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That's just common sense but in 2017 it's radical and "controversial"


Why is stating the obvious so controversial? Why are three-letter agencies monitoring the chans when they could instead be rounding up these fuckers and digging ditches for them? Is everybody gone insane?

I wish Trump would give them a weapons deal, but I know he isn't going to.

Still, if God is with them, who can be against them?

Israel, and all of its slaves.

When I say 'stand', I mean stand as in 'Who can withstand them?".

Short answer yes.

Long answer this is the result of removing natural selection. Basically humanity won too hard and now instead of our failures slowly being weeded out they're the poster child of success.

Ever watch that movie idiocracy? We're going to that unless the world magically accepts eugenics. It's just that simple the stupid ones are outbreeding the smart ones and will continue until major actions are taken. Or total collapse of civilization as we know it whichever comes first.


Pooland should leave the EUSSR already.
It seems to me that they will continue to cry and moan but nevertheless allow Brussels to assrape them anyways

They get far too much gibs to compensate fir their shit economy to leave.

The (((EU))) is supposed to be a voluntary club but in reality you can't leave without incurring a massive cost.

Read the fucking Bible and lurk till eternity you stupid fuck. God is not with them you faggot. Satan is with them, with God's permission. For now.

Wow gee willickers person who has never opened a Bible in their life. Maybe God, and his church themselves? But that doesn't happen till revelation.

Also nice job Poland.

Congratulations on not reading anything I said.

If God is with them, he and the church are clearly not against them.

Also, reported for shitty bait.

They could start growing it themselves if they leave. First step is getting away feom the euro/EU

Gas yourself.

Of course, this is the issue with nationalism on a board with as many different nationals as Holla Forums has. But some of Poland's best farm land and biggest tourist cities, Germany has a very valid claim on. If Germany were how I want it Poland wouldn't have a port city and loose its schlesien farm lands. But then again immigrants and Jews wouldn't be an issue either.

I wonder how many people have actually done this. There's probably a very small percentage of the population that has read and understood that book (collection of books) cover to cover. You'd think if people claim it's the word of God and that they believe in it, they'd fucking read it.

Too hard too boring too long I WANT CAT VIDEOSRAGHAHGHA. Come on man you're demanding effort of a population rewarded for laziness and being stupid. Why read it when you can have your local bullshitter/priest do it for you?

Vae victis, Hans. Under current treaties, German Basic Law and international conventions, German borders are set in stone for perpetuity. Any change to those would trigger another war to cut Germany to size again.

Live with what you have and sort out your Turks first.

I have read (cannot very factualism) that the third Reich was never legally abolished and is still the legal state with all its pre WWII land but under occupation. Obviously if this even were true it would be irrelevant because no one would recognise the state and claim that the current pupper BDR is valid. I just want Prussia back though, that land is essential to the Prussian (and thus German) identity and culture, which has been erased and replaced with post war American-European "culture".

This is technically true. The NSDAP is the only actual legal party in Germany at the moment. They never surrendered and the current government is occupational. There's a reason our """allies""" are inundated with military facilities.

friendly reminder Hitler hated junckers and vice versa

I have doubt, every successful one looked like Mossad/Stay Behind psy op false flag. But I'm sure that kike fucker have no doubt.

Just because he hated the man doesn't mean his actions, which were to expand the German Reich into formerly Prussian Lands, were at odds with his ideals. He probably just acted like a fag around Hitler.

The current government likes to pay lip service to more nationalistic and conservative part of the electorate but there are kike lovers nonetheless and they do not care about Poland.

You have to pass sixth grade English before you can post here, you mongol.

You sound like the UN. Fuck off faggot.

Junkers the landed nobility
Junckers the EU politician

Make me, żydku

You'll float too.

Sadly, in 1945 there was no civilian government that could legally surrender, German Heer surrendered to the Allies and without civilian authority to legalize it, fait accompli takes precedence.
Third Reich ceased to exist through virtue of it being made physically extinct - no civilian body representing it was allowed to remain and a new state was put on its ground by occupying powers.
Basic Law links itself to the constitution from before 1933, carrying legacy of the German nationhood, but without the Third Reich being acknowledged.

With an entity that is physically destroyed, no legal terms can apply to it as there is no person on behalf of the destroyed entity that can execute it's will.

Mrš, poljski židove.

Fuck off, jew.

Hence the 1 or 2 trillion reparation demand. It's a preemptive strike.


Because you can't join one unless you're a pedo.


It's gone, AFAIK (burger). The Prussian dialects are extinct and the Prussians themselves were expelled or worse, and have since probably assimilated with the other Germans. Also, a disturbing percentage of Germans 'have some Russian ancestry'.

