White House Aide Marc Short: 'Definition of a wall' needs a conversation

Define: "Wall"

Does anyone have the video?

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These things is not a "wall" It's a glorified fence and a joke.

A wall is a wall. It's big and beautiful and solid and tall. Like the wall in China, or the one in Israel. There's your definition of a wall. The discussion should be what caliber it's automatic machine gun turrets have, not what a wall is. Fug off.


I don't care what it is as long as it works and keeps them out. They can make a minefield or fucking moat filled with alligators or a jurassic park style electric fence. Just make sure it fucking works.

DAILY REMINDER: Less than 900 DACA recipients are serving in the military

Don't let them use the argument that these are all great people bearing civic responsibility and contributing to the defense of the nation. Again, less than 900 out of 800,000' are serving.

They'll also claim these are the best and brightest people, but when you look at those DACA recipients with college degrees, it's a scant few.


Jews always deconstruct everything that they don't like. The white race? doesn't exist. Palestinians aren't real. A wall? Well what is a wall?
Then they want to have "conversations" or "an open dialogue" about the thing they are trying to deconstruct. Basically this means they want a chance to screw with your head with their sophistry and tactical nihilism, then lead you to do what they want.

Once we get into power we need mandatory classes for our youths on jewish debate tactics. This shit is so insidious and is specifically designed to fool most normies time and time again.


Is this like that Jewish thing?

At this point, the wall doesn't necessarily matter in my opinion. We definitely need to patrol the border so that no one can cross, yet you cannot deny that the permission to shoot crossers on sight would make the border patrol infinitely more effective. Amnesty from DACA is not advantageous for the demographic makeup of the United States, and anything other than deportation is not to the benefit of the white population in the US. "Muh wall" is just a maymay at this point.

Holy fuck. This place is a fucking joke.

The US military doesn't do either. They are a core element of this nation's problems.

Kill your motherfucking self. NOW.

That's why you put a >3 feet wide sheet of steel, once you get to the top, you cannot climb over!

Come on, user, start a discourse with me. How many illegal immigrants come through the open border versus other channels such as DACA or overstaying their visas? We need to measure what is most important and not be fooled by circus acts. A wall is a certain show of strength and it has its place, but to say it's more important than striking down amnesty is laughable.

go fuck yourself kike

How much do they make? My brother is looking for a job since he got laid off at the factory, automation is so fucked up.

They are both important. We were promised a wall, you fucking kike faggot.

I hate to deny the trips, but address the argument faggot

How about you just build a fucking wall instead.

Nigger, did I ever say we shouldn't get a wall?

Not the design they went with, it stops being a climbable pole at the top.

You said it's not important. And it is - even if it's just to fulfill his biggest promise.

The wall is more expensive, harder to maintain, and easier to get passed. Just because you never done exercise in your life doesn't mean your average wallcrosser will give up.

Because with Shillary, we would totally be living in bettering times.

No, I said it wasn't the most important issue. You're right in the sense he needs to stick with his promises, but to me, if you're still relying on the (((democratic process))), you are retarded. One can hope.

What the fuck is your problem? Are you mexican?

No.. this is your quote

Does this Marc Short person have a Twitter? Perhaps he would benefit from some wall pictures for visual aid. WTF?

Also, are there any infographs with number of DACA in the military, responsible/useful employment, etc and those that are actually parasites/criminals? Getting real tired of just being told that 800,000 illegals are "productive and working" with no apparent studies/evidence to support that claim. Fuck.

Come on kike, that's not the same as not important. HOW MANY PEOPLE CROSS THE BORDER EVERY YEAR?? I don't even know the figure and I'm being a lazy faggot and not researching in it, but I doubt that it's significant. Bullets are cheaper, and just as effective, no?


((( )))
>they are not serving (((army)))
Good! I rather have them here doing whatever than hunting me or my family for "thought crimes".

>they are not in (((college))) or (((university)))
Great! Every redpilled person on Holla Forums and outside it are not there either.

Nigger you said

Are you shilling? Develop a real response faggot

Hey, you're the one saying the wall doesn't matter. I just want him to keep his promises while you keep making excuses (((for some reason))).

To be fair, most Americans that voted were concerned about jobs.

(((save some parentheses for the rest of us)))

Nigger, answer the argument!!!!!





Kill yourself for thinking this was convincing enough to reply with.

You're a fucking kike.

Notice there is a "WALL" around the White House, along with lots of armed Secret Service agents. What incredible stupidity and hypocrisy!!!


You're the only sayin the wall doesn't matter, kike.


underrated post, imo

not the design who went with?

Mother fucker if you're a shill, I hate that I'm giving you a response, but fuck, will you not respond to the actual intellectual issues at hand if you're genuine?

a fence may work in some locations maybe

Why do 9 out of 10 threads end with everyone accusing everyone else of being a jew or the FBI? It's really pathetic.

We need increased border patrol AND a wall. What more do you want me to say? You're the one saying the wall doesn't matter. You are a fucking hook nosed kike faggot running cover because your kosher president isn't going to follow through.
There's not much more to say, nigger.

