Infiltrating IRC Mods

RatFink and Kirkland_Signature are infiltrating #Holla Forums with liberalism and tolerance towards Holla Forums members. It is time to get competent mods.
If you're offended by this contact your local 8DL today.
-T. King of the Lavish Aryan Rich Pimps association

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Unmod faggot mods today!


IRC is namefag cancer.

And this is why they want to put logins on everything. Not for anything but control, after all if they can target you they can lynch the shit out of you for being non-kosher with your opinions!

Seriously when has namefagging ever been good? Oh right never!

Kirkland_Signature and RatFink want minimal anonymity and nudes from everyone, vote yes to get rid of them!
-T. King Kracker of the Lavish Aryan Republic of Pimps

RIP the Assembly of Cedra Clones

RIP Kirkland_Signature

so how long before kirk's dick pics circulate?

Ban all kike mods; SpicFink, (((Kikeland_Signature))) (who has a circumcised penis), RTFT, JEWS, tard.
We need IRC to be free of censoring kikes.


He already posted them:

Is JEWS the same fun-hating autist from /cow/?



Sure is. He's even more fun-hating on IRC, modding exclusively fun-hating people and jews, including kristina, who has been confirmed to be a literal kike, with genetic proof and pictures.

somethings on the Internet truly are absolute.

atlantic is kind of an idiot

if he were smart he'd realize that although ratfink has been a raging dickhead and is too old for the job, he's yet shown himself to be reasonable enough to recognize that kirkland signature is an actual mental retard with actual diagnosable problems that make him completely useless in life, let alone as a person with responsibility in IRC.

ratfink also realizes that tard is a malicious, backstabbing homosexual, and a completely shitty person who shouldn't have authority over a fucking fishtank.

this puts him in line with jesus and stonecold, who have never really wronged anyone that badly and are typically pretty levelheaded. ratfink is also constantly correcting the bullshit that kirkland signature does to disrupt and ruin #Holla Forums.

He did backstab [k00l] when he regained his powers in #Holla Forums. A few days before that he was sharing logs with us and sucking our dicks, and after he got his belowed (((power))) he just started kicking us and being a mad fuck.

Jesus is a black pill accelerationist kike. Plus he got so assmad at /jp/ hating faggots, trannies, and pretty much everyone that isn't a straight white or jap that he purged a bunch of threads and mass banned users. /jp/ has a literal nigger board owner now who is still doing a better job than a kike if drugs who shits the bed constantly.

Oh and it was Jesus and Hip2besquare who convinced Pantsuwotaberu to ban all right wing , anti-feminist, or pro-white posts.

The KKK officially endorses removing SpicFink and Kikeland_Usury from the premises.

who, ratfink? i don't know. i'm not up on these sorts of dramas. i'm not saying he's a golden boy, not by any stretch.

jesus doesn't see any future besides extermination of whites or extermination of jews, which is obviously too black and white to actually be reasonable or likely. i've tried to guide him into a perspective where it's possible to succeed by a more optimistic mentality.

and, as far as his flaws go, who the hell do you think you're going to find here? i'd be honestly surprised if less than 99% of us have serious mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of some sort or another. you'll be waiting a long time looking for a person to moderate IRC who is such a good person that he has a dozen better things to be doing but moderates IRC instead.

this is not a place perfect people go.

this is all hear-say to me and one side of the story isn't here to speak their own side.

my point is that you're not going to get much done if you're attempting some kind of new millenium of IRC. deal with the most egregious problems first. which i see as kirkland signature, because he's literally a mod who constantly spams, kicks at random, and generally just pounds on his keyboard like a chimp because he has developmental impediments and as he gets older he realizes that nobody has any fucking reason to talk to him or even look at him, and this is literally very scary for him because he has no idea what to do about it.

I was talking about tard.

well tard is possibly the shittiest human being i've met on IRC. which is saying something. if you've been around for a while you might notice that i've given him every opportunity to attempt to act like a human being, and every time he's taken it and used it as a way to be even more of a scumbag.

RatFink cocksucker GTFO

He is a jew, his entire deal is lying and bullshitting to gain trust so he can subvert and destroy.

you can get oppositional and sling shit all you want. i have no love for [kool] and you'll get your fill if i were to participate, i'm sure.

but get your priorities straight, at least if they're in line with my own priorities, which is the smooth, unhindered functionality of #Holla Forums irc. the first impediment to which is kirkland signature, by virtue of his actual mental retardation inspired bullshit where he attacks people at random or for making him feel unwanted and unappreciated. which is hard, because that's exactly what he is.

the second impediment to the smooth functioning of IRC is tard. tard is vindictive, treasonous, and operates on a blind, inchoate hatred of anything that's decent. this is characteristic of homosexuals who find all of nature seems to be against them from the very start. the consequences are that people are selected for suppression in #Holla Forums IRC when they don't contribute to his twisted vision of the world where he can 'be accepted for who he is.'.

third, yes, i would put ratfink third on the list, because despite him having acted as an effect 'bad cop' before and improved the productivity of the channel, a bad cop is still a bad cop and if we really want to get this place squared away, his kind won't be necessary. but out of the three, you are mistaken if you think that ratfink isn't the lesser evil. and i suspect it's because of the exact kind of personal vendetta that is the cause and symptom of corrupt leadership in internet relay chat communities.

Rabbi Ratfink (given its an ironic sockpuppet style title) doesnt strike me as the kind of person who would be going soft on lefty/pol/.

All that shows is that you insulted his father by comparing him to a communist kike.

if that's the case then he's really good, and while that is a matter of concern for which i would definitely look into at a later date, i don't feel that this is a subject relevant to the present preceedings. if we try to accomplish everything at once, we'll accomplish nothing at all.

let us restrict our focus to addressing the most basic, urgent, and mechanical obstructions to a healthy IRC channel; and from there we will have a wider and more useful platform from which we can further act to improve the quality and sanctity of our internet community.

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hkm is a bitch lol

what is actually wrong with you


Ignore me, I'm only here to fill your mama's water dish.


I wonder what ratfink and Holla Forums have in common, why would they be working together. What could it possibly be?

IRCfaggotry always ruins everything.

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I stopped using rizon after the ircops leaked my IP to some random shitposters, and so should you.

then why don't i?

ratfink tends to just tempban people baiting shit

tard sometimes takes things too seriously, probably missed him being a douche

stonecold doesnt actually know who stone cold is

kirkland is a faggot, idk why he's still around

copypaste is a bot

jesus spams and shills his meme flac stream

owo is a shitlord devils advocate

i forget the other ops

irc -can- be safer than any other chat. Probably why you never see references them

nice job using a trash server m8

Looks like a thread specifically to try to get our mods removed despite being able to report shit threads and get results fairly quickly. Did you kikes learn anything when they told you to leave 8ch alone? just because you have Holla Forums doesn't make you strong, it just means you're leaving a transfag gender stain where nobody is going to look.

OP's request is to remove mods on Rizon's #Holla Forums channel

lol newfag


Why the fuck are all of you fags still niggnogging about this shit?

keep the performance reviews coming, i'm appreciating all this feedback and taking a lot of very useful notes!


and that's the bottom line cuz the rock is cookin XD


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bean_curd > whiny babies rekt by mods