Trump tells Jewish leaders he plans to go after anti-Semitism

Seeing as we have failed to do anything about the constant flood of isreali hasbara kikes who flood these boards still to this day.
How about a clear cut case of jews shilling for ZOG while pretending to be "fashy goys" getting the aut-right to promote the jewish puppet Trump?

Trump tells Jewish leaders he plans to go after anti-Semitism

President Trump on Friday told Jewish leaders during the traditional phone call before the start of the High Holy Days next week that he would crack down on rising anti-Semitism across the US.

With his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner also on the line, Trump said the tradition of Judaism “strengthens our nation and inspires us all,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

Trump said he was aware that Holocaust survivors were also on the call, and emphasized how important it was to learn their history.

“We forcefully condemn those who seek to promote anti-Semitism,” Trump said. “I will make sure we protect Jewish communities, and all communities, to make sure they are safe.”

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I only care how be handles esoteric immigration.

If you're gonna shill your articles here Bob, at least use an archive link

oh look another imcucky shill thread

Wasn't it Imkampfy who banned anyone from daring criticise the ZOG Emperor?
And anyone encouraging anons to read good books
and indeed anyone exposing all the jewish subversion of our movements etc



With his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner also on the line, Trump said the tradition of Judaism “strengthens our nation and inspires us all,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

With his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner also on the line, Trump said the tradition of Judaism “strengthens our nation and inspires us all,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

With his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner also on the line, Trump said the tradition of Judaism “strengthens our nation and inspires us all,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

With his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner also on the line, Trump said the tradition of Judaism “strengthens our nation and inspires us all,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

With his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner also on the line, Trump said the tradition of Judaism “strengthens our nation and inspires us all,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

With his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner also on the line, Trump said the tradition of Judaism “strengthens our nation and inspires us all,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

Time to (((shut it down) )))

Should be fun.

Quite a claim to make when it was TRS that started bitching about muh book threads. Enoch pls go.

They got put into camps. What is there to learn, it was war and they were behind enemy lines and none of their men wanted to fight to defend them so they got locked up, that’s it. They should have been executed on the spot but the foolish compassion of their big hearted captors let them live.

All his older children married Jews, WAKE THE FUCK UP!


(((You))) kikes swarming these boards from your offices in Tel Aviv, TRS and DS and the entire aut-kike were shilling for the ZOG Emperor and every kosher nationalist fraud in existence still to this day.

You kike fucks should know how Trump works by now. Careful what you demand, because he'll give it to you.

>Trusting the (((New York Post))) which is owned by the kikes at (((News Corp))) who also own (((Fox News)))
Now I can't tell you whether Trump is truly zogged or not, but I'm disappointed that you guys would trust this tabloid's unnamed sources

You know who doesn't play 1488D Chess?

After signing the anti-WN resolution, you don't have any solid ground to stand on when doubting it.



Not very bright, are you?

Don't just turn right around and use my argument, you intellectually dishonest little faggot. You started bitching about
but I'm trying to tell you why the threads get fucking deleted in the first place, and it's because we have an entire fucking board dedicated to Holla Forums books and literature that you absolutely refuse to use when it desperately needs traffic. The only fucking thing in my post was shit-talking TRS, and you want to use your very next reply that to insinuate that it's actually I who am from TRS and I'm somehow shilling for the Alt-Right because I want you to use >>>/pdfs/

His grandchildren are all yids, and for some reason idiots think he isn't our enemy.

You mean us? Because he has been friends with jews including Jeffrey Epstein for his entire life. They're his fucking family ffs.

Endchan is run by shitskins kikes trannies and goons. Stay away from that honeypot

Kek imkampfy is assblasted today


1) Source?
2) Who even mentioned endchan in the first place?

Your argument was that because I am against kikes hijacking Holla Forums pushing and promoting neocon jews in every office throughout the world, that I must be TRS goyim.

I pointed out that you kikes have been shilling the same thing, while pretending you are opposed to them
DS, alt-right, TRS and this board was forced to cheer on ZOG because of jewish influence and astroturfing of our boards.

You reply with
Just like all the other kikes that shill here for ZOG
That wasn't a argument, you had none, only a desire to continue to shill for ZOG and pretend that Trump is ourguy.

Getting awfully defensive there, moishe.
It's implied whenever MUH BOOKS starts getting thrown around. They are the kikes that continue to push this shit even when they know we have >>>/pdfs/

So you are just throwing random accusations without proof or reason. Top fucking kek you are assblasted.

If he does it's war. I will not give up the ground we took without a fight

TRS are people who blindly support both trump and democracy

This is even better then the day Trump prostrated himself to the kike wall

Kek, I still remember his tism' tantrum. I hadn't laughed that hard in months.

It's pretty funny. (((Endchan))) has like 20 active users. Apparently everyone being critical of Trump is one of those 20 users.

Yup, it's an endkike.

What was even better was that Trump retards swore for months that he would never touch the wall. He touched the wall and the buildup from having to defend his actions in Syria caused such a spergout that kikey banned anyone who said anything about it.
Hilarious. Now look at him.

Dumb ass Trump fanboys. I'm sure this is 1838372 chess.

Don't forget the dastardly gucca trannys!

You mean the two posters who frequent gooka?

I sometimes wonder why he does it. Is it because he's a turkish shitskin, or do the orders come from higher up? The alt-kike is all about civic nationalism, perhaps that's what they're trying to turn this board into and Jim's masonic superiors instructed him to have Holla Forums join the alt-kike's ranks. It's not hard to believe considering the cadreniggers and redditors blatantly shilling for amnesty on several threads.

Or someone called "smiley"

Apparently anyone who knows what the jews are up to are:

Once more, I call you out for being the TRSodomite that gets pissed about book threads, and you have to go and project your Alt-Right faggotry onto me.


Another day, another condemnation from this fuck we elected. Not even the nigger in chief was this fucking shabbos goy.

