What happened to 4chan's Holla Forums?

What happened to 4chan's Holla Forums?
It's now filled with commie shills, libtards and nigs.
Ever since Cville, it's been a shitshow.

The same fate that awaits you: infiltration from a thousand outside forces. They used to spam gore back in the day and all the normies would flee instantly, they stopped doing that. They got a lot of attention from the public and the media, and that brought in every single god damn normie.

You're not going to survive either if you don't develop a defense mechanism, what if 8ch goes mainstream some day? 4/pol/ still works but it's nowhere near as good as it used to be.


Nigger it went to shit 3 years ago almost to the day.

It's been shit for a while now.

It is run by leftists. How long did it get you to realize?


Nothing better than signing up 1999.
IF, I will sign back up.

Whatcha sliding, Shlomo?

/int/ kiddies ruined it

Nigger, it's been much longer than that. But yes, after cville they quadrupled down killing every controlled opposition right-wing board because they lost control over their userbases and send 10 times the shills to the rest they couldn't delete. It's useless though, once redpilled, forever redpilled.

Anyone who has not been through the military has no say here.

You have a lot of big talk for the Reich and most of you have not served.

I think you mean cuckchan & it's been cucked for years.

Fuck off ricenigger.

Nothing makes me more excited than another Korean War. Especially if it goes nuclear.

People/Shills like this are shitting up the board quality here and there, making proper discussion very difficult.
Most people blame it on newfags but I suspect that the majority of the problem is shills.
What's happening to us now almost mirrors the cycle of civilizations - that's the great thing about the internet, it allows us to evolve on highly accelerated timescales. I'm not sure how the problem will resolve itself but it will, and instead of taking hundreds of years or millennia, it looks like it will happen in just a few years.

Seems your definite of people is one individual. Mister (1) and likely done.

You can't stop autism. The best way to deal with it is to have a general board-wide consensus to just ignore them. As tempting as it is to devolve into shitposting, internet attention is how they get their tinglies.

You can blame it on newfags all you like. America will stand long after North Korea sanctions itself out of western whiskey.

Be honest OP. It's been a shit show long before cville.

When we play the same song, there is something Axis happening.

Even with something like that in place (and assuming we could get it to work) the shills would then just start coming in pairs or triplets in order to argue against themselves.
This problem - the problem of shilling open discussion platforms - is going to require a more permanent solution if we are to truly move forward. At least that's the only way I can see it resolving.

Considering that I am home now.

Filtering ID+ filters replies, too, but you're right. We need a more permanent solution. A final one.


This man ran his hand through my hair when I was five years old.

He was amazed by that blonde hair.

We were all in Hawaii at the time. We are still pen pals.

It has happened in the past. It takes severe autism and homogenous board population of NEETs. /a/ and /jp/ were able to do this very well up until around 2013 when the mods fully cucked them. For years /a/ would spam any thread it didn't like off the board with autistic complusion. They did it with dubs, copypasta and OC. During this era, I would spam Mein Kampf with great effect. The shit thread would derail as /a/nons started to discuss and agree with what was posted. /jp/ was slightly different in that shit threads were derailed with esoteric shitposting that only someone who has spent years browsing /jp/ would ever understand. These methods need to be revived.


He never troubled me with the Jewish Question.


That's a simple one: learn from the mistakes of the copyright kikes. Rather than target random individuals, target businesses.
Shilling is a business. Businesses need to have a public presence to function. They can't exist without leaving paper trails. They're big targets that can be hit with big attacks. They can be tracked down, intimidated, pressured, attacked, and eventually eliminated. With the queen gone, the rest of the ants will die out quickly.



There will not be much more of a time in my except when I went to Japan and he came at me even though my hair had changed.


When you come home and fight for your country. You are samurai as Zynkyoku terms it.

These are meant as examples of what to do.
These are meant as agreement to those above.

You think it's any better here? We're not a whole lot different than they are.

Why are you >this yourself?

Just stay vigilant and keep fighting back, don't let them dominate the conversation I guess.

Don't tell me you need this to be a part of your nation. Must not be one that should be this side of the board.

I think there is one thing that is better here.
Eternal September 100p predictable.
They capitulated. I have not.

It wasn't meant as self (1).
It was meant as reference example.
Look at the context.

I tried to make a legitimate post there yesterday, and it didn't last 10 minutes before they archived it, because it didn't fit their agenda. They are clearly more cucked and co-opted than many realize.

I will add that cartoons generally don't work.
But in , it should capture what happens here well enough.


it's not like Holla Forums pol is much better, it's still pestered with pro-trump shills and their 4d chess narrative

So what can we do on 4/pol/ to turn it our way?

