Based Nixon for President!

Hi, Holla Forums. I just stumbled across this 25-minute clip of Richard Nixon talking on the phone with Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1971. Nixon calls Moynihan and starts talking about his research into race and IQ, and holy shit is he redpilled. Seriously – he starts on black IQ, and at 7:30 he moves on to the Jews. After that, he muses that spics are naturally bad at running countries, mentions Haiti and Liberia, and then moves on to discuss potential problems with letting niggers swamp white schools.

Chillingly, he also mentions that everybody in politics knows this shit, but that nobody can admit any of it because of the harm it would do. He also mentions putting a woman on the Supreme Court, and complains about what a bad idea that is. Is it possible Richard Nixon was our last truly based president?

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Feels like today redpills was common sense back, then this is how for jews has dragged us into la-la land

Love how casually he says the things we get put on watchlists for saying.

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Those who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it. Here is Nixon acknowledging differences but feeding the inferior groups because every group is capable of producing outlier geniuses. He uses libtard logic of excusing the black crooks because there are white crooks too. He greatly underestimated the harm the lowest of the inferior groups could do compared to the insignificant benefits outliers like Ben Carson bring to the table. At the end he's discussing giving aid to the nation that gave asylum to Osama Bin Laden. Trump is making the same mistakes with welfare dreamers.

Repeat its mistakes I meant.



And now you know why they did everything in their power to not only remove him from office. But drag his name through the mud for the past 40 years to assure no one even remotely like him ever got elected again. They were doing pretty good too till Trump got elected. But they've still mostly succeeded because even though Trump was obviously not in there plans. He's still not even a quarter as reddpilled as Nixion ever was.

Maybe its time to grant it.

He was saying things like this and look how the media and liberals basically destroyed him. If anything, Nixon is a great example of liberals destroying someone who disagrees with them, and how the media and the swap worked to destroy someone who was somewhat against them.

So the lesson is to hide your power level until it's way too late to stop you. And it wasn't too late to stop the President in 1974, so take that for what it's worth.

Trump and redpill don't even belong in the same sentence, Trump would be considered so far left wing even 40 years ago. Even Bill Clinton was harder on immigration than fucking Trump.


This is now a thread on Nixon. Please post the actual facts about him and not what they teach in the (((Western school system))).

He knew Jews were up to no good but thought there were still good Jews and trusted two war-mongering Jews who were (((conservative))) and made them top advisors. These Jews stabbed him in the back.

Also he solved "The Schoolbussing Problem" which was a concern after the desegregation of schools. The supreme court ruled in Swann b Chalotte Mecklenberg that schools could now bus children into schools from far away to allow desegregation to flourish. Innitially, Nixon was against it. Then he was (((for it))) after pressure to redact his previous statement. He was still against it but he made no attmept to fight it.

He was a misguided man who ended up being a useful idiot whom helped get us to where we are now. Also Israel Foregin Aide.


Nixon also said that he needed to bring his speeches down to the level that a 7th grader would understand, so most Americans wouldn't be confused.

How I hate this country.

Fiflthy hippies try to shout Dick down at Cambridge. Recommended viewing for young anons.

Well, Nixon was just Jewish puppet like every other president so by definition he can not be based. Liberals of the 70s would be considered die hard right wingers by the main stream media today. At least his kids didn't change their religion to Judaism and married Jews.


It was and still is, only now due to the jewish aut-kike anyone spreading 'red-pills' or telling the truth were recategorised as '''blackpills" or crazy "conspiracy theorists", only now it's impossible to ignore all those banned anons pointing out at the time that Trump's campaign was one massivecynical jew hoax on the goy from the start

liberals in the 70's were considering supporting the free love movement, multiple pro-race equality bills and a lot of other shit you guys are always screaming about so no, they were not right wingers.

Nixon was a mixed bag but I agree he was politically assassinated and our last 'good' president.

(((they))) already spilt blood with JFK, killing Nixon would be too obvious and they only succeeded when Agnew was ousted for Ford, who became the 1st globalist president of the U.S.

inb4 Reagankins start REEE'ing, he did nothing but bomb, kill and overthrow dictators with the CIA. Bush 1.0 if you ask me. I prayed Trump wouldn't become another Reagan "reformer" puppet but he has.