Honestly either he's completely retarded and incapable of moderating Holla Forums because he's too autistically attached to Trump or he was accepting monetary payment from someone in the Trump campaign.
Either option is totally plausible.
I believe the mods accepted money from the Trump campaign to ensure nobody ever talked negatively about Trump here.

Still waiting for your source proving this claim

The fact remains that you were the only one who mentioned endchan, as an ad-hominem to avoid refuting the other user's argument. But cry more kampfy, your tears are delicious.

Yet all I have been doing is calling out (((you))) kikes, you jews shilling for trump and every other neocon kike in world politics and all their kosher nationalists frauds like Gert Wilders, Britain First and all the rest of the kosher clowns.
Which is the rhetoric and agenda of TRS, DS, Aut-kike etc.
So only you here express a view that is shared by TRS

Do you not see how your Talmudic bent-logic doesn't quite carry over when you speak to genuine anons?

After this place falls apart, I just hope he's never put in charge of anything related to white nationalism again.
In fact I hope he kills himself when this place becomes /polDonald/.

There were Trump ads 24/7 for the entire duration of his campaign, and we know Kushner spent two billion on promoting Trump on the internet, specifically on imageboards and reddit. That the entire site was bought by Kushner is entirely plausible.


You don't seem genuine at all when you keep making the same fucking post over and over again. Get a new script, faggot.

The woman in the middle. I don't even know her name, but she called Cville a false flag. She may be legit. Oh and great job using the same people multiple times in the first pic.

That is my thought exactly. And Kushner probably didn't even pay him very well. He probably got about $2k or so, bought a few vidya games and still pledges allegiance to that cocksucker.
All you have to do to see this is post from VPNs which have been banned to see the kind of shit that gets you banned.
This has been going on for a long time.

Source needed, dipshit.

So defensive! Kek.



Why is everyday like groundhog day where a kike will pop up demanding proof that 911 was done by isreal because it's sure as fuck the first time he's ever heard such an accusation like that before, for example.


I asked for a source about Kushner campaign money for the net you fucking retard.

jej, what a slimy little kike you are.

That only says 70 million instead of 2 billion, it just sounds vague as fuck.

$70m a month. I'm not the guy who posted it, but the campaign went on for quite a few months. Maybe he meant $200M and not billion. It's still plenty enough money to keep kampfy in vidya and weed for the election season.



This. It's like they can't even think ahead or see the big picture.

And when hiro wanted to sell about a year ago some buyers offered - was it cerno and voxday? Chuck Johnson? can't recall all of the involved but they had the cash to do it - hiro declined their offer and went dark again. Someone else must have offered more.

oh, you see, I was on your side, until I realized which sperg you were. You will never be white gook



This is the funniest thing shills say.
Either (((endkike))) is irrelevant and only has 20 users or it's a massive board with paid shills who are powerful enough to take down Trump on 8ch. Which is it?
hint: endkike is irrelevant and people are seeing Trump for what he is

You underestimate autism, endkike.

I don't think the most delusional leftist can even perform the mental pommel-horsing you're doing right now.
Even Hillary supporters had a limit. Your mental gymnastics know no bounds.



Reported for being endkike shills.

You do sound retarded. user has a point.

Kikebart is still talking shit. Nothing will happen

Jewish communities are the safest in the world because no niggers are allowed unless they're delivering a package. How about helping end racism in the jewish communities? Niggers just want to help strengthen and inspire the jewish communities.

"Do not be hooligan anti-Semites"

t. Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Sozi, pg. 1

when we take over a gov and have that much legitimacy, we won't need hooligans either

do you disagree with Dr. Goebbels?

We have all been duped by Trump.

Goebbels slogan only works with non-jewish controlled government. Its indeed stupid to bully jew when he's defeated. That's the whole point of holocaust lie.

This isn't a new turn of events. He's been a shabbos goy for at least the last two years (and probably longer).

I see your point. After the Reich fell, didn't the allies concoct all the stories of "anti-Semitism?" They invented the horrors of holocaust and racism against the Jews. They sold this idea of anti-Semitism to the International community, especially the American public, to justify the establishment of the State of Israel. Anti-Semitism, even though only imagined, played a key role in the creation of Israel. I wonder what mindless anti-Semitism will help the Jews create next?

"Jews will not replace us" was a bait at that "unite the right" event. That's just one example.


nah, nvm, but go fuck yourself

Israel needs a big beautiful gate for its wall to allow Palestinians to strengthen and inspire jews to work hard.

Have to agree. The Alt-Right's approach has done nothing but place white nationalism on the verge of illegality. Trump may be forced to outlaw pro-white ideologies if he now outlaws ANTIFA and communism

hurr durr




As soon as Implicit Dick said "room to destroy" I realized that fucker was going to fucking fuck us. That stupid son of a bitch.


spencer will get his. best thing for anons to do in response is wake up the altright using factual arguments and shame. altright is brainwashed - hypnotized. they can still be saved.

Is there anyone not controlled by the kikes, or are we just a few dozen goys and a few thousand tel aviv kikes looking at a world fully conquered forever by Judaism?

People who aren't kikes are so disgusted by the idea of being ran by kikes that they don't grandstand and run for president. Anyone with a brain who has watched the Zapruder film knows things will never change unless we dust off our rifles and water the tree of liberty.


The "traditional" phone call before yom kippur? Wtf. The more you learn about how the US President has to bow before the kikes the angrier I get.

I refuse to believe that the president, especially this president, has to bow.
Trump loves this kike shit and he loved fondling the kike wall. There is no reason for me to believe he isn't voluntarily sucking that circumcised rabbi dick.

Such action can only be performed by organizing, training, funding and many other efforts, however. I hope that those who commit to such a hypothetical action do keep it secret from a very open forum as Holla Forums is but once in a while there needs to be some hint to a better future.

It wasn't entirely rhetorical - I would like to know if there's anyone in the public theater or in any form of public resistance that can be supported and pushed forward in preparation for hypothetical action.

