castration in just 5 years.


yeah and trannies are out in the street killing themselves with cop bullets.

we aint seen nothing yet, the social implications of all the pozzing is 100% unknown at this point, the degredation of society and these peoples minds is nothing short of complete devastation. The growth of outright anti-white hate and rhetoric is undeniable, even if all the defeatist pozzing you talk about happens, this societal collapse is inevitable. These people are weak and suicidal, they will welcome the DOTR if we do not take control of the reins, infact I know they do already.

Trump is a stepping stone on the journey to our desired destination.


Hi guys what is politics? It's that thing where getting anything done is about as easy as pushing a button right?



I don't care what kind of goons these are (the_donald, Shariablue/MediaMatters or just good ol' fashioned CIAniggers), but it's glorious nonetheless.





Haha you must have been listening to too much fake news funded by the evil globalist George Sorrows. I said I love Donald J. Trump and his closest friend Netayahoo, as they make the best team for making Israel great again ☺️ from SJW Nazis such as yourself. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go Tucker Carlson trigger some blue haired SJW feminists.




Everyone openly supporting Trump should be permabanned from Holla Forums




Anyone saying that supporting Trump means you are from Reddit or Cuckchan is a shill.
Anyone trying to make Trump out to be some sort of puppet is a shill.
Anyone using the term T_D is a shill.
This thread is full of fucking shills.

Mods I ask you to start publicly banning these D&C niggers in such a way that this raid stops happening.

muh god-emperor

This. This was always the case regardless of if he betrayed the people or not.

It's interesting that Shariablue is now trying to go all-out with the demoralization shills; I think the idea is not to try and turn Trump voters into Hillary voters, but to blackpill them into thinking "voting doesn't matter, so why even try."

One way to look at the situation is this: even if Trump has betrayed his principles, he's become a far better accelerationist than Hillary would have.
Remember during the election, where some of Holla Forums were arguing that it would be better for Hillary to win because her policies would lead to the collapse of the nation, which would inadvertantly redpill millions of Americans and cause a national revolution? Admittedly, that could very well have just been unusually clever "vote Hillary" shilling from the very same cult we're fighting now. But still, Trump is now achieving that goal with some bonuses.

Candidate Trump's campaign shifted the Overton Window sharply back toward the centre (or the "far right", from a marxist perspective.) He got America to embrace the idea of standing up for your own people, of rejecting foreign influence, and made millions of Americans who'd almost given up hope believe again. In his early days as president, he moved things in the right direction by eroding trust in the lugenpresse, shredding TPP and Paris, putting a Scalia-level replacement on the Supreme Court, and at least tried to do something about Obamacare and terrorism. He even did something about mentally ill people being allowed into the military, which even if it didn't stick at least started a discussion about how unwise it was to force the military to accept mentally ill people. And from people loudly voicing their opinions on this - even with all the censorship on social media - it became obvious to the average American that they were not a lone bigot in a sea of upstanding progressives, but that the "progressives" were a small but really loud minority who were forcing their insane and destructive policies on a nation that doesn't want them.

And now, President Trump's backstabbing is sharply waking up millions of Americans. The message that America takes home from all this, dear Hillary shills, is not going to be "oh dear, electing Trump was a mistake". It will be "what a damn shame Trump cucked out", or "Trump was too far left", or - if your incompetent shilling across all media continues to make nazi the new punk - "we need an American Hitler."

Good luck, America.


yes, fellow sharebluer! fuck drumpf, amirite?


wew laddie


You fucking shills are retarded. Trump is Reagan with grandpa jokes and twitter.

if we don't get into the mode we were in during the campaign we will certainly loose it all
time to rev up those accounts boys

he hasn't given it yet he's receiving feedback if we just rollover and do absolutely nothing then he'll just go with whatever the establishment says with that said the people burning their maga hats are having a positive effect signaling to the president that it's a key issue with the base and with the loyalists supporting the president while voicing their opinions it will have a polarizing effect on trump between him his supporters and the establishment (((deepstate))) the goal is to get the polarization to align trump with his supporters and cause a dis-alignment between him and the establishment

I want anyone who is confused to pay close attention to this post
The post I am replying to is their entire playbook for the current raid.

1) Use DACA as a wedge
2) Call everyone else shills, redditors, or cuckchan refugees
3) Call Trump a retard/puppet/neocohen

You can easily spot the shills because they try really hard to sound tough in order to fit in.
They also have a very bad handle on how to use our language and syntax but they still try it anyways.
This is exactly what happened after the Syria strike - same exact strategy.

