Tfw I'm a small business owner who makes 300k a year by ""exploiting"" workers

How does it feel knowing my very successful existence threatens you pathetic disgusting lowly abhorrent leftist scum? How does it feel knowing that instead of looking at my success and trying to emulate it you resort to jealousy and contempt because you're a low life degenerate loser?

BTW, I'm just getting started. I'm only 26 and have big plans of expansion of my business, big investing plans, etc.

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your just a part of the petty bourgeoisie .Nothing more, Nothing less.


You're such a pathetic cockroach

I know people who are making five/twenty times as much as me

It feels like you should get better bait.

Is this supposed to be make me feel bad about myself?

Take this shit excuse for trolling back to 2007 4chan.

It's how the system works fam. Don't worry, though, we'll make sure to gulag you real good.

You give yourself too much credit. You don't threaten anyone's existence. You're not even a blip on the radar.



hate the game not the player
bait anyway

lol this is why you losers will NEVER amount to anything. it's your mindset and your relationship with money that is the problem not the system.

Wew he's going at it

Feels good man.

no it just a fact

well it does make you angry enough to threaten to put me in a gulag or seize my property lol

stay mad leftist maggot, you will always be below me. keep rioting because trump won.

Nah, man, other people worked hard for your wealth and you know that.

The most common psychological defect among the petite-bourgeoisie.

Hahaha nigga why the fuck every millionaire on imageboards type like they 13 and never explain they business like lmfao just get good at bait nigga hahaha

Yes because I didn't RISK my own money into this business. Yes because I didn't put in 60-70 hour weeks just to get my first customer. Yes because I didn't go months without worrying whether I was gonna make the rent payments or not.

Go fuck yourself you leftist turd.

The first secret to financial success is to throw your garbage marxist beliefs out the door

Hahaha you wasted your youth to lose all your skrilla in the next crash damn son we'll go easy on ya just an education coarse to make you less a stuck up white boy.

Why haven't you embraced lifestyle anarchism and property destruction yet?

Damn homie never heard that one before. You really got my gears turning.

You worked hard to become a parasite. Still a parasite.

Holy shit you leftists are dumb as fuck. This is why you will never amount to shit.

Keep waiting for capitalism's collapse, lmao. It's only been a 100 years that you've been waiting.

Strong projection there, champ.

How does it feel have so little fullfillment in life that you have to talk yourself into feeling better by calling a bunch of anonymous internet commies names?

When everyone is a small bussiness owner, nobody is. (Which is exactly what we want, for everyone to own the MoP)

You could have just said
It would have saved both of us some time.

Because it's a trash praxis (literally) only practiced by trust fund anarkiddies.

Marxism is for beta dumb fucks who can't compete in this game of capitalism so they want to destroy the game instead of playing it and winning

lol you're the one that lives in a fantasy land, fam

I don't think anything where you get to smashed people like OP's windows can be properly called trash tbh.

I have insurance. Get fucked commie scum

I'm coming for that toothbrush cracker

Lmao we comin bucko the derivatives are gonna go, Wall Streets gonna go, the EUs gonna go and the Chinese gonna drop us AKs so we can hunt yall tubby little honkies and take your rolexs and benzos JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON


I wish Hitler didn't gas the Jews, while they can be mischievous they are productive and hard working. The real enemy of society are niggers. Every single one of you deserves to be killed.

Oh boy, you really see capitalism as something eternal don't you?
No, we won't play by the rules made by the people who benefit from them. If we win in the end, we still win, whether we followed your "rules" or not. We will write the rules, thank you very much.

It accomplishes nothing. It's essentially a vanity project for idiots. Complete garbo.


You will not write shit. You are nothing. You have no power. And nobody takes you seriously.

Capitalism has collapsed multiple times in the past 100 years. The state intervenes, repairs it and dusts it off to stop total chaos. See the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

Enjoy your suffering, little piggy

Yes and? Government intervention is part of the system you dumb fuck.

It's good to see some people go above and beyond the minimum effort required.

Also, for this being simply a "bait thread" it has a lot of salty replies from welfare warriors.

you are delusional

Lmfao you seem a little bit upset I bet you wish you had a big plantation to rule over all the niggers but ya cant so you gotta take your lil dick out on whitey now while we real niggaz out here bustin a nut in yo wife while you slaving it 9-7 lmao nigga real talk she out getting that deep dick

Dumbass cracker

Sorry man but my wife isn't into bestiality. Nobody likes you smelly niggers. No white women worth a damn would ever fuck any of you sub-humans. And even when they do fuck you it's because you're nothing but a fetish to them. Every knows that black men are low life degenerates even black women.

Pic related.


You'll get bald from the stress.
Enjoy your stressing materialistic life.

Lmao flag related it's all you need to be irresistible to white women

Damn kid your game is weak

You seem angry. Life is good

Creating a system where success is based partially on one's own efforts is one of the goals of socialism.

Resisting this implies that you know that your success has little do to with your own efforts and everything to do with the special status you're given within capitalist society.

The claim that you worked ever so hard or lived some ascetic lifestyle in the past is merely justification for this special status, not what created your success.

Lmao fucking cracker rage quit

Who in control now little bitch? ahaa

The white man is in control

Enjoy the taxes

That's all in getting out of this.

It feels intellectually satisfying to know that you are literally proving that Marx was right.

Now let me ask you: how does it feel to know that people hate you and only pretend to like you for your money? Does even your own family still genuinely love you?

the fact that your asking these questions says more about you than me

That's not how you spell chinese



proof ?



Don't you have taxes to avoid or something?

Good. I hope you succeed and find joyousness. From there you may die a very uninteresting way and lose your foothold on the truly beautiful.
Anyway, if you are really just a boss, why are you just talking and acting like you are a boss? Seems rather that you're very neurotic.

Never heard this line from anyone who wasn't an easily knocked out and unmasculine virgin, as well as a lousy troll peddling obvious lies.

Lol dunno what you're talking about OP, I'm writing a book that's going to be a massive media empire. :^)

every fucking time
did you know macroeconomists donate less to charity than almost any other profession?

lol if black women aren't dating black men who are the black men dating? white women. bitch ass cracka muhfugga

OP how big was your small loan

bosses and people that desire control in general are psychos

Quality thread.

Please end your life you insufferable stupid kid. There are infinitely better threads and discussions going on beyond this shit thread and your childish impulse to reply.

I was already planning on it but you called me a kid so it's been put off

You get no replies because you're insufferable. It's only when you act even more insufferable you're told to stop. Stop.

Learn to reply to multiple posts. Learn to shut up when you don't know what's going on. Learn to realise nobody cares about you or your assumed identity, you complete nothing.