I believe Trump himself is going to make organizing, funding and training much harder.
When communists throw a revolution, the first people killed are the useful idiots. If a communist revolt happened, antifa would be the first ones killed after communism is installed. They will look at what they've done and immediately resist it.
I think we are in that same boat with Trump right now. When we realize what Trump actually is, we would hypothetically be the first ones killed because the betrayal would anger white nationalists the most.
And he's going to continue to crack down on us because we are the ones who will oppose this the most.
Anyone not opposing Trump right now is nothing more than a shabbos good goy. Those opposing Trump are the most frustrated and the most willing to act on their frustrations. That's why he will continue to undermine white nationalists and probably forcibly suppress us in the very near future.

Yeah, maybe as soon as tomorrow if the CIAniggers in this other thread get their way

I'm going to be watching that intently.
If there is any (((tomfoolery))) by the (((KKK))), we are pretty much fucked.
All this is looking too (((cohencidental))).
>(((KKK))) false flag "terrorist attack"
This has happened already in the 90s. When white nationalism 1.0 and the militia movement was strong enough to do something in the 90s, (((Tim McVeigh))) bombed a federal building in OKC and that ended that.
I expect something similar very soon.

You are, I am, most people in this thread likely are, and people like us ought to seek out individuals - in real life - that either already share or are susceptible to being influenced by our views. Don't hang out with feds, redpill your brother, your cousin, your girlfriend, her brothers and cousins, and any close friends you have. Form small, organized, tight-knit groups that know what is going on, what it will lead to, and what must be done about it.

It would certainly fit the themes that we've witnessed for over a hundred years, at least. It's certainly plausible, since Trump may very well be someone who goes with whichever force or idea that is stronger, all the while being gaslit and misinformed by absolute experts in psychology and persuation, if not malicious himself (though I'm not ready to accept that part all too readily).

I also think it has to do with how one would go about criticizing the Trump government - Saying "Trump did this" will trigger defensive mechanisms among loyal supporters, being emotionally invested in Trump the mythological leader. Saying "The Trump government/Regime" makes a lot more sense, much like how the Jewish media says "The Assad Regime" rather than blame Assad personally. I understand however that stating it as though Trump himself is the one who does these things is potentially a better method to break people out of the self-made conditioning.

alt-right are fucking stupid and mostly controlled op, that doesn't mean doing anything public means anyone is forced to outlaw them. Trump is proving himself equally traitorous unless his people are jews

traitors like him will hang the highest
when was that?

This seems quite likely


Unfortunately some of us are loners in this fight. If things get bad, I will take out as many of those motherfuckers as I can and I'll see you all in Valhalla. No regerts.

I think it was Peinowitz who said that not Spencer. I don't remember exactly what it was but he indicated Trump would just stand by and let whites trash shit like antifa does, thus inciting whites to riot. It was before c-ville. c-ville was 'room to destroy' and it failed miserably.

Eat shit, Imkikefy. Your terrible moderation is only paramount the amount of autism you have, turkroach.

It's clear now that he can't do shit about anything so no fucks given. He's just kissing Shlomo's arse so they write nice things about him in their bullshit publications. Someone should spray paint, 1488 on the White House for lolz. Get the Twitterati in a meltdown. Maybe we can get to the autistic kid and have him do it.

Of course.


Hi, FBInigger. Go fuck yourself.
This is the type of shit that will get us fucked.
Here you go.

Turns out you're right. But both of them ended up being involved in the shitshow.

that's Berkay, he is the Turk who has been spamming blacked porn on every imageboard


He's basically ensuring he will not get a second term, while exposing the power of the Jewish influence in our government.
I'm fine with that, on some level.

Berkay is a kc shitposter, imkampfy is part of the 4chon-autism crowd and lives in Canada near Kenneth

But Antifa doesn't exist. Those are just Communists.

Its funny how people cheer him even saying the name, while the petition to get them declared a terrorist organization has gotten no response, and White Nationalism is declared domestic terrorism.

Sevens of truth? Also, the ID:
Shabbos goy confirmed? pls no ban

B'nai B'rith sure can get away with a lot

I'm surprised to see that in a Salon article

the image is Berkay, he posts outside of kc and got doxed a couple weeks ago by other turks

At this point, kikefy would destroy the board if he banned Trump criticism. Trust me, he'd love to do it and he may even be financially obligated to do it, but at this point, it would be so transparent that an exodus would occur, leaving him and shills as the only posters.
Can't shill effectively when it's only kikefy and shills on the board.

right? its still possible Trump is working towards centrism tho. too early to know either way if he's our guy i think

Trump criticism has been low-key banned for months now, user. The board was destroyed YEARS ago when Jim replaced the original BO and mods.

yeah the image is Berkay, not imkampfy. kampfy is white and named Nathaniel, used to trip as LearningCode on 4chon and now trips as DownWithPatriarchy, this is imkampfy - he acts like a caricature of a WN and was behind "Germanics aren't white" shitposting and "kike on a stick"

Reminder that Netanyahu is literally going insane since the US and Russia keep cucking Israel

I don't doubt that this is just lip service to keep them from Samsoning us.

"Lol don't worry, Bibi, we'll get all those evil anti-semites. Sure. Absolutely."



lel check out this

No blackpill, but at times it does seem that any criticism of Trump is shouted down by shills/retards. The man clearly isn't perfect, and the democracy meme still lulls anons into trusting the (((system))).

Yeah, that's not actually happening at all.


Shush. Your time of being dragged kicking and screaming to the grave and put out of your misery will come, too, kike.

