Anti-Communist Players

/leftpol/ has no concentrated effort to out the various people and forces working against them

Holla Forums was making a concentrated effort to out various globalists and enemies to their cause, they stumbled upon george soros, while trying to educate my self on communist history I found this post through reddit ""

"The editor of The China Quarterly was Roderick MacFarquhar who went on to write many important works on China’s communist government." "The CCF issued a press release admitting that it was funded by the CIA, following an expose in Ramparts magazine"

from wiki "The Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) was an anti-communist advocacy group founded in 1950. At its height, the CCF was active in thirty-five countries. In 1966 it was revealed that the United States Central Intelligence Agency was instrumental in the establishment and funding of the group.[1]

Historian Frances Stonor Saunders writes (1999): "Whether they liked it or not, whether they knew it or not, there were few writers, poets, artists, historians, scientists, or critics in postwar Europe whose names were not in some way linked to this covert enterprise."[2] A different slant on the origins and work of the Congress is offered by Peter Coleman in his Liberal Conspiracy (1989) where he talks about a struggle for the mind "of Postwar Europe" and the world at large."
"The European Intellectual Mutual Aid Fund (Fondation pour une Entraide Intellectuelle Européenne) set up to support intellectuals in Central Europe, began life as an affiliate of the Congress for Cultural Freedom. In 1991 it merged with the Open Society Foundations, set up and supported by financier and philanthropist George Soros.[28]"

more or less I was lead back to george soros and his anti-communist global capitalist agenda,he's a major and ongoing player

Any other anons find any other connections or info on global enemies?

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It's depressing that this thread got no replies.

Sorry, I just don't know what to say


Maybe look into whose funding Timothy Snyder? For reference:

It's a good thread, but this is a field leftypol struggles in.

If any Holla Forums converts miss their happening threads, I'm sure people would love to see what gets dug up, but it just isn't a thing that's happened here yet. I'm pretty good at stuff like that but Holla Forums gets so much because there are other people (despite a huge amount of info being paranoia and conjecture) to bounce off in a thread.

There's also the problem of a concensus being against us, whereas nazis seem to be allowed for COINTELPRO, funnels and presumably a safe haven for capital should a crisis occur, leftypol doesn't want money to exist, so any organisation like it will always be subverted and destroyed at the first chance, Holla Forums also gives a good controlled opposition as opposed to an all uniting call for the abolition of capital. This is a mere statement of fact to anyone regularly coming here.

This, Holla Forums is united mostly by their stand against multiculturalism–the capitalist class is divided on this issue so that makes identifying the forces behind it easier. Since our goal is to abolish the capitalist system of production at least for most of us we're positioning ourselves on an issue that the capitalist class is not divided on. In most countries in the world, anti-communist propaganda is ubiquitous (including Russia despite the appreciation for some of Stalin and Lenin's achievements).

We already know capitalists fund anti-communist propaganda.

Alex Jones never talks about Peter Thiel:

He's a self-described libertarian who by his own admission opposes democracy and was a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group. He also supported Donald Trump.

If they're in favor of globalization, then it's proof the evil Bilderberg are behind the NWO. If a libertarian capitalist Trump supporter attends, there's deafening silence.

The dishonesty and disregard for evidence is astonishing.

Also, although some right-wingers like to claim there's a Marxist agenda behind Bilderberg, internal documents demonstrate that they very much favored Cold War efforts to sabotage socialist states.

Of course none of the cunts who scream "muh Bilderberg" perform even the most modest research, so all you ever hear about them is bullshit. It's fucking disgusting when the information is available and these dishonest ideologues mislead people about it.

So here you go. Here's some of the George McGhee papers at Georgetown University that got leaked. Anybody tells you shit about Bilderberg, ask them to read these first.

To them corporations backing free market capitalism and using money and influence to do so is completely normal and innocent. But a movie had a black protagonist? GLOBALISTPROPAGANDA COMMUNIST FRANKENSTEIN COMPUTER GOD

This post sums up my point perfectly. There's nothing we can ever really achieve digging into it further because nobody supports us, and there's nowhere to air it. Our complaints against capital are so vast and numerous that in the space of time 10 of us exposed a new fact, those 10 people could have learnt a lot more about a lot more people whose crimes are far worse than badmouthing communism, which the target was probably paid to do by some shitbag we have a library on anyway.

This comes back to the differences between fascism and communism, with fascism being reactionary being largely the decisive factor in why things unfold this way.

Not to mention some of Holla Forums, at one level or another, are at this point likely on the payroll, whereas with us all the people on the payroll are divisive, alienating distractions. Like shrieking SJWs.