That being said, I'd like it if Germany got their land back and colonized it with Germans. They'd make better use of it than $2/hr, track pants Poland.


If Germany decides to retake their land there's not really anything Poland can do to stop it, and not really anything the global community can do to stop it either since the EU has nuclear weapons and Germany runs the EU.

Not seeing your reasoning there. But you're right that Poland wouldn't be able to stop it because they are weaker than Germany and nobody else has a valid reason to care.

How can Germany retake anything when they have no men :^)

everyone shops at WalMart and eats at McDonalds in the morning. This is the age of corporations and their shareholders profit.

Keep in mind everyone needs toilet paper to wipe their ass. Wall street profits have never been higher teaching these shit skins how to wipe their asses. Haven't you been paying attention????

last quote is old as fuck. Still, loved to see that from my PM.

Anyway, our country first, your others may come somewhen later. So, yeah.
And to the prusfags:
Stop being such faggots about muh lost land. This was our territory before you took it from us and it is ours today again, also if you want to complain, complain to the Russians and Americans, we were even more fucked into the ass by both Russia and Germany.

Germany is in fact, not a country. It hasn't been since WWII.



Based response from based Brussels: niggerfication must continue at any cost.

At this point, any who dispute Poland land should be considered traitors. At least Poland is doing its part in defending Europe from shitskins.

kill your turks, and move the fuck on kraut faggot.

At the rate of how shit the EU is going Poland will do that land more justice than a germany filled with 50%+ migrant babies in the next decades if germany doesnt get their shit together first, you UN level faggot.

Let Polacks cuck the EU out of money

pretty much this
This bantz isn't to bury Germany but rather to get its shit together.
No one in Poland enjoys seeing beautiful Erica's in Germany being even goggled by shitskins.
Please come back Germany you scare us more than ever.


Just declare the next crusade and burn down every single mosque and synagogue like ye olde days

Deus Vult

What the fuck are you talking about? The Junckers were the ruling Prussian nobility. It wasn't a single guy.

Also, in the original Anti-Comintern pact proposed to Poland (which was Hitler's very first choice for an ally which he tried hard years upon years to win over), Hitler just wanted Danzig and the freedom to build a highway to the sea. No other "expansion into formerly Prussian Lands" was mentioned. Everything after that was plan B. Why people associate the whole "fighting for Prussian land" thing with national socialism or Hitler I really don't know. Hitler was the single most pro-Polish head of state in his time.

I must shitpost.

KYS kike worshipper.

Reported. Enjoy your ban.

Just to give you nationalist Polish perspective, that can easily be seen as a slope to further German land grabs in the long term. Poles are paranoid enough to not allow such a long term risk when they know they could just build it on their own. This paranoia nature of the pole simultaneously immunizes them from kikes as well. They cannot see a good offer in their face for their lives but also refuse every bad one.

Masses still think EU is salvageable

Those gibs that go to western companies in Poland, yes?
Let go of Prussia already, it's caused more trouble to both of our nations that it's worth. If not for it we could've been friends
Get your shit together first

It's not called paranoid when you're right

Poland resisting the immigration of Arabs is as inspiring as it would be if Mexico resisted Arab immigration. Poland sends its immigrants all over the EU to take work at low wages thereby fucking over the working class in those countries, while simultaneously sucking off the teat of the EUs gibsmedat state handouts more than anyone else. They are leeches through and through. Poland will get my respect when they earn it through becoming a self sufficient nation that lifts themselves up, rather than parasiting off others. Maybe they picked up their behavior pattern after being hosts to 75% of the Jewish world population when they sheltered them from the wrath of the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages. Or maybe they sheltered them to begin with because parasites appreciate parasites. Truly, what a people, what a nation.

Thanks for fucking up our economy in the first place :^)
I think you mean western corporations in Poland and money spent on meme projects
Those are the disadvantages of being libertarians

If your economy is fucked get out of the EU and start building it up through your own efforts. There's no excuse to take handouts which are designed to make your nation dependent on the EU and its Jewish masters, which is a largely successful effort so far. You guys are getting deeper and deeper into welfare territory, and once enough of your people are heavily reliant on these handouts, it will be used as leverage to (((democratically))) force all the policies the EU wants on you. There is no excuse for this, stop taking gibs if you care about the long term health of your country.

Btw, I know welfare is bad. Communism niggerised us to an extent and while we aren't as bad as Ukrainians (and Russians? Idk), we still have people way, way too submissive for their own good. It's just that young people (who DO like nationalism, capitalism and other right-wing shit) are less numerous than geezers or flee to West where there's some wealth already.

you seem unaware of how power transferred when Solidarnosc had their "peaceful revolution"

Fun fact: it didn't, it was all a scam to sell out our whole production capacity to germans and russians, who in turn either sold it for parts or let it go to waste. We are not in a Weimar situation where just making people believe would fix everything. And it won't fix itself overnight just by wanting it to.