We can hope, but this still is a net negative. The question that should be asked is this: Is anti-semitism considered racist or religiously biased? Need to get normal fags to understand that Jews are a people, not just a religious group.

consider white nationalism, user.

the current rise in white nationalism didn't occur until we faced the threat of white genocide. when muslims flooded Europe thats when white nationalism really picked up. before then it was a fringe thing normal voting whites didnt really think much about because there wasnt much of a reason. kikes have created this artificial rise in WN just like they created this artificial migrant crisis. if you realize that then you dont need white nationalism or really any movement to do whats neccessary. we just have to do what Americans would have done any time prior in history:

there is no -ism about it. groups can be co-opted. doing the right thing can't be. there is literally no need for any -isms if kikes are not permitted to manipulate reality. imo.

Stopped reading there. Confirmed shill thread.


It's a fair point, but I don't consider white nationalism to be a tangible "group." White nationalism, by my personal definition, is any European person who believes we have a right to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. You needn't belong to any group to believe that. I don't belong to a group. My only group is Holla Forums. And that's an amorphous blob of anonymous characters, at best.
There are groups within white nationalism, but it's not a necessity to belong to a brick and mortar group. In fact, the more "groups" you join, the less genuine you probably are.

same here :3 i agree with you too. "white people have the right to exist" should be considered a common sense statement, not a white nationalist statement. because if they can smear white nationalism as a movement or a group then they by proxy smear the simple truth that white people have the right to exist. imo a better strategy is abandoning all uniforms and dressings while promoting only simple basic truths we all want to see come to fruition:

kikes cant argue against this – they cant fight reformation if we're "inclusive"

Facts say otherwise, kike.

kek. He bombed Syria and is re-entering afghanistan purely for their benefit.
Whatever he says is irrelevant. His actions are clearly pro-Israel. Now go back to t_d and let the adults talk for a while.

I agree with this. This attitude is the way forward.

time to meme it

Hahahahaha asshurt kikes are losing their shill narrative.





Cuckchan discordfag confirmed.

Your jimmies are supremely rustled. Keep going.


Whos jewing who here?



Oh, so you don't deny it? So which crossdressing faggot are you lel

I swear these shills fight amongst each other for fun. Shekels are just an added bonus.

Get the fuck out, cadrenigger.

We're still in the "if Trump is a puppet" stage because Trump has not done enough to prove he is and he hasnt done enough to prove he isnt. The answer is physical protests. hundreds or even a thousand people marching on Washington to demand Trump keeps his promises will do one of two things:

Oh wait… you didn't deny being a cadrenigger, so tell us how many shekels you're getting per post!

Quite honestly, that's wherein the issue that the right side doesn't have a strong physical presence comes into play. I believe this is because 1) protestors for the left are paid to show and 2) most everyone who could protest on the far-right cannot due to responsibilities of every day life. Sure, there could be a march on Washington, but face it, too many whites work during the day and cannot take time off to go to some protest.

true. good points. how do you think these altright niggers are out there all the time? are they welfare niggers?

I have no idea what the fuck this even means, but I can sure see that you're a busy little beaver, aren't you? Oh, and nice little board you made for yourself. Though, if you're taking screenshots from 4chan, maybe you should fucking stay there.

Well, I think most of those faggots are paid to be there. Some are useful idiots who want to be there. The rest, who fucking knows why? All the niggers you see genuinely protest anything are acting 100% on emotion. They have no purpose other than "deez our skreetz nigga" as if presenting a physical presence on a city street means anything at all.

Something about me really brings out the autism in you.

Lad if anyone is autistic it's you. Or maybe you're just a chink.

makes sense. how to inspire real action from americans…?

You simply can't help yourself, can you? You sage, but keep giving me a reason to bump this. You are a mouth-breathing retard.

What really sucks is when we try to schedule something in advance so working whites can request time off, we inevitably get infiltrated and overrun by kikes and their paid pawns.

But hey nobody ever said it would be easy.

This thread will be deleted or bumplocked soon enough. I'd just like everyone to know how far your chinky 'tism spreads. :^)

I don't even see the point of protesting if you're not willing to take some kind of adverse action. inb4 FBI/CIA Sure, a show of manpower is nice to publicly display how many agree with whatever is being protesting upon, but what is the real point? You think that will affect any real change? It might inspire some border line fags to espouse their beliefs more openly, but Charlottesville was a huge failure in terms of willingness to take action. Maybe because of paid protestors on both sides, but when Antifa descended upon the crowd and you have white men scampering away with their rifles shouldered, that is exactly opposite of what should be happening in that situation. I know the police presence complicates that response, and that will be the biggest issue moving forward: combatting not only the civilian enemy, but the governmental forces as well.

Of course it will be. Kikefy can't allow any realistic conversations about Trump to happen here.

In my opinion, I don't think real action happens until the paychecks stop coming. I believe the order of things go family > community > region > country, so clearly when most whites are concerned about making sure their families are provided for, there will be little action taken that could disrupt that safety. Simply biology. Until shit starts hitting the fan, and the law or the career don't matter, you won't see much of anything from working class and wagecuck whites.

what have we become, user?

Less of "what have we become" and more of "they're preying on what we are". Whites can get fired and have their lives ruined for supporting certain view points in today's world, and since we aren't all low-IQ fuckheads, we're not going to risk our security for some protest. This is why I contest nothing will happen until it isn't advantageous to not step out of line. Plain and simple, it's too engrained in our DNA to follow authority and the rule of law. It's what allowed us to create amazing civilizations, but now it is preventing us from affecting change.

i wonder how much of Holla Forums has careers they cant afford to lose VS how many could actually meet up in Washington..also how many would actually leave the basement to go?

I'm not trying to blackpill, but if the federal reserve protests are any real indicator, looks like you'll have about 3 autists.

Fuck if I know. I don't have a great understanding of the user base here. Really don't know how many are NEETs and how many are contributing members of (((society))). I'd say all of us could stand to lose whatever careers we have in this bullshit country, but again, it's hard for anyone to jeopardize their own safety and security.

Another masterfull move chessmaster, trump. Come on guy - you don't really believe he's joined the kikes do you? He's just buttering them up so they put their guards down so they won't be ready for his next 9000d move. Don't get off the trump train yet!!