It's really organic how they all use the same four non-arguments and pop up out of the woodwork when there's the slightest sign of division.
Also, notice how they always use WN instead of white nationalist, and T_D instead of "The_Donald".

Trump will never not be the right choice in the election. The problem is now that he's in office the (((establishment))) is putting all of the pressure they can muster into influencing him and it's working.

The purpose of their raid is to weaken our support for Trump
They are trying to divide up his base before the 2018 elections

Now is Trump perfect? No. Should we be unconditionally loyal to him? Of course not.
But the shills are taking things too far by acting too blackpilled and by being divisive and counter-productive.
Don't fall for their bullshit.

They are probably too triggered by the words "White Nationalist" and "Donald" to type out the whole thing.


Back to the cuckshed, lurk 2 years

This we need to show him our support.he needs it more than ever. Fuck shareblue and fuck cucks who burned the hats. Bunch of fucking pussies never were really with him to begin with

This is pathetic.

If Trump is paying you for this shit he really needs to find a new guy.


Look at this as an opportunity. We can only deepen our ties.
Shills hold no power here. Every situation, we make to our advantage. And so it will be with this one.

I'm starting to think most die-hard shills are in middle school.

We elected him to build a wall, deport spics, and stop interventionism. What does he do? Let the DACA spics stay, make the wall into a fence, and bomb Assad.

You want us to accept this, you want us to accept white genocide. Get out.

there hasn't been any statement officially released by the whitehouse so what you are saying is conjecture, remember all the shills saying "he's going to invade syria!" still hasn't happened as you've probably not noticed israel has had to start bombing them themselves instead of us doing it


The shere idiocy of shills is astounding. I gave you rope in OP and you hang yourself by it. This is entry level Holla Forums tactics circa 07.
You couldn't troll if your life depended on it, whatever made you think you can troll Holla Forums escapes me.

That picture is pure comedy.

so drones are now boots on the ground?
why do faggots always use pink text? A because they're faggots

top kek, fighting wars for Israel is fighting wars for Israel.

Well said, fellow sharebluer. I'm with her#
Lel we sure showed those nazis haven't we

Nice filename, you really should learn to rename things before posting them here.

Guys next election you should vote for Democrats to protest against Drumpf and his cucking :^)

Alright Holla Forums
Look at this site:
No, look at it!
It is pedoboys David Brock's project dedicated to attacking and slandering Trump each second of every minute, every, hour and every day.

They are portraying him as Hitler or as incompetent meanwhile they try portraying him to us as a traitor.

Now we don't have the budget at our disposal, but we have something more powerful. The truth.

We fucked correct the record, and we will fuck this flaming disaster too.

Keep framing everything from within the election you faggot. It's over - now that trump won we need to hold him accountable when he fucks up.

Are you saying you don't think reddit is cucked? Their entire site is full of based nigger shit.

Showing submission to his kike masters

Thanks for exposing yourselves.


He hasn't done goddam shit with it yet except to keep you little ctr faggots guessing
get fucked little man


Categorically DID NOT bomb Assad. Lazily lobbed some tommy hawks and did minimal structural damage.
Meh , once the roundups start eight hundred thousand will seem like several drops in the bucket


Gas yourself The_Donald chesscuck.

I read every word of that. Nowhere does he say well that's it they are staying. gas yourself ctr juden


Mere rhetoric to convince democrats to play ball with him. But hey, we know you've got to only focus on a certain (((narrative))).

It hasn't even begun.
This time you will experience physical removal

OP ignore the anti-trump shills. They're freaking out over the tax cuts and the wall funding going through. 8 more years of MAGA. Get hype, praise kek.


So let me get this straight. I cannot criticise any lack of action or failure to deliver on campaign promises by Trump because if I do I'm automatically a shill and should go vote for Hillary even though the election ended fucking ages ago.

What the fuck happened to this place? We used to be about objective observations and facts. Now it's just sucking Trumps dick and saying 'wait and see'. Motherfucker I have given him plenty of time to make good on his promises, instead he fucks around playing golf and shitposting on Twitter and has utterly failed to bring about any of the meaningful change this board wanted. What will happen after 4 years if he still hasn't done jack shit? Will there still be all this blind cult of personality dick sucking happening?

Jesus Christ

Shareblue gtfo

Point in case. I make a valid set of observations and immediately get called out as 'shareblue'. Terminology which almost exclusively comes up in Trump threads and is in heavy use over at Reddit.

Really made me think.

Anti-trump spergs were never welcome here. Your kind were kicked out with the pedophiles by based Jim. Just give up schlymo.