Poland, as a whole, is walking on a tightrope that was put there by commies and criminals and it has no other alternative than to walk.

And it's walking.

Complaining about Polish immigration in the EU is like complaining about all the Polish dreamers in Amerca.

You have no idea what niggerised means, shill. Do your homework. Chicago had 762 murders in 2016 out of a population of only 2.7 million. Poland has a population of 38.5 million but only 283 murders in 2014.

And you're going to regain your lost production capacities by staying in the EU and having a great number of your people become dependent on open borders and EU gibs? Leave and take the difficulties that come with it. Poland is actually in a better position to politically make such a move happen than many other countries, but it is not using this to move over to becoming a self sufficient state, instead it is simply protecting itself from Arabian immigration (temporarily) while the Jews dig their hooks deeper and deeper into the control of the economy of Poland. Complete political control is inevitable if you have economic control of a nation, this is how the Jews create, maintain, and solidify their hold over entire nation states.

Realize that the immigration out of your nation is also not helping you, it is hurting you as much as it is hurting the countries your workers are immigrating to. They are barely above Mexican illegals in the United States with how they operate and how they're viewed, and for good reason. How are you going to get yourselves into a strong position if every time someone wants to make money, they leave your country? The EU has already put you into a position where leaving would cost those people their employment, so they will oppose exiting. And of course then you add in all the older people on straight up welfare. Eventually you will find yourself in no better a position than any other European country because you weren't willing to take the risks and hardship that come with separating from the EU, because they have made you dependent on them.

I don't want Polish immigrants in my country any more than Poles want American immigrants into theirs. White nations need to be self sufficient and build themselves up, not migrate hither and thither every time there's an issue to be confronted or problems to be handled.

Because big government worked out so fucking fine for everyone they tried it, eh?

Fuckin gas yourself.

Big vs small government are first world problems. You are getting neighbors soon built to survive in jungle environments only.

White migration away from difficult circumstances is a negative behavior. It is what has lead in many ways to our current issues. You can even see this issue within nation states, as evidenced by California liberals destroying their state then, instead of confronting the results of their actions, fleeing somewhere else. Rather than facing the adversity down and finding solutions for our problems, we simply run away to an area we view as better. This is a temporary fix that does nothing to solve the actual problem, whilst simultaneously breaking down cultural identities that are crucial to preserving a peoples integrity and cohesiveness. It's impossible to build up families and communities that care about their city, state, and nation when they abandon them at the drop of a hat for what they perceive as superior circumstances somewhere else.

I no more desire a Polish person coming to my country and attempting to integrate here than they would appreciate my coming to their country and attempting to integrate with them. Have some respect, or even better, love for your own nation, rather than abandoning it because it will be hard to fight for it. We need to focus on our own homelands, and the people who share our language, culture and history, rather than following the Jewish pattern of migratory behavior and parasitism on hosts who are, for the moment, more bountiful and prosperous than the one we left behind. I choose blood and soil over abandonment and exploitation.

Eat shit, anglo. It's first and foremost YOUR country's fault that Europe is in ruins.

The FRG claims to be identical to the “Deutsches Reich”, not a successor but identical to it while temporary not in full control of it’s territory, there was never a state called “Third Reich”.

You better don‘t talk about things you have no clue. Of course does the FRG recognize the legitimacy of the administration of the “Third Reich”, not in political speeches but in juridical reality.

If it is destroyed who pays the gibs for you beggars?

OK, for the dumb blockheads from Poland and Greece. “Reparations” are nothing you can sue for, it is a nicer word for armed robbery. Nobody owns you anything by made up calculations. Reparations is what a victor takes by force of arms. Poland was never and is not in the position to take “reparations”. Got that?

Don't you worry Poles are not going to harm you. All that talk of reparations is just a political decoy to score some brownie points with the electorate and to divert attention from more pressing matters.

Ethno-nationalism is dividing the white nationalist movement and creates precedent for brother's wars that destroyed the european empires. Support your country, but never to the detriment of other white countries.

Pilsudski and Pilsudski loyalists were all for it. It's Beck and his cucked fucking cohorts that ruined it for the entirety of Poland by trying to appeal to the sensibilities of international politics at the time and wanting to impress Britain and France. Poland should have stayed fascist and Pilsudski should have actually found a heir for himself. Fuck democracy. For denying the Anti-Comintern pact, changing the course of history and causing the survival of the Soviet Union, Hitler's loss of the war and the death of millions of Poles and other slavs Beck is literally the greatest criminal, murderer and traitor in Polish history, maybe even one of the greatest in the history of the world.

