This Always Happens

isn't this whole DACA hysteria the same thing as when trump fired missiles at the empty syrian airfield? nothing has happened yet, and we know very little for sure. Why is there so much panic and blackpills about it?


Shills think this is something that they can use to divide us. Unfortunately newfags are falling for it.

from “I didn’t vote for another war. I’m done with him.” to “I didn’t vote for amnesty! Trump’s betrayed us!” I'm tired of the shilling. I'm not super pro-trump and I am anti-amnesty, but let's wait and see what actually happens before running about like our heads are chopped off


it just stresses me out tbh, I can't tell what is or isn't shilling with all this hysteria about. Let's all just calm down

what are you retarded? he beaners are already in the country, nothing immediate will happen either way

Its not rape if its consensual.

You're only encouraging the goons you newfag.


This thread is gonna be a lolcow.

He's on the road to cucking on amnesty.
If there's no backlash then he'll follow through.
I have every right to be pissed off at him and will be until he corrects his shit.

I've been here for years, I'm quite tipsy and sleep deprived atm tho so I might not be at peak good judgement. If they're goons can't we just post nazi anime girls?

based on what? the media? twitter? I thought actions were more important than words?

I'm not saying to trust him, but what are we going to do right now? make more pointless petitions? do you have any practical suggestions or just blackpills?

No, and you've been pushing that narrative really hard lately. You should be more subtle.


No, because what you call 'running around' is actually how you signal to a politician you're unhappy with his proposed actions.

DACA goes through, 800k+ voters are added to Democratic voting bloc - nevermind Trump and his prospects, which I couldn't care less about: the country is done as that point.
End of story. End of thread.

Actions are not more important than words, words are what precedes action.
What a change this is from what was voted for. If absolutely nobody called him out on this, he's received tacit consent from the voters. He needs to hear the backlash blown right into his fucking ear over this. They must go, no exceptions.

True, but screeching and disrupting an imageboard isn't going to do anything.

We seriously need to start spamming gore again.
Do it for a week and see how well things improve.

The US military has invaded and set up bases for terrorists in southern Syria and it's funneling weapons to Kurdish mercenaries who've taken over a good chunk of the country, including much of the oil infrastructure. What do you mean, "nothing happened"???

Bombing the airfield was just a warning to Russia and Assad to not interfere in the ZOG's invasion plans.

Are you people blind or what?

Yes it is, we've seen it happen before.


Do not confuse purposeful manipulation of the truth to push a narrative/agenda for simple ignorance.

Well who can tell anymore? Shills and retards are rampant on here.

This is one of the most heavily monitored political websites in the modern day. Bullshit it won't do anything.

Go back to TD.

sage goddamnit

Im sick and fucking tired of people chastising me for freaking out when Trump appears to cuck. Even if he isn't planning on it, it could be a part of HIS gambit that we get angry and kick up a firestorm. For example, Trump could be signalling to his GOPe cuck friends (who he has to work with) that he will try to sell a DACA bill to his base. We start going wild and burn our hats on Twatter and overall throw up nuclear bomb level political threats to everyone in the GOP including Trump if a DACA bill seems to be in the works. Then Trump can point to this and say that it would be suicide so we shouldn't do it or at least not without throwing us some red meat like ending chain migration, birthright citizenship, RAISE act, national everify, national voter ID ETC ETC.

In short, us freaking out can only help us and not hurt us. No one is saying to drop Trump unless he does amnesty, but it's part of the political process to vociferously destroy any half baked idea thrown around that would be the antithesis of what we want as a white ethnic group stretching its self-interest political legs.

We have plenty of niggers here to fire missiles at.

Even we leave, the democrats might push a weak candidate in 2020 to reward good goy Trump with a second term. The real problem will be in 2024 when there won't be any white candidates.

You got a very good point, about giving him public pressure he can use. And may I add, the way this goes is, 2 terms, the first one he has RINO never trumpers until the '18 midterms, and then from 2018 to 2020 he still has to play a bit of the PR game for re-election. All going well, we are going to see a lot of stuff get done on the second term. Making final judgements about his efficacy or intentions over the first six months' worth of results appears misguided, or shill driven.

For starters, start spreading awareness about how Trump is not the based emperor like you think he is. Get everyone to understand what we are dealing with, which is pretty much a pack of lies.
That's the first step.


The second term is where Congress gets more democrats since republicans can't get anything done. After that happens, Trump will have to bend over to the left even more to get anything done.

Citation needed

Freaking out is for twitter and other sites. Creating a dozen threads and spamming threads unrelated to the topic makes Holla Forums unusable and is clearly enemy action.

I love how these pro-Trump threads have to be posted after midnight because it's the best time shill their anti-white threads on here without getting decimated by actual pro-white NatSocs. Enjoy your shitty safe space weebposters.