We laugh but some people really believe this and, in fact, demand it.

so it seems our problem is thus:

ok. this is good. we have a real problem in front of us now and we can solve it.
maybe we need to run a funding campaign? even if we stocked funds up for 6 months.. it would give us 6 months to see where trump is going and 6 months to prepare for our response..?

(Fuggin chegged & heil'd)
The digits don't lie. I think at this point we're in total pre-1776 territory. Living under the system we have now, no president can fully achieve what needs to be done. Too many checks and balances, let alone the constant onslaught from the deep state. We need to secure land, people, and preparatory plans. Problem with that is the government could decide to Waco us, but at least we can say we went out trying instead of hiding. Basically, the best course of action would be 1) build local network, 2) connect with other regional groups, 3) have enough influence to secede and/or provoke a real revolution, 4) ?????, 5) profit.

My dream was to buy an old school bus, which are available for about $5k in working order and do transportation to and from events.
There's no way to crowdfund for it since that has now been taken away from the WN community, but $5k is doable for me over time. Problem is we have no time.

based G-d emperor

yaaaaas. only i think we should avoid the kikery Mike Enoch and others displayed. no grouping because groups can be co-opted. decentralized americans who love america and want to see trump succeed so were marching on washington to make our voices heard. and if our voices are not heard we will know trump is purposely deaf to us. and we act from there. but not sieg heiling or anything else that would separate us from the rest of the white population, thats how they D&C us, like they did when dicky spencer pulled that shit.

TRS proved its possible to sell the low IQ betas just about anything. TRS made a lot of money but they did the wrong things with it – they benefited only themselves and their "aesthetic." By replicating the marketing strategy of TRS (which really is just textbook marketing) we could also raise a lot of shekels and actually do good with them. what do you anons think about this approach?

G_D amnesty Don Emperor LOVES brown babies

Anyone who expected Trump to go full 1488 was delusional. However, Trump was the best option we had at the time. We took it.

Trump is a good first step - he shows that we don't have to always bend the knee to the globalist kike. Next time, we need to elect someone who doesn't bend the knee to any kikes at all.

The other part of my plan was to build a nice WordPress website and sell the plethora of army surplus gear, and I know a tshirt maker who could crank out good tshirts for us. With the proceeds, we could buy the Hate Bus. Charge people $20 each to cover fuel expenses and have a little bit of profit and keep going until we have a fleet of vehicles. When we hold events, we will have tremendous support.


Shit, forgot to clarify… I have tons of old army surplus gear that I've been selling off in bits and pieces.
One more thing. Does anyone have any aspirations of being a podcaster?

The "Alt-Right" fucking gay name honestly are controlled opposition I think. Decentralization is key, but at some point (when shit starts picking up), we will have no choice but to be semi-organized. Every movement will have traitors and spies, and that is something we must take into account when forming groups. LARPing as WWII-era, German National Socialists won't work in America, despite how fucking right they were. The normal American public won't stand behind it, and I think it is not fit for this country. We should play up the angle of the founding fathers and their refusal to let England cuck them. They were intelligent men, and had many great ideas. Not to mention they took on the world superpower at the time and won. inb4 freemasonry bullshit

sounds like a plan m8. accountability will be a huge issue tho and it should be. every dollar should be accounted for and used to stop white genocide, MAGA and thwart Israel. otherwise we fall to our own self-interest, like the kikes. we could do this easily by creating a large network of social media accounts, websites and youtubes. sell tshirts and whatever else the civic nationalist "kekistani" faggets and altright low IQ white niggers will buy. remember: accountability should be policy, both of finances and personal character. WE can become the ecelebs, user. WE can become the pied pipers who lead the mice not to destruction but cheese. Time is malleable…

agree fully with you. organizing formally should be a future option. remember how Anonymous started out? just anons who believe and want the same shit so they decided to leave the basement and work towards it. they didnt have FED money at the time or professional PR teams to help them organize. we can do this if we just go for it. Time is malleable; we still have time if we begin acting nao.

wasn't there word that Trump was going to shut down all the 'white supremacy' FBI cointelpro'ing ? Get patriots removed from terror lists ? Stuff like that ?

This seems like another back flip. It even seems like a back flip from like 6 or so months ago when it turned out it was an Israeli terrorizing jewish centers. It's pretty bad.

It seems to me like Trump has either sold out or pussed out majorly. No backbone.


Just like a few serbs doomed there population by setting off WW1 a few jews are dooming there race and possibly the world by praticing zionism.

Donald trump could be a manifestation of Jesus energy sent to save the jews from jewing themselves into pissing of Rome and getting themselves extinc.

No one likes jews, they have made major cunts out of themselves and if the white man dosent save them no one will, i bet you even ethiopian jews would want to genocide the Isreal people

So yeah the white man protects everyone, the jew wants to fuck everyone over, the jew wants to fuck over the whiteman since the white man prevents him from fucking over anyone else, the jew dosent consider that the white man is keeping the asians, blacks, abos and mulatos at bay.

They had one chance to use isreal as a diplomatic platform to support white nationalism and earn our gratitude instead they opted for plan "god has chosen our tribe so we cqn never lose no matter how stupid we act, no matter how many allys we backstab and no matter how morally depirved we become"

I do hope the jewish race gets its shit together and proves worthy of the oxygen they consume, they could even have folk legends about how they allmost doomed theselves by beeing fucking idiots.

I think the best thing would be to get a group of white guys that all lift, shoot, and have fun together. Throwing away your life to do something that will be essentially insignificant right now isn't worth it. Prepare and be ready to strike when the time comes also inb4 "don't leave your computer screen goy".

how would you raise the funds to get anons to washington? is there a "george soros" for Holla Forums?

whats wrong with bringing attention to white genocide and holding trump accountable by just going outside and marching for a day?