Pilsudski wanted war with Germany as early as 1934 though. Tried to get France to agree to a "preventive war". In 1939 that's the same type of deal the Brits and French offered them.

Yeah, no.

Yeah, Pidulski wanted to invade the Third Reich while they were still weak and prevent them being strong enough to take Poland.

Only, much like now, the Frenchman and Englishman was too much of a bitch to do what needed to be done.


Couldn't Poland have done this on their own? German army at the time was just 100.000 men armed with light weaponry.

It would be a geopolitical suicide. Poland already had a strained relationship with League of Nations.




If the Polish genuinely believe they dindu nuffin and bear no responsibility for playing into the kikes plans to destroy Hitler, and getting the same reward anyone who trusts kikes get, they are even greater scum than I thought possible. On the other hand maybe you're not even Polish and are just stirring up more D&C. Here's hoping it's the latter.

Actually that is not true, the current status is only kept by the Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany, the moment this Treaty is no longer uphold by nations who signed it we are back to the situation before WW2, except that Germany would be undefeated and have the right to build nuclear weapons.
Germany constitution changing would be a big event, but wouldn't cause a war with other European nations.(We cant out rule the US wanting to keep their bases.)
International conventions are worthless, this leave only the Treats on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany and that will probably broken by a war between the USA and Russia before anything else.

The German Army during WW1 had a size of 11 million, those veterans and weapons don't vanish just because the war is over. In fact Germany was chock full of Veteran Organizations after WW1 that were angry that they were betrayed at the home front and had to give up land.
In fact a lot of those veterans organized in the so called Frei Korps and beat down any attempt by Commies and Socialist to grab what is left and Germany and build a independent Socialist Republic.
Poland in 1931 just had 31 million people, from which only 21 million people were of polish ethnicity the rest were Russians, Germans, Jews and other Slavic nationalities.
So for Poland to attack Germany before they get "stronger", they would have to fight a war with a country that has an army of veterans half the size of their entire population.

This is why even today the "poland strong" meme is nothing but a bad joke, because Germans and Russians outnumber them in a way that isn't funny anymore. Its like claiming that Belgium, Denmark or the Netherlands are strong.

The Poles have never taken land from Germany, because they lack the strength. They were given land by the UK/France after WW1 and by Soviet Russia after WW2.
For polish attempts to take from Germany, see the Warsaw Uprising how that usually goes.

Poland threads are always the most hard shilled threads.
They really, REALLY, REALFUCKINGLY don't want any good blood between Poland and Niemcy.

Yeah, you're probably a Jew, an anti-White, or a lemming so I'll just filter you just in case.

Just filter the obvious shills. I enjoy these opportunities because, like the air after a summer rain, Holla Forums's atmosphere is cleansed after a good filtering of the shills. Many change IPs but most do not as there is no need to do so. Once you filter the obvious shills, conversations drastically improve.


This. That goes double for you Perfidious Albion

To quote a german thinker
The fault of war lies not within the agressor, but the victim, for allowing itself to become a target for aggression.
If you don't close doors and windows at night, don't act surprised your kidneys and electronics are missing in the morning.
if you are a fucking retard with open borders, I will abuse it if only to teach you a lesson, while loudly opposing people coming unchecked to my place.

Soviet Union is on the other side of the border (^:
Japan wasn't pushed into round 2 of kicking Russia's shit in so not possible.

The allies allowed soviet occupation while the USSR butchered the borders. The Polish and German inhabitants were all mass deported to the far east to destroy the cultures.

Unless we take over Catholic Church, it's not worth it

That's an odd thing to quote considering that sucking on the teat of the (((EU))) is not strength or aggression of any kind. Having your people become reliant on open borders policies is also not powerful or strong, it's you allowing your people to become dependent on the EUs open borders system for economic advancement. Poland is already building up a fatal reliance on a governmental body that is run by kikes. Strength and aggression would be casting off those chains and forging your own path as an independent nation. If you don't do that you'll just be another toy for the Jews to play with, just like you've always been for most of your history.

But it is true retard.
Catholic Europe has the same holidays, same Latin alphabet and same Arabic numbers. They have the same Gothic/Renaissance architecture etc

yeah a lot of people are becoming Catholic in my high school because religion is an alternative subject to ethics (our professor is marxist and people don't like him) a they go to religon class and by senior year they are catcholic

Nice d&c you got there, Chaim.

burgers just don't fucking understand Europe at all


See, you've got a beauty right there, incomparable, and then you see her fucking name and it's goddamned consonant-soup.