Poor effort shill. Trusting Kissinger was a mistake but Nix never bent the knee to Israel or China. His foreign policy is what we should've had for decades.

He was aware of the jews, but still susceptible to brown kryptonite. We have to do something! Nobody else is doing anything for them!

Wow I'm so fucking surprised.

Same as now. The right doesn't use psychology as well. Nixon has his facts and the commies outside have their hate. It's interesting how he said he's not sure if any of his decisions were the right ones. He went against the "superhawks" to open up China. Now they're the superpower. We would have been better off if instead of sending soldiers to Vietnam, he sent tanks to roll over the nigger-loving commies.

Why do you think the Jews got rid of him?

Trump was never supposed to be /ourguy/. He was just supposed to be baby's first step into liking Hitler for normalfags.

They had to get rid of Agnew first because he was more redpilled than Nixon.

He was one of the few people on McCarthy's side.

Like how (((Matt Groening))) was endlessly bitching about Nixon every chance he got on the simpsons and futurama. I hope you're ready for 40 years of a squinty orange man saying BIGLY all of the time, because goddamn he's riling those fucking hippies up harder than Nixon did.

I'd say he did a decent job at that. Let's see if those that took baby's first red pill break away and follow the path to Fascism, or if they follow President Trump into the abyss.

Just to give some of you youngfags an idea of just how much we've given up in this country, how much worse off we are compared to previous generations, what we've lost by going from an almost all white society to a mongrelized hellhole, starting at 21:55, he starts talking about a plumber:

According to $30,000 in 1971 is about $181,865.93 today. For a 4 day week, and 2 months off a year, as a plumber. Not even most collegefags today will see that.

BTW, not just what we've lost, but what we (or our kids) stand to gain by going back to an all white society.

Not just monetary stuff. I literally never see kids playing outside any longer (outside of highly supervised settings like organized sports), and I live in a upper middle class neighborhood. There's no trust in society. Everything is completely different compared to even two decades ago when I grew up.

I do.

I'm not telling you where. Middle America.

I get the impression that Nixon was the last president that had the freedom to make his own decisions and execute them, to some degree. Ever since, it feels like every president has been taking orders from above or just been part of some wider decision making committee. It's like he was the turning point where they realized that they couldn't hand over any real power to the guy in the White House anymore. In fact, I feel like out of the 20th century, only him and JFK tried to independently wield their power, and they got crushed for it.

To this day, he's probably the most scary president there's ever been, in the eyes of the left (they hate GW more probably, but still view him as a retard). I remember watching a recently made, kosher documentary on Nixon where he was made out to be some kind of socially retarded, Howard Hughes-like basket case, just because he would spend time alone writing notes on how to improve the public's perception of him. They made out like that's all he spent his presidency doing.

It would be interesting to know how things would have panned out if we had made the same technological advances in the 20th century, whilst managing to avoid world wars. It seems like WWII and communist subversion totally fucked the west in the head and we've never recovered. I guess that we'd have gravitated towards decadence, degeneracy and nihilism at some point, but maybe we'd have at least prolonged it.

Did you miss the memo, moishe? The raid was a few days ago.


true, since every president since Reagan forward has been a stooge of one group or another

or maybe since at least Wilson they've all been stooges?

Nice graph. What does "grade 20" mean? 8 years of university after graduating high school at grade 12?

Fugging Chegged! :DDDDDDDD


hhmm.. yeah, doctoral level speeches are gonna be full of 5 syllable words and be about like how neurons interact and string theory and shit - somehow doubt that was the level of discourse 200 years ago
the graph does make sense though

Could be.


Very inspirational. As the intellectuals look down on the hedonists, so do the warriors on the intellectuals who waste their lives wondering what combination of arguments and environmental factors will transform jews and niggers into decent human beings.

Ain't that the truth.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture when I went into Penn station around 2 or 3am after a long bus trip and could not get a seat because every bench was covered with sleeping bums. And I didn't start recording when the A train stopped on my way back from work because of niggers fighting. The worse it gets, the more effort they put into propaganda.