I understand. If you have any other ideas on how to raise $5k, I'm all ears.
But what if the shirts and podcasts didn't suck complete donkey dick? Why allow TRSodomites to get all the money shirts and podcasts and waste it on themselves?
At least I'd be using the money for actual good things and not booze and italian food like Peinowitz.

mmm italian food

Nothing at all. My question is, what will that accomplish? Putting national attention on the message? That's good, but will Trump really be held accountable? The founding fathers didn't stage protests… in fact, they worked in secret to achieve their goals.

My idea was to have a website that sells military surplus goods, tshirts and podcasts. Just a few thousand dollars can do a fuckton of good shit.
For just a couple hundred dollars you can do a lot of propagandizing and getting your message out.

They had one chance to use isreal as a diplomatic platform to support white nationalism and earn our gratitude instead they opted for plan "god has chosen our tribe so we can* never lose no matter how stupid we act, no matter how many allys we backstab and no matter how morally depirved we become"

Minor spelling correction

thats what we can find out. if there are 1000 people marching on washington peacably as patriots and they demand trump keeps his promise, that will make MSM take notice. we will be heard by trump. and if he then refuses to act in our benefit we will know without any doubt that he is a puppet of Israel. then we may act accordingly. marching will ultimately answer this for us while also drawing attention to white genocide and other issues the altright fumbled in exposing

what if there were 10 or so anons who worked the same scheme, like TRS does?

Do your thing m8. Just don't become trs tier.

im glad TRS hasnt ruined the concept of organization on Holla Forums. not totally at least. will make you proud.

When we're all in Camp FEMA I'm sure it'll really be some 14/88 plan to save the white race by getting us all together in one place where we can breed. Right, chesscucks?

Oh yeah and OD on cough syrup kikey. Your board isn't even cool anymore.

Let me pose this question: why should we try to act through democratic means? Gaining exposure for the message is one thing, but trying to make the government work in our favor is futile.

That would be the best scenario, to be honest. Nobody should be any more important than anyone else. TRS is a good concept, but they need to lose Spencer and they need more itellectuals and not guys with fart jokes. They should have never cucked on the swastika or the confederate flag. But we see the problems with them and we can take measures to ensure we never become them.

I want to do it in spite of TRS. I want to be the alternative to TRS faggotry. Becoming TRS-tier would completely defeat the purpose.


Serious question here. Why don't you just kill yourself? If you're right and it's all hopeless, then that's it, we're all fucked. You might as well airhole yourself right now. You aren't helping anyone. You feel like you can't, apparently. No one is going to let you live for racking up these brownie points. You'll die with all of us in the FEMA camps just for being here. So either go enjoy what you are sure are the last few months of your life or give yourself a blowhole. Your current actions are worthless and will amount to nothing.

Well, the American government was always supposed to work for the People. Why we should act through democratic means is two-fold:

we dont know if trump is our guy or not..we can speculate but he hasnt done enough to verify either way. not even a year in yet. so, if we act like violent thugs or natzees at this stage it would hurt our message. proof of this is the altright. look what happened. even assange called them out on their (((optics))). thanks to spencer, anything related to the NSDAP and white nationalism will not be swallowed by the majority of whites – the very people we need on our side.
if its true we cant affect our government and trump is a stooge, everyone else will see that thanks to our effort, and our numbers will increase and we will turn those same people into natsocs, becaise at that point we dont need to worry about optics – we can go full 14/88 with the knowledge no one is working in our benefit. we will be all we have. hell, we might even be at this point right now, but have to prove it otherwise we act rash and sabotage ourselves..just like the altright.

He's not totally wrong. He's saying it can't be solved democratically. And most likely, he's right. But that doesn't mean we don't need to organize and be ready for the time when we do things without the democratic process. In other words, RaHoWa or DotR.
I don't disagree with him. If Trump doesn't deliver, it will be clear that democracy needs to be killed.

I think it's pretty safe to say he's not our guy. The question is more if he'll do some good in spite of being a zionist or not.

Because we're also getting to the point where the white race is waking up and people can collectively do without any planning or coordination. But stop pretending that Trump is anything but an obstacle to survival of the white race, he has always been an acceptable choice to the jews, he was from the start and he always will be. It's just us on our own now.

yes lets cause as many fights as we can. Just be overly aggressive in replies for no reason. No one can tell what's going on.

That's the way it's always been, really.

Good point, as much as people here want to say "muh PR", optics at this stage are important. Gaining recognition and spreading the message in a positive manner would be effective.

Yes, as with above, gaining sympathy is important to boost morale and manpower. Good argument, user.

thanks m8. first step i believe is networking and think-tanking. just like were doing right now. whats left but to devise a marketing strategy?

Yes this is by all means the first step. Again, not to harp on this, but this the founding fathers met in secret to brainstorm and develop the system of government they wanted. Those guys really are heros, and despite whatever allegations are made towards their freemason status or what have you, they were mostly /ourguys/. The next step in devising a marketing strategy is effective propaganda just like Goebbels said. Memes work well, as we've seen, but combating talmudvision and other media like that will be tough, if not impossible. Best thing we can do in terms of spreading the message is to persuade and connect with those close to us already who won't shut down our thoughts and opinions immediately because of wrongthink.

agreed. by building a social media network we can drop redpill maymays en masse. lets say I have 3000 followers on twitter and you have 300. you post a meme and I share it. you get tons of additional exposure and so do your ideas. repeat this with 10 accounts at first, then maybe 1000 using bots. this is an easy way we can generate funding for our mission and redpill others simultaneously.

That's a great idea; social media is huge amongst everyone in this country, especially the younger generations. Spreading redpills through humor is a great tactic because 1) you can't deny the truth and 2) it's easier to disarm someone through comedy. I imagine that's how many of us were initially redpilled beyond our thirst for knowledge.

thats what got me.

if you'd goys like to network and make something out of this conversations ive made a sock account for when the thread dies. time to eat for me tho. hope to work with you anons soon.

Well if he goes after anti semites as hard as he's gone after shillary and the swamp, we'll be fine.