Because that's a huge shill tactic. You have to look for those who tend to avoid responding to the content of the post, but rather attack the poster in some way.

Oh you mean like this?

So you finally agree with me after stating that we shouldn't give shekels to border patrol? No need to be hostile with me if you're not a shill, but I suspect that you are. Back to the matter at hand, Trump is merely a stepping stone and democratic means will never save us, so placing faith in that institution is retarded. We must be the change or it will never come.

Because Holla Forums isn't one person. It's filled with autists that sperg out the second someone has an opinion different than theirs.

That's why you put automated gun turrets on top of the wall. Once you get within 30 feet, you die!

So why did you start out by posting the wall doesn't matter, kike-kun?

You want a definition of a wall? A wall is that which is effective at keeping people from crossing from one side to another. A shitty wall is one that does this ineffectively. A great wall is one that does it effectively. We were promised a wall. Making a shitty wall is intentional negligence of the purpose of a wall. Making a great wall is how you do things excellently as a person designing, building it, or otherwise doing it. If America is shitty, it will have a shitty wall.

Because I believe that there are more important issues related to immigration than the wall. It's a logical argument because there are more in this country that came through (((legal))) means and abused it rather than crossed the border on foot.

Walls are important as symbols. Why not both? Both were promised, both should be demanded.

wtf I hate the wall now, just give me virtual protection and drones instead.

The White House has a fence you dope.

If you read through my previous posts, I agree with you. The wall is an outward symbol of strength, and it would due much to boost morale. Yet, amnesty is the more pressing matter and should be more prioritized. Trump should deliver, but we cannot assume that he will, and I think he won't. It is up to us to make this right, and putting our faith in a crooked system will result is disappointment.

Well I believe that ALL immigration, both legal and illegal needs to be halted. The wall is a big part of that. The physical wall structure is a big part of it. It's not 100% but it certainly matters. The wall is actually much cheaper over time than putting border patrol on every inch of the border.
The wall matters. It was not a metaphor or a joke and maybe some faggots voted on jobs, but I voted for less spics and niggers. Whether you want to admit it or not, the wall is a big part of it. It is also important, if Trump wants reelection, for him to keep that promise.
Do not downplay the significance and importance of the wall. It makes you sound like a faggot kike.

Read my post in

Kill me already.

Honestly, I don't think he will either. I lost faith when he touched the wall. But I guess this DACA business will be the real trial of fire. If amnesty passes even the most moronic must realize they've been had.

Look around you. They're too caught up in his cultnof personality. They won't get it until Juan is fucking their wives and daughters.

*cult of

Exactly! Touching the wall is such a trivial matter, and a president should be able to withdraw from having to do such an act if he so pleases, but it doesn't seem like that is a possibility/reality amongst those fucks. It seems blackpill to say that everything is fucked and the only way out is actual revolution, but as time passes, this appears to be the case more and more.

Listen faggot, I work with concrete (and no, not the guy that pours it).

I'll give you a TD;DR overview on why I said what I did:
Let us say you get some non-specialized concrete at a bulk price… You're looking at $50 the cubic yard. For a FUNCTIONING that won't topple over (even with good foundation) you're looking at ~1 foot thick at the very least. Furthermore, you're looking at around 2/3 of the wall us above ground level and 1/3 below (rough estimate, but it allow us to neglect reinforcement). Even if you forget about the parts of the walls already constructed, you're also looking at around AT LEAST twice the cost of labor. IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS, THAT SORT OF LABOR CAN AT TIMES BE TEN (10) TIMES THE PRICE OF CONCRETE.

Any corner will chip away. Furthermore, different parts of the wall will be subjected to different changes caused by pressure and temperature as well as wind. On that latter point, different parts of the wall will be subjected to different humidity which will affect (especially in the coast and mountainous areas) with worthless wall as the steel corrodes, cracking the concrete from the inside. Then you have floods, which will destroy parts of the wall near rivers; NOT by water, but constant changes of it and the effect on the rebar. I can go on and on how much worse it will get if you ask, but needless to say that building a concrete wall along the border will become rubble.

Even though so far we were talking about a "basic" 1 foot thick concrete wall, the reality is that you will need a wall that is at least 3 feet wide so that hooks and similar shit is not thrown to the other side. Also, note that while this would increase construction costs by a factor of 3, the management costs will be much more than that due to the reasons stated above (it turns to rubble BECAUSE of where you put the wall; though that's more of a hyperbole than a reality, it would mean your wall is climbable). Furthermore, because you decided to make a wall, you can now get ladders (which are currently almost never used).

trumpniggers are delusional

lel fagit

And still the wall of China still stands there.

Just hire mexicans to do the gruntwork. Dude, when the ancients were able to build bigger structures that still stands I don't think you can argue that the (assumed) premier empire of the 21st century can't build a wall.

Yes, those are actually made out of dirt. The concrete "face" you see is just decoration. You don't believe me? Seeing as talking science won't affect you, here is a little experiment:

< Make a mount of dirt (compress it as much as you want) and climb it with a car or your body weight.
Result: The mound will collapse

< Do the same, but this time put sheets of paper every inch of dirt.
Result: The mound will support a car.

t. bigger retard than the guy I just answered.