Who the fuck can even into Polish?

I think that her last name would be pronounced like "Andre-chick".




[email protected] STROnK


The German Realm from the age of the NSDAP is gone, its a textbook case of debellatio

It never surrendered, the government officials are killed themselves, died fighting, fled, or went into hiding
Only some parts of the military pussied out and surrendered, most of it fought to the death or the destruction of their boat or plane or whatever and then killed themselves or just started walking home (not surrendering)

The Allies push the meme that "we finally got Germany to surrender" because it makes them look better to seemingly gain submission than to have to say "we were forced to completely destroy them because they were so fanatical that they never caved in"


Don't engage with Anti-German shilling by (((Poles))) or Anti-Polish shilling by (((Germans))). The amount of D&C garbage that the kikes spew while disguising themselves as Poles or Germans is truly astounding.

Kill yourself kike


Britfag being mad as always.
Wrong, there was a surge of poles leaving after communism collapsed and when they joined the EU, and 90% of the ones who emigrated are drunken cucks or traitors, the worst of poland, who were not interested in rebuilding Poland but get an easy life in the west. You shouldn't compare poles living in poland to those morons. Blaming poland itself won't get you anywhere, you britts need to get your own shit together and throw the poles out that are in your country.
If someone comes along and says "Hey, dude, want some free money?" would you say no? The EU throws money at poland and they take it to boost their economy. There is a difference between parasite and opportunist.
Taking free extra money doesn't equate to being non-self sufficient, user.

In fact i believe the only reason the EU gives Poland money, is to "bribe" them because they're an effective piece that stands between the EU and Russia.






I'm sick of the fucking bullshit D&C some faggots fall for. All being pushed by kikes. It's plain as day. Some thread gets going. Inevitably some (1) comes along and says something retarded like "poland sucks" or "germany sucks" or some derivation of that shit and the retarded idiots on here take the bait have a 'tism fit that fills up probably 100 posts.

It's all kikes playing the D&C game like they always do. "Hello there, fellow Aryan, isn't it great to be aryan and not a filthy Pol slav-shit retard??".

No more brother wars. Or if you insist on it, fucking do it after we gas the kikes and push back the 3rd world from the lands of our forefathers. Then you can indulge in your fucking autism and debate endlessly about who the greater untermensch is and are.

Great news if the higher leadership is willing to say that I doubt any way Religion of Cuck™ could get it in, stay strong Poland. I hope the Jew doesn't try the based African crucifix holders though, a lot of Poland is only against refugees because they are Muslim. I wonder how much of Poland is just pure isolationist or even racist, I hope a good percentage of the country is. They will be tested.

Without the Warsaw Pact, Warsaw and Prague would look like Paris, London, Berlin and Oslo…

Would only apply if Merkel doesn´t intend bring "democracy" to Poland.

If they were that coherent, they wouldn´t buy that it is the word of God to begin with. It isn't the word of kikes, they just ripped it off from others as they are uncreative.

Oh shut up you retarded american mongrel larper
If you actually lived in either country and talked to the nationalists there you would realize that they actually do hate each other more than they hate kikes, an unfortunate reality, but going HURRRRR EVERY1 IS A SHILLLLLL is just a pathetic womanly coping mechanism to not to look at the hard facts, you can't solve a problem if you pretend it doesn't exist.

Checked. Yeah, unfortunately, the Polish and the Germans have significant bad blood between them. Most of my fellow Americans simply don't understand that real nationalism in no way includes a union of white countries.

Respecting each other and focusing on making ourselves great while having a friendly competitive attitude towards other white nations is the best we can do. And even that may be too idealistic. I have often wondered if, once we destroy the kikes, we will start fighting each other again. We're all warlike peoples by nature, and many of our nations still have grudges against one another. The resurgence of nationalism could also lead to a resurgence in warfare. Pretty much the entirety of our history is kicking the shit out of each other.


It considers itself "identical" for purposes of carrying German nationhood and executing its needs, but without inheriting the backlog created by NSDAP and the leftover Prussianism. "New" Germany was a blank slate applied over the territory of the former Reich to fill the vacuum. Nothing that the pre 1945 Germany claimed, be it legally or politically holds water as it is simply not acknowledged to exist anymore. I think stating that debellatio occurred is the most appropriate understanding of it.


To give full credit, Poland still has its own currency.

All i've heard about why poland refused all diplomatic offers from Hitler is because "it'd threaten their sovereignty" after Hitler annexed Czech lands.


fuck , sorry

With english subs , second half of video without audio