>(((You))) kikes swarming these boards from your offices in Tel Aviv, TRS and DS and the entire aut-kike were shilling for the ZOG Emperor and every kosher nationalist fraud in existence still to this day.

Fucking this, they're even trying to mimic our posting style but to be on the positive side of things I've noticed a steady decline in their astroturfing on this board since C'Ville and the expose of their little CIA operation, there hasn't been any recent leaks from their AIDS bog at TRS, guess (((they))) must have the place on lock down.


Most of the shill groups have gone full "2 factor authentication, blackmail and dox in place, EVE online forum super secret serial" mode at this point.

If you have any hobbies or skills, make money off of that I'm looking into the prospects of going to auctions and selling anything of monetary value. Mostly refurb stuff, there is a goldmine out there of 'junk' people toss out.

The rats are scurrying off…..that is good news.

Whatever it takes. I just think making about 8 bucks profit off of every tshirt might be easier. Selling my old surplus gear is pretty easy. And giving people some good podcasts instead of TRS kosher bullshit is pretty easy.

Once you get a taste for having an opinion based reason, you can never go back. Nothing will stop me from holding reasoned, fact-based approaches to history. Legislate history into (((illegal))) political incorrectness all you want, make it illegal to learn about illegal actions of various actors all you want. It won't even slow me down. Objective assessments aren't intrinsically 'racist', they're just objective.

The 'Holocaust' never happened.
Jews are corrupt.

I don't see why everyone is fighting. I've always been alone in this fight, nothing has changed. Only dedication to cause and fighting to have your will implanted changes this.

Holla Forums is a group of warriors, not a group of soldiers, always has been.

Nice. However, we must realize that it cannot be accomplished alone. We must have brothers in this struggle.

The difference between warriors and soldiers is logistics, teamwork and overarching consensus, all things which require safe zones, social support and huge amounts of money. Holla Forums will not become soldiers unless Holla Forums receives state-level funding.
The beauty of Holla Forums being warriors is that warriors are almost immune to co-option or infiltration. The risk of becoming soldiers is the risk of co-option and infiltration. The jew will always undermine us until they are all dead. Until then, we fight as warriors. Alone, outmanned, outgunned, reliant upon no-one.

I bet TRS wrote that article

Well, enjoy not getting re-elected if that's the case, faggot.

I am deliberately ignoring the replies to this thread, as it's all bullshit full of signaling and countersignaling. Stop shilling, niggers.

My autism only allows me to succeed in certain areas or 'niche markets' where others find success from a more common sensed straight forward approach such as selling t-shirts.

Do you enjoy pissing in the wind?

Whatever works. On DotR, not all of us are able to kick tires, light fires and hang kikes from lamp posts. Some people are better at making propaganda, writing, reloading the ammo, fixing vehicles, making drones… We need people at every position. Everyone counts. And everyone needs to do whatever it is that they do well to help.

How, through Gab? You're aware that whole mess is a controlled environment with sand boxing and shadowbanning

How are you going to manage that? They admit not having any issues with sodomites, jews or being a lolberg. You probably have a better chance at redpilling antifa on the JQ and jew pig zio banksters than you would with the autright neocohens.

This is just such an enormous and easily disprovable lie I don't even know what the purpose of it is.



That's not accurate.
Slaves are unwilling servants.

Good job you fucking faggots. Keep sucking his Jewish cock.


besides dudes some jews are totally #BASED, like bibi netayahu bruh



No worries. The Trump cocksucking is showing no signs of letting up. Take a look at the catalog.

The purpose is for you trumpcucks to go back to TRS

BREAKING NEWS Holla Forums!!!
This is really going to shock you so just sit down, m'kay.
The US President, the figurehead of the System controlled by Jews says what the Jews demand he says.

I know. It's shocking but it's true.


Listen to the latest Fash the Nation. 100% certified true.

Who gives a shit? And why are you listening to TRSodomites anyway?

(Reset my connection) I do not. I read feedback that they got, though, on FB.

nice meme

"crack down on anti-semites"

Get rid of the semites and I'll stop bitching about them.


Just wait until tomorrow when he speaks at the UN with Bibi about 'muh Iranian threat'

oh look, the jew york post is using a misleading headline. whoodathunkit





If one more boomer tells me that this is just how politics work and I'm naive I may go to prison for beating the elderly.

that's not how honourable men behave, which answers the question

to be fair, most were looking to not cross state lines due to the armed part, and the original threads were hit incredibly hard by feds and disinfo. I think that's why the sekrit police(FBI) set that one guy up recently to target a Fed branch, with the propaganda-intensifier of having it be OKC

when you sit alone, you sit with Hitler

jej. Into the oven you go.

Disregard. I suck cocks and misinterpreted your post because I'm a faggot.
Sage for sucking too many dicks.


░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▀▀██▀▄▄▒ ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀░▄▀▀░░░▒▒▀▀▄ ░░░░░░░░░░░▐░▄▀░░░░░░░░░░░█ ░░░░░░░░░░░▌▌▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░█ ░░░░░░▄▄▄░▐▒▒▒▒▒▒░░▒▄▄▄▄░▄░░▌ ░░░░▄▀░▄░▐▐▒▒▒▒▒░░░▀░░░░▀░▄▀▐ ░░░█░▌░░▌░▐▐▀▄▒▒░░░▒▌██▐░░▌▄▐ ░░▐░▐░░░▐░▌▐▐░▒░░░░░░▀▀░░░░░▀▌ ░░▌░▌░░░░▌▐▄▀░▒▒▒░░░░░░░▄▀▄░░▐ ░▐▐░▌░░░░▐▐░▌▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▄▄▄░░░▌ ░▌░░▌▌░░░░▌░▐▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀▄▄▀ ░▐░░▌▌░░░░▐░░▌▒▒▒▒▒▄▀█▄▄▄▄▀ ░▌▌░▌▌░░░░░▌░▐▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▄▀▀▀▄ ▐░░░▐▐░░░░░▐▐░▌▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▀░▄▀█ ▌▌░░░▌▌░░░░░█▐░▌▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▀░▄▐▄▄ ▌░░░░▐▐░░░░░░▀░▐▒▒▒▒▒▄▀░░░▀▀▄▀▌ ░░░░░░▌░░░░░▄▀█▄█▄▀▀░▀▄░░░░▀░▀▐ ░░░░░░▐░░░░░░░▌░░░░░░▐▐░▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ░░░░░░░█░░░░░▐░░░▌░░░█▀▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ░░░░░░░░▀▄░░▄▄▄▀▐▄▄▀▀ ░░░░░░░░░░▀▄▄▄▄▄▀





I'm impressed.