Here's a simple analogy on how jewish deconstruction works

That wasn't my point and you know it. Of course, building with steel rebar and concrete is much cheaper and less labor intensive than mortar and craftsman-cut stone blocks. So I guess you're the retard here.

lol wut
Okay Schlomo.

You're that beaner who pours it, aren't you?

He's saying fences are stupid and it should be a solid wall you retard.

Those are panels fucking retard. No one fucking pours any concrete on that. BEFORE construction, they (city and construction contractors) have to see if that will not become a safety issue.

Why areas with high winds for the most part allow it, there is special care taking into account regarding the surroundings.

Now replace "wall" with "fence" and "fence" with "more security" and "more security" over "funding" and "funding" with "more advocacy" and "more advocacy" with "honest conversations" and "honest conversation" with "amnesty" and "amnesty" with "Aztlan". and here we have a gradient of border defense.
Since you cannot define exactly what a border wall is to the very last detail per sq ft. then your concept of a "wall" is simply an abstraction. It don't real. And since your "wall" don't real, you have no argument against sliding all the way down that gradient to complete and total mongrelization of America.

Kek. We got a live one here.

considering none of us have any input in this besides telling trump to go fuck himself if lets millions of illegals stay, why are we arguing about what the government will choose to do?

That's the million dollar question, user. What the fuck do we do?

Yeah. This.

Because people are making excuses for when Trump gives us a glorified fence when we were clearly promised a wall.

fucking manlets, when will they learn

This is the textbook definition of post-modern thought. This is exactly how the jew operates.

I define it as
do these motherfuckers want to die
ballot box
soap box
jury box

Organize the death squads for the people who wrecked america?

we were promised a lot of things

Honestly, RWDS seem like a great option. Hardest part is the execution… I'm sure like many other Anons, I'm a wagecuck scared of going to (((prison))) for something extreme.

You mean a fence

then dont let them take you alive

And we should be ensuring that we get them. The election is over. It was masterful. But people still think Trump is this omnipotent being. But actually, if he ran against anyone other than the fucking clowns that he ran against, he would have lost his ass. Even Buchanan would have beaten him. Ross Perot would have beaten him. And thank god the DNC and (((Wasserman))) fixed it for Hillary because I'm not sure that Bernie wouldn't have beaten him.
The jig is up. Trump kiked us all.



It's a lot less climbable than a fence, is it not?



Vid related.


How about a final one

how do I reference a post from

And if they make the wall a uniform height at the top regardless of elevation (and possibly eliminate gaps in the solid metal at the top), the beaners will have a much harder time cheating the gap like in

like this I guess

Told you so. Watch what happens.

I was right the entire time. And I will continue to be right. Until Samson launches!

I think it's this format:
">>>"+"/pdf"+"[post #]"

Give it a rest, shill.

If this is the case, we should change the definition of "fired" to include having their head put on a pike.

Then how the fuck are the mexicans going to get in? I don't think you've thought this through.

Kikes always play the definition game when they're backed into a corner. Do not play back.

they wont listen to us until it is too late

I'll try it


just fuck my shit up fam


Getting close m8

Getting close m8

The wall should be made out of military-grade concrete, go underground for 30 feet and be thick enough to have squads with stationary HMGs garrisoned in it at strategic points. Anything else is a fucking retard's fence and not effective enough.

So they're getting desperate. Let's reply by saying Israel's wall is what the wall has to be like.


If you want to go all the way and completely stop then revert immigration, you have to kill all the Jews in the world. Good luck, they control the US government, all branches of its military and pretty much all worldwide media.


I was really hoping for a new world wonder with Trump's aesthetic tastes.

Just build a helghast style wall

Let me explain how Bernie can still win.
Let me explain how this is all 48d mario kart and we can still MAGA.


If the only people who can get over the wall are able-bodied young men then the wall will solve the anchor baby problem overnight.


Kill yourself kike

You even know where you are kike?
1) That's not an argument.
2) Trump promised a wall.
3) Fuck DACA Spics even fucking subversive Spics like Latinos4Trump don't want the DACA illegals in America

You don't belong here


Hungary cut its illegal immigration by 99% by setting up a technical fence. Why does it work? because 1. it has sensors that will instantly send border patrol a message, and 2. because Hungary made very clear that illegal immigrants are not fucking welcome and will be removed with an iron fist even if they still manage to cross.
Compared to a basic concrete wall, a technical barbwire dual fence with sensors is very fast to setup, and effective system for border patrol and cheaper to boot. Also, you could still set up an actuall concrete wall and other shit afterwards if you think its still not enough. And just to make sure, build a freeway/railway right next ot it and you'll even have additional pseudo citizen patrol.

this. the wall idea is just plain retarded, we should spend more on border technology and drones, they're much more effective than a wall will ever be

A wall is a very LOW maintenance thing, once done, it will just work for almost forever. Drones (lots of moving parts) need replacing very fast, patrols need salary, etc

Concrete Wall + Sensors is the best defense


Reminder that jews jewing Yahwe settled on that wire is a wall