I'm a native to 4/pol/, here on one month exile for violating global rule on e on cuc/k/

Things began getting REALLY bad during the election, lot of Reddit crossover, civic nationalist fags and cunts who just came for memes and it was rapidly devolving into Holla Forums. They created a new board, /bant/ in an attempt to solve the issue but it had little to no effect.
As of now, it appears theres a new and ongoing raid by reddit, by that I mean they don't come in preaching about civic nationalism and based negroes, but they only come in to argue against white nationalism, you know "White Nationalism (or even ethno nationalism) is just wrong and only idiots adhere to it"

In sum, the board has gone to the shitter, only worthwhile threads are self improvement generals, syria general and threads specific to a country's politics. An 8/pol/ raid to cleanse the faggotry would be great, I'd certainly welcome it if you cunts ever want to have a go at it

funny enough, the April fools board combo of /mlp/ and Holla Forums actually purged a lot of the reddit tier elements for a few days

I'll skip all the insults and just ask, why do you still remain there?

Nigger please. Lurk moar.

The recent narrative repetitions are similar to kikes forgetting their lessons. The cost of this is apparent transient shill fatigue, and questions such as this. Because it appears that 'nothing has worked'; even though such a conclusion is in short-sighted error. It was never about being able to change the nature of the Asian (inc kazakh) and Afro descents. After all that we have witnessed again and again, it should be clear that language-genetic-memory-religious sets are fighting it out; They are inseparable, and all implications otherwise (ie that there is something to win in short-term isolation) are simply not existence.

We have apparent areas in need of development, so as to bring to bear likewise against other memetics as effectively. These memetics are ex: china, aids, hiv, tech, daca, niggerdom, laraza, etc. We have, and will continue. These, under revision and showing the failures of them, can be launched directly at m00t. Because these are m00t. halfpol is best modeled as zuckerkike: m00t - the avatar.

If this is normal, it is abnormal to be affected/demotivated by it.

Isn't this something, as they show up on the exodus anniversary.

You have to go back.

>>>/4pol/ 4(you)

Holla Forums was too shakey in the legs to come here first.
I smell it. Like creatures that need to die.

Stayin on half Holla Forums after Moot nuked it.

Things got bad years ago before the election. Only those underaged or retarded stayed on half/pol/ once Moot nuked the board and that jap data miner took over.

Many remember when Holla Forums decided to exodus. Don't think you were anywhere first.

You had your options long before Holla Forums going yid.

There was a post recently in the "DR. CAROL BAKER: GET RID OF ALL THE WHITES" thread that went something along similar lines:

Those that have self-deballed themselves, or were never contenders to begin with, or are genetic refuse already re-sorted out and left to slowly self-terminate over thousands of years, are the enemy. They will try to parasite. Show that their attempts at redemption were never honest, were closed from the very beginning, and they still are now what they were from the beginning. And as such that original sin that they were cast out for still remains.

I am not going over this again. You faggots weren't suited up for what was obviously happening amongst every other board.

Not you, but us few that were here first. Saw the state of fashionable boards becoming full WEIMAR long before you moved.

Hardly any of you are Legion of Doom material. Possibly a few baneposters.

why do I still stay there?
good for news tbh, they usually get right on something the moment it happens

I know

Its pretty lawless atm tbh, mods rarely enforce the board rules unless its for something as blatant as porn now a days

One flick of the pinky can give you some room to talk about leddit spacing. But, I'm really exhausted with most of you faggots. I was thinking about playing but no. Just get better.

Take your shoes off, remember this is not your house.

take my shoes off? I aint no goddamn gook

You're my ricenigger.

Cancer of Gamergate PR turned it into shit


you wish

Don't forget it unless you want kamikaze action here. This isn't your queers anniversary. Don't you play with Holla Forums or Holla Forums.

I promise.

I'll fuck you around six ways to Sunday, especially if you don't keep your faggot offshoots out of Holla Forums.

More retards mean more redpill material, get to work turning the faggots into decent people.

Get on top of the commies before I come for your board.


If you wish you to be the blitz you're going to have to do more than echo those that have come before you.

4cucks Holla Forums board is getting destroyed like Holla Forums got destroyed.

I'll be back.

The OP is missing any discussion point on what to do (and if) so this thread will probably not amount to much, now here is one suggestion on what to do.
Suggested /pdfs/ (and /zundel/) to a friend but felt the need to write a A4 disclaimer because of the Holla Forums friendly board part. Made me realise what a ladder it can be for someone new.
Post more information on death of a community/hobby, astroturfing, etc. Then It doesnt matter what new low 4chan sinks to as people see it for what it is (shitposting). The five Ws are worth taking into account, it is not productive to just teach people a new word (like shill) because it will only be abused as a defence mechanism.

What I have been doing recently is to better organize what I have saved from this place. That include everything from finding the original sources of quotes (sometimes) vaguely mentioned, convert files to png so normalfags don't auto distribute fragmented shit, sort good posts explaining the board ("welcome to Holla Forums"/101), etc. Given the right context one should not have to write a disclaimer, because the individual can see it for themselves. Also useful against any "go back to" posters.

Certainly not my Fuhrer. Almost certainly wasn't serving either. Keep posting webms all day anyway.

The next fuhrer isn't coming out of anything but war and art again.

It's been unusable for years. If you couldn't see that, you need to go back. In fact, go back anyway.

At times the board is just shills debating each other; seems worthless to jump in, since you suspect they are not debating in good faith. But that's bad for lurkers and newbies (you were one at one point), who will think the shill opinions are the actual consensus.