Ok fair enough, we should distrust the Media- but verify. The call definitely took place and a transcript of it was released by the White House. The part of the call that excited some seems to be this:

While it isn't a clear "We are arresting people tonight" statement, it has to be read in light of SJ Resolution 49, specifically Section 7. What I will tell you guys is that if you believe that White nationalists et al are not at the very top of FBI/DOJ agenda, that Rightists were removed from hatewatch lists, you are delusional. I can assure you that we absolutely are. And frankly, moronic remarks from TRS (e.g. "Trump is giving us space to destroy") are forcing the hand of Trump and the Feds. In my view, Trump has dragged his feet on all of this, but is truly alone in the satanic District. Plan accordingly. Some that I talk to in the Beltway are expecting some van parties soon. But it won't be for postings on chans or FB: they would go for leaders in Alt Right groups and either let all but outright violent threats go- with the understanding that some would be freshly minted CIs. However, I think that there already are CIs, so it is possible that they will cast a wider net and really "shut it down."

On that note, I find it highly suspect that TRS is able to maintain a Facebook group while plain Jane groups have been nixed (such as Distain for Plebs and Religiously Intolerant). Granted, you all reading this are probably not supporters in anyway of TRS, but new comers may not know better: For those new, TRS (and perhaps Richard Spencer) has the hallmarks of a post hoc honey pot. Indeed, I would personally only organize on an organic basis, that is by knowing people in real life and in real circumstances.

We don't care about Jews. This is an anti-kike board. Now be a good goy, and post some pictures of the Rothschild kike Hitler.



You're the most jewed person here, far as I can tell.

Classified NSA presentation lists TOR as a "major" threat to their data collection. p. 21

Fire up the oven.

Shareblue, beef up your security. You never know who lurks outside. It's all fun and games… )

Oy vey, shut it down!

How about you educate us on what a "fast node" is?

CIAniggers use it all the time for assets to communicate, in fact the whole point of the Tor browser is just for normalfags to make noise to better cover their asses.


No it isn't, I know you are probably about to post your ebin screencap about how humor is the key but it isn't. Crime statistics, pointing out the details of white genocide and information about the people behind these things attract serious people who want to see a change and the info makes them rage in my experience. Humor attracts the kind of people that the aut kike is full of that think it's all some kind of ironic joke movement. There is nothing funny about immigrants raping your women and murdering your people, there is nothing funny about slowly becoming a minority in your own land and there is nothing funny about genocidal kikes getting ready to hammer the last nail into your people's coffin. What is funny about our current situation? I can see how it would be funny for a jew or non white but I'm assuming that you aren't.

kek here, yo fuck jews

This is a mistake, Trump is fucking up. Up side is that he probably won't have any effect beyond what jews allready do to censor as the bureaucrats are leftists

Trump is becoming Bush part 3. His speech was pure neocon garbage. Unfortunately, he will drag a whole lot of magapede idiots along with him. Basically the next Reagan, we will be hearing for the next 20 years from people that they're "Trump conservatives," meaning basic multiracial neocon American empire shit.

LOL Ameriniggers

I remember TRS being more critical of Trump than 8/pol/ was back in April.

Cool. Lip service. I've heard it a thousand times before from a thousand different politicians. How come his lip service to us, to you, means "he's a traitor," but his lip service to a kike also means "he's a traitor"? This is how I know you're a shill. Your narrative is the same regardless of the circumstances. Those of us who aren't shills make decisions and formulate opinions based on the evidence at hand, we don't disregard it, or twist it to fit our narrative.

You're so stupid you won't contemplate why that's bad, instead you'll just try to tear me down with some dumb fucking buzzword like "TRSodomite." You're a shills wet dream. You just soak it all up without question and without ever going to the source. Well, stupid, before you grab a buzzword to sling my way, just know, I don't listen to the ramblings of a single media personality, online or otherwise. No youtubers, no independent media, no mainstream media. Nothing. I form my own opinions. Open your little box and get the fuck out of it.

The people in the first pic arent alt-right and would say so…

Bannon didnt even know what altright meant…

And a while ago this board was attacking the altright for turning its back on Trump when he launched missiles at Syria. Because then Spencer signal boosted Tulsi Gabbard





Anti-semitism would vanish if all the semites vanished first.


Ugh…. you NAZI shill
cant you tell hes play the chess?????

I never called you "TRSodomite" or used any buzzword whatsoever. Regarding research: I am very familiar with their podcasts, LARP, and exposure for attempting to farm Holla Forums AND covering up the fact that their founder was literally married to a Jewish woman. I did listen to the relaunch episode of FTN in which Jazzhands claimed that the hiatus was due to 'stress' and 'the end of the previous season', while it was really due to fear at being doxed/facing his NEET donors for covering for a cartoonish Nazi LARPer cum bloated (((urbanite))).

Get a life. I'm not listening to NEETs First Political Discussion podcast. Been there done that. Other people that I know did listen out of curiosity to hear how DACA would be spun and all reported on the absurd narrative that FTN was pushing.




>he's just buttering (((them))) up so they can penetrate us in our puckered American assholes
never put a trump hat on the True God Emperor

he was the ONE candidate who ran an anti-lipservice campaign

lurk 2 years

Fucking based!!

Trump is very obviously a Jewish convert.