Don't Believe the Fake News. Trump is Not Re-Entering the Paris Agreement

Don't believe the FAKENEWS. Trump is not getting back into the Paris Agreement. He's re-negotiatiing better terms for America

It's literally nothing, but the fakenews wants you to think it is. I wanted to make this thread before the shills arrive and go HURRR DURRR HE BROKE A PROMISE DURRRR.

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Thank god Trump is going to do something about global warming!

re-entering the Paris Agreement. Why is "not" so hard to understand.

Because it's a first post kike, user.


It takes time.

First post kike post as usual

Yes. I suppose it's all part of a 69D backgammon game.

No, it's because leaving an international agreement is not the same as throwing your hands up in a movie theater, screaming "THIS SUCKS!" and then walking out. It takes time.

So 3D chess then?



Nice concern trolling shlomo


go back to reddit, that's the same fuckingg thing.

No. It's diplomacy.

Kek. Why are we being diplomatic to kike money grabblers?

Semi offtopic but just a reminder that this is literally in the Paris Agreement official statement

Really makes you think.

Literally Agenda 21.

So why haven't we pulled out of it?

Out of what? Agenda 21?

one of these is not like the other

white genocide wasn't happening fast enough for them

The Paris Accord. Why haven't we pulled out of it yet?

we know, relax
we're in the middle of a shillstorm, just ignore them

Tell me again how there is no shilling going on?


NO shilling at all!!

You have earn trust, and Trump has lot all mine. He's back at square one now - far as Im concerned, Donald Trump IS Jeb Bush, at least as regards how far I trust him.

the senate never voted on it user, we were never actually in it. onigger just wanted to pretend that we were


Well if the nigger get empowered by feminism less niggers would be born. It's how they destroyed white birth rates.

Men naturally go for the less (((empowered))) woman


Aryans should respect nature, but (((global warming))) shilling definitely needs to stop.

What did he mean by this?

thats actually kinda cute, too bad both of them aren't that attractive…

oh boy we'll have to wait and see
if this is true then its all a fuck



Into the oven you go.


I came here to laugh at you.



That's not the issue here. The issue here is people are willing to spread jew media to cause even more confusion of the situation, and to divide and conquer.

This place has gotten so fucking blackpilled lately. The shills are winning here

Even Hitler negotiated the Havarra Agreement.

So what's the alternative, Chaim? It appears Trump somewhat pays attention when his base lashes out at him. Do we wait until Trump does these things until we speak up?

Nah, the shills aren't winning. And you're extremely asshurt that these conversations are now allowed to take place while kampfy is too high to bother with censoring it right now.

Get the fuck out of here, you ignorant faggot.

Its all so very tiresome.

I wasn't comparing the two, just pointing out that often, men in such power, will negotiate with the enemy.


Same tactic every time.

But the brown people want solar panels too. Why is Trump so cruel? Just give them the trillions of dollars they want.

No. We speak up and tell Trump we want a real wall and no DACA or amnesty, and we won't be happy until we get those things. Trump does listen to his voter base. I still believe in the man. We just need to be loud enough to get through to him.
Pic unrelated but when am I gonna get to post it again.

I don't disagree with this tactic, but time is running out for that.

Have faith brother. We supported the man for a reason. Things like pics related doesn't happen for just anyone. Let's just continue to be vocal, and Trump should listen. Call out any (1)'s you see, and any shills/jews you spot.
Let's hope september 23'd will be the day Trump listens to his voter base, and BTFO's the kikes.

You're talking to the wrong guy. I will not trust anyone and I'm trying my best to be nice, but you shouldn't be trusting politicians either. Especially ones with so many fucking kikes in their family who happens to be a billionaire from New York. You should know better, user. When shit looks bad, given who Trump surrounds himself with, it probably is.

Obongo used an EO to get the US into the agreement, bypassing Senate in the process.
All Trump has to do is simply revoke it and that's it.