Bunkermag thread

Bunkermag thread

get pens ready we're writting polemics

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Is the editor here? I wrote an article and I need a copywritter urgently because I'm an ESL

as in… you gon' publish something in the near future… or?

I might have some texts for you if it finally gets serious.

I'm triggered

best I can do, fam

Bunkermag is still a thing?


thanks, you guys are bae

btw, what's the point of this thread?

Anyone got an idea on subjects?

Get rid of this shit.

Whoever did this, please kill yourself.

I didn't think I had seen something more autistic and babby tier than "leftist critique of pop culture", but then someone does a series on anime. Get your shit together it's something a Holla Forums plant would do to mock us.

Where do you think you are?

Completely unsurprising. Did you register bunkermag the moment it was suggested or did they simply make the mistake of letting you write for it?

I read it. Information that is adapted for investors actually gives them an incentive to provide somewhat reliable information

I didn't want to put my bulshit request for a copywritter in the OP

I have never written for bunkermag.

Where did this space_ wants to own everything meme come from? :^)

Look up working conditions in Japanese animation industry. Anime is shit.

By your logic you're saying video games are shit.

i also read some of their articles, sometimes they have some decent stuff in there

Well, they are.

I've got 2 maybe 3 articles lined up, I've just been a bit busy lately.

yo editor you got any ideas for topics?

that is not an issue I just need somebody to fix my english?

Any englisH majors on this thread who want to edit my shit?

Current events?


Please forgive me!


I can fix your english. Have you submitted already?

Not yet
Were should I submit?

Make an account and then submit a draft.

I'm hoping to get through all the articles this weekend.

I will d this tomorrow since I'm about to go bed

No problem. I appreciate it.

Is this the very, very, very small print version?


I registrated but have not gotten the email with my pass

Submitted an essay today.

I've been writing a piece for fun, but I can't fucking tie it up right and it feels too shitty to share. Should I give up?

agh… rethink your whole piece, maybe start from zero again

Anime is the High Arts of the XXI century and you cunts fucking know it.

Okay, just uploaded my article [Please edit sempai]

New Article is now live. Since we usually have long dry seasons in between activity, I'm probably going to publish two or three a week to keep us consistently active.


Thanks fam.


Not sure. Maybe.

Anime is for childless single men losers with little to no testosterone in their bodies.

at least it'll give more attention from common readers and chan lurkers

this tbqph

Editor. Would you be interested in a dimonthly (or whatever) column about Latin American socialism? Or an article about Puerto Rico?

Of course, all of those things sound fantastic.

hey bunkerfags get a favicon

Why not post your half-article here in the thread, or dump it and put a link here.