Anti-ZOG Petition

Petition to take down the ZOG

Require that dual citizen representatives renounce citizenship in another country as a condition of public service.

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These petitions are for the most part pointless; but the overall goal is for it to get noticed and broadcast to normies. Most don't know how many congressman are actually legally citizens of Israel.

Here comes the usual suspects…

Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)

I'm from CT and I hate that fucking filthy no good kike. I don't know how the fuck that jew and Joe "the Jew" Lieberman keep getting elected her—oh right, there's a D next to their name. You could probably have a mentally ill faggot that thinks they're a giraffe that talks in Swahili and put a D next to their name and they'd get elected while the libshits pat themselves on the back for being so progressive and the niggers ook and eek about more gibs.

Benjamin Cardin (D-MD)

Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

Al Franken (D-MN)

This one is the worst of the lot. She even helped Ted Cruz get away in the '70s when she leaked information about the Zodiac killer to the press. She's utter poison, and her otherwise-inexplicable career taught the young me a lot about how Jews operate in America.

Are you going to post more? Having a list with pics of these snakes for an infographic would be nice.

I'm researching. They don't have to disclose this info so it's not easy to find

Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Are they Federal Senators? Assemblymen? State senators? Etc.? Would you include the governator? Do you include those Jews who don't actually have dual citizenship, but qualify under "right of return"? Other nationalities?

I'm not trying to diminish your work. I just think the way you are going about it is shit. Being able to show a pic of US senators and their true affiliations would be mighty powerful to the normies.

Ron Wyden (D-OR)

I will. These are not just Jews. Everyone posted will have dual citizenship with Israel. So far these have all been U.S Senators.

By renouncing their jew citizenship jews are renouncing just that, a piece of paper. They will not stop jewisng in the name of israel or the tribe even if this passes.
It would be best to ask to bar them from serving in public or holding public office.

Jews will never stop jewing if they are still in your country.

Michael Bennet - U.S Senator (D-CO)

Very true but at least this will show people just how infiltrated our government is. Again these are only the known ones. This information is not required to be disclosed.

But muh tax returns….


David Cicilline -Chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee

Stephen Cohen - U.S. House (D-TN)

I wonder if the media will give this any attention. Probably not, or they'll spin it as "antisemitism" somehow.

Trump never even bothered to respond to that Antifa petition. He just completely ignored it, even though his MAGA hat supporters (civic nationalist retards) are the main victims of those communists. He just lets his people get the shit kicked out of them by commies and hasn't done anything to stop it. He has the authority to unleash the FBI on the commies, but instead condemns white people. What an ASSHOLE.

Susan Davis - U.S House (D-CA)

Ted Deutch - U.S. House (D-FL)

Eliot Engel - U.S. House(D-NY)

How in the fuck are you actually pushing a petition like this while the antifa-terrorism petition has exceeded the requirement and still gotten zero response?

Sander Levin - U.S. House (D-MI)

In hopes that Medusa week pick it up thus helping inform normies of how bad we're infiltrated. I don't think half the people here even know. Just trying to spark conversation tbqh fam


Media will pick it up….

Nita Lowey - U.S. HOUSE (D-NY)

Not much response atm. Will be back later to bump

As I recall isn't dual citizenship already illegal in the USA?

no, nearly every kike has one

a good tactic for mass-redpilling would be to spread this to groups and people who are worried about spics and immigrants without mentioning jews until later.

I have a question about Cohens and Cohns. Did they mix with anglos or who? There are a few distinct faces that they seem to have, and the only ones outside of britain or us or one part french jew family. Kahns, kanes, kagans, etc. don't seem to have the same.

my wording sucked anyhow.

Oh right it was just when immigrating you're required to give up citizenship






Signed and bumped.

Saved. Been looking for an image like that for a while.

It's been stuck at 65 forever. Anyone know how the counter works? It's there kikery afoot?

Also crossposted to voat. 200+ upvoats. Counter not moving….

These are the pedo kikes we should be diging into, instead we figure out shia labeouf is hiding in a wilderness cabin
In sweden 50 miles from civilization, all from the floor tiles in one picture .

It's hard to activate the collective autism but when you do it's amazing


It's sad but luckily true that they pay attention to these petitions as though they carry an obligatory sign of legitimacy rather than information from elsewhere.
Normalfags have to swallow the babby sized redpills before they can swallow the adult sized capsules.

Exactly. Without outright naming the Jew here they can observe the "coincidences" on their own and are less likely to be offended by their own findings.