I couldn't agree more.
Election is over and even the shills aren't really playing the "shoulda waited for Hitler" "hurrr I shoulda voted for Hillary" shit because it's so irrelevant that even they know it.
I believe I know what happened to this place. Your board owner and your mods accepted money from the Trump campaign to ensure that no critical conversations about Trump can ever happen. (((Kushner))) was spending $70M a month on "internet marketing" including 4cucks and plebbit. We had a Trump ad up here for at least 6 months 24/7. I believe Kushner paid money in exchange for the mods to quell anything negative about Trump. I think this place is compromised and they would sell your IP or any information they can get on you in a heartbeat.
Basically this place fell apart because of censorship of Trump criticism. And soon enough, this place will be the_donald 2.0. It pretty much already is but people like me stay to shitpost during happenings and laugh at redditors who think there are good jews and DACA is a good compromise.
Enjoy the decay, user.

You know how geriatric hippies are still talking all day about muh woodstock? That's how it is with these guys. They're going to sit at the old folks home in 2060 and talk about Hillary and "muh shariablue."

Thinks the world happens on their timeline.

I'd go so far to say you're the faggots who believe the larps at 4cuck "muh sentator user" "muh fbi user" "muh white house user" kill yourselves.

The actual number of DACA recipients according to DHS is 3.5M, not 800k.
And you're a faggot cuck for compromising on something he promised you.

Dubs confirm I miss Jeb! and his guac turtles.


Who should I have voted for schlomo?

Your trips have magnified my sadness

Literally anyone else. You would have at least known that everything they said was a lie instead of hanging on and believing it until the moment Esteban slides his beaner dick in your wife.

Ever notice how the anti-Trump posters leap into threads in short bursts and then quickly fuck off again?
Ever notice how there's always anti-Trump threads during Holla Forums raids?

Ever notice how the mods ban anyone that says anything critical about Trump?
Ever think that just telling the truth around here makes you hop VPNs faster than Trump breaking his promises?
Really activates the almonds, rabbi.

I spent over a year of my life shilling for Trump only to get called a shill by you "The_Donald" faggots when I don't immediately suck his dick over everything he does or doesn't do. Can you answer me right now what the fuck he has accomplished that some other neocohen wouldn't have done? His fucking term has been an utter disaster so far and he's even campaigning for the most RINO cucks and jews and has kicked out nearly everyone with a shred of sympathy for nationalism. I'll go back to being a Trump shill the moment he actually earns my support, it's not unconditional and I'm not a partisan stooge.

Ever notice Trumpcucks love being pounded in the ass by their GAHD EMPUUURUR and then make excuses for why they enjoy getting ass punded?

Ever notice how you love getting buttfucked by spics?

Sure would be nice to have some competent non-kike mods around here…

hey faggot promoting self-improvement is not shilling you retard its getting people to fix the only thing they truly have control of themselves

Nah you don't get it user, it's not his fault. None of his failures as potus are his fault, he's totally our guy. Trump dindu nuffin, he's a gud goi.



Mods are finally back it seems. Good show.

Jesus fucking christ
is it time to do to the people behind the DACApedes what we did to ctr?

Top cuck.

Well this thread more than served it's purpose. Thanks for exposing yourselves shareblue. Archive incoming

save it for future reference

Fuck off, trumpcucks.

Reddit happened. The fucking T_D happened. Somehow these idiots think they 1488 means sucking Trump's dick and giving a human being the worship only reserved for Gods.

If I had the money, I would have already built a standalone network for the new chan where real discourse and talk could happen. These fucking T_D cucks are goddamn unfuckingbearable.

They even screech that the phrase "T_D" makes you a shill for writing it. These motherfuckers truly are a goddan plague. They're not even fucking natsoc 3/4 of the time. Nothing but stupid ass alt kike faggots.

He won, but needs our constant support. A general doesn't win a war without his soldiers. He is just one man…fighting in a system of checks and balances that is filled with traitorous scum against all that is good and decent. Its not as simple as him walking in and snapping his fingers. He is in constant negotiation. He depends on his base, to keep him emboldened and to keep the fires of the guiding light lit. And I agree, Hillary needs to die.

Dubs confirm Jeb guacabowles for each clap


I trust Trump more than any of you whining fuckin kikes that's for certain. Ooohh waaahhh he's gonna give illegals amnesty, he's a traitor, where's the wall, etc.

This cunt is navigating a fucking minefield with very few people he can trust and has done more for America in 9 months than ANY President has in decades and all you faggots do is moan.

Trump is a fucking Terminator, either have some patience or gas yourselves basic niggers.


Suck a dick OP

Hi Shlomo! The weather in Tel Aviv must be great around this time of year I bet!