my gott

I want off. NOW.

there need to be dildos with this feature

These are the products that capitalism decides we need.

Space travel? No. Food for all? No.

How do capitalist lapdogs defend this as efficient?

Itsch sniff you know: the real thing, my gott, and so on. sniff



how about putting a selfie stick on every child laborer, you fucks?

They're only giving the people what they want.


Another PR campaign where they intentionally create something stupid to get free brand name mention in media and on the internet. Then they get some hot exhibitionist girls to take photos where they simulate fellatio to coca cola™ bottles in their swimming suits.

Oh yeah all that public outcry for a camera at the end of a soda bottle. Marketing manipulation totally doesn't create desires in consumer's minds that turn into artificial needs.

No, we're better than this. We can be better than this.

Says who? PS: You're all playing as porky's pawns by viraling this shit.

Says you, by even bothering to post.


we could use money to feed the poor of the world, cure disease, hell we could even go into space and start a colony

but instead we choose to put a camera on a bottle to take pictures of ourselves

How many layers of alienation are you in right now?

There is nothing inherently wrong with the invention but if you try to bring up why this creation is worthless you'll just get Libertarians yelling at you about how the free market is great and produces wonders.

I lost count years ago.

>Created by Tel Aviv creative agency Gefen Team, these bottles have a plastic camera attached to the bottom that automatically snaps a photo whenever it’s tilted at a 70-degree angle (approximately the angle at which you need to hold the bottle to take a swig). The resulting photos are automatically uploaded to the beverage company’s Israeli Facebook page and Instagram account

Step 1: Get a hold of one of these wondrous inventions
Step 2: Pay the dirtiest hobo you can find to give himself a coca cola enema.
Step 3:????
Step 4: profit.


we need to save the planet and change the economy

we've come all the way through on the other side where it's called "liberation"