It's extremely important that we reverse-engineer the redpill in a way where we remember what made us make those connections in the first place. There's a sweet spot that's found in between the bluepill and the redpill that causes that irreversible change. Remembering what made us go full 1488 is how we can achieve maximum results when redpilling people, especially if we focus on repetition and indisputable bite-sized facts.

I was just thinking about this the other day, have a bump. Remember to spread this on social media, use hashtags like

Up to 72 now.


Reminder that there will be a confirmation email, otherwise I don't think it will register.


85 now. At 150 it becomes publicly searchable and can start to really take off. This needs to happen by the end of today

If anyone has an account on gab/twitter please help me spread this. I don't have either.






Oy vey dis is a hollacost, whats the problem goy? Ah yah trying ta insinya ate that I have loyalty problems? We'll goy yah should already know that Israel and America are great allies. Stop this terrable anti semitic petition. While I'm at it let me tell yah why America first is racist ya doity goy bastid.

>hoping the (((media))) will out the kikes
whew. it's a noble goal, though. bumping in case it can influence normies

not only that, but there already exists an anti-israel sentiment among some of the libshits. this dual citizenship angle of attack holds off on the GTKRWN and instead just gives it a subtle push in a direction some are already headed

Last bump of the day. We need to be at 150 to be searchable. This place seems very off lately.

Btw there's a chimpout in progress at Georgia Tech if anyone can be bothered to make a thread. I'm going to sleep.

"And this petition is for keeping Russians from attacking our democracy from the inside."


maybe we should leave muh russia out of it this time, eh?

Get rid of dual citizenship and require everyone who becomes American to renounce their former citizenship. Better yet, deport everyone who wasnt originally American back to the 60s. You can do that, its legal.

(Muh Russia) I was suggesting a rebuttal to someone who claims anti-Semitism over the petition.

ah, sorry to misinterpret. are there any beaners with dual citizenship? ted cruz renounced his cucknada citizenship for the presidential run, so he's off the list. all it takes is for one non-kike to support the claim

alternatively, if the list is populated 100% by kikes, it just reinforces the importance of gassing those fucking rats

Election is over, please fuck off

Bump because it looks like Tel Aviv evening shift has just started on the other threads

Is that all? Im surprised there isn't more republicans.

No. The information doesn't have to be disclosed so it's impossible to know how many there are. We haven't even discussed the judges.

really coerces mental activity

I'm sure there are many republicans as well

Excellent work anyways. Looking forward to the full one.

Aliyah doesn't automatically grant a Jew dual citizenship; it grants the diaspora Jews the automatic right of Israeli residency and citizenship. As an MNbro I looked into this a lot when Al Kikenstein moved here from Jew York to steal one of our seats.

He's a kike for sure. Unfortunately I can't find a single shred of evidence that he has committed Aliyah, has a residency in Israel, and is in fact a citizen of both USA and Israel.

I don't think any are. There are jews who could possibly obtain Israeli citizenship based on one of their grandparents being jewish. But many other countries have the same thing, e.g. an Italian American with an Italian grandparent can obtain Italian citizenship.

baby steps man

We wont get a race war over night. We have to constantly make progress towards our goals.

If this were enacted then we could start overtly calling out the Jews when they put Israel first. Eventually the goal would be something like a ban on Jews serving in the government or media. Then finally we deport them all to safe old kikeland where we drop the nukes.


Come on faggits. Spread this one. This would seriously disrupt Israeli Jews from occupying positions of power in the government.

Can you imagine the kvetching this would cause. Hell, even just talking about it names the jew. Voters might think twice before casting a vote for someone with allegiance to another country, especially Israel.

Bump. We searchable now. He'll spread the word.

nice. hopefully it'll gain traction now

Checked. Help spread as much as possible.

YES and be very unspecific!
It's just to promote patriotism Jews, its not anti-Semitic.

It's obviously to keep the Russians from sneaking in and attacking our democracy.

Seriously though, how is this not required to at least be disclosed in a campaign?

Bump for help


What's happening with this one?

top kek u wot?

He looks like a jew

So run for office yourself, as a Democrat, and after being elected, make law like a Republican.

That's basically what the libshits did when they pushed neocons into the Republican party.

Only 99,000 to go.


It's not about reaching 100k. It's about letting people know how infiltrated our government is.

There is fuckery afoot. A similar petition made it's rounds on half/pol/ on Sept 1, 2017.

also, bump for justice