That's what is so frustrating for me. For every one incident of US intelligence sabotaging some right-wing cell, we have well documented cases of them overthrowing elected left-wing governments. But when you present them with that sort of evidence, you get helicopter ride jokes. In the end, you have to accept this has nothing to do with information. I've just tied the right-wing boogieman Bilderberg to a Donald Trump supporting capitalist. Doesn't matter. We can tie George Soros to the sabotage of socialist states. Doesn't matter. In the end, information doesn't really matter to these people. There's a reason these people are also seduced by right-wing occult nonsense: their views are based on faith, by how it makes them feel. They never gave a shit about the truth. In the end, this battle is not going to be fought or won on the level of evidence and argument, because these people hold propaganda higher than either. Information has no entertainment value but propaganda does, and entertainment is all they're really in it for.

You're not wrong, but it does seem to be the retards that respond. You rarely see people congratulating each other on good posts and giving backslaps, but it's always the idiot that can't let go of his views, or the troll who was never actually trolling and just told himself that before he started talking about shit he doesn't know about. Only half a dozen people (being incredibly generous) have admitted to being won over in the last month - yet we're up 150 users without recruiting. The left doesn't respond to good posts, the intelligent on the right question or take them away to think to come back later, the idiots shitpost.

We need to make sure we keep talking to people and engaging, in person I'm sure a lot of us are personable and can win over people and not alienate them - we're fucking right. If someone reads and engages they can identify the average person's causes for concern and trace it back to capitalism. It doesn't matter how many useful idiots or shills you have when cash is running out and all the signs are pointing to Marx being right when you're against the one that isn't a schizoid hate monger, an establishment shill or a gibbering idiot. Fuck them, keep posting.

This TBH. I sometimes make a point of bumping good threads myself, though not often enough.

I had some dumb argument a while back with some guy who claimed that Democracy now was an example of controlled opposition. He linked me to some of this stuff. The argument was that the Ford foundation was giving money to Democracy now and therefore it was corrupted.

There is most definitely stories to be told here that haven't bee properly fleshed out by credible actors. My father is reading some work about how the spread of jazz music and other forms of American culture was part of an American plot to win the soul of the world. Gotta ask him about it.

No doubt interesting, but definitely bordering to being a crazy person theory

Oh shit nigga. The whole communism killed GAZZILIONS things isn't just a meme is it?

It's really quite how much you hear about how many millions Mao killed, and then you read how these numbers are generated. It's almost like even though I live in a milieu of well meaning liberals I am still surrounded by a capitalist ideology. Go figure

Famines under capitalism : merely a tragedy of our time
Famines under communism : Look how his economic reforms have slaughtered those under his tyrannical rule! Dare I say, he deliberately planned them?

$$$Peter Thiel$$$

Well, I don't have happening type stuff, but I do have a video on why the banking system is shit.

Or wait am I simply reading slick, academic Maoist propaganda? If I really would want to form an opinion on these sorts of questions I really ought to read more than one article.

How can a psuedo intellectual, lazy, borderline neet such as myself ever come up with an understanding of these issues without dedicating myself wholeheartedly to this?

And how can an average Joe Blow ever come up with any views on anything that isn't mired in absolute propaganda?

Is ideology just like religous faith? You pick the one that speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable and try to adapt your view of the world to it? I'm a philosophy undergraduate but still I'm fucking clueless about both philosophy and politics, the two subjects I'm the most interested in.

Will I ever know anything? Should I just stop trying to understand the world? This is quite upsetting. I should start going to sleep.

thanks user

gradual steps user,expose them to the class war first THEN full out money-less society

I'm a bit confused but this is something to look into,thanks

I can see the value of propaganda for the average masses, but real players need facts and information to persuade them,
If you can hand every citizen a list of names pinpointing important people and detailing how they fuck them in exact detail, you would change some minds

as far as I've seen in various Holla Forums threads, ti just comes down to following names and money,so far any "good" organization ends up being backed from someone pushing their agenda

thanks, Holla Forums doesnt seem to have a stickied resource thread

there's not doubt this is slick propaganda, what I've learned from discussions with family, "the truth lies in the middle", you've got see to both sides,read both propagandas and then compare the facts/discrepancies/etc

I'll help with this.


Soros' and The Power Elite:

Why Soros Funds Pomo Idpol–anti-Enlightenment is code word for anti-worker:

Soros Anti-Russia Jihad continues Post-Cold War:

An Enemy of Western Proles too:

Killing Hope–Soros Harvests Occupy for the Democratic Party:

Color "Revolutionary" Soros targets foreign governments for overthrow:

Soros Shills administer blue pills to radicals and other left-leaning progressive people:

Soros Purple Revolution–Coming to City Near You:

The Soros "Left" is an avant-garde force working to preserve capitalism, discredit communism and the Left, drown out the voices of workers, and advance Western geopolitical goals. It cannot be considered a less evil.

Source for